"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

SANCTUARY CHURCH: Manipulated by Evil Emotions

Manipulated by Evil Emotions

Will Hyung Jin ever stop attacking his Father's words and foundation? 

Where is Hyung Jin leading his followers? How is he able to manipulate them? See the process and understand how evil spirits work through that.

Evil Spirits use chemistry to condition your behavior

Someone said about SC, "They smoke way to much cannabis up there." Spiritually - Yes! Evil Spirits constantly give chemicals to the body to produce certain excited feelings about wrong things and painful (heavy) feelings about things God loves. This way they model our behavior. If our spirit is not strong, especially our understanding of right and wrong, they can easily condition our behavior. But worse of all, they make us come to wrong conclusions.

For example, giving some heavy, displeased feelings, they can make any spiritually weak person react negatively to a person doing God's will. Same like Ham, he will stir the same emotions among others. I see constantly how through this process evil spirits invade the teams. Now H2 is doing it on world level; multiplying his displeased emotions, instead of winning over these spirits, he is now their puppet - multiplying evil on world scale against the most precious for God, The True Parents and their Organization.

That is so obvious in the case of Sanctuary Church. You see people uplifted when listening the hate-talk of Hyung Jin. This is like spiritual cannabis to them. They get addicted to these evil un-vital elements (poisoning their spirit). But when you wake them up to what evil things H2 just said, they say you're lying. Because they are blinded by this chemical reactions in their brain.


Now you see that there is a huge difference between Heart and Emotions. TF and UT clearly explain that Emotions are not Heart. Intellect, Emotions and Will are only functions. SC members tell me, "I follow my heart", while in fact they follow emotions. The Heart will always be repulsed by this hate sermons of Hyung Jin.

Once united with wrong, resentful heart of H2, the functions of I,E,W follow the direction of this evil heart. They form a four position foundation centered on Evil Heart of triangulating against others (TM, FFed etc.)

In this chart you can see on what immature spiritual level such people are. This is a child level, absorbing emotions, not able to rationally distinguish when they are right or wrong. Therefore unable to dominate themselves. Therefore unable to dominate the spirit world - instead, being manipulated by spirits.

Humanists are on that formation level - they constantly say, "I follow my heart", but they are simply manipulated by emotions. Notice in H2's sermons that he creates certain emotions against others (TM, FFed Muslims etc.) People who are influenced by emotions are unstable - easy prey for bad spirits.


We know there are evil spirits stuck in the body. They are not just sitting there, doing nothing. They constantly influence us. Let's explain how they influence our Intellect, Emotion and Will. 

When Physical Mind is Subject over the Spirit Mind, automatically we work under evil spirits. This is not just for SC but for all of us. 

How to recognize that H2 and SC are under their Physical Mind? 

1. Cycling - Analytical part of the brain cycles, reinforcing the same neurological connections. Sp.M. is blocked. This is obvious in H2.  

2. Trapped Emotions - Chemical part of the brain, recreates the same negative emotions of past experiences, trapping the person under resentment or other feelings.. under control of bad spirits. Sp.M. and Heart is blocked.

3. Bad Habits - Automatic part of the brain, recorded wrong doing after many repetitions. Now it becomes bad habit switching on on autopilot each time the person faces similar circumstances. No matter what H2 tries to talk about, in each sermon he automatically switches to spiting on others. He cannot control it - the habit controls him.


Resonance of heart is the easiest chart to see where Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church are heading spiritually. They are not growing, they are running the opposite direction. 

Instead of love, which brings unity, H2's heart is focused on negativity, judging, spreading resentment and rationalizations to excuse this attitude.

Negativity and Resentment are in the Satanic realm of heart - out of the Principle, in the realm of Hell. This is where Hyung Jin is dragging his followers with full speed. 


Antagonism is not our way. H2 is following the path of past failures


Free your Heart from Negativity
Love will resolve everything. Never follow the path of Negativity


Turning against everything Father ever said


  1. Kook Jin Said 40,000,000 Koreans are going to be killed as Judgement by God.

    SC are unbeliavable...Its easier to chat with Jehovah`s Witnesses..Sanctuary Church guys have completely lost the plot..

    1. Oh, if one loves rumors will love to chat with them. They click to each other. They talk about judging.. they enjoy it. To us it only brings pain.


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