"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyungjin started the Period of Divided Kingdom

Sanctuary Church Hyungjin parallels with Can Solomon Unification church guidance on Hyung jin moon and Sanctuary Church
Our Providential Time:
I gave presentation in 1999, that true children will divide the church, according to the Parallels of History. If they don't unite and overcome the historic-spiritual burden from OT and NT, they will repeat it and create divided kingdom. Unavoidably these feelings have to come on them.. it's a spiritual law!

In 1999, when I received that revelation, I believed that it's enough clear in the Principle, so even if it comes they will recognize easily and overcome. But as we know, when historic resentments come on us, we easily forget the logic.

Why 200 years Parallel is needed

Once Christianity failed to accept Father as the Second Advent, the 2000 yrs of preparation were taken by Satan. Thus, according to the Principle, they have to be restored again in 200 years parallel period.
"Heavenly Father was so sad because all the thousands of years' preparation that led to the birth of the Second Advent had been invaded. Because again man couldn't see from God's viewpoint." Heung Jin, Victory of Love, p.34
That is why Father said in God's Will and the World, that because of Communism now 200 years are needed to restore the damage. If you know DP, you understand why! 1945 Christianity failed to accept the Messiah, so Communism was allowed to expand. This 2000 years NT taken by Satan require a Parallel period of 200 years to restore it. You cannot avoid that Principle. The exact providential periods and their essential meaning prove that, beyond any possibility of doubt.

Central Significance of Each Parallel Period

We cannot deny, that we are going through the exact Parallel periods, with the exact internal meaning. Look at the years and their central meaning; 40 yrs (1920-1960) | 40 yrs (1960-2000) | 12 yrs (2000-2012) | From 2013 is the Age After the Coming of CIG, started Division; For the good to bloom, while the evil needs to be separated and overcomed.

We have to go through such periods, to reach to the ideal. When you see it spiritually it's so natural. Now we are going substantially through these parallels, so we are actually restoring the historic problems on a cosmic level. Nothing to worry - Spiritually it looks very beautiful.

We are not repeating the failures, we repeat them to Restore successfully and substantially:

40 yrs (1920-1960) | Exodus: Get out of Satan's lineage / Enter God's lineage (First Couple)
40 yrs (1960-2000) | Expand the realm of God's lineage (Spread the Blessing to 400 mill)
12 yrs (2000-2012) | Kingdom: Coronations and Build the Temple (Foundation to start CIG)
40 yrs (2013-CIG start) | Division to separate from all Satanic elements / Unite Sp.W. & Ph.W.
21 yrs  | Inherit the foundation (Take all technology & skills) from the outside world
40 yrs  | Center on unchanging Truth & TP, not on changing Leaders (Word incarnated)

True Parents are the Substantial Temple, that all of humanity should center on. Yet, the period between 2000 and 2012 was not only to crown God and TP, it also had to guarantee that even when they are gone to the spirit world, humanity will continue to follow. Therefore a physical Temple (representation of TP) and King who is be obedient and keep the tradition was to be established. But as we know, the Kings were not obedient and did not keep faith in the Temple, thus the Divided Kingdom started.

We are in the Period of Divided Kingdom

In the Period of Divided Kingdom the kingdom was already established in the midst of the satanic culture. Thus, separation of good and evil was necessary. Since they failed to divide the evil ideological influence from their faith, they were invaded by the satanic ideologies and practices. God was obligated to carry the course of separation on good and evil, thus the kingdom divided.

We are at the same point, CIG started, but we live in the satanic world. UC has to cleanse itself from all unprincipled influences - all the influence of Humanism, Selfishness, Negativity, Criticism, Gossiping and other practices that give common base with low spirit world and prevent the substantial society of true love to emerge. But let's not forget, in this period of substantial restoration the central fight is all about accepting or denying the lineage of True Parents. To say it directly, the world now divides based on one principle, who denies True Parents and who accepts them.

1. The King Moving Satan's side

Why did Hyung Ji make the Satanic ceremony to separate from TP's lineage and revert back to fallen lineage (of Mrs. Kang)? This is parallel of Jewish Kings reverting back to satanic practices.

What was the actual difference before the Divided Kingdom and then on? Surely there were those practicing fallen traditions even before that. But suddenly we have the King, the leader, taken in such Satanic practices. Well, that's a big difference, from the previous period. Now, one part of the nation accepts these practices and the other part objects those practices. 

So, if there was mixture of good and evil before that, in the period of Divided Kingdom this mixture was sifted - good and evil were clearly divided. In this perspective, this is a very positive development, compared to the previous age. As DP explains, God cannot work if good and evil are not divided. But now God was cleansing the foundation - to work freely.

2. Members divided based on their actual standard

That's valid for us today. We now carry a substantial course of restoration, thus members unavoidably have to divide; those who reached Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance (their Spirit Mind liberated) from those who failed in FF and FS (their Physical Mind still dominant). Another division point; those who liberated their ancestors from those who still have many ancestors in lower realms, who can influence them. We cannot start Ideal Society, if low spirits can freely interfere and influence in it.
"Father and Mother love you and want you to receive the love of God directly, but Satan still exists and your lineage is solid, so therefore you have to make the conditions." Heung JinVictory of Love, p.36
This is how it works. Members who are themselves in low spiritual state, because of the above conditions, feel disillusioned and become negative. Instead of repenting, they looking form the spiritual perspective of the low spirits who influence them and blame their own negative state on external factors, like the Church or its leadership. Hyung Jin stands as a king of this group. Read, Sanctuary Church New Ceremonies. Their worldview is based on the low spirits who influence them, who need resurrection.

THE FRUITS clearly reveal the two divided sides. SC is not blessed by God - no witnessing, no providential work, involved only in gossiping and criticizing (practices of the low spirit realms). While FF and TM are moving the providence with amazing speed. God's love and blessing is totally over them. TM keeps the heart of loving and not criticizing. SO OBVIOUS FROM THE WT RESULTS Read: THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD
Sanctuary Church King Hyungjin Moon Unification Church Family Federation Sanctuary Church

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