"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Is there POSITIVE in Hyung Jin's words?

Hyung Jin's words rev. hyung jin nim moon, king hyung jin, sanctuary church kook jin nim hyungjin nim
in Hyung Jin's words?
Hyung Jin's words rev. hyung jin nim moon, king hyung jin, sanctuary church kook jin nim hyungjin nim
Our way, as Father was teaching us, is the way of unification; bringing peace and harmony. Hyung Jin's way is the way of division, bringing resentment and antagonism. Read H2 & Trump

This is not the first time Sanctuarly Church member insists I should look at "what is positive and precious in his words." "And there is not little", he said, "much more substance than in anything we hear from Mother." Definitely, read Gossiping Ham nature of Hyungjin

And hearing Hyung Jin is doing something positive, I'm excited. Oh, I wish he finally does something nice. I sincerely want to know if he does. We all love him, awaiting for him to mature and inherit Father's tradition of True Love - Living for the sake of others. Because we are fed up by Hyung Jin's talk against Father.

But I was again disappointed. The SC associate only came out with all the accusations and gossips learned from 'king' Hyungjin. Where is the positive in that? Why negativity is something positive for them? Last time I asked a close to Hyung Jin member, he did the same. He told me all the negative rumors against Mother. 

Why SC replaces Witnessing with Gossiping?

You see, having a negative mind themselves, they feel excited and liberated, finding common base with others who are negative too and support their fallen nature. So gossiping and criticizing becomes important pass time. However, that gives joy to the fallen nature only temporarily. The next day their conscience will again need to be suppressed by more rumors, accusations against somebody else. If not, they will feel miserable (effect of the unresolved resentments in their own hearts).

It's a never ending evil game, explained in psychology as the game of, 'If it wasn't for him'; blaming someone for not doing what's right themselves, while in fact, they simply have phobic fear from doing it. In this case, fear from and inability to witness - which makes them incapable of doing God's will.

But for me SC replies only prove that Hyung Jin is teaching them hate. Of course, talking against someone else so viciously, creating all sort of unbelievable rumors, THAT'S EVIL. Unable to resolve these trapped resentful emotions within themselves, they only gave a green light to that fallen nature. And Hyung jin is nurturing that resentment in their hearts with full force.

I see how every sermon of Hyung Jin, teaches them to resent one more thing from Father's teachings, tradition and organisations. Even when I kindly explain that's wrong and request something really positive, they just continue with negativity. Cannot get it!

Only after patient explanations why this is bad, not positive, they finally came with the following. "We are uplifted by his sermons." Yes, but they are negative, why are you uplifted? This doesn't give me anything good he ever did. "Oh, he is visiting families". Yes, but he visits them to gossip and spread negativity. Nothing positive there too. 

As you will see in the following discussion, things turn out not to be too much against Mother, but simple theological arguing. The misunderstanding, SC creates, reminds me more of some young ignorant member, who argues just because of ignorance. Most of us as young members also tended one side or the other, not yet understanding the Unificationist, unifying, point - where up and down, left and right cross centered on True Love. 

What's positive in SC guys mind? NEGATIVITY

On his accusation that we are copping Hyung Jin's mocking style, I answered: "If we start calling Hyung Jin "Homosexual" we would be copying his mocking style. But observing what's evil in what H2 does, is not making us same like him.. YET LOVE TO HEAR WHAT PRECIOUS YOU SEE IN HIS WORDS???"

After our agreement to tell me something positive, here was his answer:

"homosexual".. the only base to use the word would be childish.

"Are you saying that Hyung Jin's calling his mom "Lesbian" is CHILDISH", I asked. "You are right! That's exactly what I meant - how IMMATURE it is for Hyung Jin to say such nonsense things."

You are addressing obviously Hyung Jin Jim's talking about lesbianism in the direction of FF and Mo
ther. There is a reason he use that term and it is not just "out of mood". It started with Hyung Jin Nim talking about theological lesbianism.

Yes, In H2's video, he as accusing Mother as "Lesbian" because she allowed Muslims to come in Europe. YOU SEE HOW CHILDISH Hyung Jin's logic is... Problem is, he is grown up and his immature attitude turns into Monstrous MULTIPLICATION OF EVIL.

Why? In FF under Mother's guidance.. this teaching (
about man and women - Adam embodying God and True Eve a wife of God) is being questioned. Specially A.W. questioned it in his presentations. God is not recognized anymore as masculine subject, but it has being created second Mother God.

