"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited - Sanctuary Church

Sanctuary Church reverses TF's words, educated by Hyung jin Moon to judge and resent
Hyungjin's claim of Position: 

Replacing Love with Resentment, Rebellion and Gossip
Sanctuary Church is a victim of manipulative misuse of TF's words, with a selfish purpose, aiming to destroy the Church and God's providence

Leaving the position of being centered on True Parents, Hyung Jin left his proper position, because of self-centered, humanistic views, rebelled against his center (TP) and started multiplying evil. These are the 4 Fallen Natures
1. Not able to see TP from God's view point
2. Leaving his position of following TP
3. Reversing dominion over TP
4. Multiplying evil to destroy TP
Hyungjin claims authority based on Father's words, that he is TP's representative. At the very same time he denies the position of True Parents. All he does is manipulation, to distort people's logic - rationalizing his wrong behavior.

SPIRITUAL MESSAGE: "True Father is very busy and does not rest. His main concern and worry is the situation regarding True Mother and their sons.. Their directions should be one with True Father's directions. We should live with the hope that one day, True Parents and their children will live happily together forever."  TESTIMONY OF REV. WON-PIL KIM FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD

Excuse Evil with obedience to Father
"True Parents. That is the greatest of all the phrases existing in the world. Wonderful, loving and deep." TF, WOT I, p. 243
True Parents position is eternal, no one can deny it. We can easily recognize the method of manipulation: Cloaking his self-serving agenda in guise of "obedience" and "service" to God's will and Father, Hyungjin without remorse denies True Parents, reverses the meaning of TF's words to advance his selfish ambitions, aiming no where, but to destroy all TF's Ideals, destroy TM and destroy the Church.

Why Santuarians cannot see it? The quotes, used by Sanctuary Church to support Hyungjin's claim of position, only confirm True Parent's authority over him and his duty as their representative, which he failed to fulfill. Read, TESTIMONY: my crimes that made me suffer in THE SPIRIT WORLD to see where this sin leads them.

We cannot but admire Mother's heart and attitude in this painful situation. My heart fully wants to protect and support her, reveling Hyungjin's wrong, without aiming any negativity against him. As Mother says, "No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them."

God is the King, True Parent's position is Eternal

Hyungjin uses this quote to make Sanctuary Church believe that he is the only Central Figure and the only 'command center' they should listen and follow. He uses this quote to claim authority over True Parents (particularly TM). Thus, he ends up to deny True Parents. Denying the position of True Parents, Hyungjin still claims to be their representative? Impossible! He lost that position.. he was invaded.

(1) God - (2) True Parents - (3) Representative (the most united with TP)
"God is the one King of Kings. There is only one set of True Parents... command center of cosmic peace and unity.. Its representative is Hyung Jin Moon.. The above content is True Parents' proclamation." Korea - June 5, 2010; Declaration and Will (Written by TF's own hand)
Notice -  This is "True Parents proclamation", not Father's proclamation. It puts God and True Parents as the center (the Command center), while Hyung Jin is only their representative (Temporal position). Meaning, Hyung Jin has to unite and follow absolutely (TF and TM) and represent them, not himself, not reverse dominion over them. A representative who turns against his center looses his position. Not respecting, following and representing True Parents, Hyungjin no longer represents them, he represents only himself (or the evil spiritual forces aiming to destroy TP).
(1) Hyungjin's position (King)
(2) True Parents (Don't exist - even divorcing them)
(3) God's will, Witnessing (Only to UC members with negativity)
Here we see how Hyungjin is teaches the same quote, but manipulating the meaning, by placing himself in the position of the Command Center. This is complete, 100% reversal, of what Father actually says. If anything, Hyungjin set up a command center of "Cosmic fight and disunity", judging from his actions and speech.

Using Manipulation to Put Truth on Defensive

Please understand, anyone qualified can become representative, but True Parent's position is eternal. What Hyunjin does is reversing dominion - claiming TF's words to usurp authority over that of True Parents.

    1. True Parent's position is eternal
    2. Denying True Parents is denying all TF's teachings
    3. Multiplication of evil is Satan's method

Sanctuary Church members are Brainwashed only with these words, so all  else of Father's teachings does not matter anymore. Invaded spiritually, Hyung Jin became nothing, but Satan's representative. Isn't that a sign of extreme manipulation. Loving Father, for them is to deny True Parents' position. All Hyungjin's sermons teach Sanctuary members negative attitude of accusing and accusing without remorse. Loving True Parents, for them means that UC does not love Father. They gradually embody Hyungjin's methods of covert manipulation.

