"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin Replacing TF's Teachings with MARXISM

Hyung Jin's IGNORANCE of DP: 
Replacing TF's Teachings 

Sanctuary Church, made to believe Marxist ideas, portrayed as Father's Teachings

Sanctuary Church are told that Hyung Jin has very good motivations for his hate-talk and disloyal behavior. They teach them that "motivation is everything according to True Father." How convenient! Now he is free to do any evil, but because of their good motivation, they say, "God's blessing comes to fruition."

Gosh, they are so ignorant of DP. Read the part about Good and Evil. "An act or the result.. considered good when it fulfills God's purpose of creation.. when subject and object unite through the harmonious and spirited give and take of love and beauty." DP, Good and Evil

If Hyung Jin's actions were good, we will see more unity, more harmonious relationships... they will express love and beauty. But why Hyung Jin's speeches express ugliness, hatred, producing only resentment, hostility and division. How that "fulfills God's purpose"?

Hyung Jin Replaces TF's Teachings with Marxism

Read CAUSA, Marxist-communism had the very same wrong, evil attitude. They were teaching that their "aims excuse their means". Unificationism clearly exposes this as wrong.

Marx was teaching that problems can be solved with revolution and antagonism, which should bring development. Hyung Jin's teaching is the same. Even worse, he presents Marxist ideas as TF's teachings; Misleading Sanctuary Church by totally reversing what Father meant.

What was Communism? Expression of the 4 Fallen Natures; They talked and talked against the status-quo provoking resentment and rebellion. Sided with the low class masses to reverse dominion against the ruling class. According to DP, that's finding common base with the fallen nature of the people, igniting it to bring reversal of dominion. So why is Hyung Jin triggering the fallen nature with his speeches?

Hyung Jin is teaching that reversing dominion over his Subject, True Mother, is something good, because of his motivation! No way! Ham did that, and DP says he is "unforgivable". Reversal of Dominion is Fallen Nature derived from Lucifer and nothing else. Filial Piety is God's way.

Hyung Jin Repeating Ham's Sin

Read DP's explanation about the sin of Ham's Gossiping and spreading "Displeased Emotions" among his brothers (same like Hyung Jin does). And wasn't Ham the chosen Abel-figure, taken by Satan (same like Hyung Jin)?

What is TF's explanation about the sin of Ham's Gossiping and spreading "Displeased Emotions" among his brothers (as H2 does)? Even though he saw his father (mother) as guilty (in his eyes - humanistic viewpoint), Ham (H2) was supposed to think, "My father (mother) is God's person". Knowing how much his father (mother) did throughout the years, he was supposed to keep his obedience and protect his subject.

The same way, no matter how wrong Hyung Jin considers Mother's actions, he is supposed to keep loyalty, support and protect her, remembering that she is "God's Daughter", remembering all her sacrifices.. remembering that she is TF's object of love.

But instead, Ham (H2), in his self-righteous feelings felt excused to multiply evil, reverse dominion and gossip against his Subject. In a message from Spirit World, Heung Jin Nim explains that Ham cannot be forgiven, because he did not want to accept his mistake and repent. Same attitude we see in Hyung Jin, who stands as second Ham (H2). It pains our hearts, knowing how big sin that is.. how painful destruction that brings for God's providence.. producing division and resentment, masked under good motivation.

Let's make that clear: Even the worse evil is done, because in their own view, those criminals were convinced that's the right thing to do. DP explains that we act based on our understanding of Good and Evil. When our understanding is wrong our Conscience can take the side of the Evil Mind. If Hyung Jin's understanding is corrected, his Original Mind will be liberated, but his arrogance is preventing him from hearing anything. He is totally dominated by his trapped emotions towards mother and Fam.Fed. etc. That's a state under the control of evil spiritual powers.

God's Principles are Universal

So let's come back. What is DP explanation about "Good and Evil seen from the viewpoint of Purpose"? "Good and Evil elements or actions... their true nature may be discerned through their fruits." Not by the Motivation! So what are the fruits of Hyung Jin's actions?

Look at Islamism, making people to feel pride of killing others, because they believe this is good and they will be reworded. They have motivation, which in their view is 'good' and 'godly'. But God's principles are universal, same like killing, hate talk is also universally bad, because it makes people kill.

See the facts: After each of Hyung Jin's speeches, full with hate-talk, his followers get more and more pumped up with hostile, resentful feelings. There were cases of attacking US members, some even with fatal ending. Did they show any remorse!

Did Sanctuary Church apologize or feel at list some normal, human empathy? No! Observing what evil they have done, they only become even more courageous and furious in attacking and destroying. We don't even need to listen to Hyung Jin's sermons to know they are evil. It's enough to observe and listen to the negative heart and attitude of his followers. These are his fruits! There is no good in them! There is nothing serving God's purpose of restoring the world. Instead Hyung Jin openly destroys the image of the whole foundation TF build with so much toil.