Yes, I saw the video, how Hyung Jin in so ugly way ridiculed A.W. It was more transmitting evil emotions, rather than rationally explaining anything wrong in A.W's explanations. That's also EVIL MANIPULATIVE NATURE - Luciferian. Doesn't speak anything good of Hyung Jin.

That's very IMMATURE of him. No one in UC believes the stupidities H2 accuses them for. This is only in his head and he is transmitting it in your heads, to make evil spirits out of you - pumping you with hostility and resentment with his fabricated accusations.

If Hyung Jin want's to accuse about "Second Mother God", first they have to hear and understand what the other side means. But H2 preferes creating some fabricated monsters. He is not interested in the Truth. Probably he is ignorant of chapter Dual Characteristics of God. But we are not ignorant about God as a masculine subject. Hyung Jin is missing where is the point of unity.

Stressing who is subject, who object is meaningless, when we talk of God's inner characteristics - because they are united and expressed in everything as separate, but in Him they are in total unity. The perfection of his creation is when these characteristics become perfected and united in man. True Parents did this - fulfilling God's Ideal. Father clearly explained that without mother even he is half perfect.

Why Hyung Jin wants to argue Father's explanation? If he doesn't like Father's words, why is he accusing Mother for things Father said? Because there are ignorant members, like SC, who believe these nonsense. 

Mother directed to abandon praying to God as True Father, but to use dual and gender free expression "Heavenly Parents".
Wrong! Mother didn't made up herself some gender expression (H2's phobic fabrication). She followed Father's words, how God should be called in CIG. Father wrote these explanations at the beginning of his mission. Read Father's explanation before falsely criticizing. This way Hyung Jin is actually accusing Father for calling God, "Heavenly Parent". I understand that's from ignorance. All evil and fallen nature, DP says, are from ignorance. Because we all have the original desire for goodness. But this way Hyung Jin says TF is wrong for explaining that when CIG comes we will no more call God, "Heavenly Father", but "Heavenly Parent". I DON'T AGREE with H2 that Father is wrong !!!

Praying to God is a personal thing, you can call him as you want.. your heart is important. The point is that now God is Complete as a Parent, not just as Father (New Testament level of restoration) You see how ignorance made H2'S HEART IS EVIL - that's the problem! What kind of two gods are in his messed up head? His motivation may be good, but the results of his ignorance and immature actions are evil. This is such an external attitude he displays. Of course God is Parent. How can Hyung Jin try to deny that, even less, manipulate you in hatred against that. If SC love him like us, they should help him understand and correct himself.

It is being explained that Mother was not able to express herself while Father was living and is able to do it better now. It connects clearly to the concept that oppression of women by man is the source of the problems in the world. It is.. the concept behind the feminism, which has tendency to oppose man as the oppressor and in its radical form leads to nothing else as lesbianism.

So, in this case, Hyung Jin is actually calling TF a 'lesbian' because of telling us that when God's Ideal is fulfilled we should call God with 'gender-what' expression. No, Father is Unifiicationist. Hyung Jin is Divisionist. Of course Father is against gender oppression. What kind of gossiping, evil-minded rationalizations Hyung Jin is filling your heads (SC). 

That, about Mother "expressing", is more gossiping matter, showing Hyung Jin's evil heart. Calling that feminism and combining it with the concept of oppression is entirely Hyung Jin's evil rationalization, result of his Trapped Emotions, and contains no healthy logic!

Are you saying that feminism is LESBIANISM and in this case Hyung Jin's patriarchate is HOMOSEXUAL-ISM. That's insane logic! You realize that. Only an evil-mind person, who has no conscience and is willing to twist any truth, just to accuse, spread rumors and multiply negativity, can create such sick rationalizations.  Read, Sanctuary Church - victim of a Psychopath

Hyung Jin's words rev. hyung jin nim moon, king hyung jin, sanctuary church kook jin nim hyungjin nim

