"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin Replacing TF's Teachings with MARXISM

Hyung Jin's IGNORANCE of DP: 
Replacing TF's Teachings 

Sanctuary Church, made to believe Marxist ideas, portrayed as Father's Teachings

Sanctuary Church are told that Hyung Jin has very good motivations for his hate-talk and disloyal behavior. They teach them that "motivation is everything according to True Father." How convenient! Now he is free to do any evil, but because of their good motivation, they say, "God's blessing comes to fruition."

Gosh, they are so ignorant of DP. Read the part about Good and Evil. "An act or the result.. considered good when it fulfills God's purpose of creation.. when subject and object unite through the harmonious and spirited give and take of love and beauty." DP, Good and Evil

If Hyung Jin's actions were good, we will see more unity, more harmonious relationships... they will express love and beauty. But why Hyung Jin's speeches express ugliness, hatred, producing only resentment, hostility and division. How that "fulfills God's purpose"?

Hyung Jin Replaces TF's Teachings with Marxism

Read CAUSA, Marxist-communism had the very same wrong, evil attitude. They were teaching that their "aims excuse their means". Unificationism clearly exposes this as wrong.

Marx was teaching that problems can be solved with revolution and antagonism, which should bring development. Hyung Jin's teaching is the same. Even worse, he presents Marxist ideas as TF's teachings; Misleading Sanctuary Church by totally reversing what Father meant.

What was Communism? Expression of the 4 Fallen Natures; They talked and talked against the status-quo provoking resentment and rebellion. Sided with the low class masses to reverse dominion against the ruling class. According to DP, that's finding common base with the fallen nature of the people, igniting it to bring reversal of dominion. So why is Hyung Jin triggering the fallen nature with his speeches?

Hyung Jin is teaching that reversing dominion over his Subject, True Mother, is something good, because of his motivation! No way! Ham did that, and DP says he is "unforgivable". Reversal of Dominion is Fallen Nature derived from Lucifer and nothing else. Filial Piety is God's way.

Hyung Jin Repeating Ham's Sin

Read DP's explanation about the sin of Ham's Gossiping and spreading "Displeased Emotions" among his brothers (same like Hyung Jin does). And wasn't Ham the chosen Abel-figure, taken by Satan (same like Hyung Jin)?

What is TF's explanation about the sin of Ham's Gossiping and spreading "Displeased Emotions" among his brothers (as H2 does)? Even though he saw his father (mother) as guilty (in his eyes - humanistic viewpoint), Ham (H2) was supposed to think, "My father (mother) is God's person". Knowing how much his father (mother) did throughout the years, he was supposed to keep his obedience and protect his subject.

The same way, no matter how wrong Hyung Jin considers Mother's actions, he is supposed to keep loyalty, support and protect her, remembering that she is "God's Daughter", remembering all her sacrifices.. remembering that she is TF's object of love.

But instead, Ham (H2), in his self-righteous feelings felt excused to multiply evil, reverse dominion and gossip against his Subject. In a message from Spirit World, Heung Jin Nim explains that Ham cannot be forgiven, because he did not want to accept his mistake and repent. Same attitude we see in Hyung Jin, who stands as second Ham (H2). It pains our hearts, knowing how big sin that is.. how painful destruction that brings for God's providence.. producing division and resentment, masked under good motivation.

Let's make that clear: Even the worse evil is done, because in their own view, those criminals were convinced that's the right thing to do. DP explains that we act based on our understanding of Good and Evil. When our understanding is wrong our Conscience can take the side of the Evil Mind. If Hyung Jin's understanding is corrected, his Original Mind will be liberated, but his arrogance is preventing him from hearing anything. He is totally dominated by his trapped emotions towards mother and Fam.Fed. etc. That's a state under the control of evil spiritual powers.

God's Principles are Universal

So let's come back. What is DP explanation about "Good and Evil seen from the viewpoint of Purpose"? "Good and Evil elements or actions... their true nature may be discerned through their fruits." Not by the Motivation! So what are the fruits of Hyung Jin's actions?

Look at Islamism, making people to feel pride of killing others, because they believe this is good and they will be reworded. They have motivation, which in their view is 'good' and 'godly'. But God's principles are universal, same like killing, hate talk is also universally bad, because it makes people kill.

See the facts: After each of Hyung Jin's speeches, full with hate-talk, his followers get more and more pumped up with hostile, resentful feelings. There were cases of attacking US members, some even with fatal ending. Did they show any remorse!

Did Sanctuary Church apologize or feel at list some normal, human empathy? No! Observing what evil they have done, they only become even more courageous and furious in attacking and destroying. We don't even need to listen to Hyung Jin's sermons to know they are evil. It's enough to observe and listen to the negative heart and attitude of his followers. These are his fruits! There is no good in them! There is nothing serving God's purpose of restoring the world. Instead Hyung Jin openly destroys the image of the whole foundation TF build with so much toil.

The Most Evil Satan

True Father once explained who is the most evil Satan. He said, that's the one who seems so good and convincing, you don't recognize him. Yes, Lucifer was that most evil Satan, capable of manipulating people with lies to believe the good is evil, and evil is good. Look how successful is Hyung Jin in these manipulations:

(1) Hyungjin's position (King)
(2) True Parents (Don't exist - H2 replaced them)
(3) God's will, (Not Witnessing, but destroy UC with negativity)

Loving Father, for them is to deny True Parents' position. Loving True Parents, for them means that UC does not love Father. He totally reversed RIGHT AND WRONG in the minds of his followers. You see how, Hyungjin teaches Sanctuary Church to JUDGE OTHES. Read also,
Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited as Manipulation.

We can even follow and date in which video Hyung Jin brainwashed Sanctuary Church with what new resentful concept.. gradually re-shaping their concepts of right end wrong, by rebuilding his own trapped emotions in their minds and hearts. Because his own Conscience is not free, Hyung Jin keeps rationalizing and twisting Father's words to excuse his wrong behavior.

Observing that we can even learn, how an Originally Good Archangel, could turn into so resentful, hostile and evil Despot, with no remorse. The same Lucifer's heart became twisted and the only escape he could see was to stir the same displeased emotions into the hearts of more and more people. But that gives him only temporal satisfaction from their support for his actions. That was not the way to freedom, but the way to building personal Hell and destruction. How painful was God's Heart observing all that.. Hoping his children will one day come out of this self created Hell.



  1. amazing that such actions and mentality is being supported by anybody, absolutely crazy....

    1. True Mother is the leader of our church. Hyung Jin and Sanctuary church are apostates. I grieve for the members who are taken in by this. It is a terrible tragedy that harms our movement. I pray that someday True Family can heal and come together

  2. Hyung Jin needs a team of ghostbusters to get rid of the evil spirits posessing him

    1. The evil of evil is to spread doubt about True Parents. Especially TM. If you start doubting, it'd very easy to find things to complain or criticize. That's why father said we need absolute faith, love and obedience in God and True Parents. Otherwise we cannot stay on the track.


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