"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

There is no New True Parent, no New King and no New Center

TP are the CENTER

"Through the proclamation of True Parents? All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God and all the evil spirits centered on Satan will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand." TF - CSG1

In a video recording Hyung Jin admits Father specifically asked him to proclaim that he will never put himself a "new center" and never "deny True Parents", no matter if they make mistake or hurt him.
"Can you face the challenge of Satanic people.. defending the realm of True Parents.. I'm willing to die for Heavenly Father and True Parents more than a billion times over if that enables True Parents' victory to remain here on earth forever. Because of this attitude, everything which True Children are doing on earth will remain inviolable. What we are doing will bee passed on from generation to generation." Victory of Love, p. 258
Even after appointing Hyung Jin, Father was still clear, "The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin.. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother." TF, 2011. True Parents are the eternal center and the eternal standard:
"Who are the True Parents?.. True Parents are the parents who have realized the ideal of oneness centering on God’s love. They have fulfilled their responsibility after passing through the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle.. into the realm of direct dominion... the parents who for the first time in history established the ideal of oneness based on the love between God and man. God’s ideal of love has finally begun to settle on earth through the family of the True Parents." Father, CSG
Even from the spirit world we have testimonies about True Parents' victory:
"We pray for our True Parents. They have demonstrated that God's true love can dwell within man forever." Victory of Love, p. 260
In this age of Women, we see the beauty of women's heart expressed in TM, Sun Jin Nim and the wives of the first 2 sons - giving birth to the New Culture of Heart (raising in the East). In opposition we see H1, H2 and KJN, restoring the aggressive male nature (repeating the failures of the West - Read, Sanctuary Church Influenced by Implanted Manipulators Aiming to Destroy TP) And we are not surprised; This final challenge of the restoration process comes in due time. Read, Why we are in the Period of Divided Kingdom. Open your senses and feel the universal energy caring this change, but don't be disoriented, keep hold on True Love.
"There is so much potential in where humanity is going now. But now we are crossing the bridge. And on this bridge there is confusion. It's transition, it's not the end. These are only signs of the historic shift."  Spiritual Prophecy
Do not despair at the things you see, it's the new energy changing the world for good. But everyone at Sanctuary are being told to carry knives and survival equipment, to prepare for the tribulations. In his deviation, Hyung Jin lost faith in TP, lost faith in CIG, lost faith in Father's words and is being influenced by the End Timers who believe this is last days. But we don't need to be full of paranoia and fearful.
"If we believe that we are powerless victims, things will seem to happen to us and we will see ourselves as victim. If we understand that we are one with the universe, we can be powerful creators. It's all in our judgments." Quantum Studies
There are plenty of signs that we are in the Age after the COMING OF HEAVEN, were good and evil are being divided; evil is becoming more obvious, revealed and desperate, while the new world of goodness is raising fast. Let's be clear, it's coming because of the unified positive energy and love of millions of people. Millions of members work tirelessly and pray for that. Millions of other bright groups are guided by Heaven in the same direction.
“If we unite our forces together, then we can make a better world, a world of peace."   MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD
For me it's so easy to see who is leading the providence, even from simple mathematics. Hyung Jin is preoccupied to claim succession, same like H1 did. But just compare their witnessing results with those of TF. In his first 10 years of mission Father expanded to 30 churches all over Korea, in 10 more, he expanded missionaries around the world. I don't think H1 and H2 can ever dream of such results. And surely it's Satan's power behind their attacks on TP:
"Satan fears the words True Parents.. because when people believe and follow these words, everything Satan has will be destroyed and brought to ruin. These are words he intensely fears. Satan always tries to block the way of the True Parents and longs to see their corruption and downfall."  Father, CSG
Yet, if you look at today's providence in the FF, you see thousands of couples blessed each day around the world. Providence now is moving so fast in some providential nations. And I see that expanding to more and more other nations. Of course, negative people don't see that. They are too preoccupied with their selfish complains. But I see it. I feel the new spirit overwhelming the earth. I see the bright future coming. And I'm a realist, I know growth takes time and efforts. I just don't see H1 and H2 investing in that direction. Yet, I have the optimistic hope that someday they will. Their spirit will awake and they will unite with Mother. It's all in God's hands in this Age. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

And we should always remember, the real fight is between our mind &body, and in our families. Not outside! Here is Sun Jin Nim sharing of what it is to be close to True Mother and our responsibility of walking TP's path:
“It is being in the presence of the most pure, loving and compassionate being in the world—so untainted by everything, so strongly connected with Heavenly Parent’s life.. Once you start perfecting the way, of walking True Parents’ path, all these difficulties start to fall away."  SUN JIN NIM

There is no New TPs
no New King and no New Center

by Peter Dean

"We sincerely hope and desire that.. we can return glory to our Heavenly Father and True Parents and bring joy to them as well."  2009, Yeon Ah Nim
"God and True Parents blessed us with the blessed life and through this life they wish for us to inherit the true love of God, to become greater blessings to our spouse, our children, our families, our cities, our neighborhoods, our nations, to the world and to God."  2009, Hyung Jin

