"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."


Spiritual reasons why Hyung Jin divided the Church, turned against Mother and created Sanctuary Church
Spiritual Reasons for Division

"As the standard of goodness varies, the standard of our conscience also fluctuates; this causes frequent contention even among those who advocate a conscientious life." DP p.57

To understand why children in the True Family are being attacked by satanic invading forces, read Father's words;
"By sacrificing my family and relatives, God led me to love my enemies and their families. Drawing compensation from my family was God's idea.. God sacrifices His own sons and daughters and those who are close to Him as He loves and strives to recover nations.."  (CSG p. 352)
True Family is a microcosm of the society, taking responsibility for its salvation. Thus, the problems that need solving, are taken as a spiritual burden on their shoulders. Who is to liberate the vast number of spirits in Hell and those from the Middle Spirit World? As we are failing, True Children are taking the burden. That's why they are suppressed under the pressure of these low realms.

They are to undergo a mathematical period of suffering under these resentful feelings (That's why Father anointed Hyung Jin to take resentment of 3 Ages). Members should know these Principles and not get confused. In addition, even true children must win God's trust. As Father explained:
"To make it possible for God to believe in us again, we must exert ourselves.. even if we are to suffer through toils hundreds of times more harsh, we must be able to break through them." Sermons of SMM 4, p.22
In the same speech Father explained that in order for his children to be restored, they will undergo such suffering, yet absolutely have to obey Father and be loyal to the "heavenly principles",
"They should have liked things that their father liked... listen to the words of his father... (not like Ham who) instead listened to words that he should have ignored." Sermons of SMM 4, p.23
Spiritual Experience: The reality of Satan around us

In 2014 TF mobilized the whole spirit world to start working with the Earth. In 2015 that happened. At that time God asked me to allow Him, to open my spiritual senses for 100 days. He showed me how painful the situation looks spiritually. DMN and some other Elder brothers and sisters from the spirit world come to teach me. I had to undergo the attacks of evil angels and manipulative spirits until I've learned to deal with them.

It was a painful experience similar to the one DMN described when she saw the stuck spirits in our bodies. There is a constant spiritual influence around us. I could see how evil spirits enter and talk trough people, change their mood into negative - to provoke misunderstandings, struggles, accusations, and divisions. Some of the experiences were with Hyungjin. I saw him fighting the evil angels, being invaded again and again by them, yet trying his best to stand up... 

Than God showed me how tricky these evil angels were, how much they can twist a person's mind and perception, to the point where unprinciple can seem principle and vice verse. God show me how much they want to destroy our faith in True Parents. It was scary to see, how they block some parts of the memory, so reality and truth become shifted. Thus, such evil actions seem good and logical to them.

Now, when I talk to SC members, I'm shocked how many of these fallen angels' believes have entered Sanctuary Church ideology.  Already few members, dealing with SC, compared their state with possession. But this is all part of a providential indemnity on a global scale. 

Indemnity to Liberate the Lower Realms

The problem is spiritual; "Our ancestors are fallen, and our ties with them are based on false love, false life, and false lineage; that is the reason our mind and body struggle against each other." (CSG p.129) Without liberating our lineage we cannot stand as true, good objects to God. Thus, to transform the world to God's Ideal, all spirits need to descend for returning resurrection.
"When the spirit world comes down to the earth, it is not the good spirits who come first but the evil spirits."  CSG - Returning Resurrection, p. 767
When that happens, many confusions and problems happen in the physical world. Thus, to grasp the reasons for this division we have to understand how powerful is the influence of the spirit world connected to us. Otherwise, we may end up in confusion and loose faith or resort to resentment, as is the case of SC. 

Seen on Quantum level, all these negative feelings - fears, tensions, bad relations, resentments.. are stored in different parts of our bodies as energy with certain resonance. Father explains that "Each cell of our body is connected with our lineage." (TF)
"The human body consists of almost one hundred trillion cells. Our ancestors have died.. but within our body are cells passed down that have received their love. The cells connecting to life have been passed down – connected through the lineage." (CSG p.627)
Evil Angels work through our ancestors from lower realms, using that lineage connection to control our body against God's will. Unaware.. the earthly person accepts the negative whispering of these spirits as his own thoughts. Spirits will make him judge externally.. Thus, as DP explains,
"the conflict within the mind.. appears in men's actions.. creating conflicts between individuals. Therefore people could not maintain peace." (DP p.427)

My Dream with Hyung Jin's spiritual realm

Recently I spend a night in the spirit world observing the spiritual realm around Hyung Jin and that around True Mother. The difference was from Hell to Heaven. Read the whole experience; MY DREAM WITH MOTHER AND HYUNG JIN. It is so revealing. This spiritual experience can help you to grasp, how members of the True Family are responsible for liberating different realms of the Spirit World and how that expresses physically. 