The Most Evil Satan

True Father once explained who is the most evil Satan. He said, that's the one who seems so good and convincing, you don't recognize him. Yes, Lucifer was that most evil Satan, capable of manipulating people with lies to believe the good is evil, and evil is good. Look how successful is Hyung Jin in these manipulations:

(1) Hyungjin's position (King)
(2) True Parents (Don't exist - H2 replaced them)
(3) God's will, (Not Witnessing, but destroy UC with negativity)

Loving Father, for them is to deny True Parents' position. Loving True Parents, for them means that UC does not love Father. He totally reversed RIGHT AND WRONG in the minds of his followers. You see how, Hyungjin teaches Sanctuary Church to JUDGE OTHES. Read also,
Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited as Manipulation.

We can even follow and date in which video Hyung Jin brainwashed Sanctuary Church with what new resentful concept.. gradually re-shaping their concepts of right end wrong, by rebuilding his own trapped emotions in their minds and hearts. Because his own Conscience is not free, Hyung Jin keeps rationalizing and twisting Father's words to excuse his wrong behavior.

Observing that we can even learn, how an Originally Good Archangel, could turn into so resentful, hostile and evil Despot, with no remorse. The same Lucifer's heart became twisted and the only escape he could see was to stir the same displeased emotions into the hearts of more and more people. But that gives him only temporal satisfaction from their support for his actions. That was not the way to freedom, but the way to building personal Hell and destruction. How painful was God's Heart observing all that.. Hoping his children will one day come out of this self created Hell.


The SIMILARITY between Hyung Jin and TRUMP

Hyung Jin and Trump
Personalities with dangerous egocentric mentality with obsessed mania for control were at the top of the world. Spreading the fear of conspiracy, the irony is, that H2 exhibits the same qualities of dangerous obsessed sociopath READ

SO MUCH ALIKE - Same sense of Grandiosity
H2 & Trump: So much ALIKE - Same sense of Grandiosity, Narcissism, disagreeableness. A psychologist investigated how Trump’s personality might shape his presidency. But what about H2's possible Kingship?

Imagine, King of hate talk.. asking us to view negatively on each other and enjoy to judge - Pulling out each letter or sentence that can be used to criticize! I'm not inspired. We don't need no king provoking our fallen nature.

We may yet need to find, what changed Hyung Jin from a nice boy, talking about Positive Psychology, to a person who see the negative in every one, even his mom.  (Read Trapped Emotions of H2) But here we are stumbled at this stoning similarity:

1. Both cannot measure their language (use of hate-talk) 
2. Both.. self-centered, self-serving motivation (glorifying themselves) 
3. Both use hate words towards women 
4. Both are extreme with enormous sense of grandiosity 
5. Both have style of absolute ruler hostile towards opposition

As Unificationists we cannot but notice this parallel between Trump and Hung Jin. We cannot deny that obviously this style of narcissistic, nasty-talk leadership has something to do with Hyung Jin's behavior. Yes, our actions as member influence the whole culture in our nations. Why, same like Hyung Jin, the Right presidential candidate displays the same lack of personal censorship on using hate words and the consequences out of them. Read, SANCTUARY CHURCH: Manipulated by Evil Emotions

COMMENT: Both H2 and Trump speak to the fears of people. Giving voice to that fear and the appearance of standing up to it. Fear is the enemy of growth. It is not the way we should go as a movement.

The Able-type Mistake Reappearing

We all have no choice but support Hyung Jin and Trump, praying and hoping their hearts will be restored and God can work through them. This evil power controlled the Able-type people and obviously has to be restored in this historic moment.

"The barriers of sin.. are not just one or two. They are so many that they block our path endlessly. Yet we are in the position to dismantle and cross over them all." Father 1957

After the age of Cold War, we are in the age of Cultural War; War between the Humanistic Free Sex Culture (Hillary - Democrats) and those who stand centered on more vertical universal values (Christian supported Republicans). As Unificationists we have to lead both towards God's Ideal. BUT NOW WE SEE THAT EVEN THE RIGHT IS not so clear about these values! I guess that reflects the lack of clarity in our movement. Yet, we still have to support the Right side, because there is nothing better.

It all comes in this particular historic moment for some purpose of restoration. Why! At the moment both American presidential candidates represent the worse of left and right. It's not a secret that left's are sponsored by all immoral forces, heading for immoral purposes. Not to speak about left's lack of conscience. See this video:

And Hillary is the worse of all that. Notice that Hyung Jin is also caught in videos, revealing his fraud, yet he lightly dismisses it - clear sign of his evil nature (total lack of conscience - exibited so often by his followers too).. SAME LIKE HILLARY:

But what can we do, rights were often misusing power, even when heading for a good purpose. Psychological study shows that most of our past leaders and kings were narcissistic psychopaths and tyrants. Time to reveal and restore that. Read, Hyung Jin: King Sociopath

"Psychopaths are not just right in your churches, schools, charitable organizations, and workplaces, but by their very nature, they are likely running them. It is a core trait of the psychopath to place themselves in positions of influence, not for public service, but for power." How to Recognize Psychopathic Influence

Spreading the insulting, unfriendly style

COMMENT: I agree! It's almost as if the same spirit is in both Hung Jin Nim and Trump. They have a similar attitude and disdain towards women. Just as Hyug Jin Nim's followers on the SC truther website, many of Trumps followers have the same insulting, unfriendly, boisterous style of communicating. That same style is permeating all of facebook...and actually much of America as well.