The Way To Be Only Begotten

On May 1, 1977, True Father prophesied that his successor would appear in fifteen years. “I feel I can give myself totally for 15 more years, and in that time I must find someone to succeed me.” Fifteen years later, he did not announce a successor. He announced the co-founder.
To understand this, we go back to True Father’s words in that same 1977 speech: “God will elevate one woman to completely embody the Holy Spirit on earth. This is the time for the birth of the true Eve.”
Father said, “For 70 years, women will be trying to assume their rightful, original role. …God is looking for the ideal woman who has the qualifications and potential to become a true wife and true mother, and eventually the true queen or empress of the universe. …Apart from her family the greatest responsibility and glory that a woman can assume is that of empress or queen of the Kingdom of God. …you sisters here all want to become empresses also, don’t you?”
Father finally succeeded to establish such True Family with True Mother. She became the one. He affirmed numerous times her divine status as the only begotten Daughter, born of a chosen lineage. She did enormous conditions to qualify. 
This was the first such woman. Same like Jesus, who also had his unique divine status, born of a chosen lineage. In True Father’s words, “Jesus said ‘God is my Father, and I am His only begotten Son.’ …Jesus emphasized that there could be no other Son than himself. …He was the only Son, … There was no other one who could love God.” True Mother is also the only one - the only begotten - the first restored woman. 
But Jusus could not complete his mission alone. He needed a restored wife, to create True Family. Then Jesus’ followers could have also created true families themselves, with his Blessing. 
We all can reach perfection. True Mother teaches that we are, or can be, the true children of True Parents. She can say that because she knows the way.
(Citations: “God’s Preparation for Our Church, and Its Early Days,” in God’s Will and the World, pp. 420, 395, 394, 395, 393; “The Importance of Heavenly Heart,” http://tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon71/SM711230.HTM.)

Hyung Jin Failed the Responsibility to 'BECOME HEIR'

Hyung Jin Failed the Responsibility 

To Inherit the heart and the standard of TPs is great responsibility, we are all given to fulfill. It is not TF's blessing that decides this inheritance, it is the fulfillment of our own portion. 

"You should leave a legacy of love behind when you go", Father explains, "You cannot enter heaven if there is any kind of flaw. Therefore your life on earth is important. When we go to the spirit world you will be just as you where when you lived on this earth. There are no exceptions." (CSG 7)

HISTORY: TF asked H1 to step out and correct his behavior. He couldn't overcome and rebelled, taking things by force. When H2 also went unprincipled direction, TM rebuked him and told him to step out and overcome. He struggled to, but couldn't go over this Ham nature, so he became even more rebellious, even full with anger (Prove for the evil sp.w. working through him). Read.. 

What legacy Hyung Jin is leaving behind? We love TC, but each video of Hyung jin is showing us non stop deep shit, hate talk, accusing Father, cursing Mother. HOW GODLY Hyung Jin is! Please tell me! Did he inherit TPs heart and standard? How can this behavior 'representing' TPs? So who's heir and representative he has become? Read, Hyung Jin took LUCIFER'S NATURE to Restore it and Turning Against Everything Father Ever Said

Hyung Jin was appointed as President on Apr 18 2008, 12 and asked to (1) Learn the Word (2) Inherit TPs tradition (3) Overcome resentment (4) Practice filial piety and loyalty. He 'represented' from 2008 till 2012, then he stopped representing and turned against TPs. DP foretells that! Even TF gave hints that may happen.

Read carefully, in his prayer this day, TF clearly underlined Hyung Jin’s mission of resolving resentments of the 3 ages. Meaning Hyung Jin may become resentful, but he has to overcome. Read, Hyung Jin's Trapped Emotions: Restoring the Past

COMMENT: True Parental love is to help children correct and grow, not to tolerate their wrong behavior. That's why TPs pushed away H1 and H2, when they were doing wrong; BECAUSE OF LOVE, but they cannot interfere with their own portion of responsibility to overcome with the right heart.

Do you still insist H2 loves Father?

At the "Inauguration" Ceremony, Father blessed HJN's couple to, "inherit the authority as the representatives and heirs who can attend.. True Parents." Not 'deny TP' but being obedient, follow and represent them. 

How is he trying to inherit TPs? Did you see the videos where he curses his mother? Did you see the video where he called Family Pledge "enslaving" and Father's tradition of tithing, "Satanic"? Did you see the video where he teaches hate towards Muslims, accusing Father and Mother for allowing Muslims come in Europe? Did you watch the video where SC compares Hyung Jin's 40 yrs stay at TPs palace with the Satanic realm of Egypt? Do you still insist he loves Father? 

So Hyung Jin is the HATE LOVING GUY, who came out of the 'love practicing' parents he despises. He will even correct their ways, instead of Unification, HE IS TEACHING the way of Division, Hate, Fighting, Resentment, Negativity, Accusations, Judging. Each of his videos shows how he brainwashes SC to hate one more thing from Father's teachings, Father's organizations, Father's traditions. Wow, how he loves Father! 

If you want to INHERIT "Honor thy Father and Mother"

COMMENT: "Any man in his 40s , who complains about his mom, and tries to get others to join him, is not a man. Not many healthy people would want to hang out with a looser.."

