"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Cain (SC) & Abel (UC): Ideological Conflict

Father told us about the origin of Hyungjin's resentment - inheriting it from the 3 eras. Past Cain-type resentments are coming to be restored through Hyungjin and the Sanctuary Church.
Period of 
Ideological Conflicts

From the Origin (TF) to the Division (Cain (SC) & Abel (UC)) aiming to Unity (CIG)

Father was clear, "Revenge and violence is not God's way." In fact, "God watches very carefully for any feeling of revenge because He hates that attitude." Instead, "Use this negative influence in constructive way.. embrace your opponents.. victory comes by love. That's God's way" TF, God's Way p.170. Such quotes show clearly the difference in attitude which puts us on God's or Satan's side (as Abel or Cain).

According to the Principle:
“God has worked His providence of restoration.. by repeatedly separating those representing Abel from those representing Cain.. This is necessary before we can.. realize the unified world.” DP 353
Members and TC also get divided in the very same way; the Cain-side (centered on fights and resentment) and the Abel-side (centered on true love and service). The first denying TP, while the second one keeping absolute faith, love and obedience.

Cain Side: SC (centered on H2)

- lost faith in TP
- blocking the providence; against Witnessing and Tribal Messiahship
- lost the heart of True Love, overwhelmed in fears and doubts
- disloyal -aggressive; accusing, attacking, using hate speech, gossips
- teach division; against Muslims, against poor refugees, against Father’s organizations
"The Communist party completely reversed that through brute force,using knives and guns. We don’t do that. The tradition of the Unification Family is to harbor gratitude.. sovereignty of God’s Love-ism forever and ever". CSG

Abel Side: UC (centered on TM)

- strong faith in TP
- expanding the providence; Witnessing and Tribal Messiahship
- keep heart of Love and Forgiveness
- loyal – self-sacrificial; investing tirelessly even under the attacks and accusations
- teach unification; embrace all religions, embrace rich and poor, continue Father’s work
"The complex problems.. in the world can be fundamentally solved only through the perfection of true love." Father
Talking to Sanctuary Church members, they don’t deny this Cain-type traits in their behavior. Instead, they bombard with excuses for such behavior. This way, in the effort to run away from heir own conscience, they are devising a new Cain-type ‘anti-unification’ ideology, which barely has anything to do with Father’s Unificationism.

Male Power Vs. Female Heart

TF warned us that this is the "the global era of women" (solving issues with love) vr. Man (solving problems with fight), which is evident in this conflict. Father clearly explained that man (H2 & KJN also) are "unable to bring peace", "stuck in personal interest" and power struggles, so now providence will center on women to bring peace (TM & daughters).  Father's last public declaration was:
"We need to devote ourselves completely.. under the guidance of True Parents.. the substantial selves of God.. Under True Mother as the victorious representative of the world’s women.. the model of a true mother and true wife and form ideal families through a true love movement." Father
Study his last public speech, Abel Women UN, to understand the ongoing providence. Becomes clear who follows Father's words and who lost faith and turned against them. It's more then clear who is on the way of peace and who is on the way of violence and destruction.

The Image of Intolerant EXTREMISTS

The Logo of UC, that was once filled with meaning of love, unity and harmony... is now being transformed by the Sanctuary Church into one full of aggressive meaning, representing just the opposite; arms, fighting, hate, division and aggression (Cain-side Traits). 

