"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Trapped Emotions

Sanctuary Church: Victims of 

To understand how God's children became evil, TF allowed his own children demonstrate the process. 

Read carefully and learn, how Trapped Emotions can block ones normal thinking and actions under the control of evil spiritual forces.

"Self-centered sorrow leads to division, which is the habit of evil people." (TF, CSG p.838)

As spiritualist, here is what I see: Controlled by unresolved feelings Hyung Jin turned towards Resentment and started multiplying his problems ("Displeased Emotions", DP) in the heads of those with a common base. His talks work on and stimulate THE FALLEN NATURE of the people (using labeling, hate-talk, and negative angle to provoke doubts and fears - means of the evil spirit world).

Maturity requires to be able to go through unfair treatment, yet keep your heart of love, free of resentment and negativity:

"I never sought money or fame but have spent my life speaking only of peace. The world.. rejected me, and thrown stones at me.. only oppose me. I have been unjustly imprisoned .. beaten so hard .. though, not even the slightest wound remains in my heart. Wounds easily disappear - in the presence of true love.”(As a Peace-loving Global Citizen)

Hyung Jin and Kook Jin could not dissolve their heavy feelings and left the way of true love (Left his Position). They even went around searching for complaining people to collect rumors or alliances for attacking his Father's foundation (Reversal of Dominion). Multiplying this evil he sought to turn as many as possible more members negative (Multiplication of Evil). These members get furious and attack viciously UC.. in one country causing even the death of a mother of 4 children. Yet, Instead of an apology, they feel joy in that, feeling even more powerful to destroy UC, destroy TF's tradition, destroy TPs. This is an EVIL FOUR POSITION FOUNDATION centered on Satan.

This is the way Satan turned the hearts even of good people, towards evil. Through Trapped Emotions people's hearts and minds get invaded by horrible images and feeling.. normal logic gets suppressed and people become possessed by these negative, destructive feelings. Negative experiences get stored in the physical mind as quantum energy with certain negative resonance (creating neurological traps).

I see constantly how Evil spirits search for this energy in the body and use it to control God's children. How painful for God! How important to understand this process and learn to overcome it. You understand why one should never keep bad feelings in his heart. That will make him an instrument of Satan.

Hyung Jin Unable to Control his Language and Feelings

"Before seeking to master the universe," Father says, "attain mastery over yourself". Yet, Hyung Jin was unable to control his unresolved feelings; unable to control his language. Please be clear, displeased feelings, fears, doubts, accusations are always coming from evil spirits. Succumb to them and you will be controlled by Satan. Instead, we should always choose Love, not Fear. Here is a wonderful video with new scientific studies of how the physical mind works.

Every person has an original mind, guided by God, towards the purpose of goodness. God dwells in me, God dwells in you, God dwells in Hyung Jin. If we are not controlled by other, stronger force (if our hearts have no such Trapped Emotions), that would be the case, and we will act as God's children. CSG clearly says:

"Since God exists, we should be able to feel His existence in our every cell.. and that He leads our senses and our whole being." (TF, CSG)

Why after the Fall God was not free to dwell in us? Why our bodies turn against whatever God wants, against whatever is Principle? Why H2 takes everything precious for TF and reverses it upside down in the evilest possible way. "Without our being aware of it, we are driven by evil forces to abandon the good which our original mind desires and to perform evil deeds which.. we do not want to do." (DP, Fall)

How then this evil force makes our bodies go against God? How it makes our Evil Mind dominate us? The same way I feel God with every cell of my existence, I can also feel every power that is trying to invade my cells and push me against God. After God asked me to open my subconscious awareness, I could sense that unceasing spiritual war in the body.

Satan uses our own lineage, connected to our cells, to control us, without our awareness, against God's will. No theory here, I see this process, I see how they create Trapped Emotions and use them to control peoples minds. God, DMN, and other elders from the spirit world were training me to understand, sense and be able to liberate them.

Trapped Emotions led H2 and SC to deviate

The problem of the Sanctuary Church is Trapped Emotions. They don't know how to let go and controlled by such unresolved feelings they gradually turned towards Resentment. In this state, they cannot help, but start multiplying their problem in the heads and the hearts of those with a common base.

And one more very important point; "Evil desires of anger and indignation", as Francezzo explains, give common base with spirits of very low nature.
"The bitter wrath and thirst for revenge.. will draw around them such a cloud of these dark beings.. and kindred revolts.. and the maddened populace are for a time completely under the control of those spirits who are truly as devils" A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

Give and take of negative, displeased feelings, generates exactly the environment for such dark spirits. For example, when Hyung Jin and Kook Jin went around listening to the negative members with bad, unresolved feelings in the church, they themselves got more and more overwhelmed with the same negative resonance. More Trapped Emotions surround their hearts, more and more evil spirits had base to alter their views and heart.

