"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyungjin & Sanctuary Church Teach us to JUDGE OTHERS

Hyungjin & Sanctuary Church Teach us to 
Judge Others

Forget Jesus' words, "Do not judge".. Sanctuary Church teaches us to judge others, those who don't judge are psychologically ill, they say

Today we are witnesses to Sanctuary Church ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding it's sphere of influence based on infiltration, on subversion and intimidation. Their members called me excited, that when CIG arrives they will be able to judge and revenge. I was shocked! They asked me to join the network they are creating for collecting accusations, rumors and any possible discrediting information against the FF and it's leaders. In many of their videos they boasted how they can use this information to destroy the very organizations Father created. Read, Implanted Manipulators Aiming to Destroy TP

Hyung Jin had accused True Mother in a long list of allegations, which has eventually led his followers towards "dismissal" of Her position as True Mother. Much answers have been put forth to those allegations by the FF, but no rational arguments, neither facts, could convince them to abandon this destructive path of judgment, accusations and division. With the time, one by one the accusations against Mother proved to be lies, fabrications, misinterpretations. Yet, they didn't care; All they wanted was to judge and accuse relentlessly.

SC say, Hyung Jin's mission is to 'Judge'

In fact Sanctuary Church members stated, they see Hyung Jin's mission as a 'Judge'. They claim, "before True Father went to SW, he chose his heir and successor to become judge, because he is the only one qualified to be the judge." Wow!

And truly, Hyung Jin seems incapable of anything but just JUDGE, ACCUSE, COMPLAIN, RESENT, DIVIDE. And we know who is the False Father authorizing these vices. No wonder, Hyung Jin and his new founded church, display an addiction to gossip and backbiting – not the sort of thing you want to hear from a Unificationist leader, much less from Father's heir. In the end, what they were really supposed to inherit was the standard of True Love.

However, we see Hyung Jin systematically turning Sanctuary Church into Evil Spirits (projecting evil thoughts do destroy others). This is nothing but preparation to be objects of Satan (well trained citizens of Hell). Read about the Spiritual Realm of Judging. They seem ignorant of what their evil, harmful words, thoughts and feelings are projected in the environment.

Father: Judging People is Unbearable

Compare this attitude of Hyung Jin with True Father, who wrote in the Crown of Glory,
"When I doubt people, I feel pain. When I judge people, it is unbearable. When I hate people, there is no value to my existence". Father
Jesus said, "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you.".. Sanctuary Church teaches us to judge. They are creating a network of negative people who gather negativity, gossips and accusations. Such attitude is their dream world. When CIG comes, they explained, they will judge and vindicate. They really enjoy that idea! If you noticed, the ceremony with Mrs. Kang was in fact staged as such a court case.

Many members have been sharing a blog on Unification Family Therapy, which reveals, resentful spirits resurrecting through Hyung Jin Nim and Sanctuary Church members.. They are being unable to overcome them. Hyung Jin's actions and  TF prayer over Hyungjin's Inauguration clearly supports such conclusion.

Father's direction: 
"Do not follow Hyung Jin if he denies True Parents"

After several hours of instructions by Father, Hyungjin was requested to gave an absolute promise. Hyungjin was asked to proclaim that publicly, 
"If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"  Read...
Father foresaw, some of his descendants may be tempted to deny True Parents. If anyone stops for a moment and starts feeling the spirit and attitude behind their words, it is clear that it is not in line with True Love. Hyung Jin is blaming, accusing and spreading resentment, while TM is showing us the right, humble heart of love:
"My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable and, for the sake of humanity, loved enemies unlovable ... No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." True Mother
Satan was the one attacking and accusing, while God's side had to endure while loving even the unlovable enemy. If Sanctuary Church cannot understand that, how far they are from the Principle? We find few reasons reasons for that; One is their low spiritual level, another is the unresolved feelings in their hearts.

Father blessed Hyung Jin to "gain victory over resentment"

Hyung Jin's couple has to "achieve victory over resentment", Father prayed, bestowing his blessing. It means, it will providentially come upon them with great power, but they have to overcome it. TF clearly directs him; resentment will come.. "You have to overcome... resentment of three eras - the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages."

Did he succeed? No! He ended with Trapped Emotions against Mother, that he now multiplies. Resentment! Multiplication of Evil! Negative heart! Manipulative satanic techniques! All that characterizes the video sermons of Hyung Jin.

Role of Messiah and Lineage, in terms of sovereignty, or authority

Hyung Jin claims lineage and authority given from Father, yet this only shows how ignorant he is of the Principle. Even TF says, he has to follow the Principle. DP teaches that even God cannot change the Principles. Yet, Hyung Jin violates all principles and claims authority. He goes directly against TF's words, yet claims authority given to him by TF. He goes against love, trying to destroy the Church and change our traditions with Humanism, yet he claims to be successor. How can that work? Who is he succeeding, if he already denied True Parents?

Yet, Father's instruction was clear, no Moon, no future generation should ever deny True Parents,
"If Hyung Jin.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them." Read...
True Mother is the wife of the Messiah, and still is.. Yet, Sanctuary Church evaluates and criticizes her.. That makes Hyungjin same like Ham and takes his authority. He stepped out of the Principle. If you want justice and to judge Satan, judge his actions. Help him... CORRECT HIM. THAT'S LOVE

Hyung Jin, literally, follows Satan's way, accusing and spreading resentment. What authority that gives him? Satanic?!! Sanctuary Church excuse themselves, that it is "normal and appropriate to get angry at injustice". But what injustice? Their videos contain some humanistic, unprincipled words, combined with lots of accusations, accusations and more accusations against TM and the UC. That's injustice, his sermons should make them angry, if they know what's justice! But they have Trapped Emotions, their hearts are not sensitive to the pain they cause. My heart cannot even understand how such evil people can exist.