All the evil of the despotic kings in history is on this logo; Sward, Guns and Crown - ALL THE SYMBOLS OF POWER AND DESPOTIC CONTROL. I listen to Sanctuary Church members and I'm shocked how powerful Satan is in reversing good and evil. Debating with them you realize it will take forever with no benefit, just as Dr. Lee depicted the numerous people in the Middle Spirit World. Read, HYUNG JIN FOSTERING RESENTMENT AND DIVISION, PUBLIC RIDICULE AND RUMOR MONGERING

Yes, there is evil in the world, as Sanctuary Church say. But now the evil is Sanctuary Church itself. It's a fact; See Kook Jin talking about killing as  part of their royal tradition. They succumb to this aggressive fallen nature. Brings only pain and sadness to observe them. We know the Principle; Becoming evil is the last thing to stop evil. But most pity, Sanctuary Church are devising ideology around their resentment and fears (obvious even in their comments about this article). Read, HYUNGJIN'S EVIL PROPAGANDA

Their photos compare with the image of Intolerant Extremists of today, or Communists of the past. Always in history, the Cain side was more extreme, fast to grab arms, rebel, fight, accuse and destroy, believing that will bring good.

Communists were arming children, now you see the same in Sanctuary Church. To see whole families and sec.gen. children armed with guns, brings pain to me. There is a reason why TF never took such pictures with us. Of course, his teaching is one of True Love and unification.

But please understand, in the darker realms of the spirit world, there are many of our ancestors suffering without hope, in aggressive atmosphere, seeing dark future, that they should fight with. These are the ancestors searching for return-resurrection now. Sanctuary Church are not to succumb to these feelings, but find the way of hope, love and forgiveness - to be able to liberate them. If not, they will stagnate under the influence of this low spirit world.

COMMENTS: "Thank God this person is no longer President of the FF. Mother in her wisdom, must have seen the red flags long before we did." 

"True Love can solve any problem. Those who don't have love, live in fear and need guns."

"The Unification movement is likely to thrive when only the advanced ideas of Father's teaching remain."

Protection in a violent way = Common base with violence. God's way is Love, Service, LFSO. Living in God's love, protection is not needed. Once you give common base with evil, than you enter the endless cycle of needing to protect, fight, survive. A clear sign you went wrong direction. Read, Members who committed the same crimes, ended in hell. How shocking, Hyung Jin is TEACHING EXCUSE OF THESE CRIMES.
"Please.. understand that more than committing sin themselves, it is a greater sin to cause others to commit sin." (TF, Sermons of Rev. S.M.M. I, p.42)
Sanctuary Church uses many violent ways. In our neighboring country it killed mother of 4 kids. For few months we were praying about this. SC never apologized or repented for this evil act. They simply enjoy vengeance ... While humanistic UC members, think it is a joke. Think again! I asked the leader. SC associate did it, ignited by Hyung Jin's hate preaching, to the point of feeling that they have to do evil. Exactly like evil spirits.

They do the same in many countries.. attacking.. with no remorse whatsoever. You cannot expect so much hate preaching not to turn into violent actions. They get so pumped up with hatred by Hyung Jin's speeches. Reminds me of the early christian church, when after Sunday Service members would be so furious against the Jews, going, beating and destroying.


More and more external signs in the Sanctuary's behavior reveal the low level of the spirit world working with them. See all the photos of SC children, holding assault rifles, looking creepy with these crowns, like some fanatic religious cult. Yet, it makes us feel responsible, strive to faster restore the world.

SC: Isolationists Focused on Self-protection
'The Sanctuary Church group live in the woods, focused on protecting the homestead. They seem like isolationists. This alone tells me that they are not one with True Father nor are they following Father's way to save the world. True Mother is going forward with a public mission and a world mission. She is with Father and one in heart with him following the way of True Parents to save the world. She constantly tells us to fulfill Tribal Messiahship and to save and Bless our tribe. I don't see that happening in PA with SC.' Debra

"The dooms day predictions from the vocal representatives of the Sanctuary Church are based on the ideological position of Moon Kook Jin and the theological fantasies of Moon Hyung Jin and in no way reflect the current situation.." Downey

The Church of Slander Divided Inside
An insider testimony, shares how Sanctuary Church is a very small group of people around H2 and KJN, full with gossips, even inside. Yeonah (Known for her gossiping videos) plays the role of Inspector General, she said, Controlling and kicking out people in a Communist style. The couple of the self proclaimed Inheritor of God's lineage does not seem as lovely and sinless from close. It's just a matter of time when the criticism-loving people, Hyung Jin attracts, will turn against each other, as in this case.