Thus they started conflicts with many leaders and Mother hat to intervene because if they had continued this evil within the Palace, it would have destroyed all Father's foundation and work. That exaggerated their own inner battle. Instead of overcoming, they turned it against Mother. Automatically, without remorse, they started using this negativity and gossiping information to attack the church and to make even more weak members negative.

Theological deviations are a natural consequence of their unresolved feelings. When one's mind is dominated by heavy trapped emotion, he cannot stop cycling in his head the problem. Whatever he reads or thinks, his physical mind constantly searches for more evidence to blame. So centered on that resentful feeling all theology has to be changed to support it. That happened in the theological conflicts in early Christianity. That's why it is so infused with inner problems until today.

Why Trapped Emotions appear?
"Emotions resulting from pain or distress can be so strong that the person cannot process them.. remnant of the negative emotional energy becomes trapped specific places in the body or in the field of energy surrounding the body." Energy Healing
Trapped emotions are developed from painful personal experience. It is so strong negative emotion, the person cannot overcome in his heart. Even Hyung Jin couldn't! The reason for that is the following; Emotions are stored in our body as Energy with the concrete resonance of the experienced feelings. Every time the person is reminded of this past situation he connects to the same emotional resonance. Since it is so powerful, he is overwhelmed and controlled by it, unable to act or think otherwise.

In most cases, there are past historical reasons for the re-appearance of these Trapped Emotions in our lives. Unresolved feelings of the past have to re-appear, with the purpose of being reversed and resolved in the present. In DP this process is explained as, "Returning resurrection." Here are a few examples; Lucifer's fallen feelings reappear in Cain. The purpose was to overcome them, but he acted under their control. Cain/Abel conflicts keep reappearing throughout history on all levels.

In the case of Abraham's wife and concubine, we see e  personal resentments expand to family, tribe, and world level in the conflict between Muslims and Christianity. You see how trapped emotions stay in the lineage and have no chance to dissipate unless being faced and reversed.

The Essence of Trapped Emotions?

Please understand, this is quantum energy;  negative images and feelings, stored in the physical mind memory (in connection to a person or a situation). They are the underlying cause of sicknesses and bad relationships. Why? This stressful energy, with negative resonance, is stored in the body and subconsciously dominates our lives. Unable to dominate these feelings, we are not in control. Instead, our spiritual mind is imprisoned by them.

The same way Hyung Jin is so obviously controlled by trapped emotions (anger, resentment, etc.) against FF Leaders. The fact that Mother, protects the leaders, made him blame her for whatever comes in his mind. For example, in one of his videos, he was accusing Mother as 'Lesbian', because she allowed Muslims in Europe. I didn't see any logic, but that's what trapped emotions do; They make you act irrationally. The original mind is totally blocked and the negative emotional resonance stored in the body controls the spirit and the heart of the person.

How Trapped Emotions control us?

If you understand this, you'll understand how the body subjugates our minds. Each time you think of that person or situation, the same emotions overwhelm you. The emotions are not real, they are simply energy with such resonance. This negative resonance makes you feel negative about him, think negatively, act negatively. Each time that happens, you add to the negative resonance. Give and take generates energy. If we repeat that mistake, instead of liberating past bad experiences, we add to the problem and multiply them further.

Simply said; because human beings were immature to dominate these energies, the body became a prison for their spirit. DP calls them "sins", because they are the common base for give and take with evil spirits. DP also clarifies that Satan can only influence and control us through our lineage. These stored energies in our body are the common base for our ancestors in lower spiritual realms to control us with the same fallen natures.

We are a unique creation. All past memories from our lineage are stored in our genes. Based on that we can learn so fast and develop new things. However, past wrong habits, wrong feelings, shocks, and incidents - are also stored in our subconsciousness.

The only way to liberate the past (ancestors), the present (ourselves) and the future (our descendants), is to repeat the wrong situation, re-experience the wrong feelings, but this time overcome it ("gladly endure" DP says) and correct that memory. Thus, all vertically accumulated sins in our lineage, have to be horizontally indemnified and resolved. Whatever is not resolved will stay for the next generations and burden their lives, until someone resolves it.

How are Trapped Emotions liberated?

When you recall them, you can rethink the situation in a new, positive light and change the emotional resonance, these trapped negative energies in your body can be liberated. Thus, your heart and mind can now be free to act normally.