Sanctuary Church: Trapped Emotions

Our memories are stored as image of someone or a situation, plus feelings attached to it. What happens when Negative feelings are attached to the image of TM? Each time Sanctuary Church think of her, the same feelings get recalled and overwhelm their minds. That's called Trapped Emotion. But the Principle calls it Sin, because it is a common base for Satan.

Evil spirit world triggers these Trapped Emotions and manipulates people on earth. Why? To understand you should know what these Emotions in the memories are. They are stored in the body Energy, with the concrete resonance of that emotion.

How liberation works? You have to re-experience the same situation, but this time change the Emotional resonance with positive one. Otherwise you are trapped under the negative resonance forever.

Forever here is very literal. Why? Because if our spirit grows accustomed to that negative energy and resonance, we will end up imprisoned in the energy we created with our own deeds in the physical life.

Multiplication of Trapped Emotions

We already mentioned that Hyung Jin recreates his own trapped emotions in the minds and the hearts of those who listen to him. How he does that? He uses very evil manipulative techniques. Evil, means 'no one in our Church should use such satanic methods." But why Hyung Jin is using them? This automatically disqualifies him - because he is out of Principle.

So let's explain how it works. It is obvious in his videos, so Sanctuary Church cannot deny it. Focusing their logic on TM is not enough. He recreates the same resentful feelings, and attaches them to the image of TM. Now all listeners will have the same Emotional resonance come back, every time they think of TM. So he effectively recreated his Trapped Emotions in their minds. That's exactly what Lucifer did. And here is precisely the similarity between Hyung Jin's method and Lucifer - accusing, accusing, accusing.

Let me bring you back to Hyung Jin's book, where he himself explains that process. He suggests to overcome sexual temptation by picturing the opposite sex as ugly, funny, stupid etc. Now new feelings are attached to them, so we're not gonna be tempted. Even back then, he didn't realize that creating negative heart to others is wrong. In fact, his explanation destroys the Four Realms of Heart.

Where we are supposed to learn pure, beautiful brother-sister love, he was teaching us to have negative feelings. How is that preparation to view correctly our spouse in the future marriage? Now Hyung Jin does the same; He is teaching Sanctuary Church to have negative feelings towards TM, negative feelings towards UC members, negative feelings against Muslims... and whatever comes on the way.

Do you see the difference between Hyung Jin's way and TF's way? They are opposing! Hyung Jin has nothing to do with TF. He deviated so much, as to deny Love, deny Unification, deny DP, deny our Traditions, deny TF's Blessing, deny TM. Negative, negative, negative... the sweeter his smile, the more his negativity enters peoples hearts... the bigger his Sin.

Recognize Satan's Nature

We don't have to blame the person, but reveal the evil satanic ways, so he stops doing it. All evil we do is under the influence of evil spirits. If our Original Mind is free, we will not do it. So accusations wont help us. Prayer, love, care and education will help, however!

So, can we recognize Satan's nature? That will give us power to reveal how he tricked the minds and hearts of these wonderful brothers and sisters. Using them to attack God's representatives, the same way Satan does in the spirit world.
"The evil angels induce the people in Hell.. bring them to their side.. interested in the sweet words of evil angels and follow them.. work together to harm people on Earth (specifically their descendents).. This increases the power of evil." Dr. Lee, True Nature of Evil Spirit
If this internal problem does not express externally there is no way we can understand how even our relatives in the spirit world can become so evil to come and harm us. But now through Sanctuary Church we can observe externally and understand how good people can be manipulated into so much resentment.

The importance of Principled understanding

If members understood the Principle, they will never be fulled by Sanctuary Church gossiping. But reality is that most members, especially sec.gen. never read DP more than once. This is the real problem! Sanctuary Church is only a result of member's ignorance of the Truth.

Sanctuary Church members totally neglect the Principle. They talk about Bible and other Humanistic stuff, but don't care where they violate the Principle.

Sanctuarians should read DP some times

Father's unique point, compared to Christianity, is that he presents God as suffering, who's heart needs to be liberated. Even though Father stated that his primary purpose always was to liberate God's heart and liberate humanity, Sanctuarians strongly accuse that as a wrong UC teaching.

At the same time, Hyung Jin's heart is to accuse others - same like Satan. They neglect Satan's existence and think they can do Satan's way, yet still be good. Yes, Communists and Hitler had such thinking.

Sanctuarians should read DP some times. As a person of pure lineage, and as a member of True Family, Hyung Jin Nim is taking all of the resentment of evil spirits on himself; and is controlled by it. Unless he overcomes, these spirits will ultimately not resolve their resentment but be subjugated and dragged to Hell. It is not Hyung Jin, but True Mother, that is paying the Indemnity, by "Gladly Enduring".

Do good people "blame" or judge

Learn Satan's way and judge him, don't judge the people trapped by Satan - liberate them. The moment a person is liberated from the influence of the evil spirits, his Original Mind opens and he is a totally different person. That's what God wants. Liberate humanity.

