"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church denies TRUE PARENTS

HJN aims to destroy everything; TF's victory, TF's tradition, TF's teachings

That's precisely the message of Hyungjin. "Sanctuary Church has declared that Hak Ja Han is no longer ‘True Mother’. This way, H2 says that Father failed to establish the position of True Parents! Everyone believing him, that Mother failed, has to accept the theological consequences - all father's words about TP are wrong, Father's mission as Messiah is failure; Father never entered God's direct dominion - because that's only possible as a couple. You see, Hyungjin is not against Mother, he is trying to destroy Father. 
"If HJN.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them." Read...
Ignorance does not help. SC clearly states that TM will go to Hell, and even if she repents, she cannot be TM anymore. Which makes TF failure and his words a lie. Do they realize that this way they deny all TF's words and achievements? Do they realize that this is what Satan wants.. and they have united with Satan's view on the base of false gossips

TM can change and do whatever she wants.. that's not our job to discuss. Think about it, Father was ready to forgive his first wife, despite her disobedience, and restore her as true mother. He knew it is spiritual attack, it is not her fault. Why HJN does not know Father's history and heart? Mary failed Jesus, but was she despised or send to hell? No! She was still mother of the Messiah and she was respected and glorified. Compare her standard and even that our our own wives with that of True Mother. She is greater than any woman, that eve lived. 
"There is no way to enter heaven without receiving the lineage of the True Parents – the True Father and True Mother."  CSG1  
Why SC cannot see how beautiful is Mother's heart in everything she does. I see the whole good sp.w. around her wherever she appears. You should know, just being in her presence is enormous resurrection for your lineage. Especially now, that Father completely supports her from the spiritual world.

SC denies TF's victory, tradition and teachings

SC truly denies Father's victory, tradition and teachings. We can have different emotional reactions to it; be uplifted as SC, be sad, feel pity or resent him. Of course, if we feel God's heart, we cannot but feel indignation and incredible pain. With such theology H2 aims to destroy everything; TF's victory, TF's tradition, TF's teachings... Yet SC claims that if we don't believe that, we don't love father.

Angus' comment is painful but true, "Hyung Jin does indeed think he needs to fix the Providence because Father got it all wrong. Wrong disciples and Wrong wife. Father a no gooder. Hyung Jin the hero to save us all." How pity! How painful! 

When the essence of what H2 does is put so bland and obvious - it looks so horrible, our heart does not want to accept. Even though that's the truth. The same was with any evil dictator in history. At first people couldn't accept, so they jumped against those who saw the signs.

Conscientious people are incapable to accept that the manipulator can be so cruel as to use such evil methods on purpose. And he didn't. Here comes the painful picture of how I saw Evil Spirits working behind this process. Recognize the methods and discredit them, don't judge the person. Everyone's Original Mind is beautiful, just have to be liberated from the evil spirits.

Notice HJN's manipulative methods

I am psychologist and spiritualist at the same time. I can explain how HJN is doing it to you, how he overrides the logic to make you trapped in his emotional problems. How he connects image of his victims, with negative emotions.. so you create neurological connections, trapping you to hate those people and things.

As psychologist, I cannot avoid this fact. No UC lecturer, that I have ever seen, uses such dirty methods of manipulation. Only professional manipulators or Psychopaths use such methods like H2:

(1) Notice how often he uses quotes with purpose to ACCUSE (prevailing % or his sermons)
(2) Notice - how many times in his speech he labels Mother or leaders (in any context)
(3) Notice - how he uses 'labeling' to create dirty images of them, so it's enough for him to just repeat the 'label' and every one knows what he means - manipulative trick, creating unconscious neurological connections, to resent the victim.

Through repetition he conditions your minds - brainwashing you with hate, resentment.. negative views and logic. Manipulators do that, in such an effective way, yet no one think they are bad or accusing.  HJN does that! That's like perfect Satan - one that looks nice, while he is doing the worse evil; destroying True Parents.

