"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Father Prayed Hyung Jin Take Resentment of 3 Ages

Overcome Resentment
Why did TF pray for Hyungjin to take the Resentment of all 3 Ages? God and TF allowed Hyung Jin to become resentful for providential reasons

This is an important fact; When TF prayed over Hyungjin's Inauguration, he didn't bless him as a king over us, instead, he proclaimed that Hyung Jin's family course would involve gaining victory over resentment.

TF literally said,
"With this blessing prayer.. I am letting you know that.. you will discover the words "achieving victory over resentment."  TF prayer 
Father clearly directed him; "Resentment will come.. You have to overcome... resentment of three eras - OT, NT, CT".
"You have to overcome the bitter pain.. the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages."  TF prayer
Father was very direct, that all the pain and resentment from unresolved past sins will descent upon Hyung Jin. With the words, "Later you must go beyond," Father signified that it will take some mathematical period of time to "achieve victory over resentment."
"hope, that you become the representative of that Word... become the owner of the Word.. achieving victory over resentment.”
That will be his responsibility and True Parents "hope" that he will "not only read the Word", but "practice", become it's representative and only then he will be victorious.

God Allowed Evil to Descend on HyungJin

We have to understand that God and TF allowed Hyung Jin to become resentful. There are providential reasons. As TP have opened the path of liberation, we were to fulfill our responsibility and liberate the lower spiritual realms. So, who is to liberate the vast number of spirits in Hell and those in the Middle Spirit World? As we have failed, TC are taking the burden. That's why they are suppressed under the pressure of these low realms.

As Dr. Lee explained, God and the good angels cannot interfere with one's responsibility:
"Angels cannot influence those who have a special mission from God without God's permission. That's because God wants to make the person with a special mission stronger by putting him through hardships." Dr. Lee, Messages from the Spirit World
Be under such low spirits is to put him under their mental state. It is easy to produce negativity, once one holds resentment. Thus, Father clearly directed him; "Resentment will come.. You have to overcome... resentment of three eras - OT, NT, CT".

TC are taking the burden to liberate the low realms

In a way, the True Family are taking the burden of liberating those low spirits from hell. That is why in his prayer Father apportioned this heavy burden on his own beloved son, for the purpose of Returning Resurrection:
"You have to overcome the bitter pain in the root, trunk and shoot, the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages."  TF prayer

TF: Hyung Jin will go Satans way, don't worry, God is in charge

Even more shocking for me was reading another of Father's blessing prayers over Hyung Jin, often used by Sanctuary Church. There Father gave the suggestion, that Hyung Jin and his wife will go on Satan's side, but we should not worry, because God is in charge. So always check the full context of whatever Sanctuary Church uses to advance their manipulations.

If Sanctuary Church members were not parading with these texts all around, I will probably have never noticed what exactly Father said. What's even more surprising for me, is that Sanctuary Church keeps waving these texts totally unable to notice what actually Father says. I can only take that as a sign that even the evil spirit world working behind this division, is actually now working for God, paving the way for the liberation of Hell itself.

Liberate Resentful Spirits to Start CIG

Spirits with resentment, could not overcome their feelings of enmity. History cannot be restored, CIG cannot be started if someone does not liberate that historic resentment. Father explained numerous times:
"History can be set right through the liberation of resentment" (CSG1)
"These problems will not be resolved unless you give those spirits with resentment something they want which is of more importance to them than someone’s death, more important than whatever it was that caused them to have enmity." (CSG1)
"With this blessing prayer.. I am letting you know that.. when you become the owner of the word and.. approach its deeper content, you will discover the words "achieving victory over resentment."

"Whose bitter pain are you relieving? It is the bitter pain of the cosmos, of heaven and earth.

You have to overcome the bitter pain in the root, trunk and shoot, the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. "Later you must go beyond the bitter pain of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam."
 TF prayer

Don't hold Grudges: Don't Complain or Blame

When we develop on a higher level, we start vibrating closer to God, we effect very easily the environmen (you see it in the expansion of HTM around TM). So you know that your heart vibrates higher, because you feel a sense of joy, love and peace. And at that level everything unites and everything is joy, and everything is love. This was the Consciousness Shift required after 2012. 

But what happens to those who failed to adapt to the new higher spiritual energy? They go the opposite direction of love; more and more down vibrationally, where everything is separate. Then fear starts operating, which is the negative pole of love, which essence is to suck of others, to propagate itself. But this set of mind creates a dangerous system (fear, self-protection, wepons, paralized in WT). And this is what happened to members who failed to adapt to the new energy after 2012. H2 is responsible to find the way for resurection for those people. But this is very heavy spiritual realms that have to be liberated. Don't judge if the resurrection proces there is slow and looks ugly. There is no fast way to liberate thousands of years of history.

God placed Hyung Jin in this situation where his mind could not find peace. Yet, he was to overcome; not hold grudges, not complain, blame or get resentful, but keep a grateful heart like Jacob and TF. 