Christianity didn't understand that. Instead they became a religion of judging. Now Sanctuary Church is totally misled, repeating same Christian faults. Kevin Brugman, of Sanctuary Church writes, "I feel a Christian foundation could have helped the UC." But why taking the failures of Christianity?

Hyungjin surrounds himself with Manipulative people

In Sanctuary Church writings I found out, that Hyung Jin is not the only skilled in Evil Manipulative techniques. Obviously Hyung Jin surrounds himself with such people.

Kevin Brugman, goes to deny the Principle,  by explaining that to be accused and 'Gladly endure', "is very Luciferian and archangelic".. and calls that, "a victimized state of mind". In his responses, Kevin openly used his skills in twisting any logic upside down.

Yes Kevin, Science today could measure the resonance of different states of heart. The Heart Resonance suggest that negative emotions are the gauge for determining whether or not you are in Satan's dominion. Yes, Sancturians and all other negative UC members, we are in Hell, relating with Satan, if we are in negative resonance of heart. That's why TF says, we should not go to sleep, before resolving our bad feelings towards others.

Jesus stood up against evil. Did he do it with evil? No! Sanctuary Church does! True Father discovered the truth about the Fall; and rightfully accused Satan of his crimes. Sanctuary Church does not understand even how Satan works in their own minds, how can they judge Satan. Instead they unite with Satan to judge True Parents. Now we feel indignant at Hyung Jin's evil, manipulative attacks against God's providence. Yet, judging the people in Sanctuary Church will not help them, will not help us.

Hyung Jin left his position of God's representative

The Divine Principle teaches, that our final task is to rule the Angels. Hyung Jin Nim had to overcome and judge the Angels, and to stand up against evil. Instead he united with Satan and judged those who Satan attacks. Hyung Jin Nim became dominated by evil, because same like Ham, he could not see himself from God's point of view, so he left his proper position harmonizing with evil, unprincipled actions. He himself said,
"If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear." See Video...
Hyung Jin was crowned same like Solomon, with the responsibility to build the Temple. In DP p. 429, Replace Solomon with Hyung Jin and you'll read:
"If at that time King Solomon (Hyung Jin) had served God's will to the end, he could have unified all the Eastern countries.. he could have formed a worldwide territory enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized. However, due to the fall of King Solomon (Hyung Jin), God had to work.. tearing down his monarchic society." Read..
Thus, because of Solomon's (Hyung Jin's) failure the period of Divided Kingdom started. But what exactly was Solomon's (Hyung Jin's) failure? We read, that he "was to realize God's Word... erect the temple... and exalt it" (DP p.413). "But because King Solomon (Hyung Jin) worshiped the gentile gods.. the Kingdom was divided" (DP p. 416).

Clearly, Hyung Jin Nim is not standing in the position God gave to him. Same like Christianity, instead of  blessing the world, he multiplies resentment and judging, violating the authority given to him.

Sanctuary Church - Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Resentment: Parallels between Hyungjin, Cain & Solomon
The Angelic World After the Fall of Lucifer
What is Humanism: Product of the Physical Mind

Kook Jin Denying CSG & DP, cause TF never told us the Truth

Kook Jin Denying CSG & DP 
TF never told us Truth, H2 does
VIDEO reveals Kook Jin's STRANGE THEOLOGY, Q & A with Kook Jin Nim, 8 Sept. 2017

KOOK Jin spent one hour explaining that he does not need to speak according to DP and needs no confirmation in Father's words for his teachings, because Father changed his theology in the last days. How convenient! "Father never told us the truth", he explained, But went all the way around teaching us untruth, because "we were not ready". In his words, "in the end Father taught very different from what he was teaching before." Really!

So guess what; TF is Jesus, he is God the Creator, and Holy Spirit is not feminine. DP was wrong! TF himself is true parents - no need of real bride, because he is God the Creator, Kook Jin explained.
"The trinity is man/woman unity centered on God. However, Sanctuary Church now teaches that the trinity is all male... a homosexual trinity."
We are all "confused and ignorant," Kook Jin said, since "Father changed his theology" and there is no need to accept what CSG or the Divine Principle explain. He was sharp, no need to search confirmation of what he and Hyung Jin teach in Father's words or DP, because they are not relevant.

But Father explains differently. He said, even if he has to abandon his children, he absolutely believes the Principle. Not like Hyung Jin and Kook Jin who try to avoid aligning with it, even Father has to "absolutely obey the Principle":
"I, Rev. Moon, absolutely believe in the entire contents of the Principle.. There is nothing else. Even if I may have to abandon my world, abandon my family, abandon my wife, and abandon my children, I love the Principle absolutely, more than them. I absolutely obey it." 
Even Sanctuary Church member objected, "I don't find Father's words about that." Kook Jin replied, "Yes, but we have the 2nd King here." "It's about what God says".. and of course, the whole idea is, that Hyung Jin is God. So, "Father's words are precious", he said, but they don't matter.

