"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church group challenging UC: COMMENTS

Sanctuary Church group challenging UC to respond to a list of questions.. These 6 provocative questions about Mother, reveal the real problem of Sanctuarians:

Sanctuary Church Europe - TRUTH


"Your blog is great. tnx for writing." Winny

Dan Fefferman: funny ... if they really want answers, why do they kick UC writers off their discussion list?

Yulian: Their questions are MANIPULATIVE, aiming to provoke doubt, insecurity, fear..

Manipulators don't allow answers. They just corner to victimize their prey.

"The evil angels induce the people in Hell.. bring them to their side.. interested in the sweet words of evil angels and follow them.. work together to harm people on Earth (specifically their descendants).. This increases the power of evil." Dr. Lee, True Nature of Evil

Debra:  It is very sad and frustrating!!!

Winny: after i attended the 3rd Seonghwa ceremony of TF last year, i already recognized that the problem of SC is SPIRITUAL POSSESSION, that no amount of truth can ever change them except the spiritual laws...

Dan Fefferman: I don't like to accuse people of spiritual possession even when it's true. To solve the problem of spiritual influence, we have to work on the base between the person and the negative spirit world. One thing I like about Yulian's approach is his focus on the need to overcome resentment. That is where the real problem lies.

Winny: my point is... when i recognized that they are spiritually possessed.. i got the heart to love them instead of getting angry with all the unacceptable words they threw out for TM and their unimaginable disrespectful attitude. the more i understand that debating with them intellectually is not a solution either. And instead of losing my heart with them as my siblings in faith.. i was able to keep my patience and understanding.... these are spiritual laws... aren't they?

Dan Fefferman: Yes. I think we are agreed about how to treat them. Except, if I think is possessed, I don't say so.

Winny: hehehehe. okay understood. but i feel its politer form of describing them directly as fearless foolish members who can just deny ignore and twist TFs words... for me categorizing them as possessed means they are not acting on their own senses but under the influence...

otherwise i cant reconcile in my heart and mind how these smart leaders & members, after joining SC have the courage to say and do things which are outside the teaching and tradition set by TF himself even before TF met TM.

How could they be blind like that. How could they be that narrow-minded. How could they be so resentful. How could they be such if they are in their OWN SENSES?

What serious crime TM did and our leaders to them to be such people? It is even unfathomable that they accused the leadership NOW while H2 was on top leadership before with the same people and yet he didnt do all his might while he was in position to change and solve all the issues he has bringing out...

Honestly. im so frustrated and upset with him but had to divert my mind and heart. really sorry!

Helen: It's true we want to keep the heart of love for our brothers and sisters, esp. True Children, so they can graduate from this spiritual torment, and come back into alignment with heaven. I had to step back from their FB pages sermons and things in order to keep a good heart.

Yulian: I agree completely, "This whole situation appears, so that we can learn truly to love one another. At the end true love will win. Only through true love everything can be solved, and people will be moved there, where there is true love."

Yasmin:  After reading this and viewing the conversations ..The world is bleeding badly ...we are the Doctors let's fix this..let's pray for all to receive the love they each need ..

Sanctuary Church's 6 Provocative Questions: MANIPULATIVE NATURE
HYUNGJIN Turning Against Everything Father Said


  1. I think this site is wonderful. I watched SC in it's beginnings and it was not difficult for me to see that I would definitely stay with True Parents. I wonder if anyone, or any leader is addressing the issue of the SC consistent drive to bring members away from TP. I find my name added to groups I have no interest in, I find many of these groups have leaders and trusted members on their list of members. I wonder if the leaders realize they do this to give creedance to the group. Even if I join a group, that I think is a Unificationist site, I am bombarded with insult from persons who do not share openly their connection to SC until I finally figure it out on my own and I am forced to leave the group. Is the FFWPU USA at large fully aware of this attack on it's members from all corners, by a very dedicated group of SC membership whom seem to feel it is their responsibility to get every last member out of UC/FFWP? Is or has there been any newsletter sent out to offer any guidance about how we can more easily get off their lists? Or how to recognize a SC person or group more quickly?

  2. We see external (Property) attack from H1 and Internal (Ideological) attack by H2. BOTH NEEDED - to clear up the future from possible similar deviations by future Moon generations or other Physical Minded leaders; Also to restore past Christian problems. :) IT'S ALL GOD'S LOVE


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