"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."


Hyung Jin's False Claims of Succession Kook Jin false Sanctuary Churche false
Hyung Jin's 
False Claims of Succession
Hyung Jin's False Claims of Succession Kook Jin false Sanctuary Churche false
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this." (TF 2011)
Hyung Jin's False Claims of Succession Kook Jin false Sanctuary Churche false
"God commands.. through TPs, not directly from God to TC. All children and the rest of the world must follow in the way of True Parents. There is no other way." TF

Since 1991, Father said, he is preparing TM as his successor. He made it very clear, "Mother.. alone, represents True Parents" (TF, 3-27-1990).

"This is Mother's age. Father is even preparing to put Mother in Father's place." TF - Hawaii

Hyung Jin himself said, he was educated by Father for 8 hours that after his passing Mother will be 'top decision maker'... so there should be no confusion about succession:
"My father.. as long as he is here, he is the top decision maker, if he is not here, then my mother is the top decision maker. Because of my mother's presence, there is no confusion regarding succession in Unificationism." Hyung Jin 2008
Not only that, in a video recording Hyung Jin admits Father specifically asked him to proclaim that he will never put himself a "new center" and "deny True Parents", no matter if they make mistake or hurt him.
"If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." Watch the Video>>>

Sanctuary Church members neglect that, saying, "Oh, Father later changed his mind." But his last public speech, just before his passing, declares Father's unity with Mother; proclaiming that they are the victorious True Parents; and Mother is "the victorious representative of the world’s women," "the model of a true mother and true wife." Just before his passing, in his final public speech, Father asked us to center on Mother and "declared the arrival of the era of women":
"I sincerely ask you to choose True Mother's path; the path of a true wife, of a true daughter and of a true woman leader who will build a unified world where freedom, peace and happiness overflow in its truest form." Father - July 16, 2012
"Women should play a major role", Father said, "women will be the central axis in building.. loving, peaceful culture" for Men were "unable to bring peace", Father explained, "stuck in personal interest" and "power struggles." Hyung Jin's aggressive insistence on weapons, fight and accusations is clear confirmation of Father's words.

"(Men) struck a brick wall.. unable to move beyond.. various interests of individual nations." True Father's Last Declaration 

As an excuse for openly changing and going against Father's words, Sanctuary Church members accuse Mother for correcting CSG, which was she did in accordance with Father's direction. See, FATHER ASKED TO REDUCE CHEON SEONG GYEONG, NOT MOTHER

The representative and inheritor of True Parents, has to be united and follow Father and Mother. When Hyung Jin was united - he represented! When he turned against TPs, he became heretic and destroyer... or we should say TRAITOR AND DIVISION MAKER - Hyung Jin.


Why it is so good that TC are deviating now? Any future generation of descendants can suddenly decide to change the tradition and deny TP. TM would be not here to stop that. That's why God needs our movement to experience and understand how far off such deviation can lead, so that no one will be able to make it in the future. 

Father was completely aware of that. For this reason he asked Hyung Jin to publicly proclaim, that no future generation of Moon will do that:
"If Hyung Jin.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them. 
If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear.Watch the Video>>>
The Coronation of Hyung Jin as True Parents hair, was to be their representative, not reverse dominion over them. True Father was clear about this, he even asked Hyung Jin to proclaim it:
"The True Children exist because of True Parents.. And even when is tough, even when we can't understand it, even when we feel hurt by them.. " Watch the Video>>>

Successor is the one who is absolutely loyal to TPs

After True Mother the successor will be the one most sacrificial and loyal to TPs:
"My successor among my sons and daughters.. the one who sacrifices himself the most for the sake of God's will, the one who best exemplifies the principles of loyalty and filial piety." TF
The successor after True Mother should be unanimously accepted:
"That successor.. all the UC, all the blessed couples and the TP's family.. must all unanimously accept him."  TF, God's Will
This is absolute principle, what's true, should be accepted by all:
"What Is a True Parent? There is no one that dislikes something true. If something is liked from one side and disliked from the other, it cannot be perfectly true" TF, CSG
You see, Father's words explain the best, why Hyung Jin's gossiping and accusations are not true:
"Those who succeed in earthly life by slandering and plotting against others will be turned upside down in the spirit world."  (Father, CSG, 849)


Father said, this is the vertical axis. When God views straight downward, True Parents appear as one. When the children view straight upward, True Parents appear as one. But Father said, if the children deviate from the straight vertical axis then True Parents appear separate.

Father clearly explained that Mother has "the same value" as him, "a rank equal" to his:
"In a relationship of love, both participants have the same value. Even a woman from the countryside, if she marries the president of a nation, will form that day on be the first lady. Right away the will rise to a rank equal to that of the president. Therefore you of the Unification church must become completely one with True Parents." CSG 919
Even for Hyungjin, to inherit and represent True Parents, he has to first be absolutely united with them. True Parents are the eternal center. Yet, he left his position of representing them and reversed dominion, proclaiming himself 'a new center' over them. We know from DP, where that nature comes from.

The Laws are universal, but Hyungjin thinks he can reverse all laws and go against TF in everything and still be his representative. Really! How is that possible. Hyung jin is even calling in his videos TF's tradition 'satanic'. Look in the Bible; Saul was anointed by God as a King, but he failed. Solomon was anointed as a King. He failed too! Yes, restoration goes by being tempted to repeat the same failures and overcome. Read Parallels between Hyung Jin and Solomon


Now we see why. There are so many evil spirits that can influence our life, all around us. Mother showed with her life that she can stand unshakable. TC are just children that need to grow. They still have time to prove their loyalty, faith and spiritual stability. They never proved, they can stand these tricky spiritual forces. So after the protection of TF, as a subject, is no more here, they are vulnerable.

