"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

H2 - KING OF DIVISION: Sanctuary Dividing Church

Sanctuary Dividing Church - blocking the way to Peace and Unification. For H2 self-promotion is first

Why is the logo covered? Looks like if they want to bury the foundation TF made. Looks like they want to cover it with blood and shame. What's wrong with SC?

Sanctuary Church is short-hand for "World Peace and Unification Sanctuary," which is from calligraphy on a scroll presented to Hyung Nim by his father. The purpose was supposed to be the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, but H2 made it sanctuary of division and ugly gossips against TM. It is a display of H2's fundamental misunderstanding of his father's heart and aim.

Read also: Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited

As one elder said, "Don't be shocked if there are TC who don't understand the mission of the TP. Coz they DON'T know exactly THE CONTENT OF THE DP. It was obvious that Hyung Jin was always far from the Principle. But living around them we always knew that Father is giving position to TC with the expectation that they grow and learn gradually. If they didn't, the time will come when he will push them aside. Every position goes with responsibility.


Another member wrote, "I love this explanation. I see this when I talk to some of my friends who have joined Sanctuary Church. It is very scary. I feel like part of their brains have been removed. Now I know it is the chemical reaction. This is what I call BrainWashed."

H2 was supposed to "preserve and share the teachings of TF". Instead, he started systematically reversing all words of his father for his self centered promotion. He forgot his own words, "If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." See the Video...

Instead, Hyung Jin cannot stop himself but spit on FFed in ever sermon he gives - calling it satanic. So is Father's whole work and foundation satanic in his eyes? Did TP really fail - as he insists? Why is H2 accusing TF's teaching about Tithing as wrong? Why H2 goes against every tradition Father established? I bet he is so blinded by resentment, he does not realize the consequences of what he is doing. Read: Sanctuary Church denies TRUE PARENTS

Once they accept something wrong as true... now they have to change the whole theology, just to fit their lies. The more they do that, the more pity they become... the more they go astray from all Father's teachings. PITY and PAINFUL to observe!

Let's be clear, Sanctuary Church is around 500 people plus associates.. FFWPU is over 1-2 million, plus tens of millions of associates. WHERE IS H2 ACTUALLY HEADING? He is against millions of members. He is bringing only confusion, doubts, disbelieve and criticism. That's not the way to restore the World. Accusing FFed, he accuses all of us - he accuses Father. That's not the way to win our hearts. That's the way to win the few already negative guys around us. I guess that's comming to check the strength of OUR FAITH IN TP.


How do we recognize people who's Original Mind is not free. They rationalize and cycle the same things, over and over again, in the struggle to suppress their own conscience. It's a constant inner fight. They have no peace. Whatever their conscience can correct them, their Evil Mind immediately starts rationalizations to suppress, creating all sorts of excusing philosophies; blaming others. It's an evil game people play, called "If it weren't for Him". In SC case - "If it weren't for TM", "If it weren't the Leaders" etc. Well, lets really think for a moment, what would Father have done without them!??

We wonder why their conscience is not bothering them? Some spiritual study showed, that if one's conscience is clear that something is wrong, evil spirits cannot make him do it. It is obvious that Hyung Jin and Kook Jin are unclear of DP. And as we see, Sanctuary Church are EASILY TRICKED BY ANYTHING Hyung Jina and Kook Jin tell them.

Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church members already have nothing to do with TF's theology and foundation. Some strange spiritual fogue blocks them to see that, but they completely changed all core base with their false Unprinciple teachings. They should stop snicking around in our forums and churches - manipulating our members and sec.gen. 

That should not be allowed. No Turth can be established, when someone constantly trows out some insane racionalizations and accusations. For the sake of protecting others and our future, cut them off immediately. Tell openly where they are wrong. In the worse case it can help them come out. At list you will not be passive supporter of someting evil. React - protect TM. 


If someone searches for logic to excuse accusations he will always find some. That's because the Physical Mind is like a perfect computer - you give the task, it will find solutions. Now you see what's wrong with H2 and SC - they give wrong questions and wrong (evil) tasks to their Ph.M. Their logic triggers our Evil Mind and obsesses our hearts with evil emotions. 

As one sister shared, "I have been strongly tempted and have been lured. My body and emotions wanted to do it, but my conscience was strongly against it, so, I choose to do what is right. Evil tries everything to take us away from what God wants and what is right."