From 2005, when I was student of theology, I said very clearly, “There is no new True Parent, there is no new King and no new center. There are no new True Parents. It is that simple." 
When you look at the early disciples, the apostles, they gave their lives preaching the gospel of Christ. They didn’t go around saying they are the successor of Christ and that now God is going to use them to bring about salvation. In Matt 16:18 Jesus says, “And I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock, (pointing to Peter) on you I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” He gives Peter the biggest anointing. He says. “Upon you I will build my holy church. Upon you I give the mission of spreading the Gospel.”
Think about what kind of anointing that is! But Peter did not go around saying that he was the successor because he received that anointing. He did not say that now, after Jesus was gone he is the new Christ. That would have been a fatal error. He went and preached the Gospel. He went with John. He went with the early Apostles. In the Acts of the Apostles we see him moving, we see him meeting Paul, we see him witnessing, and we see miracles happening. Peter was very clear. He preached the crucifixion, the death and the resurrection of Jesus. And he blesses and praises and heals in the name of Jesus. That is a very important thing.
Let us read the second scripture, Matthew 10:24-25:
"A student is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. It is enough for the student to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebub how much more the members of his household!"
Peter knew that he was a student of the teacher, but not the teacher. He knew he was a servant of the master, but not the master. It is enough for a student to be LIKE his teacher. So Peter tried to be Christ-LIKE, tried to be teacher-LIKE. That is why Christians to this day try to be Christ-LIKE, not to be the Christ, not to be the son of man, but to be Christ-LIKE, as the scripture says. This certainty and clarity is very, very important for us to understand as Unificationists, completing the mission of Christianity. This is the fatal flaw of those who may say they are the next True Parents or the next king or the center of God’s providence. This is what is very worrisome to True Parents.
There are, as you may know, splinter groups that say such things in Japan and in Korea. I tell members, "Don’t worry because the spirit world sees all and in the end our ancestors see how much we have been filial to True Parents. I absolutely believe to this day and continue to believe it from when I was studying theology, that True Parents are the eternal center of God’s providence and it is our task to not be the next True Parents but to inherit the Parental heart they have shown us and to bring glory to True Parents. That is the mission of the next generation."
True Parents, not us, are the ones that were selected to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ. They were the ones selected to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ. They are the ones that died for us, descended into hell to take our place, and they were resurrected seven times. They are the ones who paid the indemnity price for individual, family, tribal, national, world and cosmic sin. There is no way that on our own effort we can pay this indemnity that has been accumulated from the time of the fall. So only the chosen son of God, only the one who has been prepared by the history of the providence can be the one that can pay this indemnity.
By the victory of true love and the inheritance of parental heart, which Jesus was to fulfill, we are given salvation. Not by our own doing. Not because we are great, not because we deserve it, but because of the salvific power, the resurrective power of true love. That is why we receive that grace.
They always ask me when I am doing interviews, “So you are the next successor. How do you feel about this big responsibility? (Imitates the voice of the interviewers in a funny way)” They ask me this all the time. I always have to answer this question. I tell them, “There is no new successor, there are no new True Parents for us. The early apostles centered their life of prayer and faith and testimony and witnessing on the rock of Christ, and so do we, so do I. We center our life on the rock of True Parents. We don’t believe that there are new True Parents, a new successor who could take on that role. They hold the ultimate authority."
I tell them, "We are just employees just like you guys are working for your paper. We are employees, too. We are employees of True Parents. Our time comes and our time goes. We are a cloud, the next generation. Like in a Zen garden. When the beautiful black stones are hit by the rain they become shiny and beautiful. That is the time when the Zen garden is the most beautiful. Just like that we don’t become the rock. We are like the clouds that bring the rain, like the refreshing rain that makes the rock shiny and beautiful. That is our purpose. We are not here to proclaim ourselves as the new True Parents, the rock. The center is clear."
This was the essential point that Father wanted us to be clear on. That is the reason why he told us to do a tour in America and to continue to tell this to our brothers and sisters in Korea and Japan.


  1. Its a bit of a contradiction. A year and a half ago Hyung Jin was talking of a super Shemita. Now he thinks the worlds economies could crash, this year or next. He was quoting experts showing this.. in this weekend Sunday service. ruck sack of survival or basic camping equipment that could keep him going a for a few days or a week or two.
    He did get this E.D.C (Everyday Carry) from end of age timers. Did God tell them first? Or have they always waited for the last days and the L.S.A.

    This paranoia.. Its all wrong.

    1. It is obvious, Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church have no sense of where and how the providence goes. Remember, they teach Hyung Jin is like Moses, who run away from the Satanic Palace (TP) at the age of 40. They think everything Father created was Satanic. Yet it's obvious they don't realize what the evil spirits talk through them. They live in the illusion that they love Father

    2. And the further he moves the further from the track he will be until there is no hope to find it and get back on it.

    3. It is very sad and his supporters and his brother Kook jin nim have a lot to answer for.

  2. SC think making people negative makes SC growing! REALLY??? How will that restore the world? ARE THEY WITNESSING OUTSIDE? - no! They only make people negative, as they are negative! When you go to spirit world with such negative heart, you go to Hell. This is the absolute principle, which they do not seem to understand.

    True Mother is the one who is united with TF and urges us to Witness and do Tribal Messiahship to fast restore a Nation. . TF anointed Hyung Jin Nim with the responsibility to inherit TP, and represent TP... but he went against TP - LOST FAITH. That's why we see amazing Witnessing growth around TM... and no witnessing at all around Hyung Jin. THIS MAKES IT CLEAR FOR ME


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