"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyungjin & Sanctuary Church Teach us to JUDGE OTHERS

Hyungjin & Sanctuary Church Teach us to 
Judge Others

Forget Jesus' words, "Do not judge".. Sanctuary Church teaches us to judge others, those who don't judge are psychologically ill, they say

Today we are witnesses to Sanctuary Church ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding it's sphere of influence based on infiltration, on subversion and intimidation. Their members called me excited, that when CIG arrives they will be able to judge and revenge. I was shocked! They asked me to join the network they are creating for collecting accusations, rumors and any possible discrediting information against the FF and it's leaders. In many of their videos they boasted how they can use this information to destroy the very organizations Father created. Read, Implanted Manipulators Aiming to Destroy TP

Hyung Jin had accused True Mother in a long list of allegations, which has eventually led his followers towards "dismissal" of Her position as True Mother. Much answers have been put forth to those allegations by the FF, but no rational arguments, neither facts, could convince them to abandon this destructive path of judgment, accusations and division. With the time, one by one the accusations against Mother proved to be lies, fabrications, misinterpretations. Yet, they didn't care; All they wanted was to judge and accuse relentlessly.

SC say, Hyung Jin's mission is to 'Judge'

In fact Sanctuary Church members stated, they see Hyung Jin's mission as a 'Judge'. They claim, "before True Father went to SW, he chose his heir and successor to become judge, because he is the only one qualified to be the judge." Wow!

And truly, Hyung Jin seems incapable of anything but just JUDGE, ACCUSE, COMPLAIN, RESENT, DIVIDE. And we know who is the False Father authorizing these vices. No wonder, Hyung Jin and his new founded church, display an addiction to gossip and backbiting – not the sort of thing you want to hear from a Unificationist leader, much less from Father's heir. In the end, what they were really supposed to inherit was the standard of True Love.

However, we see Hyung Jin systematically turning Sanctuary Church into Evil Spirits (projecting evil thoughts do destroy others). This is nothing but preparation to be objects of Satan (well trained citizens of Hell). Read about the Spiritual Realm of Judging. They seem ignorant of what their evil, harmful words, thoughts and feelings are projected in the environment.

Father: Judging People is Unbearable

Compare this attitude of Hyung Jin with True Father, who wrote in the Crown of Glory,
"When I doubt people, I feel pain. When I judge people, it is unbearable. When I hate people, there is no value to my existence". Father
Jesus said, "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you.".. Sanctuary Church teaches us to judge. They are creating a network of negative people who gather negativity, gossips and accusations. Such attitude is their dream world. When CIG comes, they explained, they will judge and vindicate. They really enjoy that idea! If you noticed, the ceremony with Mrs. Kang was in fact staged as such a court case.

Many members have been sharing a blog on Unification Family Therapy, which reveals, resentful spirits resurrecting through Hyung Jin Nim and Sanctuary Church members.. They are being unable to overcome them. Hyung Jin's actions and  TF prayer over Hyungjin's Inauguration clearly supports such conclusion.

Father's direction: 
"Do not follow Hyung Jin if he denies True Parents"

After several hours of instructions by Father, Hyungjin was requested to gave an absolute promise. Hyungjin was asked to proclaim that publicly, 
"If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"  Read...
Father foresaw, some of his descendants may be tempted to deny True Parents. If anyone stops for a moment and starts feeling the spirit and attitude behind their words, it is clear that it is not in line with True Love. Hyung Jin is blaming, accusing and spreading resentment, while TM is showing us the right, humble heart of love:
"My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable and, for the sake of humanity, loved enemies unlovable ... No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." True Mother
Satan was the one attacking and accusing, while God's side had to endure while loving even the unlovable enemy. If Sanctuary Church cannot understand that, how far they are from the Principle? We find few reasons reasons for that; One is their low spiritual level, another is the unresolved feelings in their hearts.

Father blessed Hyung Jin to "gain victory over resentment"

Hyung Jin's couple has to "achieve victory over resentment", Father prayed, bestowing his blessing. It means, it will providentially come upon them with great power, but they have to overcome it. TF clearly directs him; resentment will come.. "You have to overcome... resentment of three eras - the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages."

Did he succeed? No! He ended with Trapped Emotions against Mother, that he now multiplies. Resentment! Multiplication of Evil! Negative heart! Manipulative satanic techniques! All that characterizes the video sermons of Hyung Jin.

