"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin took LUCIFER'S NATURE to Restore it

Hyung Jin took Satan's Nature
Process of Resurrection for the Fallen Archangels. To liberate Lucifer, someone had to overcome his feelings and nature

There is no way to become perfect if not able to dominate the fallen angels. NO JOKE! It is the same for all of us!
So many evil spirits are all around us. Their evil Luciferian nature can be liberated only by people on earth. I see them. They are imprisoned in that nature. They don't know how to change and get out of it. They are skilled in tricking the minds of the people, as they did to Hyung Jin and Kook Jin. Of course, TC have to deal with that. 

"Lucifer turned against God and acted as though he were God and used trickery" (TF). Hyung Jin turned against TP and acted as though he were the New Center by using trickery and manipulation.
"In order to subjugate Satan, we must uncover his identity and initiate a campaign to banish him from heaven and earth." CSG, Know Satan's Identity

When we watch Hyung Jin's sermons we see Satan's identity; The very same means of manipulation. The same methods of trapping people's minds in resentment. The same ability to reverse good and evil with twisted rationalizations. The same reversal of Subject and Object (Son over Parent). These are the very same methods lying angels used to manipulate humanity.

And now we see the reality. What percent of the members are easily manipulated by this and even feel excited. These are the people who can easily be manipulated and controlled by evil spirits. They don't distinguish good and evil correctly. They are easily stuck into Trapped Emotions and controlled by them. They are easy prey for the evil spirits.

***The way SC is educated resembles precisely the way evil angels manipulate the minds of the fallen people. They use negativity, create trapped emotions to fixate the mind on it, than the phisical mind stucks controlled by this resentment and all logic is centered on it. The sole purpose now is revange, destruction and further multiplication of negativity. Yet, they feel righteous excuse, because their mind is stuck under these trapped emotions. All evil in history was monipuated by Lucifer in the very same manipulative way.*** 

Providential Benefits from Hyung Jin's Disloyalty

To understand the providential reasons, we have to notice the benefits of this division. We see that (1) Hyung Jin is cleaning the Federation from such blocking members. (2) Through Hyung Jin we get training to resist Satan's manipulative power. (3) Through Hyung Jin we can observe and study the essence of these Satanic methods.

This is important and needed training. The whole history of restoration was to learn how to recognize and subjugate Satan. God's aim is to liberate us - the victims of that manipulation, not punish us. Father gave his beloved son under Satan's control so we can be liberated (See Father's prayer). By Satan attacking TP's lineage, God has the right to liberate the world. Amazing!
"God will forgive the people of Satan's world a thousands times over, He absolutely will not forgive Satan." CIG p. 413
Thus, it's not about accusing each other, but learn how to stop Satan. That's why Father continues:
"The great Day of Judgment will come. Who will be judged on that day? It's not human beings but Satan, who dwells in their souls as if he were their master." CIG p. 413

Satan Attacks the Most Precious for God

"How to become one with God", Father explained, "become one with Father and Mother." (TF, 1-15-72) The order of restoration is; first Adam, then Eve and finally the Archangel. Without restoring Mother, Father's mission would have been failure. Before going to the spirit world for few years TF was repeating, “Father-Mother and God are one”.

But why is Hyung Jin cursing his mother? The higher the level of responsibility, the more evil forces one has to face and restore, in order to be successful. But what if one fails overcoming these forces. Many central figures failed in the history of restoration. "God said in the ten commandments honor your mother and father. As long as True Mother is still The Head of the church sons and daughters should respect obey and follow." Efren

OUR ATTITUDE: No matter that Hyung Jin failed, my attitude is, "Oh God, he is attacked because of our failures. How can I help? Which way we can liberate his beautiful Original Nature?

There are enough evidences of H2's failure; Notice how is cursing defined; "... utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something. An offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance." That's clearly satanic nature, rather than godly. What energy is produced by that? Can that produce Peace and Love? Of course, not!

