"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Criticizing

SC are PHYSICAL MIND people!
Sanctuary Church are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Criticizing

Always look externally, what to judge and criticism, constantly bring doubt, fear, negativity... They hate so much DMN, because they don't understand the spirit world, same like the physical mind does not.

What were these Ph.M. people doing in the Church? They were bringing negativity, blocking Witnessing and Church meetings. It looks like HJN decided to get them out of UC, so we can work better. He even decided we need some 'early church' persecution, so we can mobilize and quickly build CIG. 

Thank you HJN... that helps to make faster indemnity and faster Returning Resurrection. CIG is fast coming thanks to you! I don't know if HJN realizes he is doing just that, but I'm sure TF is allowing that to happen for a purpose. So we cannot but be grateful - it is a "Blessing in Disguise'.


Throughout the years, when working with sec.gen. it was difficult to tell them what they do wrong, without them objecting (because of feeling accused).

But once I experienced and understood... Our Spirit Mind always loves, never doubts or resents. But our Physical MInd - always analytical, critical, external, fearing, doubting... reacting against Sp.M.
Why? Because Ph.M. (Brain) has no senses for God, but Sp.M. constantly feels God and can get any answer from the sp.w. Ph.M. always leads to the 4 Fallen Natures, but for Sp.M. fallen natures are unthinkable, painful and stupid.

So it became easy to explain. Everyone accepts without feeling accused, instead they feel happy, "Oh, I was thinking like this.. and I realized it's my Ph.M., automatically I started having better results".. This helped everyone so much.

People see how the Principle works in them. The moment their Ph.M. is on top - Satan invades them... their results go down, they feel bad etc. But when their Sp.M. is Subject, automatically they feel love, peace... everything happens easily... big FR results come... they feel God works through them.

And around me is easy to distinguished between these things.. because I can always point them the external signs, showing what's happening spiritually in them. Soon they start noticing themselves and become aware.

Thus, when I teach them deep Principle applications, they don't object, because they experience and see it themselves. It's like spiritual training.

Read, to understand why SC are so critical and obsessed
Each person has spiritual body and 5 spiritual senses from birth. Extrasensory, spiritual experiences are…

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