"We cannot hold grudges against others; rather, the target of our resentment should be ourselves. We need to do witnessing ourselves ... Only then will there emerge that place in which we wish to live."  (Father, 1973.05.16)

Father clearly explained the only way to victory from that situation:

"We cannot welcome the day of the victory of True Parents without first establishing an absolute standard of not succumbing to any historical sorrow, pain or resentment." (Father, CSG1)

Could Hyung Jin by reading and teaching the Bible become the representative and the OWNER of "The WORD" of the 8 textbooks, as Father asked him to do?
"I will pass on the Word.. that True Parents practiced.. hope, that you become the representative of that Word. When you become the owner of the Word and not only read the words.. achieving victory over resentment.” 
Father proclaimed:
1. TP practiced this word... now is your time to practice (TP are the embodimetn)
2. TP hope Hyung Jin will be representative of the Word (HJN is still not)
3. Hyung Jin should not only read the Word, but embody it
4. Hyung Jin will have to overcome and achieve victory over resentment

God warning Cain as TF warned Hyungjin

Cain had the same responsibility. Lucifer's unresolved resentment came upon him. He had to overcome the same unresolved resentments Lucifer had. God said to Cain, "sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it." God foretold him of his part in this indemnity and said, " If you do what is right, will you not be accepted?" Genesis 4-7

The very same way TF blessed Hyungjin.. "the pain of this sin will come upon you, but you have to achieve victory over this historic resentment. I'll not be in the physical world to help you with that." Meaning, TF already has to be in the Spiritual World, but it's required Indemnity you will have to go trough. And Father was clear:

If you separate from your parents.. that's a satanic act." FatherThe True Pattern of Family life, 3-7-75

We have to understand Hyungjin's heart. He and Kookjin did so much with great heart. We love them. But going through the rejection, experiencing unresolved historic resentments, they had to humble themselves and keep faith, "If you do the right thing".. "gaining victory over resentment".. you will be accepted, you will be blessed, you will be allowed to enter the realm of God's Heart. The rejection was "God's Blessing in Disguise".

However, as many great lecturers in the church, who faced such rejection (required by the Principle, before entering the realm of perfection - dominion over the angels), they lost faith, looked externally - blaming Father or Mother, who rejected them and thus failed. Looking at the situation from an external, humanistic perspective, they were invaded.

No matter how much they are twisting and struggling to find the path out, the resentment is projecting from their hearts to those around them. With every effort in that direction they bring more and more disaster for God's providence - dividing the church and making members to resent each other. But there are providential reasons, why this failure was possible exactly at that historic stage.

Did Hyung Jin gain victory over resentment
"You should atone for the resentment you caused by not having served your grandparents (and parents) well during your lifetime." Father, CSG1
Did Hyung Jin gain victory over resentment? No! In fact, Hyungjin's deviation is result of the resentment he could not overcome. This is not because of external reasons (TM, or FFWP) but RESENTMENT of the past ages, of the whole resentful spirit world. But there is Time Period for such things and it's not happening randomly at this point of history. Father knew all this will come. He even mentioned in the prayer over Hyungjin, that he will go Satan's side, but we should not worry, because in this age all is under God's governance, for cleansing purposes. Father is offering his own children to be attacked by the evil, only so that the evil be completely dissolved and restored.


Feelings have to Reappear to be Resolved

Why God and True Father allowed that to happen? Historic fallen natures and resentments can only be resolved if they reappear for a period of time and are reversed and resolved. In this case there are different levels of Indemnity to be completed at the same time; Individual, Family, World and Cosmic Indemnity.
"The resentment of zillions of spirit people must be consolidated here.. We must liberate all these ancestors. We must accomplish the work of liberating them from resentment." CSG1 
1. On individual level: To qualify and enter the realm of perfection, everyone has to go through a period of complete rejection, yet 'gladly endure' - meaning overcome these heavy historic feelings without resentment. This is the very reason Father pushed away his own children once they have reached to the top of the growth stage. For the same reason many of our best leaders, lecturers and missionaries also experienced a period of complete rejection. Those who overcame could enter the benefits of the age - to grow to Divine Spirit. Those who failed, developing resentments, were trapped under Satan's dominion, or stayed struggling, confused and nonfunctional. They are easy pray for Sanctuary Church - having the same common base of unresolved feelings.

2. On Church level: To divide good and evil within the Church, God caries the providence of separation. All those who failed into resentment, humanism or other deviations of the Principle have to separate on the Cain (Physical Mind) side. The rest of the Church has to realize what's wrong with that and center on the Principle, cleansing itself from all humanism, criticism, gossiping etc. Therefore if the Church does not stand centered on the Spirit Mind people, in pure connection to God and the Principle, it will also fail into faithlessness; Goodness will be not established. In no way God can work if the Church is a mixture of good and evil, as it is right now. God is not clear. Confused members gossip and accuse. Principle education is not priority. Members don't even know the Principle. Thus, entering in the Age after the coming of CIG, we have to go through the indemnity period of the Divided Kingdom, to resolve that.

3. On Cosmic level:God wants the True Family to quickly make indemnity for all these evil forces to be liberated so that humanity can be free to enter CIG. Hyungjin has no evil lineage allowing them to invade him. Definitely God and TF had allowed that for the purpose of indemnity.
"The total indemnity offering concerns the ceremony of liberation of resentment." Father, CSG1

Indemnity for all Historic Resentments 

How historic indemnity is made? There has to be someone who takes all those feelings of historic resentment (Cain figure). They will come on him and he will feel them as his own. And there has to be Able figure on God's side, accused with  all these resentments and accusations, yet gladly endure without responding (creating common base on the level of resentment). This way all these resentful spirits, dragged by Satan to Hell by resentment, will be liberated.
"Why do I do such things while being persecuted? I do it to liberate the spirit world from resentment." CSG1
The period of indemnity will last until all trapped emotions of resentment are reversed and liberated through Abel's victorious heart. Thus finally, the Cain figure - object of those feelings, will be able to open his heart and overcome. When that happens humanity will be free of all this evil spiritual influence. Satan will be left with no objects to work through. And as we see this is also a process of resurrection for the Evil Angels too.