When you confront them with facts, they use Diversion: "Manipulator not giving a straight answer to a straight question and instead, they make you feel the bad guy, for confronting them, put you on defensive." The moment you tell them what you see they are doing, they attack viciously, labeling, naming, victimizing you, make you feel the bad guy, for confronting them with the Truth.

This gives enormous power to evil spirit world to confuse you and everybody around. That's why manipulation victims have a hard time seeing what really goes on in manipulative interactions. If you are spiritually strong, the evil spirits will turn the rest of the UC members to try calm you down. Thus the good side gets invaded, Truth is blocked, Manipulation triumphs. You should see spiritually, how painful that situation is for God and the good spiritual world, pushed aside by these evil spirits dominating the environment with such underhanded methods.

Manipulators will use many ways to buy you on their side or punish if you don't comply. That's why it is so difficult and confusing, dealing with them. Firing question after question without giving a chance to disclosure is intimidation - dirty manipulative technique", used by Sanctuary. The list of signs that evil spirits work though them can continue.

We should recognize and expose such maneuvers as evil, no matter who is using them. Father says, "We must deeply experience God's love spiritually and hate what Satan loves." If we love God, we will feel His pain and be zero tolerant to gossiping, resentment and manipulation. They hurt God's Heart.

Could H2 Inherit and stand as TP's Representative

At Hyung Jin Nim's "Inauguration" Ceremony as the World President, in 2008, Father blessed Hyungjin's couple to, "inherit the authority as the representatives and heirs who can attend to everything on behalf of True Parents."
"What is the one foundation that can be the starting point for the realization of God's hope.. we must become people who can obey the True Parents, based on our secret relationship with them. This will finally liberate the cosmos and open the gate to the heavenly kingdom." Father - CSG

We all have to inherit True Parents tradition, they also. Father says, "You have to know parental love and how to attend and serve your parents.. establish the dominion of oneness in love." But, did Hyungjin's couple inherit that authority? Did they qualify as worthy heir? Did they attend in everything their center - True Parents? No, they didn't!

The real problem is that Hyungjin and his wife were not able to humble themselves in front of our True Mother and inherit her tradition of attendance to our True Father. If they had done so, Sanctuary Church would not have come into existence.

TP's Proclamation:   (Command Center) True Parents   --  (Representative) Hyungjin
H2's Reversal:         (Command Center) Hyungjin     --    (Subordinate) True Parents

Does Hyungjin have any sense of right and wrong? Where is his conscience in doing that? Father says, "the being called "I" is the participant in his parents' love.. in order to participate in God's vertical love." Let's not forget, "Love is eternal".  
1. Hyungjin cannot just erase all heartistic experiences of love between True Parents. This is more than 50 yrs together, not possible to erase and replace with hatred. Hyungjin's heart is really immature! 

2. Hyungjin cannot just deny hundreds of volumes of Father's words about True Parents and Mother.

When I see Mother and all she is doing, it looks so beautiful... like if Father is absolutely with her. When I see Sanctuary Church guys, I can't even recognize them as members. They talk so strange and different.. believing different things from what TF was teaching. I need translation... Why? Hyung Jin changed all traditions... everything!

King Hyung Jin  above God and True Parents

The moment TF ascended, Hyungjin lost faith, looked humanistically and rebelled against his center - TP. From self-centered, humanistic perspective he started multiplying evil. He was no longer 'TP's representative', but he still wants to take it by force and accusations - not by Service and Love. From the moment Hyung Jin rebelled against TM he had to be rejected, since he was no longer representative of "the eternal position of True Parents"; instead, he became their Enemy.

Denying his center, True Mother, Hyungjin denied True Parents, he denied True Father's whole life achievements. TP proclaimed, "God is the center," True Parents are for ever the only True Parents and command center.. Hyung Jin is only their "representative".. so he should obey, follow and represent them. Did he? 

Hyung Jin failed and reversed dominion. He put himself above God and True Parents. He didn't want to follow True Mother, so he attacked the position of True Parents.

Eternal order                       H2's Reversal
  God                                         Hyungjin
     ||                                               ||
   TP                                              TP
     ||                                               ||
Representative                              God

If we accept Hyungjin's logic; True Parent's position is no more eternal. Instead, there are no True Parents. All Father's HDH books loose their meaning and become false - empty. You see what he is doing.

Do you realize how he rationalizes to the point where the core meaning is reversed upside down. Satan and the manipulative spirits are masters of that kind of manipulation. They control him. That's not his Original Nature talking.