When appointing Hyung Jin, TF said, "Currently, there is no one.. surpassing in faith". That's why Father apointed him, for his FAITH AND OBEDIENCE TO TP. But later Hyung Jin lost this faith, doubted and rebelled, same like Lucifer. He even wants to divorce TP. How low and dark spirits have invaded him?!!

To fulfill his responsibility 'to become hair', Hyung Jin had to show FILIAL PIETY to Mother.. and overcome Lucifer's rebellious nature. WE PRAY, HE WILL

Spiritual study showed, that if one's conscience is strong about what is wrong, evil spirits cannot make him do it. Of course, unless they trick the person in some way. But as we see, Sanctuary Church ARE EASILY TRICKED BY ANYTHING.

Examples are plenty! Hyung Jin says he protects CSG, yet Hyung Jin denies CSG1: Read 57 quotes about True Mother in CSG. Yet, Hyung Jin compares himself to Moses, for staying 40 yrs in TP's palace, comparing it with the Satan's place. (Read details). Than he escaped, so he should now has to lead us out, back to Satan's Realm. No matter how strange, unprinciple, irrational and stupid that comparison is, Sanctuary Church clique does not object. They can't think normally! 

So how do you expect their conscience to be strong to hold against evil spirit manipulations. Impossible! in that state of ignorance they are easy prey. Spirits can play with them freely. And I see that when I talk to them. It's like talking to spirits. 

Each video of Hyung Jin I see, I find so many examples of his ignorance of the Principle. Why was he not educated well? Wasn't that our responsibility, of the members? We can see even with his older brothers, who were much better educated, they were all vulnerable and had problems at some times. When you see how much evil spirit world is around you'll know why. 

That's why H2's talk about succession is so ignorant - sounding like fairy-tale, out of the reality of how spiritual growth works and how restoration goes. For example; if perfecting a wife takes a lifetime, how can H2's wife be perfected in a day? I see Yeona's Gossiping videos, and I'm stumbled, "Is that 'perfection'?" So she must be the perfect QUEEN OF GOSSIPING. Great!


Here is a nice compilation of Father's words about Succession, compiled by Dr. Tyler Owen Hendricks

"Fundamentally I am the first founder of the chruch and Mother is the second founder." TF 3-27-1990

"My successor among my sons and daughters.. the one who sacrifices himself the most for the sake of God's will, the one who best examplifies the principles of loyalty and filial piety."

TF 2011, "The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Let's not forget, we love all TC... how much more TPs love them and expect them to grow. I believe they are sincere, just need time to grow and learn. Read Historic Reasons for Division



  1. If Hyung had followed Mother, he would have been able to fix any problem he thought needed fixing when the time came. But Kook Jin wanted to rule, and after failing to seize control of all the Church's money, Mother fired him. So he convinced Hyung to rebel against Mother, which lost Hyung his position and ability to ever fix anything, and made Kook the power behind Hyung, replacing True Parents.
    Hyung was suckered by Kook into losing everything, so Kook could rule him and run their enterprise from behind the scenes. The real problem in this drama is Kook. And that Hyung has weak character, as evidenced by the many times he has contradicted himself.

    1. I can understand their hearts. They wanted to do something good, but lacked the patience and the parental heart. In their immaturity and aggressive desire they were carried off in a wrong direction, under wrong spiritual forces. I know they are sincere in their desire, but ignorant and immature of the right way of solving things.

    2. I think a big problem now is that HJN has taken his "community" so far that it would be too embarrassing to admit his mistakes. Must say the "sermons" are disturbing and often full of anger and condemnation, unfortunately toward True Mother. Those who don't follow him are going to hell. I once thought he was a very kind, humble, caring young man who would likely become a great successor. His spirit changed. The bald head and frequent displays of teenage girls carrying automatic weapons really undermine his character. He and Mr. Kahr like to challenge anyone to attack them, because they know martial arts and carry guns! I smell trouble down the road.

    3. Kook Jin is the python wrapped around Hyung Jin's neck and suffocating him. Althought there are little snakes all around him, to free himself Hyung has to separate himself from the BIG snake, Kook jin unfortunately Hyung Jin is too weak, almost paralyzed. The only person can help him is his wife. If she leaves him he will crumble aND fall.

  2. The most important thing we, as blessed members, blessed couples and Family federation members have to do is to do our best to bring True Family together.
    Make True Family become one under God,

  3. I think True Parents are searching very hard for Hyung Jin's original mind. At least I'm searching for that sweet man who testified True Parents. Just makes it harder to love him.

    1. In fact, I didn't like Hyung JIn even when he was sweet, still testifying about TP... It sounded false, humanistic, and far away from Father's tradition. Even back there was visible that he is deviating. But same like Father, I kept hoping and praying he will learn with the time. Well, he didn't! His Original Nature never developed!

  4. Father wanted Hyung Jin to be representative of True Parents.

    Now he makes himself out to be the centre. This was never his calling. According to Kook Jin Moon, Hyung Jin is now the Centre. He is the Kingdom. There is no Salvation without Hyung Jin Moons Blessing. Obviously false:

    Obviously he has gone of Track.

    But there was warning given. Do not Follow Hyung Jin Moon if He does NOT follow True Parents. Makes you wonder. The above appointment was conditional. It had to be conditional as It was based on him following True Parents. NEVER Being the True Parents and kicking them out.

    Which he now denies. Then and now are different. When he had hair he believed in True Parents. When he does not have hair. He denies them.

    1. It looks to me, like a joke; like if Hyung JIn and Kook Jin tried to tempt the members, checking their faith in True Parents, by reversing on purpose everything holly and rationalizing the most satanic logic imaginable... yet, so many had believed and followed them in that insanity!


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