Hyung Jin Takes on Himself Historic Resentments

How Hyungjin helps God's providence. All historic resentments come on him with full power. He has to liberate all historical failures - unresolved feelings in heart. That's why TF prayed over Hyungjin's Inauguration, that his family has to "gain victory over resentment". The resentment,

 1. of all saints dragged by Satan to resentment when pushed away.
 2. of all gossiping, negative, spirits and angels
 3. of the failure of UC members
 4. Separate good and evil in our own church (humanistic and negative)

Indemnity is successful by reversing the 4 fallen natures, overcoming the historic resentment and obediently follow God's representative - TM. That's why Father blessed him, "to relieve.. the bitter pain of the cosmos.. have to overcome the bitter pain.. of resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages."

True Mother Takes all the Indemnity

True Mother is the only woman in human history that showed absolute obedience and overcame all the historic resentments against husbands. Now she is taking the most difficult indemnity, to be accused by her own children. Yet, spiritually, this is the love and grace of God and True Parents, who want to quickly liberate all of humanity and the whole spirit world, including Hell. Everything has to be restored to God's all embracing love.

1. Indemnity for Liberating All Humanity 
2. Indemnity for all Mothers that Triangulated against Fathers 

So many people in history have become trapped in Hell because of Gossiping (sharing displeased feelings - thus multiplying evil). Yet, this problem is mostly due to mothers. Instead of teaching their children to love and respect father, they have heartistically shared displeased feelings against husband with their children. The hearts of their children thus became twisted and satanic. Intimacy for them was to find common base to gossip. They knew no other love, than sharing such negative emotions.

Mothers made their hearts satanic. Now True Mother, the only woman that didn't do that, is taking the Indemnity and the accusations for all these mothers in history. Her son has to accuse her and resent her, on behalf of all these children trapped in Hell.

Divine Principle best describes this process in the story of Ham. Father clearly explains that this was because of Noah's wife, constantly accusing him and transmitting that to her children.
"You will have no resentment if you live in love." Father, CSG
TF made, "Ceremony for Total Liberation from Resentment on March 1, 1975, a ceremony to liberate and forgive everyone. This opens the way to liberate even Satan. Through this ceremony, enemies can no longer treat each other as enemies but must forgive one another." CSG1

Father's Warning
If Hyung Jin denies True Parents you must not follow him.. Hyungjin will be overtaken by the Resentment of 3 Ages.. and have to overcome

True Father knew that True Children may deviate and go against True Mother, after he is gone, so he asked Hyung Jin to proclaim infront of everyone:
"If Hyung Jin... any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon, future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them." 
Father really stressed, this is an eternal order, that Hyung Jin had to promise to keep. If "any Moon", any "future descendant" violates that, we should not follow him. "We should.. offer all our devotion towards.. True Parents, whom God established.. who are manifestation of God in flesh." Father, CSG p.165-169. Father insisted. In CSG he said, "individuals and families.. must unite centering absolutely on the True Parents, first becoming as one with True Mother." CSG p. 1575
"If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." Hyungjin Read...
What evil force could make TC go against Father's order, loose faith in TP and attempt to destroy Father's foundation (FF, UPF etc.). 

Unresolved Feelings Leading to Negativity

Instead, Hyung Jin and his group gave up into resentment and gossiping. They went so low in their behaviors, that as long as they are harming someone with their constant accusations, they feel fine. Their psychological state is a combination of alienation, bitterness, envy and rage, leading them to lashing out with an intend to destroy any aspect of TF's original culture.

"Hate is a chronic condition leading to urge to destroy."

We cannot serve two masters, it's our responsibility to overcome the resentment in our hearts. One cannot claim to be on God's side, if his actions have so much common base with Satan. The sole purpose of Hyung Jin's speeches is to produce over radical activists; People enraged in hate, no longer able to sort out facts from gossip:

The Four Fallen Natures

Swedenborg describes best the trades of Sanctuary Church that we ought to separate form:

"The state of people... who focused on evil, who had no conscience... because their evil impulses force them to break out into wicked deeds - into contempt for others, into jeering and blasphemy, hatred, and vengefulness. They cook up plots, some of them with such ingenuity and malice that you would scarcely believe anything like this existed in any human being. In short, they lose their ability to reason. Still, to themselves they seem to be wiser than anyone else." Swedenborg

Physical Mind always tends towards the 4 fallen natures - excusing reversal of dominion on all levels; (Subject over Object, Horizontal over Vertical, External over Internal, Children over Parents, Man over God). That's why TF always said, Humanism and Communism are our biggest enemies. How can we repeat the Resentment of Communism, without being aware of it? SC represents both and drags like a magnet UC members with such common base.

Not seeing God's Viewpoint and Leaving his Position:
  • Hyungjin reversed dominion over TP
  • Hyungjin reversed dominion over Mother
  • Hyungjin reversed dominion over the Principle
  • Hyungjin multiplies hatred and resentment

It is clear that all Sanctuary Church does is find common base of resentment and multiply it to the point when nothing principle is left. Why one would have such resentment, which no UC member should keep in his heart? Read Sanctuary Church: Freedom of Resentment to find out. 


The NEUROLOGICAL HELL of the Sanctuary Church


"The fury of a king is like messengers of death, But a wise man will appease it." Proverbs 16:14 

This is Hyung Jin's teaching, the conclusions are obvious
There is a simple principle; If you focus on problems (like H2), you will see more problems and more problems will appear on your way. If you focus on opportunities (like TM), more opportunities appear.

Father and Mother always focused on liberating God's heart and building the Ideal Peaceful World. They expected their children to inherit this true standard of heart.

We never expected that Hyung Jin will choose to focus on negatives and turn against Father and Mother. But when people behave badly, it's not really that they are evil, it's just that they are angry, they are hurt, they are wounded. They are acting out of their wounding.

However, even though they are not aware of it, Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church are working as evil spirits to destroy Father's image and the fruits of all his work. And as the bible predicted - this will not be forgiven:

Father said, "Mother is the Holy Spirit... Whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.. 