He says TM will go to Hell. Meaning he denies TF ever reached the position of True Parents. So now is no meaning to follow any of TF's words, teachings and tradition. By doing that, Hyung jin denies God's position as King, and claims that position for himself; denying God's way of love, and elevating the way of negativity, accusations and resentment.. Hyungjin just wants to destroy everything - in his obsession with power! Do you think he realizes what he is doing? No, there is spiritual power behind all this. But he was supposed to overcome it, in order to qualify.

1. Position is not Inherited without Qualification

Father's words, clearly show Hyungjin's blessing as representative is not absolute. TF said, "Currently.. no one with better faith." The moment his faith, in the position of True Parents, changed - he lost his position.
"There must only be one line of authority (God - True Parents - representative)... over the entire Unification Church... Currently, there is no one among our church members who surpasses Hyung Jin in his standard of faith" TF, 2008. 
In our Church Position is never inherited, so this is the claim of the immature leaders, misusing their appointment. To inherit or become heir, means to qualify, to keep the required standard of faith. Hyung Jin is supposed to know that, and not make such selfish claims. Any position of representative can fail and be removed, no matter what appointment and proclamations.

2. Hyungjin denies the position of True Parents

The only position that is absolute, is that of True Parents. Yet, Hyungjin denies it. He says there are no True Parents. But all HDH words talk about True Parents. Who is right, Hyungjin or True Father?
"True Parents completely subjugated Satan on the worldwide level.. As True Parents, in the perfected Adam position, no Satan can accuse or invade... This is Mother's Age. Father is preparing to put Mother in Father's place." TF, 1991: True Mother's Role
SC believes, True Father appointed and anointed Hyungjin 3 times and never took it back so that we should not reject Father and his will. Three appointments represent the Coronations of 3 kings - Saul, David and Solomon. But at the end Solomon (H2) failed, misled by satanic traditions. Hyungjin did the same! Read Parallels between Hyungjin and Solomon

When Hyungjin has turned against True Mother - based on his understandably strong personal feelings - he started using horrific language against her. Use of terms such as "she betrayed" or "a whore", even "lesbian", which SC members are constantly using -- that is a character assassination. It shows luck of heart, rather than qualification of a heir.

Do you think I will accept, to forget all my life with my wife and go alone in Heaven. That's how the Christians thought - judging others. How pity, ignorant and immature in heart. Why Hyungjin repeats the same Christian Mistake? Basic Unificationist belief is, that everyone will be restored to Heaven. TF's heart is to go to Hell and save even the last person. Of course members of his family were and will be also restored. 

Hyungjin: "Just follow everything I say" - even if Unprinciple

To further exalt his selfish position and authority Hyung Jin uses "Spoken words" as if they are main, absolute laws! Hyungjin teaches Sanctuary Church with this personal misinterpretations, not with HDH words... and not with purpose of Restoration, but for self promotion, accusations and destruction.
"The representative and inheritor is Hyung Jin Moon, anybody else is a heretic and destroyer." "You just follow everything. It contains everything." June 5, 2010, Spoken words - explaining the “Declaration and Will” to Han Hak Ja
Now instead of, "My Word contains everything" and we should follow the Word, Hyungjin changed the meaning and puts himself in the position of the Word. In Hyungjin's mind "everybody else is heretic", if not obeying him, only he is right. While in fact Truth is Truth, out of the Truth he is heretic. He didn't get it, that as representative he has to obey the Words and Follow, otherwise he is representative of something else.

H2: The Way of Dictatorship and Totalitarianism

How can Hyungjin claim, "You just follow everything." The Principle says that even God cannot violate his Principles. But Hyungjin claims that he can, yet, we should follow everything, no matter how unprinciple. Hyungjin teaches he can violate everything, change everything, yet we have to follow him.

Father repeated many times, that he had to obey the Principle absolutely. Hyungjin says, "just follow everything", disregarding the Principle, disregarding True Parents. So he claims authority over Principle, over True Parents, over God! Satan did that!

The very moment these words are changed in such a way, out of context, for self centered promotion, against the Absolute Principles, they become words leading to dictatorship and TOTALITARIAN CONTROL

Hyungjin: Leaving His Position as Representative

Without the humble attitude of obedience to True Parents, Hyung Jin left his proper position, rebelled against his center (TP) and started multiplying evil. You can see, hese are the Four Fallen Natures. No matter what Mother did, he had to remember her victories for God. But not being able to see God's point of view - whatever TM does, he accuses. A representative should not only follow True Parents completely, but learn and practice the Word:
"The words.. will enable you to become the representative who can make a new start for a new era. You don't know the transitions of the times.. how heaven and earth have been progressing on a daily basis." Father, 2012: Become the Representative
TM keeps the same heart and traditions TF established. She keeps loving heart even when accused. That's Father's teaching. But Hyungjin changed everything. SC already talks, thinks and has completely different traditions - nothing to do with our Church. Absolute deviation! Absolutely against TF's tradition, words and work. One has to be blind not to see that! But gradually boiled frog, does not notice.