Hyung Jin is God's body on earth revealing the truth, while Fathers theology was wrong, Kook Jin clearly explained (With some twisted manipulative approach, of course! and lots of laughing, to make it acceptable)

Rationalizing to go around Father's Words

We should observe these happenings internally, from providential viewpoint. Yet, what is clear from this Video; They rationalize to go around Father's words and replace them with Hyung Jin's new theology without objections. They went a big circle to achieve that. First they made people negative of Mother, blaming that she changing CSG, even though it was Father's direction (See Fathr's words). Then used fabrications to proclaim Hyung Jin a subject over his parents (Against Father's words). With the time, more and more openly they talked about Father's traditions as Satanic; for example Tithing, FFed structure and so on. Gradually they replaced Fathers Ceremonies, Holidays, even the Blessing and all core traditions and goals. Against all Father's warnings, Hyung Jin proclaimed himself a New Center. It's time TC humble themselves in front of their Parents:
"Can a strong elder brother come home and be the boss there? No.. Even when an elder brother has several hundred doctorates, can he come home and be the boss? No, not even then. Why not? Because his parents are there." Father, CSG


Kook Jin (1:15 min); "People think I don't know DP, because in the end Father taught very different from what he was teaching before." "God of Night preexisted creation" and "Father is from the God of Night." "God of day is the God that appeared after creation", so Kook Jin concluded, "God of day is a created being.. and there can be many gods of day... all pagan, false gods", but they all "have to understand that they are not god and there is only one God (TF)".

This way, Kook Jin says, Father changed the theology, so all those explanations we know from DP and CSG are no longer valid. He claims, Father openly denied all his previous teachings about male/female unity etc. and proclaimed that he alone is "true parents'. In his words, "This is a fundamental shift in theology Father made." Than he concluded, "this is reaffirming that God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit - is one God." "Conclusion.. is that Rev. SMM is Jesus," Kook Jin ended.

However, Father's own words say the opposite. Father talked about liberating and uniting the God of Day and God of Night. He didn't say that's change of the principles, just the opposite, he stressed how important it is to keep the same principles and tradition. Father said, "I don't think this speech is of my words. I wasn't involved in making even one-tenth of the contents of the speech":
"I recently revealed that the God of Night and the God of Day have been separate. In order for (True) parents to have sons and daughters born again, the principle of (having the same) tradition, blood lineage, and resemblance applies." Father, January 5, 2011
In fact Kook Jin took his ideas from Hyung Jin's presentation, 22 Jan 2012 he said: "God of Night is male. God of Day is female.. I am managed by the God of Night, you all, the world, are managed by God of Day." But in fact True Father said, both Father and Mother come from the God of Night. Meaning from the Creator. And they have become the substantial God (God of Day), thus reunite God, perfected God:
"The word, this is the True Parents. The perfection of the Principle is the True Parents, and it is the God of Night and the God of Day who are perfected through them.. Only when the True Parents appeared could the God of Night and the God of Day take their positions." Father, July 26, 2011
In the same presentation Hyung Jin explained: "Father is a descendant of the Fall.. He also has a fallen nature.. Jesus is actually a different being than Father.. True Parents (3rd Adam and Eve) are the ones who come from the Logos... 1st & 2nd Adam could not become God of Day, 3rd Adam became God of Day. TP of Heaven, Earth and humankind = God of Night + God of Day." However, Kook Jin changed the explanations and the conclusions to serve his present agenda.

When asked, why he is changing Father's teachings, Kook Jin started twisting, 'yes you should not change any of Father's words, but 'his words have many, many levels of understanding.' Thus rationalizing, that he is allowed to change as he wishes. Not changing is obviously valid only when blaming Mother, for correcting the miss-printed words. Which in fact was Father's request, not Mother's.

In short, what I see; Father didn't change anything, but Kook Jin reinterpretation did. And it's all with premeditated purpose to exclude Mother out of the picture. This is visible in In Kook Jin's words: "The Holy Spirit is not a woman", DP is wrong on pointing is as the feminine part of God. The feminine aspect is not important, he said, because "God is 90 % masculine subject."

But if we follow that logic, we should say, that TM is God's object, and we know God cannot feel love without his object. The conclusion is, TM is God's bride. But Kook Jin stated, "TF's wife should be every women on this earth." That' much he is confusing God and TF. Sounds like the old theological problem in Christianity, "How much Jesus is God himself." And you see how big and strange this problems gets, once SC gets freely out of DP and Father's own explanations. To me, Kook Jin sounds like STUPIDITY THEOLOGY. But let's be correct, this way he is cleaning stupidity out of the UM.

Kook Jin says, TF never told us this truth, "because we were not ready." But how come, now SC is ready? Is it their love for gossiping and ignorance of DP that qualifies them? I don't know! Even SC member commented, "I don't find Father's words about that." Kook Jin answered, "Yes, but we have the 2nd King here." "It's about what God says".. and of course, Hyung Jin is God. And some how, only Father's lineage can understand the truth, Kook Jin raised his voice.

Hyungjin & Kook Jin's Real Aim

Father made it clear, his children should not create new ideology, "We should not accept anyone’s unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse (Hyung Jin’s) ideology or anyone else’s. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents." Let's be clear, any denial of TP is from Satan, Father explained. Hear Father's audio, scolding leaders not to be mislead by TC.
"They ignore me and claim that their decisions are better than mine.. they lie Father approved this or that."  TF audio
Finally, it's time they reveal their original purpose, to deny Father completely and avoid objections. Hyung Jin and Kook Jin struggled a lot with this obstacle while Father was alive. Each time they wanted to turn our church towards Christianity, they faced the objection of the leaders, that this is against Father's directions.