How grateful are we, that this is all happening now when Mother is still on earth. God surely guides this, to prevent future generations from such betrayal. We should be also grateful, that Hyung Jin is successfully bringing out of our movement all those with love for evil and gossiping, who enjoy judging others.

Hyung Jin's Obsession with Guns

Just think of it; Hyung Jin holds a festival to celebrate assault rifles just one week after one was used to gun down more than 30 people, 17 fatally, in a Parkland school. "For us, it is obscene to glorify the AR-15 assault rifle when it’s been used once again in Florida to kill 17 students and teachers," said Gragert. "There is no room for hate/cult groups and such glorification/trafficking in assault rifles in Pike County!"

Now the neighborhood reacts with demonstration, saying this is 'dangerous cult'. "Just think of the irony, they bringing their own Guns to be 'blessed'.. and then mascaraing as a church." The invitation on the Sanctuary Church's website says, “Attending the blessing, either with an AR15 or alike or without, is valid, but to attend with an AR15 would be a substantial ‘perfection stage’ blessing." "It seems like guns are their God. Telling their faithful they need to buy an AR-15 to get the church's "highest blessing" is, quite frankly, grotesque," the mayor of Milford Borough, said.
Hyung Jin's Obsession with Blame

It's a fact, for Hyung Jin, judging and accusations became an obsession. His bigotry and paranoid delusions led him to pin the blame on Mother. His words got resonance among those disillusioned with their own low spiritual state, blaming it on leaders or FF as a whole. Their conspiracy theories were born out of fear, anger and bigotry, not fact. Nonetheless, Hyung Jin found success with some, by joining a small party with his manipulative public speech. He nurtured fear in people's hearts and then exploited it to misleading them against Father's words and warnings:
"Whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." (Matt. 12:31-32) The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. A person is born by coming out of his or her mother's womb." CBG
In case you're wondering why Hyung jin nim's couple worn that dark cloak on the photo above? Is there any providential significance? Just see what Father prayed about this couple while anointing them.

(1) Father said, they will have to "overcome resentment"
(2) In the other coronation, Father suggested Hyung Jin will go on Satan's side for some period

Ironically, these are exactly the prayers where Hyung Jin claims Father crowned him. But I see nothing of that in Father's words at the event. I checked several times. No! Nothing! Only about Hyung Jin's responsibility, which obviously he fails for now. So their false claims of succession do not ignore the following facts about the evil nature of their own behavior:


The Real Battle is Within Ourselves, not Outside. Notice that the recent conflicts in the world and within UC reflect the inner conflict in the human mind. The left and the right hemisphere of the brain have different energy; they affect you differently:

- The Left hemisphere of the brain tends to be more critical and it is the judger.. more negative.
- The Right hemisphere of the brain tends to be more positive, believing, trusting.

Thus even the members are being divided:

- those who are positive and active in WT (full with hope & excited to build CIG)
- vs. those who became passive, displeased and complaining (disillusioned & full with criticism)

Sanctuary Church's raise remains a warning of how fragile CIG can be in the face of angry crowds with a leader ready to feed their anger and exploit their fears, in the way Fascist and Communist dictators did in the past.

How Complaining Rewires your Brain for Negativity

Sanctuary Church guys are Chronic Complainers: Complaint comes when one is dissatisfied but not interested in a solution. Remember, Ham spread his displeased feelings in the hearts of his brothers (Multiplication of Evil). They complain (a disguised form of accusation) portraying themselves as a victim, thus looking for others to comfort them, not realizing, this is a satanic trap. With the time they become chronic complainers; living in a constant state of complaint and complaining about the same thing over and over. The mind starts following this established network in the everyday life reactions.

It's an addiction to these poisonous vitality elements. Whenever we complain and accuse others, thousands of neurons are triggered and form a neural network. Problem is, it becomes very difficult to get out of this wrong habit. We cannot accuse them; Imagine how difficult it is for SC to recognize the evil essence of their doings? But the only escape of this internal, self-created neurological hell, is to repent sincerely. There is so much to be grateful to TM. There is so much to be grateful to the FF and its leaders. Why focus on the negative? Why going this negative, dark, self-destructive way?
"After death we all follow the path of our love—to heaven if we have loved what is good and to hell if we have loved what is evil. We find no rest until we arrive in the community where our own dominant love is." Swedenborg
Understand the SC problem and you'll not blame
"You should comfort God in His bitter sorrow and say, "Don't judge these people who have become evil!" You should be able to say, "We are Your loyal patriots and filial children, so, in looking at us, please find it within Yourself to forgive those who are with us!" This alone allows you to remain in the new age." Father, CBG
Let's look at their behavior from the viewpoint of the negative emotional energy they generate. The emotional body stores these unresolved emotions and fears. These unresolved feelings will attract situations and experiences that mirror exactly what they are feeling within. So their reality is a manifestation of what is within them, even though they are blaming it on external reasons. 

Hyung Jin had that bad experience but was unable to let go and move forward, instead he holds unto these feelings, which are creating anxiety and fear in his heart. These emotional issues manifest in the physical; the way he feels, the way he thinks, the way he acts, everything is now negative (in Satan's domain).

"The state of people... who focused on evil, who had no conscience... because their evil impulses force them to break out into wicked deeds - into contempt for others, into jeering and blasphemy, hatred, and vengefulness. They cook up plots, some of them with such ingenuity and malice that you would scarcely believe anything like this existed in any human being. In short, they lose their ability to reason. Still, to themselves they seem to be wiser than anyone else." Swedenborg

Every change in the person's emotions will radiate out through their energy field (the chakras). The negative emotions, such as fear and anger, will create dark clouds in the emotional aura. That's why Dr. Lee wrote that evil spirits are wrapped by it like in a dark cloth. We may present full analyses in the future, but for now it will be enough to look at the Throat Chakra; the energy center reflecting how one expresses verbally.