What is the identity of an evil spirit? Accusing, spreading rumors against others, twisting Fathers words, destroying Father's foundation. So, why did Sancturias become like that? You should see how it looked in the spirit world. God sent me in the realm connected with Hyungjin and Kook Jin. 

"It was a gloomy place of fear, accusations, distrust. I spent hours wandering in this low spiritual realm. It was dark. People were afraid of each other. They were gathering only in groups united to accuse and persecute others. Such a contrast with the spiritual realm around True Mother. So much trust, love, and mutual support were there. But everyone was focused and working hard for the restoration. The spirits were constantly coming and reporting how many other ancestors they have restored."

"It was clear, Hyung Jin was standing as a King for restoring the Middle Spirit world, while Mother was leading the restoration of our ancestors in the Paradise. I noticed that from Mother's realm people were observing Hyungjin's realm with great anticipation. In Hyungjin's realm, however, people were busy with self-centered activities, to just keep them excited. Their level was still not enough matured, to be able to live for others and for the providence. That was the only way to keep them believing. It was God's and True Parent's love to give them Hyung Jin and Kook Jin. Yet the low spiritual level of those ancestors was keeping the spirit of Hyung Jin and Kook Jin imprisoned there with them. But when 100% of our ancestors are restored, all these divisions and theological arguing will vanish." (Read the whole Dream)

The Spiritual Burden on Hyung Jin

I have the amazing ability to see one's lineage and what kind of spiritual influences are upon him. I can see how evil spirits work in the body of a person to subjugate his thoughts, feelings, and actions. But from the Principle perspective, that's the moment when a true child can overcome that influence and make liberation for God and for those spirits.
"Where is the spirit world? It is in your bodies. Thus, you go around with the spirit world on your shoulders.. there is no escaping it." (CSG p. 626)
Looking spiritually, I could see 100 million historic resentful people doing returning resurrection through Sanctuary Church. TF is pushing that from the spirit world, because the indemnity and resurrection need to happen as quickly as possible.
"Satanic blood is still flowing at the base of our being. Satanic love has been rooted in our body. That love flows through the blood vessels in our life and is meshed into our nerves."  (CSG p. 628) 
And who else, but true children take the burden? God has shown me 70 000 evil angelic leaders - masters of lying, tricking and misleading the human mind - working directly on Hyung Jin Nim. Yet, I could see that his lineage is clean, there is no personal base for that invasion. It's all for the purpose of some Cosmic level indemnity. Exactly as Father prayed on Hyung Jin's couple, Father foretold that will happen; Resentment of 3 Ages will descend on Hyung Jin, but he must overcome it.
"Why do I do such things while being persecuted? I do it to liberate the spirit world from resentment.. all the religious leaders of old who came and went are also our ancestors.. We must accomplish the work of liberating them from resentment." (CSG p. 724)
What does it mean to have resentful spirits come to a person for returning resurrection? The energy field of the negative spirit merges with once's energy field, and the low frequency influences his thoughts, feelings and actions. You'll see such person change his behavior, change his believes. Gradually will become stranger and stranger to his original self. 

What if these are hundreds of millions of resentful spirits? Their field completely dominates your physical mind. You will feel, see and act through their perspective. This is how Return Resurrection works. From feeling like these spirits you have to find the way to overcome these negative feelings. But since your brain rewires in correspondence to their field, so principles you believed before will now be erased or transformed to correspond to this external negative field. 

Just a few evil angels can easily manipulate a wick minded person. But why so many are mobilized and trapped in one pure child of God? It's the providence of restoration! These leading demonic angels control all the evil in the world. Yet now they are focused on destroying a true child; doing everything to change his perception of reality; make his mind so blurred, even core principles are overpowered by the fixation on these trapped emotions. Their purpose is only one, "to destroy True Parents", by accusing Mother.