Sexual Scandal in Sanctuary Church
Yes, Sanctuary Church is more and more dividing inside with many evil vices. We see the videos in Youtube of the nasty accusations between Yeonah Lee​ and one of their prominent gossiping members. The conflict was about interference in the couple's sexual life. Now there is another sexual scandal in Sanctuary Church. It sounds so much like the stories from Hell, described by Dr. Lee. A SC wife talked to a young sec.gen. boy, accusing her spouse for masturbating. The boy told others. At the end everyone got accused; the wife for talking to the young boy, the husband for doing such things, the boy for reporting. Yes mutual accusations and gossips have no end in hell, but why Hyung Jin is teaching them this way? Why his videos are full with such gossips and accusations? What you saw you will reap, the Bible says. So sad, so sad! How to save those people?

We can only cry and pray for the many people misled by negativity, gossips and hate talk. Sanctuary Church only represents a global problem that needs to be restored in this age. Let us take responsibility and uproot these sins within ourselves, instead of accusing. 

Becoming more and more ridiculous!


  1. Hyung Jin Nim has totally LOST IT! All the ridiculous pictures of him and his wife with assault rifles and wearing crowns! if you are going hunting DRESS FOR IT! The way they are dressed makes them look like a creepy religious fanatic cult.. obsessed with power.

    All the photos of children, holding assault rifles like they were accessories to a normal Sunday outfit. They look stupid and crazy. Its creepy.They look like a survivalist religious fanatic group.

    I am pro-second amendment, but I wouldn't trust him and his group with a sharp pair of scissors, much less assault rifles.

    1. Sad to say, SanctuaryChurch was born out of resentment and not love. But God is always looking for a repentful heart on which He can pour out His forgiveness.

    2. When you see an image of a supposed holy man pointing a combat knife at you----what goes through your heart? Instinctively, you know that there is a problem here.

    3. Father was hunting animals, Hyung Jin is teaching to kill people. I find no similarity at all.

    4. This is straight out if the dungeons of hell..to see this , after all father invested is almost incomprehensible..my wife is now full of resentment, accusing the church of this, and the exploitation of Japanese families via bankrupting requests for donations....i an a broken man as I cannot make excuses for this insanity and corruption..i love true parents, and have deep respect for the members of the true family who honor BOTH PARENTS....i miss hyo jin Nim
      ..he would nail his brothers to the barn doorr if he was here..God help our movement

  2. Trapped in Resentment.
    Did you ever experience this? I did for sure. I know how it feels.
    Hyung Jin needs to be welcomed back into the realm of True Parents. True Mother needs them all back, Hyun Jin, Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim.

    Resentment needs to be overcome. This is the very purpose of Hyung Jin Nim's situation. It will make the cause of True Parents even stronger once Unity is restored.

    1. If Hungin did not talk so bad about his Mother, I would be inspired but because he does talk bad about her, it puts me off. Also when Father died, I knew Mother was going to be attacked by Satan. If I was Satan I would attack her..is only logical.Anyway I cant get over the fact he reminds me of just another hate group and I hope he does overcome any resentment he feels and the church can progress with his unity with Mother.

    2. I went to their Sunday Service. It is the legal version of judgement. Interesting. But what I remember is the interview by Dr. Panzer of Hyung Jin who had a deep experience with Father going back time and again into hell and pulling people out. Has he forgotten this? He has judged All remaining members in FF and I think that judgment is on him. I never wanted to do this but it is being done. Sanctuary Church is more a CHURCH of exclusion than of inclusion.

      That is against himself. SC is becoming more and more exclivist.