Psychopaths have no conscience or moral blocks.. to accuse, fabricate lies to destroy someone, because they lack Empathy. Trump and H2 act like this. Trump has some bad references towards women, H2 also teaches women are inferior and talks dirty of his mother. Only a sociopath can do that with no remorse, twisting Father's words to rationalize his wrong behavior.

It's stoning, how much of this description of Trump, recalls asociations with Hyung Jin:

"Trump has boasted of infidelities, profited off gambling, mocked the handicapped, cheered and financed those who fight protesters, supported abortion, demonized minorities and immigrants, played upon racist fears, promoted conspiracy theories, and crudely treated women." NY Times

How strange Similarity: Hyung Jin has boasted of supposed TF's infidelities, mocked the membership, cheered and financed those who fight Fam.Fed, demonized Muslims and immigrants, played upon racist fears, promoted conspiracy theories, and crudely treated women." See the Spiritual Reasons:

COMMENT: "..in 1996, I had a Vision, that, some terrorist ,will come out of the True Children, and the in laws. and they killed many members, of Our Church, and none members too. At that time, Nan Sook, came out with her book, against Our Movement. she killed many people spirituality. She became, maybe the first, spiritual terrorist, within the in laws. may God Forgive her." - Juan

The Style of Absolute Ruler: Cruel towards any Opposition
"You can become an Owner only when you act with the HEART OF PARENT and the BODY OF A SERVANT" TF
But how is a tyrant described; "A cruel and oppressive absolute ruler, authoritarian, oppressor, "an evil tyrant who has imprisoned all who oppose his regime" (even his mother). A person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way.. "A tyrant and a bully" that's what Hyung Jin looks like. That's what Trump looks like. Are those the leaders of CIG, or the failures of the past Abels, that have to be restored? Read Historic Reason for Division

Yes, most of this description characterizes perfectly king Hyung Jin and his obsession with absolute authority and cruel unreasonable attacks on all the Fam.Fed membership. So it's no wonder that in this very elections we see perfect parallel with Trump's character and attitude. That is not a coincidence! See how H2 characterises himself in HJN: Anti-parallel with Moses

Hyung Jin and Kook Jin are "like Ham united with his Cain, to turn against God, and against their Father". And of course, Ham was the Abel-type figure, chosen by God, but taken by Satan, as Hyung Jin is.

But do we have choice? We cannot stand on the immoral, left side. What's the alternative to the Hyung Jin type Trump? The pro-lesbian, pro-homo, pro-feminism Clinton... GREAT CHOICE. Yeonah Lee Moon is the reason spiritually, to have such choice; Same snicky nature - talking nice, yet stubbing you in the back (see Yeona Nim's Gossiping)

As we see, Hyung Jin (Trump) and Yeona (Clinton) are the only possible choice - evil and more evil! NO OTHER CHOICE. Now even the right is an extreme, unwanted choice.

Father's prediction is coming true! We are loosing trust in both left and right. "There will be no leader whom to trust". Yet, it brings us hope to know that God wants this indemnified so fast so that He can liberate even those in the bottom of Hell. Read Freedom of Resentment

"The head-wing... Its philosophy transcends that of race, nation or religion. The Unification Church is embracing both the left and the right wings, and is bringing both to the highest ideal. We must not simply move to the left or the right." (3.30.1987)

Hyung Jin too Extreme for TPs Representative

COMMENT: Hyung Jin is too ensconced in his "sanctuary" repeatedly browbeating his mother and anyone he deems an enemy, which are the majority of influential people in and outside UC.

This part of the Trump's description is true for Hyung Jin, "Trump’s personality is certainly extreme by any standard, and particularly rare for a presidential candidate." For Hyung jin it sounds, "Hyung Jin’s personality is certainly extreme by any standard, and particularly unfit for a True Parent's hair candidate." There are countless ways to differentiate one person from the next, but psychological scientists have settled on a relatively simple taxonomy, known widely as the Big Five:
Extroversion: gregariousness, social dominance, enthusiasm, reward-seeking behavior
Neuroticism: anxiety, emotional instability, depressive tendencies, negative emotions
Conscientiousness: industriousness, discipline, rule abidance, organization
Agreeableness: warmth, care for others, altruism, compassion, modesty
Openness: curiosity, unconventionality, imagination, receptivity to new ideas
Most people score near the middle on any given dimension, but some score toward one pole or the other. Donald Trump has exhibited sky-high extroversion combined with off-the-chart low agreeableness. Problem is, we see the same trades in Hyung jin's attitude... How would that make him the leader of Unification bringing the ideal of Peace? Read, My Dream with Hyung Jin's Spiritual Realm

How to unify left and right? How to stand out in the world and show them the Head-wing Unificationist way, when the children of TPs also stand left and right, unable to inherit their Parents heart and tradition of Peace and Unification? As TF asked, "Even if I die, even if everyone else fails, are you going to continue God's way, working to build His Ideal?"