True Father explains that we cannot "reach God through meditation, self-discipline etc", but the fastest way is "to love others and witness to them" (3-1-65). Hyung Jin is strong on this first part, but he was never interested in witnessing, whatsoever. And let's be clear, making others negative with 'hate talk' is not love and witnessing.

DO WE SEE Lucifer's nature in Hyung Jin? Yes we do! This terrible idea is substantially in front of our eyes. Pity, but fact!

Some say Hyung Jin converted hundreds of UC members. While in fact Hyung Jin didn't convert anyone. Just the opposite, he was converted by them.. by listening to their negativism. I saw that many times in our church. Spiritually wick leaders, listening to negative members, become manipulated. Mostly, those were already negative, skeptical, invaded people. Give and take with them allows the evil spirits to gradually obsess you. This are the kind of people HJN and KJN surrounded with. They stimulate H2's ego.

The more Hyung Jin curses, the more they praise him as a 'king', because they are manipulated by evil spirits who love this kind of dirty, self-centered stuff. So here is the real issue, these evil spirits have to be restored through returning resurrection. Someone with common base has to take their fallen nature on himself and be able to overcome it. A mathematical period will be involved.

I gave presentation in 1999, that according to the Parallels of History TC will divide the church after 2013. Read, H2 parallels with the Divided Kingdom

The World of Peace to Start

God's world of true love is rising in front of our eyes. But the dirt has to come out. Returning resurrection now goes with full power. We live in wonderful time.

For the Ideal World (CIG) to start, the problems in the spiritual world need to re-appear, be revealed, observed, understood and restored on earth - substantially. This is the reason for the Sanctuary Church phenomena. Many of our ancestors are still under the control of Evil Angels in the low spirit realms. Now you can see substantially, how evil angels manipulate them into resentment. I see this process constantly in the spirit world. I notice it when it is happening around. Without Sanctuary Church you will not believe me when I tell you haw easy Evil Angels can come and turn good people into tools off Satan's will.

In CSG we read,
"Peace begins only when True Parents emerge and, centering on them, true families emerge.. the kingdom of heaven on earth begins with True Parents and true families. This is the basis of humanity. This is where the kingdom of love begins, where the kingdom of life and lineage begins.." CSG 2, p. 1076
As True Father clearly explains, "All religious groups (such as SC) that fight other religious are destined to disappear. Humankind will not sustain their existence. They will dissipate entirely." CSG 2, p. 1076

The Way of Returning Resurrection

Why Hyung Jin went so much off, away from the way of love and filial piety? Hyung Jin took Lucifer's rebellious, self-centered nature to Restore it. So he is restoring the fallen angels. The unresolved satanic feelings came on him with full power, for the purpose of restoration. Same like Lucifer, his heart got full with resentment. What is Sanctuary Church restoring? Sanctuary Church took the position of all the evil spirits misled to work under Lucifer to promote Satan's will.

The restoration is if they overcome these feelings and turn to love. Love forgives, love unites, love never judges, love uplifts, does not aim to destroy others, love does not gossip. Hyung Jin is far from getting even the notion of what love is, but TM is the incarnation of true love.

Please understand, the evil spirits were normal people completely unaware of how much they are mislead and how evil their actions have become. Evil angels fixate their minds on some self-righteous problems to accuse, same like Sanctuary Church. They never realized how that turned them into evil spirits, controlled by Satan. Instead they feel they love each other, because they are united with the common base of accusing - four position foundation centered on Satan. This is the state of so many spirits in the lower realms of spirit world.

Turning From Beloved to Accuser

Lucifer was the one most loved by God, who turned around and subjugated Eve - becoming God's enemy. Sanctuary Church claims that Father loved Hyungjin, so instead of him following Mother, she is obligated to love and support him. Wow! How come child can use the love of one parent to reverse dominion over the other. In Psychology that's called Triangulation - satanic trick to invade the family. That's the model in the gossiping - invaded families. Read, Evil games played in the family

In fact, Hyungjin's attitude is the same as that of Lucifer, "you are obligated to love me no matter what I do." Lucifer says to God; "You are God of love, you are obligated to love me." He misused that to trap God and pierce his Heart again and again, with no mercy. Even though God kept silent, still loving, without responding - Lucifer continued to attack God in every way possible. How similar to Mother's attitude and the pain she has to endure. She is really True Mother. She is really united with God's heart.