If the throat chakra is harmonious, one express truth and is very honest with himself, revealing his own strengths and weaknesses, something that SC is unable to do. Such a person has the ability not only of self expression, but also of listening; sense and speak the truth. He can calm down to listen even to his inner voice. SC attitude has nothing to do with calming down themselves, hearing the other side and be able to self-reflect. If Throat Chakra is harmonious they will share their knowledge and wisdom with others freely, Witnessing without fear of how they will react. (Thus for them is natural and easy to witness, but difficult to blame and be negative)

The Energy of People with Evil Heart

If you see people with disharmonious chakra, don't accept that as their nature. Their true nature will express only when their chakras become harmonious. And surely, Sanctuary Church has all of the characteristics of people with disharmonious throat chakras. 

People with DISHARMONIOUS  Throat Chakra don't know how to shut up, expressing themselves way too much. But here is where that goes wrong:

Convey false untruths, as cover-up: They have difficulty expressing their true and deeper feeling, they often conceal their true emotions, in order to protect themselves from realizing their own insecurities. They don't have real confidence in themselves and sometimes convey false confidence (For example talk about witnessing, but never do it, or even start rationalizing against it).

Gossiping: Unable to communicate their own feelings they often communicate the feelings of others - of people who gossip. Therefore, they don't gossip because they are bad people, but because their chakra is disharmonious. At the same time, they are generally laud and talk too much. They don't know what it means to be quiet.

Quick to vocalize their anger: They are not good listeners; thus also unable to listen to their own spirit. So what happens is that when they receive an emotion they are quick to express it rather than being silent. For example, when they are angry or sad they are quick to vocalize it, rather than going inside themselves and try to understand the root cause. With other words, this type of people are very explosive.

Quick to attack and blame: When they get emotional it's not pleasant to be around; as they don't listen to you and are constantly talking. Because of this they loose all forms of logic and reason. So they after lash out on you and take their emotions out on you, even though you are trying to help them.

Smooth in deceiving and manipulating: They think they know themselves, but they are actually expressing false characteristics, that don't represent their true personality. Often they are smooth in talking, but using it to deceive and manipulate people.

What's important, prayer can effectively help such people's chakra get harmonious. The disharmony usually is connected with low-level ancestors or other spirits, that temporarily influence the person for the purpose of resurrection. So sanding love, good energy and prayers can absolutely help but may take some time and sincere investment.

Disharmony Resents Harmony and Love

Mother was and is the most united person with Father in the universe. Just look at who is keeping Father's traditions and goals. Mother is! Mother keeps this heart of love and faith, focused on the opportunities. Hyung Jin goes in everything against Father's goals, principles and traditions. Sanctuary Church cannot deny that!

And here is Father's explanation of why denying Mother is unforgivable:
"You are the sons and daughters of True Mother, the woman who represents the world... Mother is the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that if you betray the Holy Spirit, you cannot be forgiven. There is no way for you to be reborn. Even though she wants to forgive you, you have no basis on which to be forgiven. Mother is the one who resurrects your life. She gives you rebirth and then she blesses you." (Father, 1992/07/30) 

Don't Keep Negative Heart

Here is a quote from a spiritual reading:
"2nd gen are a new species, a new race with DNA from True Parents, God’s direct lineage, and so the TC have more Blessings.. but it is difficult for them to grow on earth in this fallen environment. They cannot easily find their way. Yet in the spirit world they are growing quickly. TC have many challenges, and difficulties that they can’t even explain.. We have been wrong in judging them. Their burdens are greater than our's and we have no right to judge and condemn them."
As God's children we are co-creators, creating a new reality. As Father once told us, since the providence is already fulfilled (no more paying the depth of the past), whatever we invest will actually contribute to building the Kingdom of God. You should understand how powerful your thoughts are, how powerful is every word you think, speak and write, every message you send. Even if we don't like someone, we should send positive thoughts and prayers. God will use that in the best way. All this positive stuff; the positive thinking, the positive talking, the positive actions, generate a new reality that should bring prosperity and abundance. The more people think of, speak of and imagine the new world of love, the quicker we are going to create it. Yes, it's a pity that Sanctuary Church are using that creative power in a negative direction.
"Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness, instead expose them." Ephesians 5:11
But in fact, they are victims. Satan is the one to expose. To destroy True Parents' victory Satan decided to invade their sons, believing they are his chance to abolish Father's victorious foundation. Obsessed by the same resentment and strive for control Hyung Jin and Kook Jin began to twist the logic and manipulate members into the same negative heart. 

The question is; Can we help him? Can our prayers and conditions resolve that problem? I presume this article gives some answer. If we want to help, we should win the battle within ourselves and focus on the positive; focus on supporting TM in building God's Ideal.

As Father said:
"Never be low in morale. Where there is no confidence, there is no advancement. Raise your own morale when you do things, for Heaven never cooperates with those who have no desire." ~ Father
By now we have seen enough; Sanctuary Church guys don't respect morale, love labeling and enjoy negative sermons. Sanctuary Church members don't have confidence in the advancement of CIG and thus have no desire to witness. And as Father said,  we should not "cooperate with those who have no desire." Instead, Father said:
"All people should inherit True Parents' tradition of true love, true life and true lineage and become second selves of True Parents. Then they should fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs and citizens of Cheon Il Guk." Father 1971/05/06
And here is the worse crime of Sanctuary Church, they disrespected True Parents, made a ceremony to disconnect from the True Lineage and connect to the fallen lineage of Mrs. Kang. They disrespected Father's blessings, thus Hyung Jin is divorcing many and re-blessing them with a new spouse. They disrespect the core of Father's words:
"You cannot become perfect on your own. You can be perfected simply by the love of your parents. This is why.. The Unification Church teaches that we must meet True Parents and receive their love." Father, CBG