We not only get free from the evil spirits, behind these heavy emotions, but we free them. You see, that's Returning Resurrection. Past unresolved feelings come, we feel them as our own, but we know the Principle and reverse them. Otherwise, we are imprisoned by them.

In the case of Hyung Jin, he has to first understand that holding such resentments in his heart is keeping him in Hell. Whatever he does, however good his motivation, his actions will only multiply his trapped emotions. Multiplication of evil will continue until he repents, forgives and gets rid of these trapped emotions, stored in his body. You understand we cannot channel God's love until our hearts are free from such inner heartistic walls.

Despite the fact that these walls exist only as energy in the quantum level, and they are so easy to remove, the person will be totally dominated by them. You see, in this state, he is a puppet of Satan. And this is the real problem. There is constant, organized, evil spirit work actively going in our bodies, using all those hooks to stir our body in a direction opposite of our original mind. Their aim is to hurt God, shut Him up.

It's so painful when I observe that. So how can we feel our Heavenly Parent's heart under these circumstances? God is crying so much for each of his children, trapped under these evil powers. How long it took Him until he could reveal that situation through the True Parents. How painful is to see now his sons, trying to destroy everything, dominated by such trapped emotions.

The influence of Trapped Emotions on the Brain

Have you experienced Cycling a problem in your head - impossible to get out of it (Creating Internal Hell - Neurological Prison)! Once we start cycling in the brain some unresolved problems, neurological connections are created. When they become stronger than any other connection, they override all other logic. Now all reasoning becomes subjugated by this stronger one. That's the prison of Trapped Emotions; That's how Physical Mind (Brain) imprisons the Spirit Mind (Heart) of the person.

You have to realize how far off trapped emotions can lead. Imagine how many excusing rationalizations Hyung Jin has been cycling in his head, to shut up his conscience and be able to deny all his previous words, that TM is the successor, that TPs are eternal and TC should never deny them (which was Father's strict request). Imagine how weird these rationalizations are, to believe that he loves TF, while he is actually calling his traditions and organizations, "Satanic", denying Father's words, denying the very victory of True Parents.

These trapped emotions become trigger points for bad spirits to control the person. Now the heart can be misdirected in evil direction, resentments and evil doings can be excused. There are evil spiritual forces working behind that process. This was always Satan's greatest power. Ones trapped this way people will work under evil spirits influence without being aware of that.

"Few people yet in their earthly envelopes understand that spirits can, and very often do, take such complete possession of the bodies of mortal men and women that, for the time, it is as though that earth body belonged to the disembodied and not the embodied spirit."  A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

To run away from his consciousness such a person has to either repent, or he will continue cycle excusing reasoning for this resentment. To get comfort he will search for external support and start multiplication of resentment. Many righteous and conscientious people were trapped in Hell in this way, not be able to love their enemies. But remember, "Love is greater than Hate!"

Unresolved Trapped Emotions towards Mother

It is obvious that Hyung Jin has trapped emotions... unresolved pain in his heart, that he is unable to overcome and now this resentment is changing his perspective even to the point of neglecting all core Unification principles and words of True Father. But why members don't notice that?

At first, it was hidden gossiping, Hyung Jin sharing his displeased emotions - like Ham. But once he found enough support he felt the power to multiply evil openly and viciously, with no remorse, calling TM, "beach of beaches... whore, harlot.... lesbian". How much more insane this can go! Suddenly he forgets all the victorious course of TM, just because of one book.

So narrow-minded! Clear sign of being spiritually invaded. It's definitely not coming from his Original Mind. Without understanding the spiritual reasons, all this seems strange and confusing. But spiritual reasons behind are way deeper and providential. Read, Historic Reasons for Division


  1. humankind have freedom to follow any leader or any religions because God create humankind as co-creator and give them their own responsibility. HJN also have freedom and responsibility. If he like to use freedom and don't care about responsibility them it's depend on him. I now about my freedom and I care my responsibility. (true father + true Mother = True Parents)

    1. I'm amazed by this new theology; "UC members" should not say what's right and wrong according to DP. Rogers brought that into the school system, not to tell children what's right and wrong, just ask them, "how do you feel?" - without judging their reply. That destroyed the education. Well, Hyung Jin does wrong! Well, I feel bad about Hyung Jin's betraying TP! But I still love him

  2. I am so shocked,about HJN--just to hear this words :bitch of bitches....whore harlot ..lesbian,---that immediately tells me that this is all satanic talks

  3. this is so shocking ,just this words bitch ,whore ..harlot..lesbian tell me this is satanic--I truely love HJN--but i hate the sin he makes

  4. It is refreshing to see the truth behind Sanctuary deceptions.


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