Of course, they fool Hyung Jin to believe he is doing something good. You see the signs of that; Hyungjin Teaches Sanctuary Church to JUDGE OTHERS. But looking at True Mother, responding with patience and love. I see the inspiration of God and the good spirit world.
"God's lineage is now being restored on the basis of True Parents' hard course of indemnity conditions. True Parents' heart of filial piety moved the whole cosmos. We want.. to become mature children who give joy to our True Parents." Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World
Our Body resonates with our Hearts and this resonance becomes physically manifested, influencing positively or negatively our environment. Our awareness of what resonance we bring into the environment could be the key to creating substantially CIG. Read: Spiritual Heart

Human problem was, that negative energy, produced by the body (physical mind - brain thinking), surrounded and blocked our hearts, trapping us in internal hell - destroying relationships and blocking God. At this point in history people's Spiritual Heart is finally becoming liberated, based on True Parent's victory. Our spirit finally can mature to dominate the body. We live in the age of the benefit of CIG. Read: Resonance of Heart

TC Responsibility to Restore Different Spiritual Realms

We should be aware of the fast spiritual changes happening in this transitional age; resulting in both chaos and coherence of heart. Yes, after 2012 the whole world entered into higher resonance of heart. This change is measured both on quantum and electromagnetic level. Its turbulence is increased by the fact that now is the chance for the resurrection of our ancestors from the lower realms.

True Children now stand divided in correspondence with what needs providentially to be restored. From one side are the feminine unifying heart (Mother, Sun Jin and the wives of the first 2 sons). On the other side are the masculine archangel figures (Hyun Jin, Kook Jin and Hyung Jin) representing the aggressive nature of the male central figures in the history. Read, Era of Women Vs. Man's Struggle for Power.
"Work must progress downward having all the walls broken down. Starting with the walls of our ancestors of ten thousand years ago, a thousand years ago, several hundred years ago and those of the people who passed a few years ago, all must be broken down. Also the walls on earth must be removed as well, and a way to connect this to hell must be paved. Otherwise, the gates of heaven cannot be opened." (CSG p. 677)
All past failures, accumulated vertically, need to be expressed and solved horizontally within the central family and the central religious group. God's love is expressed through that (He sacrifices his beloved, to save the rest).

Never Go Resentful

It's a basic spiritual law - "negative talk generates negative energy". I see Hyungjin's sermons are full of hate talk... Obviously, this resentment is real in his heart. I can feel compassion... But he should be mature, to understand - that will only create hell, dragging in it all the Sanctuary clique. We live by the Physical Mind way, we end up in Hell. That's why we see even prominent members end up in Hell

Can our brain be aware of this spiritual view on True Parents?
"The Coronation of God's Kingship was the fruit of 80 years of True Parents' victories.. On that day God and restored spirits wept for joy, as 6000 years of God's resentment was overcome." Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World
Please remember, the good spirit world will never give you resentful, negative views and feelings. Such things come only from the evil spirit world. If some members got negative with the time, that's because they gradually got invaded by resentful spirits. As DMN explains, there ancestor's sins allow such invasions:
"All spirits are on the earth and many in our body... I need to find the ancestors who caused spirits to come into your bodies. All the ancestors' sins have to be indemnified by their descendants. Once the sins are eliminated, we will be able to benefit.. We should make an indemnity condition for our ancestors' sins, but we do not know what the sins are." Dae Mo Nim, 14 Feb. 1999

Evil Spirits Invade through Displeased Emotions

Invasion happens through sharing displeased feelings - listening to such can make you invaded by the same displeased feelings and thus put you under the control of these evil spirits. Remember, God had to kill those who gave a negative report and wait 40 years until the last person influenced by it died before they entered the chosen land. That's how dangerous it is to keep such negative, gossiping people around.

Once this evil viewpoint is conveyed in the physical world, it gets stuck in the minds of the people and keeps multiplying. Therefore, to enter CIG, we have to separate from such people who love to share and multiply their displeased feelings, like SC. They are a channel for evil spirits with enormous negative emotional power over the minds of the listeners. But for them, this is the only joy, having these moments of mutual trust, in sharing their displeased emotions. That's why they never understand how evil and satanic is this habit. (Read, How to Recognize and Stop Gossiping)

Gossiping is a Spiritual Problem

As you see, the Sanctuary Church situation is a spiritual problem. If you are not able to withstand such powerful negative resonance; if you cannot liberate and control strong manipulative spirits, it's better not to even deal with them. You'll only give a reason for the Evil Spirit to talk through them. When that happens, the spirit is actually teaching them, because they accept it as their own thoughts. Each time you challenge them, you're actually allowing the evil spirit to multiply his evil philosophy. But if you recognize that and pray, this spirit can be liberated. 