We all have no choice but support H2 and Trump, praying and hoping their hearts will be restored and God can work through them. In a way, I think, if they succeed to overcome this fallen nature, there is hope for everyone of us and for humanity. This evil power controlled the Able-type people and obviously has to be restored in this historic moment.

Antagonism is not our way. H2 is following the path of past failures


Turning against everything Father ever said

Psychology describes H2's attitude and actions as Psychopathic


TF says, "We must find a way to overcome all the complicated circumstances.. go forward with one clear set of values by aligning ourselves with a single simple direction." (TF, 1983) But we see how H2 changes the values, even changes the ceremonies and traditions set by Father. Many of his teachings, in fact drag us back to the NT or even OT Ages. The Changes H2 makes inevitably lead to division, conflicts and obstruction of God's Will.

The Sanctuary Church (SC) often promulgates complaints about TM. For example, they accused her of sitting in a chair normally reserved for TF; changing the wording of the family pledge; producing an edited volume of TF’s speeches; adding her name to the blessing rings; reducing her emphasis on the Bible; uplifting the Han lineage; replacing some photos of True Father in the palace; selling some historical properties and giving away historical gifts; promoting the name Heavenly Parent over invoking the name Heavenly Father; and producing new holy wine and holy salt.

Sanctuary Church Accusations are Misleading
Several of the more lurid accusations leveled by the Sanctuary Church have been shown to be misleading. For example, the oft-promoted SC assertion that TM was teaching that the Fall occurred between Adam and the Archangel (AA) proved to be a misinterpretation of a simple result-of-the-Fall diagram that Rev. Sudo and other lecturers have been using for 30 years. The diagram shows that Adam has fallen under the dominion of the AA and that Adam also has dominated Eve. To claim that TM is teaching, or in any way would authorize, that the Fall was between Adam and the AA, and then between Adam and Eve, is a complete falsehood. This only proves the wrong intend of SC, and lack of conscience, when twisting information with aim to falsely accuse. 
Some of the SC accusations are obviously overblown and mostly a result of their negative mindset. For example, TF and TM often sat in each other’s chairs, and TF has directly said that TM represented him even when she was alone. Also TF did spoke about the term “Heavenly Parent.” TF spoke of the day when it will replace the the use of Heavenly Father, which in his words is just needed in the restoration, before God is perfectly expressed. These are TF's words. TF himself was giving away historical gifts, and spoke about changing of the pledge, producing new holy salt and wine and candles, editing of texts, permission to sell historical properties, and himself did not emphasize the Bible). Why SC don't know that and even deny to learn what TF said? It is H2 who calls the Family Pledge "Enslaving". It is H2 who constantly denies and goes against Father's words. In general, the fact that such things are being done by TM has the theological authority from TF’s words:
1) “Even when I am alone, I represent True Parents. And the same goes for Mother. When she is alone, she represents True Parents. (CBG 12-4-3 3, 1990. 03. 27).
2) “The responsible person of the Unification church is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother, and on the top of her, there is Father. Do you understand? Do not forget this. An order starts from one.” April 4, 2011, Hoon Dok Hae, Cheon Jeong Gung

SC Radically New Ceremonies

On the other hand, the Sanctuary Church has been engaged in several radically new ceremonies with no foundation in True Father’s own history of ceremonies. SC actions go beyond those that they use to accuse TM (For example, SC photoshoped True Mother out of a historical ceremony (Wow!!!); SC produced a calendar with only TF, Hyung Jin, and Kook Jin Nim and no TM; SC promotes a rigid view that does not allow editing of errors or repetition in texts; SC essentially criticizes TFs theology as die-theism when the SC denounces the use of the terms Heavenly Parent and Heavenly Mother, which were utilized by True Father.
Among the totally new traditions created by the Sanctuary Church are the following:
1) Full immersion baptism. On several occasions, HJN has held full-immersion baptisms for the Sanctuary Church members, a practice that did not originate with True Father and is outside normal unification tradition. In fact this is return to the NT Age. 
2) Knighthood ceremony. According to multiple reports, in 2015 Hyung Jin Nim conducted a Knighthood Ceremony. During this ceremony, a select group of SC members were “knighted” and given the title of “Sir” and “Dame” and were presented with a Kahr Arms handgun. In a ceremony held in secret, and continuing to be shrouded in secrecy, the members reportedly pledged their fealty to their King and made a secret pledge to the King as well. This places SC more on the side of Secret groups, like Illuminati etc. rather than TF's followers.
3) Bequeathing Ceremony. In 2015, HJN conducted a ceremony in which he has his wife bow down to their son, Moon Shin Joon, and pledge that upon Hyung Jin Nim’s passing, she would recognize his son as being the King and authority figure, with her role limited to that of support to the new King. This also fits with the constitution they produced, in which it is stated:
“The King of CIG is the head of state of the United States of CIG. The Kingship is bequeathed from the Lord of the Second Advent SMM to his son Hyung Jin as second King and then to Shin Joon as third King. The Kingship will be bequeathed henceforth to a son of the presiding King. If the King has no son then the Kingship will be bequeathed to a male heir within the direct lineage of Moon Hyung Jin.” 
Neither the ceremony, nor the recognition of the lesser status of the position of TM relative to male heirs, nor the inheritance of authority being restricted only to male heirs, had ever been done or stated by True Father. Indeed, True Father had said in a leader’s meeting that all of his children were eligible to succeed True Parents – he did not say only his male children. 