Don't get me wrong! I don't believe HJN is evil. It's more correct to say, that Luciferian spirit world is resurrecting through him. We can see another Luciferian specialty - Gossiping! No wonder, Father mentioned, that True Children from Archangel position have to unite and follow Mother, and only through her they can unite with him.

UC invaded through Gossiping

Gossiping against ‘True Mother’
I don't know if you have experienced that, but a gossiping person can destroy your life. One gossiping person can invade the hearts of few, then multiply, until the whole group, church or business is filled with evil games, distrust, divisions. Look in the world and you find this destructive evil everywhere. Can CIG start with such people around? Can we allow people with such twisted hearts to become those who dominate and lead the Movement? 

All HJN's videos teach negative attitude of accusing without remorse. Whatever you say, they immediately attack.. When you confront them with facts, they use Diversion to they "make you feel the bad guy, for confronting them, put you on defensive." What kind of heart that shows? How can that be God's representatives? Compare their attutude with Father's words:
"Unite centering absolutely on the True Parents, first becoming as one with True Mother." CSG1, p.1575
Can you recognize gossiping? Can you recognize how it puts the poison in your hearts? The video of Yeonah Lee against Mother, turned me completely against HJN and his wife. Absolute example of dirty, sweet, poisonous, gossiping. Something no one in a family should ever do against other family members - it's the most evil Satanic thing to do. You don't hear in her video what H2 did to make her so upset. All you hear is rumors about Mother, aiming to sift the angle to serve HJN's desire to destroy his mother. How much more vicious, evil and heartless can this go?

Why Gossipers cannot be trusted

Sharing heartisticly personal things, with evil heart, to make the other dirty.. it invades the hearts of the immature listeners. EVERY MATURE PERSON knows, you're twisting the angle. Every mature person knows, you'll do the same behind his back - so you're gossiper who loves doing such things - person who can never be trusted; person who will be unforgivable in Hell.

Through this video, of Yeonah Lee Moon, I could see how big is the spiritual problem of HJN, his wife, and all the SC gossip lovers. Such gossips allow evil spirits to invade and dominate any family, or group, were even one person starts such evil practices. THIS TURNED ME ON - TO DO ANYTHING BUT STOP THIS EVIL   

Gossiping allows evil spirits to invade

Working for years with sec.gen. the biggest problem was always teams that were invaded by gossiping. It starts from one person and multiplies through such heartistic sharing like Yeonah Lee Moon. That stagnates spiritually the whole team. Soon the whole team gets invaded. Results drop, disunity comes.. only the gossiping people feel united and happy, when doing it. IT'S EVIL FOUR POSITION FOUNDATION - centering on Satan! 

Gossiping can make character assassination of any individual. All prophets where demonized, resented and persecuted. But the worse betrayal is to have someone in the family to start such evil games against the other members of the family. 

Hyungjin showed such nature before Father went into the sp.w. Remember how he and his brother went after their older brother and demonized him.. fighting his brother Preston and company with lawsuits they lost until their mother said that’s enough. He was just waiting to be Crowned and have Father away from his path, to start his selfish campaign. Violating Father's request:

"Father truly asked to be clear about this: If I deny True Parents, and do not follow them, you must not follow me. If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear."".  Read...

Took me years to learn to liberate such people from the evil powers that make them do such evil things. I was taken few times to Hell to observe and learn the nature of these spirits, and how their hearts got twisted. Finally I learned. It is a spiritual thing. Can be liberated. I did it successfully on team level and national level. Now we have to solve it on World level and 
liberate God's heart. 

Sanctuary Church: Free your Heart from Negativity
SC are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Judging
Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited
Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Parallels between Hyunjin, Cain and Solomon



  1. True! You may find many interesting "revaluations" here directly from HgJN and KJN, such as "mother is satan", "she was chosen from the most satanic lineage, "mother need to be re-blessed" and so on.

  2. Please True Parents worked so hard, now you guys, you are destroying what they (TP) suffered for...

    1. I believe it's the Sanctuary Church's members. I am glad the author of this blog is firm and strong enough to step out and create a blog to spread awareness of how satanic the Sanctuary Church is. Great work author.

  3. Are you from Singapore. God bless you!


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