    3. What's really sad; They they don't deny their evil speech and actions. Sanctuary Church members, even when told this is no good, just jump back, "the Family Federation of Foolish Fascism".. "this is another fantasy of these NUTS". Well! This is precisely the evil talk and actions we are concerned are making them citizens of hell. Obviously they have nothing connected to Father's heart and attitude. How sad! How to help them? How to comfort God's heart?!!!

  3. True Parents spent the last two years of Father's earthy life touring the world to proclaim that they are God's substantial image on earth and in the spirit world.

    In 2012 alone, Father made several proclamations that he and Mother had fulfilled their mission which is to liberate God by becoming the eternal Cosmic King and Queen of Peace, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who give birth to God's children through the holy blessing offered to all people across three ages, past present and future.

    There is only one set of True Parents. We are to inherit their foundation and build heavenly families, spreading the blessing and love of True Parents as tribal messiahs, as extensions of True Parents, ourselves becoming like True Parents.

    There are multiple speeches referring to True Parents as one with and the embodiment of God.

    "True Parents are the embodiment of God, and you are the embodiment of True Parents. The family should consist of man and woman, for man and woman together can create a true family. The absolute family has an absolute father, an absolute mother and absolute children. There are eight stages -- individual, family, community, and so on – and we must win the victory over the eight stages. In order to create everlasting peace, we need to create everything centered on true love.
    God’s body is True Parents' body. Based on the experience of first love, the mind and body should be united into one. The mind and body of man and the mind and body of woman must become one. That is the place where you can be stable and not move forward or backward.
    You must understand that you need to become the embodiment of God, and your body needs to represent God’s body. When you deny yourself, you can find your true self. When you truly empty yourself, you allow space for God, air and everything. You must give yourself space. When you empty yourself, the emptiness can be filled. You have to become completely empty; then God can fill you up. That is where you can discover your true self." 31.7.2005

    "The new era is beginning in which the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is substantially spreading out before your very eyes, and when there is no longer the need to distinguish between the True Parents who work as the embodiment of God and the incorporeal God Himself." TF, 1.6.2009

    In 2012 Father also made very specific declarations about Mother, namely that she and he are one body, one lineage (God's) and have achieved ultimate perfection and unity, starting a new genesis day on Foundation Day. I would call that absolute and the happiest, most longed for occasion since the human race began. There is nothing to argue. God's providence to bring about the restored first couple and family (which is all of us) has been a success. True Parents are here, they are victorious, we carry on their legacy and family expansion centred on God (our vertical, invisible Parent) and True Parents (our horizontal, visible Parents) through tribal messiahship.

    "as an heir and actual representative of the True Parents.. fulfill the responsibility for which you have been called."

    During the Entrance Ceremony for the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace and the Coronation Ceremony of the True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth, held on June 13 last year, I proclaimed .. Let us build the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world of the sacred reign of peace by attending True Parents, who have been enthroned as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth in the realm of eternal liberation and freedom—where there is no need for the Savior, Messiah nor Lord at his second advent— and fulfill the dutiful way of a true, devoted child, a patriot, a saint, and a member of the family of God’s sons and daughters!" Peace Message 12

  4. The dooms day predictions from the vocal representatives of the Sanctuary Church are based on the ideological position of Moon Kook Jin and the theological fantasies of Moon Hyung Jin and in no way reflect the current situation

  5. It is hard to follow SC according to the direction H2 is giving to it. Father taught us a different way to create God's Kingdom. The Divine Principle contains a huge truth should not be forgotten,and above all, put into practice. There are not several ways, but ONLY True Parents'. I would like to say True Father states very clearly the rod of iron means the Word of God that must rule the World and nations. Just read this statement on the DP. Not a single allusion to guns and weapons is made in this scripture. Guns never protect, but their aim is to attack. No defense comes from a gun. What kind of future is SC waiting for?

    I would like to say issues started from the very beginning. I do not understand why H2 is talking so much about Bible passages, while the huge truth in


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