Now Father is gone. The only thing they needed is to somehow kill all Father's major teachings, like the concepts of; True Parents, going beyond religion, unity of religions, loving and sacrificing for others... All those were huge obstacle for their objectives. They needed freedom of these central concepts, so that they can do and change anything as they wish, with no one telling them, "This is against Father." And it is:
Now there is no ideology you need other than the ideology of True Parents. There is nothing else. We should not accept anyone’s unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse (Hyung Jin’s) ideology or anyone else’s. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents." CSG1
Somebody commented, "Sanctuary Church should finally proclaim their theology openly." But listen to them, each member of Sanctuary Church has his own theology. They all talk freely any sort of nonsense. And that's where they want freedom from Father's theology. They are only willing to use Father wherever and however it serves their momentous needs, with no regard to the complete picture and what theology that creates.

Information Manipulation leaning to Terrorism

We should never manipulatively mislead people towards negativity and fear, using statistics, as Kook Jin does; "Over 5000 people are killed by criminals", Kook Jin explains, "but over 240 millions innocent citizens are killed by governments." He says government is more dangerous. But let's see the facts; 200 million are killed by the Communist Regimes and around 40 millions are killed in the 2nd WW.

We Unificationists work with the governments to help them solve problems and improve them. Ironically, exactly Communists were teaching against the government and provoking violent reaction. 

"The problem of Asian culture", he continues is, "you love your slavery too much." So Western humanistic-selfcentered culture is better then the Eastern more vertical culture. Really? And isn't that contradiction with him and his brother promoting a King and Monarchy system.

Did Father really ever suggested a Monarchic system? In fact, all conferences Father made with professionals, concluded, that a better government will be, when professionals in the different fields start solving the problems, instead of politicians deciding them, with certain financial agenda.

There should be a body under God and TP, to extend God's will for the benefit of all the humanity. So Father founded numerous organizations in all fields, to play the role of that governing body. This body should be centered not on a man, but on the absolute values. Father made so many conferences about that. 

Kook Jin says, "God was not with the majority... killed majority when it complained". But Father clearly explained, this was the Angelic way of restoration, Old Testament way - not God's way. Still the level of love and heart was not developed. People followed the Angelic muster-servant method, one of Judging, while God's way is that of self-successive, service and true love. Look at the terrorism, to see how wrong Kook Jin's arguments can lead. Then listen to him talk for hours, just, "war.. war.. judgment... judgment."

Where will this theology lead them? Is that helping them to see the way of Love, Unification and Peace? No, they consider us, the Unificationists, as cowards, afraid to act. Really?

Just compare their strange teachings of fear and resentment with True Mother's words of love and hope

True Parents are establishing the garden of Eden, which was completed for the first time, and is the model of heaven and earth. The five-colored race is a model of the family community, which lives for each other's, joy and happiness, freedom and peace.. society centered on God, based on the Culture of Heart.
"Every second of everyday, True Mother is investing her mind, body and soul to build True Parents’ sacred capital city, a lasting beacon of hope for the 7.4 billion children of the world, guiding them all on their journey back home to God." Sun Jin Nim

TRUE PARENTS DECLARATION: "All True Children must follow True Parents"

True Parents' declaration: Hyungjin and Sanctuary Church violate against Father's request
"All True Children must follow True Parents"

All members, including True Children, must obey absolutely all directions and commands of the True Parents, who are the only True Parents for eternity

This is True Parents' declaration, signed under TPs name in 2011. It clearly says that ALL True Children must follow True Parents.

"First, all members are not to forget that they must obey absolutely all directions and commands of the True Parents, who are the ONLY True Parents in the world FOR ALL PERPETUITY AND ETERNITY (!!!!!) 

This is the eternal tradition and faith of the Unification Church. THIS APPLIES COSMICALLY TO TRUE CHILDREN IN THE SAME WAY THAT IT DOES TO THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP (!!!!!)

We issue these instructions to the entire world as the Founders of Tongilgyo (Unification Church) and all related organizations and institutions, and in the names of THE HUSBAND AND WIFE SUN MYUNG MOON AND HAK JA HAN MOON, WHO ARE THE TRUE PARENTS. 

Our desire is that all persons properly obey these points FOR ALL ETERNITY (!!!)"  Read the complete Declaration

Father's last public speech in 2012, less then 2 months before his passing, confirmed the same statement; Mother is victorious, with equal rights and position as Father. True Parents are the only solution to all problems. In this Age of Women we should absolutely follow True Mother's guidance in realizing the world of love and not follow male strives for power. Read, Era of Women Vs. Man's Struggle for Power

Our youth should be educated about True Parents' life.. and the providential development based on proclamations (read). Hyung Jin shows absolute ignorance of that.. takes everything out of context, like a lawyer who twists the laws to prove a wrong agenda right. Did he do such tricks even while Father was alive? SC supporters say, he did... claiming he falsified declarations... tricking Father.

True Parents declaration. And Father signed it with his own hand.

It's more than obvious how Hyung Jin reverses dominion.  It's not a matter of discussing and debating these declarations.. because "follow TP" is clear enough from all Father's teachings.

Read the complete Declaration


Problem is when someone with Physical Mind, starts to externally misuse and twist the reasoning for selfish purpose.. As lawyers do.. They can twist any law in their favor, arguing, in such case, will have no end. Right and wrong can never be decided this way. This is the heart and attitude in Hell.

This very external attitude is the actual problem with Sanctuary Church. Taking the words that are meant to protect TP's eternal position and reverse them to destroy TP. That's the evil, satanic part of Hyungjins' mind, that we cannot comprehend as normal. Be sure, there are spiritual and providential reasons behind.