Why Sanctuary Church denied Cheon Seong Gyeong

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Why Sanctuary Church denied Cheon Seong Gyeong, created totally new and strange theology, but kept hiding behind the accusations that Mother did that

It's all Father's words... just in the new CSG they have been corrected, to be the real quotes of Father, not misinterpreated ones (from someone else), as in the first CSG. But the real QUESTION IS - do we practice TRUE LOVE like Mother... or we propagate hate and division like Hyung Jin.
"God seeks peace and unity, whereas Satan seeks conflict and division." Father
We grow when we embody love, not hate. Argue about Truth and not practice true love, but multiply evil negativity and division is meaningless. As Father said, "God seeks peace and unity, whereas Satan seeks conflict and division."

(1) It's all about the heart - incarnating the Truth, not just arguing about the letter.
(2) True Parents are the incarnation of the Word, not some book.

(3) It's all Father's words (we should take in mind all the 500 volumes he has).

Why Father Instructed the Reduction of CSG

True Father instructed the reduction of the previous edition of Cheon Seong Gyeong. It's in his recorded words. So why they keep repeating he didn't say it? Not only that, Father emphasized that this project should be done till Foundation Day, 2013.

The way it works, since I was for years around Father... He comented during HDH... and the apointed people took this in mind.

I understand that Sanctuary Church are looking for ignorant and evil minded people, to spark resentment, divisions and antagonism (like evil spirits). But their argument presumes that Father seat down and himlelf selected from his 500 voumes. No hi didn't - even for the first CSG. There were people apointed to fulfil his instructions. So let's STOP WITH this STUPIDITY, PLEASE

Father said, if the text is not corrected, there will be divisions. So pity, that corrections were not finished earlier. Egocentric, negative people like Sanctuary Church would not have had so much chance to manipulate with nasty irrational negativity. But fact is, Father requested to reduce the text, no matter how much Sanctuary Church dislikes this. Read, Father: Hyung Jin is not the Center

"The first and second sorting process have been conducted. It consists of around 2,300 pages. Look at the huge amount of pages. No one among you is capable of conducting the task of reducing it. I will work on reducing it myself, complete it before I die and mark it with a seal" (vol. 434-128, Jan 30, 2004). 

Why Hyung Jin Objects Father's Directions

Sanctuary Church admits that in 2004 Father spoke of the need for more edits on Cheon Seong Gyeong. But they say, the final version was released 2 years later, in May 2006. Really, show me the revised version without the overlapping content. Where is it? Show me the reduced version where the quotes are really from Father, not misinterpreted, like in the first version. We find no such reduced text in 2006. Instead we see Father keep talking that this project should be finished by 2013.

FATHER Instructed                            HYUNG JIN Objects
"reduce CSG"                                      "Why is CSG reduced"
"all 480 volumes are important"           "Only few quotes from 8 books are important"

You see, Father said to reduce the text and add more of his important words. The new version did just that. But Sanctuary Church don't like it. They want the old version. They accuse for any quote removed. Even those that are actually kept in the 2nd book - CBG. Thus they don't like Father's instructions. It's OK they don't like Father, but I don't understand why they blame Mother for that.

Father said, reduce CSG. It's too long. Then it will be sealed, he said! The committee did their best, based on his instructions. During the work they found that many quotes were not Father's original words. So they had to correct according to Father's audio recordings. Why SC think this is wrong? Why Sanctuary Church loves the misquotes and hates the true quotes? STRANGE

Sanctuary Church criticism is a sign of narrow-mindedness and luck of heart. But coming from Sanctuary Church, where Kook Jin openly denied CSG and DP, sounds really meaningless.

In the new revised version of CSG: 
(1) misquotes of Father's words corrected to the original source, 
(2) repetitions are removed 
(3) more of Father's words are added 
(4) Father's own comments are added
(5) Father's more recent providential words are included
(5) Father's request to add 2nd and 3rd volume is followed
(6) Some chapters from book 1 are moved in book 2 or 3

Let's see what Father said in 2009:
"The first volume of Cheon Seong Gyeong has been issued. Based on the first, second and third volume, we must then add contents of the encyclopedia and ensure that all preparations are made so that everything can be concluded by January 13, 2013"(vol. 611-282, May 17, 2009). 
Hyung Jin's New Anti-Father Theology, disguised under Blames towards Mother

Sanctuary Church twist facts and quotes to make it seem that Mother has a new theology in which Father is barely mentioned. Really! Did King Hyung Jin tell you so, for we don't see such thing. Why do SC ignore when we show them Father's words, showing that this is Father's theology.

New theology? And Mrs Kang is the 'mother of the Apocalypse', the pregnant woman made so by a Planet. You cannot spin your way out of that Richard.

Let's face the fact, Sanctuary Church does not like Father's theology. They don't like the concept of True Parents as Unity, through which God expresses. Instead, Hyung Jin created new theology resembling much more some Christian mistakes, rather than anything of his Father's teachings and deeds.

The Holy Spirit is Male according to Kook/Hyung and Father changed his theology right? All male Trinity? Lol 

Satan's nature is to accuse, yet not be seen as the accuser. He is very manipulative. His accusations are not always direct, but settled and transferred directly in other's hearts through gossiping. Read, Hyung Jin Caught Lying Again. Hyung Jin lied to create the gossip that Father divorced Mother. Is this Isaac's heart of Ham's nature?

"If you want to be a true Ham, you have to defend the realm of True Parents." (Victory of Love p. 241)

Father clearly warned Hyung Jin not to proclaim himself a New Center and deny TPs... As filial son, he was to sacrifice his life to support and protect Mother, thus protect Father's legacy and fulfill his responsibility 'to become hair'  by overcoming Lucifer's rebellious nature.