How a Good person becomes Evil 

Invade person looses the freedom of his Original Mind. Many times members asked, "How could Lucifer, created as so good, become so evil." We live in the Last Days.. now that repeats... we can see the process.. we can understand it.. so that we learn and never get mislead by these evil ways!
"Men, unconsciously driven by an evil force, repel the goodness desired by their original minds and perform evil acts which they do not really want to do." DP: Fall of Man
We don't judge the person, we reveal Satan's methods of trapping people and misleading them to do evil. Our purpose is not to accuse the objects of Satan, but liberate them from Satan's dominion.

Understand the Trapped Emotions behind

This is such a great example of Trapped Emotions - Cycling in his head over and over again, if TF was supposed to go to Sp.W. fixated on that problem, Physical Mind creates inescapable prison.. starts blaming - judging Externally.

Now resentment is excused with "I'm the only one telling the truth". And then he starts talking everything against all TF lived for and was teaching us. How that's the Truth, that's against the Truth - that's Satanic!

Now is OK to teach against Muslims.. we don't have to be Unificationists anymore. Now we love each other by teaching hatred. Who cares TF invested so much for uniting religions.

Trapped Emotions makes us so fixated on some fiction problem, that now we can destroy all the foundation of our faith. Destroy the first perfect 4 Position Foundation - 3 positions are enough.. How is that possible!!??

It is not Hyungjin to accuse - it is to liberate him and all members, trapped in this inescapable Hell. We have to understand, they suffer trapped in this logic - from that state they have no freedom to do anything else, but accuse and accuse.. multiplying resentment. It's a non stop hell in their minds.. only talking it brings some false, temporal relieve. They are not guilty, SATAN uses that Mind Trap to multiply his Will. 

Make Satan Surrender by Exalting the Word

The Principle teaches us, that "In order to eradicate the source of evil, end the sinful history.. we first must clarify the motivation of Satan and his nature."
"God.. cannot restore them by force... Man should be able to make Satan come to a natural surrender by exalting the Word, through the accomplishment of his own portion of responsibility..." DP: Satan's Activities
Hyungjin claims the authority to judge Satan, yet hes actions exhibit strong reciprocal base with Satan; Resentment, selfishness, gossiping, disobedience, reversal of dominion, multiplication of evil. Yet, he judges externally people and the Church, not Satan, who works behind all failures.

Accuse Satan, not People: by Exalting the Word

The Principle teaches us, that "In order to eradicate the source of evil, end the sinful history.. we first must clarify the motivation of Satan and his nature."
"To cut off his reciprocal base with Satan and be rightfully able to judge him, we must know the true character of Satan's crime and accuse him before God."
Once we recognize how Satan misleads people, we can judge his ways and liberate these people (from the evil spirit control and from these wrong practices). Sanctuary Church does exactly the opposite; They accuse people and help Satan to snatch them with the very same manipulative techniques Satan devised. 
Hyungjin claims the authority to judge Satan, yet hes actions exhibit strong reciprocal base with Satan; Resentment, selfishness, gossiping, disobedience, reversal of dominion, multiplication of evil. From Satan's viewpoint, he judges externally - people and the Church; not realizing, it is Satan, who works behind all failures - both in UC and SC.

How Satan controlled humanity for thousands of years. Satan is the best manipulator. You can recognize a manipulator if you know well their techniques:

1. Constantly Accusing 
"Satan is constantly accusing men before God." DP, Satan's Activities
We're aware of our own weaknesses and those of people around us, but we don't exploit them. Manipulator will use such information take advantage of us. A gossiping person observes externally and judges behind people's back. Manipulator will collect any negativity, weaknesses and use them
viciously, to destroy his victim, without any remorse.

2. Manipulative Gossiping
"See from self-centered perspective.. displeased with it.. stirred up the same emotion among his brothers.. they too were agitated by him in the same emotion. This was such a crime." DP, Ham
Satan devised many methods of accusing in subtle, invisible, yet very manipulative way. Sharing displeased feelings in heartistic, intimate way is one of the most powerful tools to invade people's hearts. Such multiplication of evil is so difficult to notice and discredit. Hyungjin's wife is doing just that in her video sharing about Mother. Even when I ask SC members, "What good Hyungjin does?" their reply is with rumors against Mother. So, the uplifting part for them is the very sharing of negativity. That's the good, they are inspired by; he accuses in his sermons and in the personal visits.