Now you understand, why Father had to educate Hyungjin for 8 hours, asking him to declare publicly,

"If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." Read...

But rational and theological debates are the wrong way because they are not facing, nor solving the real spiritual problem. Unless we see the spiritual reasons behind those deviations; unless we understand God's love in resurrecting all evil spirits from the bottom of hell... and of course, the many ancestors from our own lineage, suffering there.. We will be confused.

When we are dealing with people from Hell - there is no standard of right and wrong in Hell. Truth does not exist there. Something so simple, as TP are the center for ever... can never be proven there with logic. Read My Dream with Hyung Jin and Mother

Now, the situation in the spirit world, comes out physically here. It's amazing actually that these spiritual problems can come out, we can observe them, understand their methods - pray and act to solve them, for otherwise they will stay for eternity.

We live in an amazing time. CIG is already here! Everything is being cleaned up and resolved right in front of your eyes. Everything is God's love and blessing for our own personal growth. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

True Parents' declaration: Hyungjin and Sanctuary Church violate against Father's request
Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me" 
Hyungjin denies CSG1: 57 quotes about True Mother 
Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
MUST READ: My Reflection why SC is wrong!
Our youth should be educated about True Parents' life.. and the providential development based on proclamations... Read...

Hyung Jin Teaching Against the Universal Laws

Are we all Unificationists? Not really. We are in MIDWAY-POSITION: TM is Unificationist, H2 is Divisionists.  - we choose which of these 2 ways has more common base with us. So, it's not a matter of name, but of Heart. Same like Inheriting TP, it's not a matter of appointment, but also a matter of Heart. Do we see Hyung Jin loving all religions, nations and cultures? No! Exactly the opposite, he teaches against Muslims; against the poor refugees; against even his Father's organizations. 

In TP Universe Protects us
The Universe is protecting you from deviating out of the perfect balance, harmony and love. The power of the universe pressures you when out of the Principle

Father says, if we forsake True Parents we stand against the entire Universe and we "deserve to go to hell":
"The Savior can be forsaken after one is saved, but parents are a matter of absolute destiny, so how can they be forsaken?” That’s how it is. Try forsaking them, and the entire universe, heaven and earth, and everything else will say, “You wretch, you deserve to go to hell!”" TF - CSG1
And of course, Hyung Jin attacked this what God loves the Most - the TP. This automatically puts him in the position of enemy of God and the whole Universe.
"Through the.. True Parents.. All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God and all the evil spirits centered on Satan will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand." 

Principle of Restoration: The Subject takes the Burden

That's the way of restoration; True Family is a microcosm of the society, taking responsibility for it's salvation. Meaning, the problems of humanity, that need solving, are taken as spiritual burden on the shoulders of this central figure (True Family). If they overcome it, they liberate the whole of humanity. But it's not easy and takes mathematical period of suffering under these resentful feelings (That's why Father anointed Hyung Jin to take resentment of 3 Ages). Members should know these Principles and not get confused.
"By sacrificing my family and relatives, God led me to love my enemies and their families. Drawing compensation from my family was God's idea.. God sacrifices His own sons and daughters and those who are close to Him as He loves and strives to recover nations.." (CSG p. 352)
According to this principle; True Children now stand divided in correspondence with what needs providentially to be restored. From one side are the feminine unifying heart (Mother, Sun Jin and the wives of the first 2 sons). On the other side are the masculine archangel figures (Hyun Jin, Kook Jin and Hyung Jin) representing the aggressive nature of the male central figures in the history. Father talked about that. Now is the providential period for humanity to restore these past failures, so they need to be expressed and solved within the central family and the central religious group - leading the restoration. As a Subject they take the responsibility to indemnify it and thus liberate the World. There is beauty in this! God's love is expressed by that (He sacrifices his beloved, to save the rest). But if you don't know DP well, you'll get confused.
Pressed by the Universe

Let me explain a bit further, why people acted evil when the Universe was pressing them to return in the principle position.

Have you noticed that people who do evil, much so often blame their opponents for the very sin they themselves are committing. For example, H2 blames TM for changing Father's words, when he in fact is the one who completely negates and reverses everything. Notice how SC has no desire to even read Father's instructions for this change

You may think this is a very well designed manipulation, to paralyze their victims, who are shocked and now in position to defend themselves for something they never did. Meanwhile the accusers can continue do this very evil, with no one noticing. Well, it's more then that!

There are reasons why they act this way, not even realizing they are doing it. What stimulates this fallen nature? To understand how it works, please understand the universal principle protects us:
"Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating but because it is all perfectly in balance, you do not feel it. However if you act against your conscience – against God’s will – even a little bit, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, “You numbskull!" CSG
Father explains that the moment we come out of the universal principles, the whole universe is pressing us to go back in the principle position of balance and harmony. This way the universe is not punishing us, it's helping us to restore our state of physical, emotional and social health.

And as Father said, "if they were honoring True Parents, their family will be protected." And the other way around, those who oppose and try to destroy TP "deserve to go to hell!”. The universal laws are same for regular people and Kings. But a King's sin becomes national sin. The higher the position, the bigger the responsibility.

Evil is Rebellion Against the Universe

The problem comes from ignorance. Feeling that pressure, people in unprinciple position suffer. Yet, instead of realizing that returning to the correct position they will feel well again, in their ignorance they do anything in their power to run away from the principle, thus ending with the feeling that everything principle is evil, dangerous and the cause of their very suffering.