The 4 Fallen Natures: The key points of this evil process:

1. Seeing from self-centered perspective
2. Displeased feelings
3. Stirring up the same emotion in others
4. They are now agitated by Ham in the same emotion to resent the person in God's position

The low spiritual state of Sanctuary Church

Lower stages people tend to go to more negative emotions (like SC), at higher levels they learn to undergo any situation with love (like TM). Thus you see, a mature (perfected) individual will not go in negative emotions (gossip and accuse like H2) but gladly endure even when falsely accused (as Mother). Yet, if a good person, like Hyung Jin, undergoes bad experiences and develops a resentful heart, he is dragged to Hell.

To be free of Satan's attacks, a person should not have such low vibrations attracting such low spirits. When the Resonance of his Heart is below 200 Hz the person is automatically influenced by evil spirits. Soon such people start doubting, gossiping, accusing. Such emotions in resonance under 100 automatically place them in contact with Hell (Unprincipled realm - under Formation Stage). So it is a sin!

This vibrational common base pulls them further down. Fear (100 Hz) leads down to Doubts (75 Hz) and Painful heart (20 Hz), which turn you negative, rebellious, resentful, like Hyung Jin. Under this low resonance a person cannot function properly as God's child and automatically reverts to gossiping, ridiculing others, accusing and resenting - all signs of a person in a low spiritual resonance, connected to Hell. 
"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness." - Father On Spiritual Help
We should always live in love and above. We should be in resonance where we can have common base with God. Being in resonance above 500 automatically puts you in the protection of the high spirit world.

If we look at the difference of heart; the problem with SC is all about "vibrational mismatch". In Mother's speeches we see God's heart and love. In CIG we cannot accept resonance of fear, doubts, negativity, criticism, gossiping and labeling. Those with low resonance, like SC, see only negativity and doomsday, those with high resonance see the building of God's Kingdom.

A Proper Understanding of the Revised Version of Cheon Seong Gyeong

Kyeong Seuk Lu  May 7, 2013

The stance of some key figures concerning criticism over the Cheon Il Guk scriptures

After True Father's ascension, brothers and sisters of the Unification community were all entrusted with the most urgent task of inheriting the unfinished works of True Father. We must hand down the teachings, accomplishments and traditions left by True Father, while he was still on earth, to all the generations to come and establish the Cheon Il Guk True Parents have sincerely hoped for until now.
On November 29, 2012, True Mother said, "True Parents' teachings and accomplishments are gems. I will make these gems into precious stones of the finest value" and then instructed the compilation project of the Cheon Il Guk scriptures to be conducted. During the publication ceremony of the revised version of Cheon Seon Gyeong and Pyeonghwa Gyeong on June 10, True Mother remarked,
"I am immensely happy to see that True Father's teachings are not dispersed and have become beautiful gems that have all been threaded in one line."
At a time when we must all delight over the dedication of Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeonghwa Gyeong of the Cheon Il Guk scriptures at this providential point, there have been some thoughtless people who have been sending seditious documents to blessed families, harming the value of the scriptures through online blogs, and going as far as shaking even the identity of True Parents. These people are among those who have been going against True Parents' will, opposing us for opposition's sake alone. Read, WARNING: IMPLANTED MANIPULATORS AIMING TO DESTROY TP

Though we should all coalesce through the new scriptures bestowed to us by True Parents in this Cheon Il Guk era, we are deeply concerned that these people are not only afflicting pain to True Mother through their letters to her, but also going against the providence by misleading the public opinion. The situation has gone to such a state that we feel there are no other alternative but to step forward in clarifying the anti-providential assertions made by these people. 

Therefore, we would like to ask all pastors to guide members so that they become well informed, have a proper understanding of the value of Cheon Il Guk scriptures, and become reborn through a life of Hoon Dok Hae.

1. Concerning the assertion "Do not tamper with it." While True Father was still alive, he spoke a lot about the preciousness of Cheon Seong Gyeong and told a few key leaders "not to tamper" with Cheon Seong Gyeong. Some members of the opposing group have been bombarding the revised Cheon Seong Gyeong with criticism based on the above grounds. 

However, True Mother, who has been leading the providence on earth in True Father's place, gave the instructions to start the supplementation project of Cheon Seong Gyeong in order to add all the teachings Father gave until his ascension and make it into a scripture that can be passed down for generations. True Mother, who has always been on True Father's side, knew what Father's thoughts on Cheon Seong Gyeong were.

True Father talked about the importance of a second and third volume of Cheon Seong Gyeong.
"Cheon Seong Gyeong consists of teachings extracted from the 480 published volumes of my sermons. I am waiting for the unpublished content, which is three times more, to be published through a second or third volume of Cheon Seong Gyeong" (True Father's sermon vol. 599-85, Sept 25, 2008). 
Father also said, 
"The first volume of Cheon Seong Gyeong has been issued. Based on the first, second and third volume, we must then add contents of the encyclopedia and ensure that all preparations are made so that everything can be concluded by January 13, 2013"(vol. 611-282, May 17, 2009). 
Here, True Father mentioned that the new Cheon Seong Gyeong must be ready by Foundation Day. He also remarked, 
"Cheon Seong Gyeong has been compiled based on 400 volumes of my sermons which make up only one third of 1,200 volumes. The Cheon Seong Gyeong contents have been extracted from only one third of published volumes. Two or three times more contents must be published" (vol. 599-110, Oct 10, 2008). 
He also emphasized, "Cheon Seong Gyeong has been extracted from 400 of the published volumes. I recently heard that sermon volumes have totaled to 500 volumes, right? I am waiting for more to be published. If Cheon Seong Gyeong has been extracted from that amount of volumes, then imagine how many Cheon Seong Gyeong volumes can be published" (591-192, May 30, 2008).

