"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

MY EXPERIENCE with Sanctuary Church & Hyung Jin's Strange Theology

My experience with Sanctuary Church  
Hyung Jin's Strange Theology

Why H2 and KJ call Bible, "the principle"?
The firs thing that struck me, was; Sanctuary Church folks don't talk like members...they don't think like members, anymore. You can imagine what will happen in the future. In time nothing will be left from TF's words and tradition. Hyung Jin already had destroyed it. 

Hyung Jin killed everything precious from the believes and tradition TF left. Read Hyungjin's Propaganda. H1 waged external attack on property (Money), while Hyungjin (H2) waged internal attack on core UC theology (Ideological). Obvious providential significance; obvious repetition of early Christian problems; and surely needed to overcome them now, otherwise future generations Moon could destroy everything with similar financial or ideological misuse. 

So Painful. God's Heart is broken! Tell me at list one precious thing from TF's tradition that Hyungjin didn't destroy? They replied with the accusation that we hate Father and bunch of Bible and Jesus stuff. I didn't get it. Are they talking about another 'true father'? Why are they Turning Against Everything Father Ever Said?

Soon I came to realize that they changed True Parents with other 'true parents', just to find rational explanation after denying the original True Parents. Otherwise they have to admit that they deny TF's words, but changing the meaning they can go around that. Read, Hyung Jin to eliminate and supplant the True Parens

I wondered, how possible they do it and don't feel conscious how evil and wrong it is. Do they really believe TF turned into evil spirit, going around and accusing Mother, desperately searching for new wife in sp.w.? Why are they so stuck on changing CSG, meanwhile denying it completely? 

The discussion with Sanctuary Church clique felt like being in Hell. Same attitude I've seen in the Gossiping realm of Hell. You say something, they attack, twisting your words and creating lies about you, to destroy your personality, instead of rationally debating the issue. You wonder, how evil their hearts are to create such lies. What's wrong with their minds and hearts. Actually the more you deal with them, the more you realize, their hearts are the core of the problem

Sanctuary Church guys told me, True Mother will not be in Heaven! Such a contradiction with Father's words; Read, 57 quotes about True Mother in CSG. What Sanctuary Church says, means that Heaven is not even open. So TF is in the Paradise.. they didn't want to specify.  But this also means that CIG didn't start, because of supposed 'Mother's failure'. Now we all depend on Hyungjin - but he is teaching us resentment, (SC teaches to judge and hate)... So we are all doomed! Read, Thank you Hyung jin - you fixed Father

I asked them, why Hyung Jin calls his mom 'lesbian' and repeats that throughout the whole sermon, again and again. They answered, "this is Theology".. even accused me for being ignorant. Labeling, labeling... so difficult to get any logical information from them. You can recognize what kind of sp.w. is behind their actions
Another thing what struck me, many of them didn't talk like normal people. They seemed possessed.. like insane people who talk irrational, disconnected things. Did you see movies with zombies that come from everywhere and attack you. That's how it felt dealing with them. Read, Hyung Jin - King SOCIOPATH

Another strange thing. Everything what they called heartistic and considered fascinating seemed to me so scary, ugly, evil, vicious and unprinciple.. but for them was 'heaven'... Bizarre! Gossiping and accusations are the poisonous-vitality elements they feed on. They need them like drug addicts. 

You know how negative people constantly talk of how bad their day was; Or constantly describe some past problem with absurd details. They are so stuck in it. At the end, this becomes their identity; if this problem does not exist, they will have nothing to talk and live for. 

Here is an example; I saw Hyung Jin's wife video sharing about TM. It was professional gossiping... soft, heartistic, sweet... but talking all kind of twisted inner stories, twisted to make Mother as ugly us devil. But of course, I've tried to listen for facts. They got me to understand the real picture. Without them sounds scary. But facts were so innocent and normal things, that didn't support the ugly picture she was so manipulatively describing. 

Fact 1: True Mother just mentioned that she felt bad TF talk about her to members. 
Fact 2: TF's conditions were deteriorating... TC from spirit world said they are waiting for him.. Hyungjin didn't have faith. TF could transit to the sp.w. at his home, not on systems. 

But obviously Hyungjin does not believe sp.w. He couldn't accept... started accusing. Went against TM, so she asked him to go cool down for 3 years. But even than he couldn't overcome his arrogant, accusing attitude.

One thing I couldn't understand yet. How are they planning to build CIG? I asked them if they are Witnessing. They said, "No! Only to members." Hmm, OK! So they consider the Multiplication of Evil to be form of Witnessing. Wow! How can that help building CIG. I'll tell you how. They will remove all negative, unfaithful members from the Unification Movement, so that we can finally build a loving community. Isn't it true, that when we have negative, physical mind - gossiping people among us we can't build any functional, positive community. Exactly these blocking people Hyungjin is removing from our midst. I guess that's also a way to help True Parents, though unconsciously. 

Write your experiences with Sanctuary Church in the comments. Stand to protect TM and TP, don't be silent alliance to these gossiping-negative clique. 

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  1. "They will remove all negatyive, unfaithful members from the Unification Movement, so that we can finally build a loving comunity. Isn't it true, that when we have negative, physical mind and gossiping people among us we can't build any functinal, positive comunity. Exactly these blocking people H2 is removing from our midst."

    Likewise, in his fireside video chat he mentioned that he was gathering all the Cain members - his words.

    veddy intoresting...

  2. Sanctuary Church is indeed a very odd, very angry sect. They constantly attack True Mother (sorry, Han Mother or Whore of Babylon), teach a strange sex cult theology, set up odd practices (full immersion baptism, Knighting Ceremony where hand out guns) and teach extreme, anti-government conspiracy theories. The more I watch, and the more I hear their theology the more I realize that they are trying to destroy FFWPU so that they can replace it with their weird group. They should just get over their hatred and bring in new members rather than try and destroy faith and institutions.

    1. Are you sure about the 'knighting ceremony'. I never heard of it


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