You have to know how to block the spirit and liberate the original nature of the person. The worse part; This Evil Spirit knows what and how you think.. knows your weaknesses and can use and manipulate them... using powerful methods to invade you, no matter what's your motivation.
Remember, talking to them, you are talking to the Evil Spirit behind. Unless you liberate the spirit you cannot liberate the member's heart.

Leaders need to Learn to Resolve such Problems

I see how even one spirit can often control the members, blocking them from having results and gradually leading them to trapped emotions and resentment towards FR, DP; or the leaders and the Church. They don't even realize, that's not their personal feelings, but a spirit searching for resurrection. Instead of helping the spirit, now they get blocked in this negative state.

Multiplying these displeased feelings is their cry for help. But do leaders know how to help them? Hyung Jin and Kook Jin listened to such negative members and instead of helping them, they got invaded themselves. I see constantly leaders falling in this trap.

Leaders didn't know how to deal, so the spirit could easily invade them through that member and start multiplying even through them. That's why Sanctuary Church are unable to do WT and keep resentment towards FR, Tithing and Leaders. Now, I hope, you understand their internal situation and why they act as they do.

For years I observed evil spirits freely invading teams and the good spirit world being pushed away, suffering and helpless. It was killing me to see how much God suffers because of that, yet members were so ignorant of what's happening spiritually. God was asking me many times to tell them, to share his Heart. You can imagine the numerous hours of tears I shed.

How to Resolve Problems Spiritually

To liberate, help and control the spirits, you have to be able to dominate yourself; your thoughts and your feelings. Evil spirits control your body through stress and displeased feelings, so also you have to learn how to liberate stress! It's physical energy; Quantum energy that holds the spirits trapped in our body.

In CP we break it by clapping. Liberate this destructive energy; stuck spirits get free and your spirit will feel liberated.. when your body is liberated, you will start feeling God with every cell of your body.
"(We) should be able to resonate centering on love... when the spirit self and the physical self harmonize with each other and God’s love, spiritual cells and physical cells engage in perfect motion together (556)..  love is internalized.. Once you enter into such a state, God will surely come inside your heart." (CSG, 563)

The Spirits in our Bodies

I can observe the spirits in the body. I see big groups of spirits working on the back of the head (searching for the heavy memories from painful experiences). Other spirits influence the analytical part of their brain, as well as their 5 senses.

Evil spirits come and start taking over central control points in the body. They trigger painful resonance in specific parts of the body to influence people's emotional state and thus manipulate them.

This is called conditioning; when a person goes God's way, evil spirits give him displeased feelings, to turn him off. But when he goes according to Satan's will, these spirits give him false feelings of pleasure. Naturally, weak-minded people become conditioned and controlled, like puppets.

To become citizens of CIG it is not enough to be protected from evil spirits, because we have good ancestors. It's necessary to grow, mature and ourselves be able to withstand these attacks. Through SC we receive such training.

I sense the energy with that negative resonance; fears, tensions, bad relations, resentments.. stored in different parts of their bodies, from sins of past generations. That's the base; Manipulative spirits direct our ancestors with these problems and use them to dominate us with a specific purpose - always against God. Everything is very organized. But for me, it's all from God's love. This only helps the process of Returning Resurrection. This only helps to liberate God's heart.

Spiritual Ignorance leads to Destruction

Unaware of the reason for these displeased emotions the earthly person accepts the negative whispering of these spirits as his own thoughts and conclusions. The spirits will make him judge externally, blaming the reasons for these feelings on someone or something outside. Accepting this the person gets invaded by the very same evil spirits who are the real cause of his suffering and resentment. So now he becomes their instrument, like is the most Sanctuarieans' case. They had bad experiences because of their bad ancestors, but they blamed it on the church.

Liberate with the Power of Love

We really live in CIG. There is nothing to be pessimistic or negative about. Just open your sensitivity and you'll find that now we can freely communicate with God.
"Love is like the essence of everything. When you treat anything and anyone with that kind of love, a path will open up along which you can freely go anywhere." (CSG p. 313)
We should never violate the Heart, by being negative. We live in the age of CIG. Always see the spiritual perspective and live for others. It is the power of our hearts, that can change the world and transform it towards God's Ideal.  Continue to Part II...

Historical Reasons for Division
Hyung Jin's Trapped Emotions
Yeona's Gossiping Videos
Why True Family pays Indemnity

Spiritual reasons why Hyung Jin divided the Church, turned against Mother and created Sanctuary Church


    Seen on Quantum level; fears, tensions, bad relations, resentments.. are stored in different parts of our bodies as energy with certain resonance. Evil Angels work through our lineage using that to control our body against God's will. Unaware.. the earthly person accepts the negative whispering of these spirits as his own thoughts. Spirits will make him judge externally..