True Father also talked about the reduction project of the previous edition of Cheon Seong Gyeong, emphasizing the necessity of a new compilation project: 
"The first and second sorting process have been conducted. It consists of around 2,300 pages. Look at the huge amount of pages. No one among you is capable of conducting the task of reducing it. I will work on reducing it myself, complete it before I die and mark it with a seal" (vol. 434-128, Jan 30, 2004). 
Father also talked about the supplementation project of Cheon Seong Gyeong, 
"I taught you based on Cheon Seong Gyeong; however, if there is anything that is left out from it, you must supplement it all in order to educate inadequate man. If you do so, there won't be any problems." (582-287, Dec 12, 2007)
No one can meddle with True Parents' teachings from a human level. However, True Mother allowed the publication of the revised Cheon Seong Gyeong so that True Parents' teachings and tradition are passed down for generations. 

Putting into consideration the preciousness of True Father's teachings, the compilation committee focused on supplementing Cheon Seong Gyeong with Father's sermons after 2000 and teachings Father emphasized on countless occasions during official meetings that were nevertheless omitted while grounding it on the previously published Cheon Seong Gyeong at the same time.

2. Concerning the assertion of extreme embellishment and elimination of Father's teachings Among those opposing the new Cheon Seong Gyeong, a member sent a letter to True Mother strongly criticizing the extreme embellishment of Father's teachings, which according to this member, has dented the basis of the word. This again is a mere conjecture. 

The new CSG restored distorted quotes or altered teachings

The major standard, with which the supplementation project of Cheon Seong Gyeong was conducted on, was to quote only from True Parents' original sermons in its intact form. For the past ten months, domestic experts including professors of theology compared Cheon Seong Gyeong with the original teachings within Father's sermon volumes day and night and corrected mistakes within the previous edition based on the comparison. They restored distorted quotes or altered teachings into its original form. 

Repeated paragraphs were replaced with new extracts from TF

Repeated paragraphs, in particular, were replaced with new extracts from Father's teachings. The entire team completely immersed themselves within the compilation project in order to come up with a scripture that can be passed down to all generations for eternity.

Some of the opposing groups also assert that 80-90% of the previous edition was deleted in the new edition with only 10-20% of the previous contents left. This is completely different from the truth. The previous edition had sixteen books while the revised edition combined books with similar contents such as "Life on Earth and the Spiritual World" and "Human Life and the World of Spiritual Beings" and added the book of True Parents' Prayers. 

The revised version has been reorganized into fourteen books but still maintains its original frame. Instead, new additions such as "True Creation", "Cheon Il Guk", "Peace Ideology", "Peace Messages", "True Parents' Prayers" and other books have been made and organized in such a way that it may be helpful in guiding the life of faith of members living in this age. 

In particular, opposing members have been accusing the new compilation project for having deleted 80-90% of the contents from within the previous edition; however, a big quantity of the quotes used as extracts from Father's sermons within the previous edition were found to be wrongly recorded.  Big % were quotes with wrong sources. Their accusations are far-fetched.

Texts moved in the additional 2 books

True Father's public speeches which were included within the previous edition have been all placed within Pyeonghwa Gyeong. Also, all extracts relating to True Parents' achievements are to be included within Champumo Gyeong which will be published soon. 

Hence, the criticism that the contents of the previous edition have been deleted to the extreme is mere criticism for criticism sake. All compilation standards were decided based on True Mother's approval. The compilation project were future-oriented in their undertaking, looking into hundreds or thousands of years later. 3. Concerning the assertion that the eight holy textbooks have been defiled The assertion made by some members of the opposing group that the eight holy text books have been dented is irrelevant. Of course, the value of the eight holy text books True Parents left to us as his will must not be dented in any way. Putting into consideration the importance of the eight holy text books, a relatively smaller content amount of "Peace Messages", "True Family, Gateway to Heaven", "Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage", "Family Pledge" and others have been included in the revised Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeonghwa Gyeong so that members may always be able to do read them together.

In the process of criticizing the Cheon Il Guk scriptures, the identity of members of these opposing groups has come to light. They are desperately trying to dent True Parents' identity and tradition

When we refer to True Parents, we mean True Father and True Mother. After the Holy Wedding in 1960, True Father always spoke, led the entire providence, and blessed us in the name and position of True Parents. Yet, these opposing members have been regarding the status of True Father and True Mother as different and have been criticizing everything True Mother has been conducting. Hence, they have proven that they are the problematic group that has been trying to systematically destroy our community.

True Parents are governing the spiritual world and physical world on the basis of having attained unity of the heart, body, and harmony. When Father proclaimed "the Cosmic Assembly for the Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Substantial Word of God", he said, 
"True Parents have now reached complete unity and the era of God's full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence is dedicated and proclaimed on the standard of perfection, conclusion, and completion." 
In the same way, True Father and True Mother are leading a new providential age together in the spiritual world and on earth. Likewise, the compilation project of the Cheon Il Guk scriptures was conducted by True Parents, who have become one, under the big plan to help people inherit True Parents' teachings and tradition.

Therefore, we must all receive True Parents' request, "Please use these gem-like teachings that Heaven has bestowed on us to completely dedicate yourselves in bringing salvation to humanity", with an unwavering heart. Let us all completely put our maximum effort, live up to our faith in order to establish Cheon Il Guk through Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeonghwa Gyeong.

I pray that the blessings of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind shower upon your families and churches as you read the Cheon Il Guk scriptures. Thank you very much.
May 7, 2013
The Compilation Committee of True Parents' Teachings

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