Leave the Principle -- Pressure by the Universe -- Suffering 

Correct Action: Repentance -- Come back to the Principle Position
Wrong Action: Runs even further against -- Accuses others for his Miserable State

For example, Formula Course helps us grow and liberate our spirit faster than anything else. Yet, the evil spirits consider that evil, cruel, dangerous. Pay attention that Tithing and the investment in FR are some of the most powerful tools for accusation SC uses. Whoever has a bit of misunderstanding or pain from these practices, so easily can not turn into alliance for SC vicious plotting and Multiplication of Evil. 

You see now why it is so difficult to save people from hell. In their minds, precisely the things the good spirits do are the cause of their suffering. Precisely the believes and practices, to help them be liberated, they blame for their miserable state. Whatever God wants, whatever is principle, they abject and zealously try to destroy, deny and attack.

If only they could take responsibility for their resentful feelings, and realize that they are the ones who stepped out of the universal law of love and harmony. But not, they take the easy road of blaming, resenting, objecting, rebelling and multiplying their own kind of heart.

Father explained, that when he reached to God, he turned and saw everybody else running in the opposite direction. Why? Facing the challenge on the way, they all turn away and say, "This is a wrong way!" Members who couldn't overcome the challenges in FR, concluded that this is wrong and blamed the leaders.

Why is Hyung Jin uniting with these people, standing on the Humanistic position, to comfort their fallen nature, to accuse Father's tradition of Tithing? Why did Hyung Jin turn against his Father's teachings, against the universal principles of love, excusing judgment, criticism, accusations. You see, everyone in history who failed, ended with the same resentful situation and turned against God, believing this is indeed God's way. How sad was God's heart? Let's cry for our Heavenly Parent and liberate him. Let's liberate the hearts of our True Parents. 

Hyung Jin Against Father's Ideal and Teachings
"The essence of love is such that when you live for the sake of others, your love becomes greater, but when you want people to live for you, your love diminishes little by little." CSG1
GREAT EXAMPLE that Sanctuary Church and Hyung Jin are against Father's teachings, goals and ideals are their very words and actions. Father told us God is a Parent of humanity. He gave all his energy for World Unity and Peace. Sanctuary Church, however, is constantly talking against Muslims, against the poor who search for better life. They call them 'Satans': 
SC: "The Muslims.. UK will not be UK for long. your gonna wish you had an EDC. We can see whats happening in UK, Sweden, Germany, France, literally thousands of satans taking over....But is USA we will be able to fight to defend ourselves." SC member
You see, Hyung Jin and Kook Jin don't care about Father. They are his ENEMY. I had many similar discussions with SC... they are so brainwashed with hatred, negativity about Muslims and Poor 3rd world countries. They may argue forever - but it's all against Father's words.
"On this True Parents’ Day, you should know how great your Parents’ suffering has been and how much pain your Parents have carried in their hearts. Now the time has come when you need to learn about your Parents. Otherwise, you will not know the tradition; you will not have a tradition." Father, CSG

How Wonderful If Father Married only True Mother

"Understanding the Holy Marriage Providence of Three Mothers"

How Wonderful If Father Married only True Mother

I love what Mother said to the leaders: “Father was not to marry any other woman before meeting me," Remember the heartbreaking course True Father endured because of his first wife turning against the providence.

Father himself said this about his 1st wife, "convinced she was right she became the ancestor of opposition to the Unification Church.. In order to ruin Teacher she sold her house that she had bought with hard-earned money and hired detectives.. To oppose the Unification Church she sacrificed her entire possessions." How pity H2 does the same.

Knowing DP we understand Satan will do anything to block God's providence. He tried to block the restoration of true wife, he is now attacking the true children. But what happened when Satan took Jesus' life? God could save the people. Sacrificing TC God will claim the whole of humanity. How wonderful! 

Wouldn't it be great if Father could marry directly True Mother. No one can deny that! I don't know if providentially could be possible, but Father was supposed to have only one True Wife.

In December 30, 2016 with 200 wives of Blessing between 1960 and 1968 Mother said: "Father, who was born with original sin, could have that original sin removed as a result of meeting me, the only begotten daughter born into this world without original sin. Father was not supposed to marry any other woman before meeting me." (SC translation)

This is also based completely on Father's own words and explanations. SC should know these facts before criticizing. 

So about the issue, whether TF was born with or without original sin; I don't claim we understand that, but why argue with Father.  Father said, "Mother is of pure lineage"... "unrelated to the fall." TF also said in 2004,
“I am not a person born from the original lineage, but came through the lineage of my mother from Satan’s world.” (Father - Vol. 463, 8.1.2004)
If we read carefully Father's words, we understand, that Mother was born without original sin, while Father didn't have to be born this way. Father could inherit Jesus's victorious foundation, but Mother had no one to inherit from - she was the first (Only-Begotten). CSG: 57 quotes about True Mother

All Mother says is based on Father's words. Most FFWPU leaders and members understand this, but Sanctuary prefer to accuse. Well that's their level of heart. Later on, when it becomes clear that Father said this, they don't apologize, but continue criticizing, just twisting their rationalizations. If one loves to accuse always will find reasons to do it. That's how they end up as evil spirits in the spirit world, unable to ever stop doing such evil and harm others.