In fact, H2's views sound more Patriarchal rather than Unificationist. H2's views repeatedly exclude the individual responsibility and growth period. Thus, his son can be viewed perfect from now, his wife can be perfected with one ceremonial prayer, with no period of growth, not passing through all the 8 stages, while Mother's passing through all those stages is dismissed with ease. Even more obvious, SC claims TF can just choose any wife in sp.w. without need of growth and perfection, which cannot happen without physical body and long course of investment on earth. These are proves of H2's total ignorance of DP. 

Hyun Jin Contradicting his own Words

Ironically, Hyung Jin Nim’s being referred to as King goes against his own words from not that long ago. He was denouncing these very actions as wrong, while Father was alive:
“What we want to be very clear, there is no new king, I said that from the very beginning when I was inaugurated as an international president, I said there is no new king, I’m not the new king, don’t even expect it, and don’t ask me to do it, I’m not it, so there is no king. What is very clear for us is that TP are the eternal kings, they’re the eternal center, theologically that’s very important to maintain, and since I studied theology, it’s very important theologically that there won’t be any future kings, but everybody that’s truly supporting the activities of TPs, truly, truly the co-owners of our church traditions, those people are the ones that will be able to bring glory to God.”
Hyung Jin, January 17, 2009. Chung pa Dong Church
4) Firing of TM by Hyung Jin Nim. While not a ceremony per se, it bears mentioning the radical departure from TF’s actions in the “firing” of TM by Hyung Jin Nim and replacing her with his own wife. True Father always raised this position to the highest level, and proclaimed the success of True Mother and True Parents many times. Given that H2 even claims TM failed during TF’s lifetime complicates his actions even further. In addition, he gave a new title to the position of TM as “leader of the brides,” a term never referenced by True Father.

TF educated Hyung Jin for 8 hours about succession, making very clear that TM is the new center after his departure to the sp.w. and there should be no confusion (See Video). TF requested H2 make that statement publicly:

"If I deny True Parents you must not follow me" 
"If HJN.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them.
If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us.That has to be very clear.Hyungjin

Two years later TF made ceremony for Hyung Jin and his wife, saying they have to inherit TPs. Mentioning that they might fail for a while, because of the heavy resentment that will come on them from the 3 past ages, which they have to overcome to be succesful. A year later TF clarified again that H2 and KJN are not the center, but TM. Thus H2 has no excuse to claim that this ceremony from 2010 put him over TM. Read, Hyung Jin's FALSE CLAIMS of SUCCESSION. All H2's claims are false.  Continue to PART 7


Part 8 SC present True Father as having failed to achieve key responsibilities

This series was compiled by: Scott C. Rosen.
Acknowledgement: Besides the words of True Parents and those of Hyung Jin Moon and Sanctuary Church leaders, other sources include PowerPoints, email communication, blog posts, and articles from Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Dan Fefferman, Larry Moffitt, Dr. Michael Mickler, and many others.


PARTS 7 & 8
The following academic paper by Scott Rosen came into my possession. It is factual and well-rendered, and so I pass it along for your consideration. This is part of a comprehensive overview of the teachings, claims, and actions of the Sanctuary Church (World Peace and Unification Sanctuary).
PART 7: 

The Sanctuary Church (SC) has been heavily involved in promoting anti-government conspiracy theories and apocalyptic imagery, particularly during a phase in Hyung Jin’s ministry preceding his January 2015 “God Save the Queen” sermon, when attention began to be directed toward alleged Family Fed. conspiracies. However, the role of conspiracy theory, with secret quasi-government forces and pending economic and societal collapse, remained a central part of SC thought.

We live in CIG: Today so much information about the Satanic corrupted structures is being reviled. But looking spiritually all the conspiracy is being led by evil Angels and dominated by them spirits. Their earthly objects are people, who's original mind can be opened and God can work through their original good nature. 
For this reason TF was working with world leaders and scolded UC leaders not to go to much in fears about conspiracy. Father was always saying, "Don't worry about that, God has his master plan already set". 
Thus, all this information can be seen as a sign of the Last Days of this evil, now being reviled. Not as a doom day, that we should fear (as SC tends to view it). DP clearly explains that process!