If you start fighting their logic it will be endless and meaningless arguing, leading to nowhere. Why? Because it's a matter of heart. Their hearts behind this evil logic are wrong - evil and vicious. No one should approach these matters with such evil heart. Once one unites in his heart with low, negative resonance, automatically his Intellect, Emotions and Will start functioning under this resonance. He will see everything negatively, feel negative, act negatively. This is the real problem of Sanctuary Church. 


Now you understand how the evil power works through his sermons. He gives wrong angle with evil rationalizations. This triggers the common base in one's evil mind and immediately overwhelms the heart of the listener with the same low resonance. The same evil spirit will invade your heart. If one's understanding of the truth is unclear, his conscience will be not powerful enough to protect him - he will get obsessed by the same negativity. Now he will start spreading it, becoming evil spirit himself. 

Not only that - the evil spirits will give them insight on how to use powerful, evil manipulative techniques. Here is an example of manipulation: In the video with Questions & Answers, Kook Jin constantly repeated "the Principle this... the Principle that..." But he didn't actually mentioned even one thing from the Principle. 

This is mental manipulation. He only talked his false interpretations based on the Bible and calls them 'The Principle'. What!?! If SC understood DP enough, they will not be tricked by that. They will say, "Wait a second, that's not the Principle, this is exactly how Christians understood it wrongly." Instead, whatever misinterpretation is presented to SC, no matter how irrational - they simply accept it; Even to the point of comparing TP's Palace with Egypt (Satanic place). (Read: HJN reversing the Principle: Anti-parallel with Moses

Believe me, that wouldn't happen if they are not already invaded by lying spirits, because they themselves gave some common base - negativity, gossiping, trapped emotions, unresolved resentments. Check - it's true (the case of Richard Panzer, Jim Stephens and everyone else I know who joined SC). They all had unresolved resentment, signe that they were already under evil spirits influence. 


For so many years in the UC, I saw so much self sacrifice, service and dedication from the side of our members and even more from our leaders. Probably there are exceptions but H2 should show some recognition and appreciation for the incredible investment of majority of our brothers and sisters.

I could see real corruption and financial self-interests for a first time in H1, H2 and KJ. Real strive for the money and power, by any corrupted and manipulative means, even if it takes to destroy everything their father created.

Sanctuary Church is misled to believe that "Hyung Jin is TF's heir". They say Hyung Jin Nim is following and upholding True Father's legacy. But his actions and words show the very opposite. H2 denies TP, goes against TF's words, teaches resentment and negativity... Divides and Destroys with no remorse. WHAT MORE TO SEE OF HIM 


Father said, "Even if you are in a difficult environment, you should not criticize your situation. You should be able to digest every circumstance and condition." Those who failed to overcome their situation, succumbed to criticism and got invaded. No wonder Sanctuary Church often accuses us for loving and talking about love. They gave me numerous arguments why it's good to criticize and judge. That's where I see them going totally against Unificationism - against Father.

I see "change of texts, written by TF" exactly by Hyung Jin and Kook Jin. They call UC 'a dead corps'. But in fact Sanctuary Church looks like "dead".. They have no Witnessing, no any effort to Restore the World... only Criticism that brings death. 

Did you eve see people who are always negative and skeptical, whatever we say and do. We cannot mingle together with such negative, constantly blocking everything personages, yet expect God to work with us. Good and evil have to be separated for us to build CIG. In this age God has to work freely.

This separation is no coincidence. The descendants of Charlemagne and many great leaders, also brought division and blocked God's providence, not being able to inherit the tradition. These historic failures have to repeat and this time be restored. Let's take a look at the spiritual, historyc and psychological REASONS FOR DIVISION.


We need to understand what is happening spiritually. This is absolutely a process of Resurrection. Hyungjin is restoring the fallen nature from all past failures of 3 ages, including direct restoration of the satanic nature of some evil Angels.

God showed me 70 000 evil angelic leaders - masters of lying, tricking and misleading - working directly on Hyung Jin Nim. Yet, I could see that his lineage is clean, there is no personal base for that invasion. It's all for the purpose of some Cosmic level indemnity. Exactly as Father prayed on HJN's couple, Father foretold that will happen.  Read more...


I gave presentation in 1999, that TC will divide the church after 2013, according to the Parallels of History. If they don't unite and overcome, the historic-spiritual burden from OT and NT, they will repeat it and create divided kingdom. Unavoidably these feelings have to come on them.. it's a spiritual law!