Role of Messiah and Lineage, in terms of sovereignty, or authority

Hyung Jin claims lineage and authority given from Father, yet this only shows how ignorant he is of the Principle. Even TF says, he has to follow the Principle. DP teaches that even God cannot change the Principles. Yet, Hyung Jin violates all principles and claims authority. He goes directly against TF's words, yet claims authority given to him by TF. He goes against love, trying to destroy the Church and change our traditions with Humanism, yet he claims to be successor. How can that work? Who is he succeeding, if he already denied True Parents?

Yet, Father's instruction was clear, no Moon, no future generation should ever deny True Parents,
"If Hyung Jin.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them." Read...
True Mother is the wife of the Messiah, and still is.. Yet, Sanctuary Church evaluates and criticizes her.. That makes Hyungjin same like Ham and takes his authority. He stepped out of the Principle. If you want justice and to judge Satan, judge his actions. Help him... CORRECT HIM. THAT'S LOVE

Hyung Jin, literally, follows Satan's way, accusing and spreading resentment. What authority that gives him? Satanic?!! Sanctuary Church excuse themselves, that it is "normal and appropriate to get angry at injustice". But what injustice? Their videos contain some humanistic, unprincipled words, combined with lots of accusations, accusations and more accusations against TM and the UC. That's injustice, his sermons should make them angry, if they know what's justice! But they have Trapped Emotions, their hearts are not sensitive to the pain they cause. My heart cannot even understand how such evil people can exist.

Sanctuary Church: Trapped Emotions

Our memories are stored as image of someone or a situation, plus feelings attached to it. What happens when Negative feelings are attached to the image of TM? Each time Sanctuary Church think of her, the same feelings get recalled and overwhelm their minds. That's called Trapped Emotion. But the Principle calls it Sin, because it is a common base for Satan.

Evil spirit world triggers these Trapped Emotions and manipulates people on earth. Why? To understand you should know what these Emotions in the memories are. They are stored in the body Energy, with the concrete resonance of that emotion.

How liberation works? You have to re-experience the same situation, but this time change the Emotional resonance with positive one. Otherwise you are trapped under the negative resonance forever.

Forever here is very literal. Why? Because if our spirit grows accustomed to that negative energy and resonance, we will end up imprisoned in the energy we created with our own deeds in the physical life.

Multiplication of Trapped Emotions

We already mentioned that Hyung Jin recreates his own trapped emotions in the minds and the hearts of those who listen to him. How he does that? He uses very evil manipulative techniques. Evil, means 'no one in our Church should use such satanic methods." But why Hyung Jin is using them? This automatically disqualifies him - because he is out of Principle.

So let's explain how it works. It is obvious in his videos, so Sanctuary Church cannot deny it. Focusing their logic on TM is not enough. He recreates the same resentful feelings, and attaches them to the image of TM. Now all listeners will have the same Emotional resonance come back, every time they think of TM. So he effectively recreated his Trapped Emotions in their minds. That's exactly what Lucifer did. And here is precisely the similarity between Hyung Jin's method and Lucifer - accusing, accusing, accusing.

Let me bring you back to Hyung Jin's book, where he himself explains that process. He suggests to overcome sexual temptation by picturing the opposite sex as ugly, funny, stupid etc. Now new feelings are attached to them, so we're not gonna be tempted. Even back then, he didn't realize that creating negative heart to others is wrong. In fact, his explanation destroys the Four Realms of Heart.

Where we are supposed to learn pure, beautiful brother-sister love, he was teaching us to have negative feelings. How is that preparation to view correctly our spouse in the future marriage? Now Hyung Jin does the same; He is teaching Sanctuary Church to have negative feelings towards TM, negative feelings towards UC members, negative feelings against Muslims... and whatever comes on the way.

Do you see the difference between Hyung Jin's way and TF's way? They are opposing! Hyung Jin has nothing to do with TF. He deviated so much, as to deny Love, deny Unification, deny DP, deny our Traditions, deny TF's Blessing, deny TM. Negative, negative, negative... the sweeter his smile, the more his negativity enters peoples hearts... the bigger his Sin.

Recognize Satan's Nature

We don't have to blame the person, but reveal the evil satanic ways, so he stops doing it. All evil we do is under the influence of evil spirits. If our Original Mind is free, we will not do it. So accusations wont help us. Prayer, love, care and education will help, however!

So, can we recognize Satan's nature? That will give us power to reveal how he tricked the minds and hearts of these wonderful brothers and sisters. Using them to attack God's representatives, the same way Satan does in the spirit world.
"The evil angels induce the people in Hell.. bring them to their side.. interested in the sweet words of evil angels and follow them.. work together to harm people on Earth (specifically their descendents).. This increases the power of evil." Dr. Lee, True Nature of Evil Spirit
If this internal problem does not express externally there is no way we can understand how even our relatives in the spirit world can become so evil to come and harm us. But now through Sanctuary Church we can observe externally and understand how good people can be manipulated into so much resentment.