The conspiracy theories promulgated by the Sanctuary Church include a wide ranging spectrum (U.S. government, Illuminati, etc.) engaged in secret plotting and the execution of major nefarious events, many of which are seen as oriented toward gun confiscation and discrediting those on the right end of the political spectrum. Hyung Jin presents this as a “blue pill, red pill” situation, where Sanctuary Church members have taken the red pill and understand the truth, while the vast majority of people are ignorant (blue pill consumers).
Among the conspiracy theories advocated either at the pulpit or in SC meetings are the following:
• Fake drug war to confiscate firearms and militarize the police. On Mothers Day 2014 (May 11), in a sermon given in a conference room at the Best Western Inn in Matamoras, PA, Hyung Jin Nim focused his talk on the militarization of the police and a US government–major banks conspiracy. He claimed that the US government was secretly conspiring with US banks in a plot to bring illegal narcotics into the United States. The banking industry was benefitting by the money being laundered. The US government, which was involved in bringing in the illegal drugs, was benefitting by using the pretense of a phony drug war to confiscate firearms and militarize the police forces.
• Oklahoma City bombing. The Oklahoma City bombing was presented as plausibly involving government planning and cover up. The theory presented was that there were explosives planted inside the Murrah Building, as evidenced by things such as glass being blown out of the building, not inward. A reason proffered for the government involvement and cover-up was that it offered a way to discredit those on the right.
• Illuminati, secret societies, and other powers. In sermons and discussions, the SC charges that secret societies of world leaders are actually colluding to mastermind world events, such as creating wars, choosing and controlling nations’ political leaders, reduce world population, and using entities such as the Federal Reserve System to control the world’s wealth.
• Other major conspiracy theories. Other major conspiracy theories that have surfaced in SC sermons and meetings and members’ advocacy have included 9/11 as a government plot, and in particular as evident in the destruction of Building 7 (7 World Trade Center); the Newton massacre as a government plot to be able to control guns; the Boston bombings as a plot to gain more government control over citizens; the nefarious government use of vaccines; the chemtrails conspiracy; and various Catholic/CIA conspiracies, including the Pope being a war criminal and involved in human sacrifice and satanic rituals. In one sermon, HJN saw a U.S. conspiracy related to the Ebola outbreak and in another he decried the heavy police presence in the area as federal marshals and others looked for a survivalist who had shot two state troopers, with HJN stating at one point it would be better if the police were not there, with all their militarization, and instead he advocated that civilian hunters living in the area be freed to go hunt for the man.
The extent to which this conspiratorial thinking permeates the SC is evident in the Sanctuary Church’s The Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk, a document that is declared to be “Immutable and Unchangeable” and “shall NEVER be abridged or added-to” [the word “never” is in all-caps in the source document]. In this document, there is a section (2.5) devoted to “false flag” operations:
“The President and the executive branch are prohibited from carrying out clandestine acts of terror against the citizens of the United States of CIG with the intent of molding public opinion (false flag operations). Any suspicions of “false flags” will be investigated by the Inspector General. “False flags” will be considered to be an act of levying war against the people of CIG.
The Inspector General, outlined in this document is also an all-powerful position that seems to have powers equal to the IRS, CIA, and FBI, and also only open to male heirs of Kook Jin Nim:
"Under the authority of the king, the office of Inspector General is formed. This office shall have unrestricted access to all documents (data) in the governments of CIG and will carry out the function of investigating and bringing prosecutions against any individual working in the governments of CIG including bringing impeachment proceedings against the President or prosecutions of individuals being contracted by the governments of CIG. This office is given to Moon Kook Jin and to his heirs. The inheritance will be from father to son or closest male next of kin if there is no son. The inheritance of this office will be made with the consent of the King." (Principle 3, Article 3, Number 7 in The Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk)
Concomitant with these conspiracy theories are prophecies of doom of the United States and collapse of the world order. Indeed, there was a very specific prophecy that the economic/societal collapse would occur in September of 2015, tied with the ending of the Shmita year on September 14, 2015, Expected were major economic collapse and breakdown of government, with it being noted that such economic collapse happens every seven years (citing the 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings with subsequent economic collapse, and in 2008 a significant economic downturn). When the prediction of doom and gloom failed to materialize dramatically, some adherents shifted the conversation to the collapse being in process but below the public’s awareness.
None of these above discussions are tangential to the mission of the SC: they are a central part of the Sanctuary Church. They occupied months of sermons and meetings prior to HJN’s turning his attention on True Mother and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), and they continue in SC meetings. While True Father has predicted catastrophic events should people not turn to God, the level of promoting anti-government conspiracy theory and End Times cataclysm is unprecedented. Discussions among the SC members include how to prepare for the coming collapse, the necessity for members to learn how to use firearms to protect when societal collapse occurs, the need for bomb shelters, the need to stockpile food and water enough to last for seven years, and so forth.
The literal interpretation of the Book of Revelations (“whore of Babylon,” seven-headed, ten-horned beast – see section below), combined with a belief that that American government is part of a vast conspiracy, combined with an apocalyptic viewpoint of the collapse of society and the need for a well-armed congregation, and a seeming unquestioned acceptance by acolytes of even the most unusual utterances from “The King,” is a potent combination that can carry with it risk.
But of more immediate concern is the issue of creating a greater divide. As noted by Dr. Andrew Wilson in one post; “Apocalyptic divides the world into two categories – the saved and the damned – and views believers in its doctrine as the only ones to be saved when the final judgment comes. Thus it encourages black-white, “us vs. them” thinking, as well as self-righteousness about one’s status as a member of the saved remnant. It is far from the spirit of Jesus of the Gospels, who spoke of unconditional grace for all, even the worst sinners.”