In 1999, when I received that revelation, I believed that it's enough clear in the Principle, so even if spiritual influence comes they will easily recognize and overcome it. But as we know, when historic resentments comes on us, we easily forget the logic. Read more..


Trapped emotions can be developed from painful personal experience, that we could not overcome in our hearts. But almost always there are past historical reasons for their appearance. Unresolved feelings of the past have to re-appear, with the purpose of being reversed and resolved in the present.

The problem of SC is Trapped Emotions, causing Resentment and now they are multiplying their problem in the heads and the hearts of those who listen to them - members with common base (negative mind). The theological deviation is only natural consequence of these unresolved feelings. The very same problem can be seen in the theological conflict of the early followers of Jesus (after his death). Read more...


Why God and True Father allowed that to happen? Fallen natures and resentments of the past history can only be resolved if they reappear for a period of time and are reversed, and liberated substantially. In this case there are different levels of Indemnity to be completed at the same time; Individual, Family, World and Cosmic Indemnity.

Hyung Jin has to liberate all historical failures - unresolved feelings in heart, pain and resentment. That's what TF prayed over HJN's Inauguration - H2 will take the Resentment of 3 ages:

 1. of all saints dragged by Satan to resentment when persecuted.
 2. of all gossiping, negative, spirits and angels
 3. of the failure of UC members
 4. of past Humanism and Negativity - to separate good and evil in our own church

True Mother is the only woman in human history that showed absolute obedience and overcame all the historic resentments against husbands. Now she is taking the most difficult indemnity, to be accused by her own children. Yet, spiritually, this is the love and grace of God and True Parents, who want to quickly liberate all of humanity. Read more...


The true battle is not outside with some enemy. The real one is between our Spirit Mind & Physical Mind. We have to win this internal battle to become people of True Love. That's where Hyung Jin failed!
"Remain centered on true love. There is no enemy within true love, not even Satan. I have never regarded anyone as my enemy. I grasp hold of my so-called enemy.. and I never let go until that enemy loves me." - Father
There is no THEM it's all WE... Father said we don't have enemy! Hyung Jin has to get that point, if he still has some HEART left. We are all Father's followers. We are all One Family. And family should be filled with love, no gossips, no judging, no accusations and intrigues. Read more...

Everyone in UC should keep absolute faith in True Parents. Any denial of True Parents' victory is from Satan. We live in the Age of CIG. Let's unite, fulfill our Tribal responsibility and build a Nation.




Free your Heart from Negativity


HYUNGJIN's NARCISSISM Turning Against Father



  1. When will CIG come according to Sanctuary Church Teaching? I have asked them half a dozen times. They do not answer. When did True Father say it would come? Why is it to hard for them to answer?

    King Hyung Jin said: "Do not follow anyone who does not Follow True Parents". Why do SC does not listen to that?

    He was told to say this by Father: I noticed how SC say they follow Father. Not True Parents?

    Do they tell SC that Father could not quite fulfill everything thing that he came to do? Did Hyung Jin answer that question yet?

    How about this one: True Fathers words state that: "True Parents consists of Two Perfected individuals". 1) Are True Parents Perfected? 2) Are there True Parents. SC should answer clearly what they believe - Yes or No? Return to the center where you King said you must go.

    1. Keep it up blogger! You are doing good work revealing the truth.

  2. When H1 left, i asked a "simple question", and one elder said, "don't be shocked if there are tc who don't understand the mission of the tparents . Coz they DON'T KNW EXACTLY THE CONTENT OF THE DP.... like kook jin."
    And at that time kook jin was in-charge of the tong-il group(B). I wasn't surprise then,,,just believing and expecting a great result frm. them.
    And now? what a mess!!!

    1. Just watched his sermon from yesterday : just when you think he couldn 't get any lower spiritually he always manage to surprise me !! And the speech by Richard Panzer before the sermon was even more evil and a BUNCH OF PURE 100% CRAP !!

    2. What a mess in deed. We grew to believe that tcs are perfect because they were children of true parents. They were treated like super starts. We loved, honoured respected them as such..this was not enough for them for them, they want power of authority, even if they they had to do in the unprincipled ways with cheating, lying and robbery, what a shame!

  3. I love this explanation. I see this when I talk to some of my friends who have joined and it is very scary. I feel like part of their brains have been removed. Now I know it is the chemical reaction. People use to persecute me 16 years ago when I joined the Church that I was BrainWash. This is what I call BW.


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