The importance of Principled understanding

If members understood the Principle, they will never be fulled by Sanctuary Church gossiping. But reality is that most members, especially sec.gen. never read DP more than once. This is the real problem! Sanctuary Church is only a result of member's ignorance of the Truth.

Sanctuary Church members totally neglect the Principle. They talk about Bible and other Humanistic stuff, but don't care where they violate the Principle.

Sanctuarians should read DP some times

Father's unique point, compared to Christianity, is that he presents God as suffering, who's heart needs to be liberated. Even though Father stated that his primary purpose always was to liberate God's heart and liberate humanity, Sanctuarians strongly accuse that as a wrong UC teaching.

At the same time, Hyung Jin's heart is to accuse others - same like Satan. They neglect Satan's existence and think they can do Satan's way, yet still be good. Yes, Communists and Hitler had such thinking.

Sanctuarians should read DP some times. As a person of pure lineage, and as a member of True Family, Hyung Jin Nim is taking all of the resentment of evil spirits on himself; and is controlled by it. Unless he overcomes, these spirits will ultimately not resolve their resentment but be subjugated and dragged to Hell. It is not Hyung Jin, but True Mother, that is paying the Indemnity, by "Gladly Enduring".

Do good people "blame" or judge

Learn Satan's way and judge him, don't judge the people trapped by Satan - liberate them. The moment a person is liberated from the influence of the evil spirits, his Original Mind opens and he is a totally different person. That's what God wants. Liberate humanity.

Christianity didn't understand that. Instead they became a religion of judging. Now Sanctuary Church is totally misled, repeating same Christian faults. Kevin Brugman, of Sanctuary Church writes, "I feel a Christian foundation could have helped the UC." But why taking the failures of Christianity?

Hyungjin surrounds himself with Manipulative people

In Sanctuary Church writings I found out, that Hyung Jin is not the only skilled in Evil Manipulative techniques. Obviously Hyung Jin surrounds himself with such people.

Kevin Brugman, goes to deny the Principle,  by explaining that to be accused and 'Gladly endure', "is very Luciferian and archangelic".. and calls that, "a victimized state of mind". In his responses, Kevin openly used his skills in twisting any logic upside down.

Yes Kevin, Science today could measure the resonance of different states of heart. The Heart Resonance suggest that negative emotions are the gauge for determining whether or not you are in Satan's dominion. Yes, Sancturians and all other negative UC members, we are in Hell, relating with Satan, if we are in negative resonance of heart. That's why TF says, we should not go to sleep, before resolving our bad feelings towards others.

Jesus stood up against evil. Did he do it with evil? No! Sanctuary Church does! True Father discovered the truth about the Fall; and rightfully accused Satan of his crimes. Sanctuary Church does not understand even how Satan works in their own minds, how can they judge Satan. Instead they unite with Satan to judge True Parents. Now we feel indignant at Hyung Jin's evil, manipulative attacks against God's providence. Yet, judging the people in Sanctuary Church will not help them, will not help us.

Hyung Jin left his position of God's representative

The Divine Principle teaches, that our final task is to rule the Angels. Hyung Jin Nim had to overcome and judge the Angels, and to stand up against evil. Instead he united with Satan and judged those who Satan attacks. Hyung Jin Nim became dominated by evil, because same like Ham, he could not see himself from God's point of view, so he left his proper position harmonizing with evil, unprincipled actions. He himself said,
"If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear." See Video...
Hyung Jin was crowned same like Solomon, with the responsibility to build the Temple. In DP p. 429, Replace Solomon with Hyung Jin and you'll read:
"If at that time King Solomon (Hyung Jin) had served God's will to the end, he could have unified all the Eastern countries.. he could have formed a worldwide territory enabling the Messianic ideal to be realized. However, due to the fall of King Solomon (Hyung Jin), God had to work.. tearing down his monarchic society." Read..
Thus, because of Solomon's (Hyung Jin's) failure the period of Divided Kingdom started. But what exactly was Solomon's (Hyung Jin's) failure? We read, that he "was to realize God's Word... erect the temple... and exalt it" (DP p.413). "But because King Solomon (Hyung Jin) worshiped the gentile gods.. the Kingdom was divided" (DP p. 416).

Clearly, Hyung Jin Nim is not standing in the position God gave to him. Same like Christianity, instead of  blessing the world, he multiplies resentment and judging, violating the authority given to him.

Sanctuary Church - Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Resentment: Parallels between Hyungjin, Cain & Solomon
The Angelic World After the Fall of Lucifer
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