PART 8: 

Among True Father’s many accomplishments were three very public ones: establishment of True Parents, giving of the blessing and forgiveness of original sin, and revealing of fundamental truths. Each were major dispensational roles of the returning messiah and were roles in which True Father claimed victory during his lifetime on earth. While Sanctuary Church leaders and members would reject any characterization that ties True Father with the word “failure” – after all, they see True Father as God Himself—the reality is that an objective analysis of their teachings leads to the conclusion that they present True Father as having fallen short of victory in each of these areas.
• Establishment of eternal True Parents on the Earth. Throughout his teachings, True Father emphasized a key dispensation role of establishing eternal True Parents. This is something that Jesus failed to achieve and which True Father believed he and True Mother had fulfilled prior to his ascending into the spiritual world. For example, True Father stated: “At the point where the evidently divided internal God and external God are perfectly reunited, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Moon, …were able to become True Parents in the Garden of Eden with no shadow of the Fall…” (April 14, 2012). According to the Sanctuary Church, True Father was unable to accomplish eternal True Parents due to their assertion that True Mother failed and thus this key role remains to be accomplished.
• Giving of the Blessing and Forgiving of Original Sin. True Father placed emphasis on giving the blessing. During his lifetime, millions had their Original Sin forgiven and were blessed in eternal marriage. However, in 2015, a great many (likely most) of these blessings and forgiveness of Original Sin were declared as nullified by the Sanctuary Church on the basis of followers participating in the Foundation Day ceremony, an event which Hyung Jin Nim himself had promoted at the time.
So serious was the transgression, that members who participated in the Foundation Day Ceremony were considered to have lost “the status of being forgiven of Original Sin.” As stated in an official Sanctuary Church posting, having participated in the ceremony:
“is tantamount to coming back under the Archangel's dominion, loss of the status of being forgiven for Original Sin; becoming fallen again needing to go through 40 days' separation, indemnity stick, 3 days' separation and even second gen becoming 1st gen.”
In other words, True Father’s great accomplishment of forgiving Original Sin largely was nullified by Hyung Jin Nim' declaration.
• Revealing of Truth. Even True Father’s role of revealing the truth proved inadequate according to the Sanctuary Church, as he failed to teach his most fundamental truth, the Bride Theology (Part 5 of this treatise), which Sanctuary Church is now claiming to reveal.
Indeed, one would get the impression from listening to Sanctuary Church members that True Father’s main enduring accomplishment was Hyung Jin Nim. For it is Hyung Jin Nim who is: (a) teaching the new truth that True Father failed to reveal; (b) forgiving Original Sin and giving a re-blessing for those multitudes who lost True Parent’s blessing through the Foundation Day blessing or any subsequent holy wine ceremony; and (c) rectifying True Father’s inability to establish eternal True Parents. Regarding the latter, Hyung Jin Nim is claiming to have rectified True Father’s failure by placing his own wife in the position of “leader of the brides” (the new True Mother), and then having created a ceremony where this new leader of the brides bows down to their son and secures her subservient position to her son. Continues

This series was compiled by: Scott C. Rosen.
Acknowledgement: Besides the words of True Parents and those of Hyung Jin Moon and Sanctuary Church leaders, other sources include PowerPoints, email communication, blog posts, and articles from Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Dan Fefferman, Larry Moffitt, Dr. Michael Mickler, and many others.


PART 9 (final installment of the series)
The following academic paper by Scott Rosen came into my possession. It is factual and well-rendered, and so I pass it along for your consideration. This is part of a comprehensive overview of the teachings, claims, and actions of the Sanctuary Church (World Peace and Unification Sanctuary).
PART 9: 