After years of denial finally Sanctuary Church officially admitted that Mother is the Only Begotten Daughter, yet they never apologized for their rumors, accusations and negative talk but continued to attack other words of Father

Father said, "The Completed Testament refer to.. the fulfillment of God's covenant to establish the ideal.. Adam and Eve.. to be God's children and complete the ideal of creation.. (and) return as the son and daughter of daughter on God's side.. who can finally represent God's kingship on the world level. On this foundation, we will be able to return to a world that has nothing to do with the Fall." (CIG p. 126)

Principle View

So was Father to achieve that with one woman, or with 3 women? Of course, one woman. But because Christianity failed, that was not possible. We know the Principle. Jesus was not to marry before having foundation on which Satan will not be able to accuse. But could Father know these things at the time. Spiritually he was taking off from the place Jesus left things. Jesus, had no foundation of protection but desperately tried to have wife and fulfill God's will. In a way, Father accepted parents matching, to restore that Jesus was not matched. 

Principle also says, that in case of failure, the Third Adam will have 3 attempts and will suicide only on the 3rd one. We all realize, this is in case of failure. Despite the Fact that this is failure of the Christianity, Principle of Indemnity states that Father has to take full responsibility for that and restore it, which he did.

We can only listen to TPs and try to understand. Only God can have complete knowledge about such issues. As Father said it:
"Only God knows all things completely; therefore, complete dominion is possible only by God. Adam himself is a created being, and it is impossible for a created being to have complete dominion over the creation."

"All people, created with the same external form as God, become one person resembling Him.. they are all in a sense one person. Each of you is like a cell that makes up a part of God." CSG p. 704
Seems like Sanctuary Church members never read TF's words and never studied DP. They jump to attack, "FFed are believing that TM is God, as she proclaimed herself now." So what's wrong, Father was teaching the same all the time; The Messiah (TP=TF+TM) are the ones who became one with God. God expresses through them. The Principle is clear, TF alone is only half - incomplete, cannot even stand in front of God alone.

Read in Cheong Seong Gyong, the Chapter "True Parents are the incarnation of God":
"When Adam and Eve reach maturity as God’s physical body, God can dwell in their hearts and rule the physical and spirit worlds through them. This is how God’s Kingdom is established." CSG p. 934
Father clearly said, God can freely come and express through TF, as well as through TM. And that's the beauty; through them now, both - spirit world and the physical world are being united. Thus God can have authority over the two worlds, so CIG started.
"Since the invisible God has no physical body, the True Parents are His incarnation... In the future, God will appear in the form of the True Parents in the spirit world." CSG p. 935
Remember, that before his ascension Father said that he was the god of night and Mother was god of day. Why SC constantly argue with Father's explanations, trying to alter their meaning? They can accuse forever Mother, but in fact, these are Father's explanations. If they were sincere, they will acknowledge that and apologize.

Another point Sanctuary Church do not understand from DP; Perfection needs lifetime... not possible in spirit world. How unprinciple; SC believe TF became evil spirit, who wants to divorce and marry unperfect woman in the spirit world. Really! SC does not know, that DIVORCE is not acceptable. Even if partner goes to hell, husband has to go there and save her.

People with developed hearts and conscience understand that, but if people have evil heart and just want to gossip and accuse explanations won't help. You see, that's the real problem; the hearts of Hyung Jin and those who follow him. These are people who enjoy accusing and nothing can stop them from twisting facts and truth, just to accuse and ridicule others. That's where the real problem lies - in their hearts.

True Mother's Great Historic Value

True Mothers's victory is unique. No woman can compare with her in her unity such a difficult husband. As Hyung Jin himself said in 2011,
"If we compare with True Mother, we are not doing very much. We are doing nothing.. so we must truly repent... Please become people who can send good energy; laughter, joy to True Parents." Hyung Jin
At that time Hyung Jin understood the greatness of Mother in attending such Father. What irony, that now he turned upside down, from the most faithful, became resentful and himself is sending the most painful energy towards our beloved TP. Will history forgive him that?

On April 2012 Father proclaimed:
"At the point where the evidently divided internal God and external God are perfectly reunited, Sun  Myung Moon and Hak Ja Moon, who were able to become True Parents in the Garden of Eden with no shadow of the Fall". TF
Father on many occasions said his 3rd and final wedding of the perfection stage level would take place on Foundation day. That day would be the beginning of the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Why? Because Father (in Heaven) and Mother (on Earth) will represent the unity of the Cosmos (sp.w. and ph.w.). But that's where Hyung Jin lost faith, unable to accept that Father and Mother are one, centered on them both worlds are already one. Thus God is the center of both words through them. This is the real meaning of the Foundation Day and it's truly the cosmic wedding, Father was talking about.

No Confusion about Succession

Hyung Jin wrongly thought at this point he should be the center, even though Father clearly told him this is not so; 'Mother is the center, after his passing'. Because of that there should be no confusion about succession, Father explained.
"Mother alone, represents True Parents"Father 
"Mother is the top decision maker"Father's direction 
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."  (TF 2011) 
"Hyung Jin should not proclaim himself a new center" Father's direction 

"Every morning I pray for unity within the True Family. I pray that Mother is in constant communication with Father, and in my prayer I wish for and yearn in sincerity that the Children can become united with Mother...  I love you Mother so much, and from deep down in my heart I want to thank you for all that you have sacrificed throughout your life. Brings tears to my eyes when ever I think of what you had to endure in your life." John H.

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