  2. This problem exists in the Christian churches: people in paradise will praise God while observing their relatives suffer eternally in Hell. For them this is God's blessing. That was always bothering me.

  3. You don't know me, but I wanted to say thank you for all you do. I am praying for all of Sanctuary Church..There are wonderful brothers and sisters. Back when they started I wanted to drive my children there for Sunday Service, but it was a little to far. I sensed after sometime he was getting more and more off the track and I was afraid.

    Any way...I think he has had so much pain in his life. I remember when Heung Jin Nim passed and I heard one of his nannies scolding him and telling him not to cry. I believe it was Young Jin Nim and he both. I have that memory so strongly after all these years. Now after studying the Emotion Code, Inner Dialogue, etc. I can't imagine how he hung in there for so long. Thank you!! (I hope this message makes sense!)

    I like that you love H2 and you're not writing him off! It's tempting, but he is True Parents son. I detest what he says about True Mother...but he is her son in spite of everything. TF spoke so much about Mother/Son Unity...I believe in that!

  4. God said in the ten commandments honor your mother and father as long as True Mother is still The head of the church sons and daughters should respect obey and follow.

  5. I want to ask you about something you said. Can you tell me about how evil uses our emotions, or how we are victim to our emotions that are not Principled? I am having issue with this. My mind knows what is right and true, but my emotions are strong and I feel sad. I need to find hope in what is true and give up what is false.

    1. Ph.M. includes the whole body; each cell memory, each physical or quantum level energy, that influences it.

      (1) There are cell memories of all past generations connected to us, that influences our emotions and choices
      (2) There are other quantum energies stored in the body from past experiences or stuck spirits around us.

      SO UNTIL WE MUSTER COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THEM ALL we are actually slaves of of whatever comes; spirits, past problems and habits etc.

      Once our spirit grows we can control and liberate such emotions with love. This is giving me the freedom to visit even the lowest levels, observe, try to help, and not be subjugated by their feelings.

      Otherwise just being in their emotional energy we get trapped in the same heart, same behavior, same depressions, anger, rage, nervousness - whatever they have. (This is the reason for SC feelings and behavior)

      You'see. Not being owner of our emotional state, we are actually swinging wherever spirits influence us.

      It's not the point to be eternally protected by the good spirits. No! We have body. We are the ones to grow beyond the good spirits and help them grow higher. KOH is not a place where immature people gather. Mature - perfected citizens are needed; So God has to train us. Therefore, the SC problems has to come out. Or it will stay eternally unresolved, we eternally immature. Therefore, no KOH.

      Messiah is first to subjugate Satan, but following his pattern we should all, DP explains. ONLY THEN KOH comes!

      The more we develop our spirit, the more sensitive to the emotions and energies of others we become. But not being able to control these coming feelings, we get stuck on humanistic level. No growth! No way to reach to God. To be able to feel God's heart, we need to be able to overcome the deepest sorrow and gladly endure. Could Hyung Jin do that successfully? You see.. many of our finest leaders also could not overcome and became stuck under trapped emotions.

    2. The sadness, longing for love, do I just feel it and say, okay, or fight it, change it.

      There is a person. I get stronger, then I see the person again then for days I go through emotional roller coaster.

    3. There is big difference between the spiritual mind feelings and the physical mind feelings. The second one - is just chemistry and energy..

      Once we mature we feel the difference, and low spirit world or past trapped emotions cannot influence us against God's will. Physical Mind feelings are not always adequate to the situation. For example: One can do evil gossip and feel joy, while his spirit actually feels pain.. Physical Mind controls.

      Did you experience in perfect situation to be overwhelmed be depression or other negative feelings. It's also physical mind, going against the spirit. Evil spirits use such methods.

      Let say, one can hear great lecture, yet feel displeased emotions.. because of evil spirits trying to influence through him the others to become negative against it.

  6. Who is the author of this blog? What is your biography? Where can I learn more about you?

  7. How can someone find repentance if it is controlled by negative spirits and his original nature crashed and doesn't even remember Divine Principle?

    1. That's the beauty! Wherever I look, spiritually and physically, I see that now is a period, when all this stuck spirit world that influences good people to do evil is to be taken in the spirit world and re-educated. I guess God is attracting it through H2..

      But at the end, when humanity is freed from this evil influence, the original mind of everyone will open - the world will become wonderful.


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