From sermons often filled with criticism and contempt against True Mother (Mrs. Sun Myung Moon), FFWPU, and FFWPU leaders; to Internet attacks on the same and even on regular FFWPU members who would challenge SC teachings; to imprisonment of FFWPU leaders on charges leveled by SC members; to spreading of salacious rumors – the Sanctuary Church has undertaken a course of fostering resentment and division.
The public SC sermons, most captured on video and spread worldwide, have been particularly harsh against True Mother, who is derisively referred to as the “Han Mother” by Sanctuary Church adherents. Week after week after week, for over a year, listeners hear about the “failure of the Han Mother,” often presented in the harshest of terms. An example of the level of attack is Hyung Jin Nim (HJN) giving a sermon on his own mother being the literal manifestation of the “Whore of Babylon” prophesized in the Book of Revelations (Chapter 17), referencing in his sermon the passage:
“I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
HJN went on to show a photo of TM wearing purple and scarlet robes as further evidence that she was the literal whore of Babylon portrayed in the passages. (Subsequently, photos were found of not only True Father wearing such, but even HJN arrayed in such colors.)
The venom leveled against True Mother from the pulpit is hardly the only attack leveled. The Sanctuary Church’s “immutable and unchangeable” Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk, a document that “shall NEVER be abridged or added-to,” references early on the “failure of Han Mother.” From the early days of the ministry, salacious rumors were spread about True Mother as well as the contention that True Mother doesn’t believe True Father is the messiah (despite numerous public recognitions of True Mother stating True Father is the messiah from the time of TF’s ascension through 2016).
The Sanctuary Church disseminated an “alternative” translation of a snippet of True Father’s extemporaneous comments at a public speech, taken out of context, that cast a false light on his views toward True Mother, and when a translation from an official translator was provided, with context and explanations of where the mistranslation went wrong, the SC refused to acknowledge that it could be unjustly denigrating True Mother’s reputation.
Rumors were spread about affairs and SC members sent out lists attacking her directly, even accusing her of conspiring to “murder True Father.” The attacks took on an ends-justify-the-means quality, where the SC members would put out alarming misinformation – such as claiming that True Mother is now teaching that the Fall occurred first between Adam and the Archangel – that even when countered in convincing detail would not be corrected by the Sanctuary Church.
The attacks of True Mother even included an attack on her own mother, with one post stating that her mother had “an adulterous relationship with a man who deserted her and now he has two of his own sons who are half-brothers to TM. So how pure is TM's lineage in preparation for TM to be born?” (This contrasts with True Father’s many statements on the preparation of True Mother’s lineage, such as: “The bride whom the Christ, who is the bridegroom, is trying to find on this earth is not a woman under the dominion of the fall. He is trying to find a person who is born from an unfallen, pure lineage. The third mother has to be the one who can advance to the position of mother (True Mother).” As True Father has pointed out, Jesus lineage contains women and relationships that one might on their own judge as improper for the lineage of the messiah, so it is not for us to judge with worldly standards.)
True Mother has hardly been the only individuals attacked by name from the pulpit and in the sermons broadcast across the globe. One FFWPU member was mentioned by name as having cancer, and HJN offered a speculation that he had cancer because he was following True Mother instead of him. Other members were named individually, publicly admonished, and then publicly “fired” – all recorded in videos for the firings to be broadcast worldwide. SC members in one nation spread rumors to the government, leading to imprisonment of FFWPU members in that nation, with an initial response on the SC website that the FFWPU members, while themselves innocent of the alleged crime, still were to blame and were justifiably receiving punishment because they did not follow HJN’s direction to disassociate from True Mother and FFWPU. SC members widely spread a rumor about a person that SC members claimed was, without any hard evidence, a serial child molester of the True Children.
When analyzed, this latter unsubstantiated rumor actually cast unfavorably on True Father’s reputation because TF kept this individual for years as his close assistant, and he continued to serve closely until TF’s ascension. When it was questioned how True Father could have kept a child molester as his right-hand man, especially one accused of molesting the True Children, one SC leader stated that while True Father knew, he had to love Cain. Of course, already SC sermons had the impact of damaging TF’s reputation by stating he failed to establish eternal True Parents and implying he had been abusive of True Mother (having the “wrath of God” directed at her), had presided over an unhappy marriage and a “palace of malice,” and that “all” the True Children were “psychologically damaged” by growing up in such a dysfunctional family.
Even the FFWPU symbol, which had been approved by TF, was addressed as representing evil, being seen as the literal fulfilment of the very beast mentioned in Revelations 17: “I saw a woman [the “great whore”] sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns…. I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.”
Not only is the FFWPU and its leaders in the crosshairs of the Sanctuary Church, but also ordinary members who dare to challenge the teachings of the Sanctuary Church. Note, for example, the written and publicly published comments attributed to one central SC leader:
“The lack of respect for the Bible is a core value of FamilyFed. … Because the FamilyFed is a dying organization of weak men and disorderly women… Larry Moffitt is ignorant like everyone at his defunct Family Federation that has absolutely no understanding of what a real man looks like in a family. Larry refuses to obey God’s word… Larry’s cutesy comment is projection of his lack of masculinity… I have a profound sense of pity for this confused and lost boy.”
True Father emphasized values such as interreligious dialogue and understanding, unity among religions, and interreligious marriage. However, the scorched-Earth actions taken by the Sanctuary Church place extreme barriers on resolving this schism. How is co-existence between FFWPU and the Sanctuary Church possible when the Sanctuary Church focuses its energy on: denouncing nonstop the main FFWPU leader (with words like “Destroyer!” and “Whore of Babylon”) and others in FFWPU leadership positions; exhorts FFWPU members not to donate to the FFWPU; accuses FFWPU members of having committed the Fall by participating in one of its own major ceremonies; launches personal attacks against ordinary FFWPU supporters that try to shed light on SC teachings; and, rather than witnessing to members from outside the FFWPU community, seeks almost exclusively to convert FFWPU members. This scorched-earth position is perhaps best reflected in comments from SC members like “we are in a fierce battle” and a “battle against FF [FFWPU].”
This series was compiled by: Scott C. Rosen.
Acknowledgement: Besides the words of True Parents and those of Hyung Jin Moon and Sanctuary Church leaders, other sources include PowerPoints, email communication, blog posts, and articles from Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Dan Fefferman, Larry Moffitt, Dr. Michael Mickler, and many others.
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