Global, Satanic network of collecting negativity

Now you can understand what Hyungjin is doing. He created a network of representatives in all countries. Specifically, negative people, who have unresolved resentments. Hyungjin told them to be Judges; to collect negative information that can be used to accuse the church and the members. This is a Communist type of system, of spying on others with the purpose to criticize, judge, control and destroy them in the very same way, Satan works in the spirit world.
"The evil angels induce the people in Hell.. bring them to their side.. interested in the sweet words of evil angels and follow them.. work together to harm people on Earth (specifically their descendents).. This increases the power of evil." Dr. Lee, True Nature of Evil Spirit
Dr. Lee’s depicts how Evil Angels work the same way in the spiritual world as SC works on the earth. They have powerful network that constantly induce people to harm others, increasing the power of evil.

In fact, Hyungjin is recreating Hell on Earth. Do you think he realizes what he is doing? No! There are powerful satanic forces behind. Hyungjin and Sanctuary Church are simply objects for the evil spirit world to expand it’s work through them.

Hyungjin Influenced by other Ideologies

Same like Solomon failed, influenced by other ideologies, Hyungjin also was misled, first by Buddhism and later on by Christianity. We like both Buddhism and Christianity, but he took their failures and deviated from the Principle. Now Hyungjin uses Bible to go against basic Unificationist views.

Hyungjin's Christian Failure:

    1. Christians used Bible to judge others - Hyungjin does the same!
    2. Christian condemn other to Hell - yet have joyous heart that they are saved
    3. Christians brainwashed themselves repeating few quotes, neglecting the rest

Hyungjin did the same with TF's words; repeating only chosen words of TF,

    (1) Only TF's words helping to elevate himself in a position
    (2) and any words of TF, allowing him to accuse other
    (3) Judges people, rather than liberating them from the evil spirits 

(Well that's Evil... and definitely self-centered, leads to deviation from the Truth)

So they now teach DP and TF's words only in a way that serves their selfish agendas - mainly to accuse and accuse. And obviously that's vitally important for their existence and in some strange way is the very common base uniting them around Hyungjin.

Fascinated by gossiping, resentment and accusations

For every normal person, with heart and conscience, that seems evil and sick. But for some reason they are all fascinated exactly by this aspect - gossiping, resentment, accusations... it gives them life, makes them feel loved, feel accepted, feel understood.

After years of keeping this resentment in their hearts. Finally they can freely talk about it with others who support them in this resentment and accusations. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS ! - This will not liberate their hearts. This is just Satan's lie, that revenging, judging, will some how set them free of the pain. But not! They just have entered int he trap, where all who ended in Hell had fallen.

True Family is the Center of Restoration

Why? It's returning resurrection... of all these trapped in Hell. But can SC liberate them? No! TM is the one taking the accusations and making the indemnity, by gladly enduring. Yet, keeping such loving heart. This is amazing!

"All key problems are being solved in the Last Days inside the True Family.. It's painful, but unavoidable. They are the very center of the providence. Without going to the bottom of Hell it's impossible to completely heal all the resentment in history. TP knew all that from long ago. But how they live with that burden is difficult for me to comprehend. This is very painful... but for this they are the Messiah."
Sanctuary Church Sanctuary Hyungjin Hyung Jin Sanctuary Church Unification Church 
Sanctuary Church - Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Resentment: Parallels between Hyungjin, Cain & Solomon
Resonance of Heart: Resonate with God's Love
The Angelic World After the Fall of Lucifer
Research on Rev. Moon's Legacy: Revolution of Heart
What is Humanism: Product of the Physical Mind


  1. Yes, it is despicable and shameful that Hyung Jin used a Seunghwa as a platform to belittle and scorn the famfed and beat his own drum. Mention of Wesley was pretty much only in connection with his SC association. I wonder what the family really thought? It is beyond my comprehnsion how 40+ year UC members support this trash.

    1. How can people not "hear" the deep resentment he is doling out...in the name of love?

    2. True, Our way is the way of unification; bringing peace and harmony. That was Father's teaching and tradition. But Hyung Jin's way is the way of division, bringing resentment and antagonism. SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE

    3. What does your spirit world insights say about Hyun Jin Moon?
      Do you have a direct email?

    4. Our purpose is not to ridicule him, but help H2 correct, grow, mature. We understand, He has to go trough the temptation to deny TP.. but he has to overcome these evil forces. It's part of his responsibility as a TC.

      Why it's happening? If this temptation is not overcomed in this point of history, it will surely come later, when TM is not on earth, and consequences would be worse. God surely has his plan.


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