We see the very same Luciferian attitude now in Hyungjin against his mother. Thus we understand what process of Resurrection is happening spiritually. Hyungjin is restoring the fallen nature of these evil Archangels. And of course Angels don't know what is it to have Mother. So obvious, Hyung Jin is not himself. 

The parent-child relationship full with pain and grief

Observing Hyung Jin we can study and understand the process of how Lucifer, from favorite and good, became rebellious, heartless and evil. We can see how parent-child relationship became full with hatred and curses. Now is the period of restoring the barriers in the mother-son relationship.

Lucifer was God's favorite, while he was obedient, Dr. Lee explains. But look what has become of him afterwords; "The seed of resentment.. began to sprout within his heart and he began to rebel against God." "From that moment, the parent-child relationship became one of difficulty, pain and grief. The parent-child relationship of love deteriorated to a position of hatred, curses and nightmares. That's why this history now needs to be corrected. Lucifer needs to return to his original position.. in sincere apology."..

Now you see, why Father mentioned that TC stand in Archangelic position to Mother. Someone has to take this Luciferian feelings and succeed to reverse them - so that history can be liberated. Even angels in the spirit world cannot do it by themselves. God's children have to take spiritually this fallen nature on themselves and liberate this pain.

The Age of Women and Children Responsibility

"This is the era of mother-son cooperation" - Father

All the history of Restoration was to liberate that Liciferian rebellious, self-centered, self-righteous fallen nature. All the history of Restoration was about restoring the parent-child relationship, destroyed by Lucifer. Now is the age of women and at the same time, age of responsibility of the children. Naturally we will see God's efforts in restoring all the blockages and resentments in the mother-son relationship, too.

What is children's responsibility, to curs their mother, or to show filial piety? Which one is Lucifer's way? Disobedience, rebellion, resentment, accuser, gossiper. Why all these words characterize the essence of Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church? Because they took the satanic nature on themselves, with the purpose of resolving it, finding the way out of these trapped emotions, and taking the reverse way - the way of repentance, obedience, love. 

Why is Hyung Jin's heart not free? Because God is not with him. That's why he lives in fear of conspiracy, resentments and hopelessness about the church. "If an individual tries to live for himself then God never comes to him", Father says, "but once he sacrifices himself for the family, God will come". "Perfection means the perfection of love, with no lack of any kind, a perfectly round love" (1-22-78)



  1. This is an extraordinarily astute observation. I knew this basically before I read it -- but your explanation is crystal clear. God bless you!

    1. hope and pray that soon he will change and bow down before True Mother.

  2. Thank you very much! It is liberating message

  3. I guess one of my biggest problems with fringe groups and SC in particular is the dishonesty of many of its advocates. I asked a friend one time "look I dont mind what you do, you are still my friend but are you a member of the Woo group" He said no and within a day his testimony for the group was all over the web. I see people make snide remarks about True Mother on the web and then you ask direct and they dont answer straight. They want the best of both worlds but in the end they get the worst. Anyway I am back to the broadcasts from Korea where my heart is.

    1. The funny part is, Sanctuary Church members spread this quote, "God and True Parents are the only command center", yet use it to say Hyung Jin is the command center. THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE with SPIRITUALLY BLINDED PEOPLE by evil spirits.

    2. Yes I meet many Sanctuary Church members who try to say the Command Centre is Hyung Moon.

      If he was the command centre we would not be told "NOT" to follow him if he did not follow True Parents.

      Obvious really. And as it is written above it is stated clearly. God and True Parents are the only Command centre. They still blindly insist the same.

      There is no real discussion with them. Its as hard talking to a Sanctuary Church member, as it is with other fanatical christian sects


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