We all have been blessed with the same responsibility. We all have to inherit True Parents standard and tradition. This blessing alone does not make us perfect, does not make us heir, it only gives us the responsibility to inherit and represent TPs in everything. Only doing it will bring us to perfection. Our standard of life shows, how much we fulfilled that. 
"What is the one foundation... the starting point for the realization of God's hope.. become people who can obey the True Parents, based on our secret relationship with them. This will finally liberate the cosmos and open the gate to the heavenly kingdom." Father - CSG
SC however, took the position that Hyung Jin has “inherited the full authority of the True Parents on earth” so there are no more the original True Parents, but his couple is now 'true parents', even though their standard says the opposite. 

COMMENT: This is.. arrogance! Hyung Jin had difficulty to believe in his Father as the Messiah, rather than in his Mother.

H2 did not inherit TPs standard and heart

We are not blind and obviously H2 did not inherit TPs standard and heart - as we see from his own actions and words. Did he become united and representing TPs? Absolutely not! How then he can have the right to proclaim himself the “second King”. Arrogance or narcissism, I don't know, but now Hyung Jin has difficulties with TFs teachings and organizations. Especially how Father structured them - HgJN and KJN don't like it. Everything Father did and said seems 'Satanic' to them. Read...

We see Hyung Jin is not ashamed to use lies and manipulation, just to reach to the top. (Read...He also loves to use Father's words for accusations. To claim false authority, Hyung Jin selectively uses just some of Father's words, to glorify himself.  Read, Hyung Jin's FALSE CLAIMS of SUCCESSION

COMMENT: You can´t build your house (SC) on a foundation of accusations and putting yourself high.

There are so much more words of Father, glorifying Mother, and so much more sacrifice that she did, but he neglects all that. Sanctuary Church members often quote the Declaration and Will (June 5, 2010). They not only dismisses all the rest of what Father said and taught, but they reverse even the meaning of this quote:
"God is the one King of Kings. There is only one set of True Parents... command center of cosmic peace and unity.. Its representative is Hyung Jin Moon.. The above content is True Parents' proclamation." Korea - June 5, 2010; Declaration and Will (Written by TF's own hand) 
(1) Given responsibility to fulfill (Learn the Truth) - HE DIDN'T
(2) Will pay indemnity (Has to overcome Resentment) - HE DIDN'T
(3) Should obey True Parents (Show loyalty and filial piety) - HE DIDN'T

H2 - Changing Father's Words to Reverse Dominion

As you see, the quote SC uses, only confirms the correct order;  (1) God - (2) True Parents - (3) Representative.  But the way Hyung Jin uses this quote is to neglect it's original meaning and reverse dominion:
(1) Hyungjin's position (King)
(2) True Parents (Don't exist - but his couple are TP now)
(3) God's will (Destroy UC with negativity)
Note that this is "True Parents proclamation", not Father's proclamation. It puts God and True Parents as the center (the Command center), while Hyung Jin is only their representative. Meaning, HJN has to unite and follow absolutely (TF and TM). That's why in 2011 TF clarified that.
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this." (TF 2011)
The only way we can call H2's maneuvers is, evil sociopathic manipulation. Rationalizing and rationalizing, until he makes the false seem true. If Hyung Jin is the King, he is the King of Manipulation, the King of Narcissism (self-centeredness), King of Division

And his wife? In her videos Yeona shows herself as the Queen of Gossiping. You see, their own words and deeds portray them as just the opposite of what true parents should be. They spread rumors, gossiping around against TPs, instead of representing them. It's good that God's Laws are universal and no 'self proclaimed king' can revers them anytime in the future. 
"God commands.. through TPs, not directly from God to TC. All children and the rest of the world must follow in the way of True Parents. There is no other way." TF
Imagine if that was not so. If future descendants of TPs could change things, deny TPs and do as they wish, but we as subordinates had to obey that. How many evil things could be possible. TF warned that should not be accepted. TF specifically asked H2 to declare that no TC should put themselves as the new center, denying TPs. Read...

COMENT: "In all fairness, it's hardly any mommy issues in question here, rather there are doctrinal disagreements that he takes issue with."

H2 - Destroys the Heavenly Tradition 

Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church should really read and learn Father's words about Filial Piety:
"People of filial piety will think of their parents first... Such a spirit of loyalty, filial piety, and the unchanging fidelity.. constitute the central thought and spirit for the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that will be established in the future." CSGA Life of True Filial Piety
Lucifer was the one, who destroyed the tradition of filial piety and started the tradition of rebellion, resentment and accusations. Lucifer's essential nature was to accuse God's children, judging and manipulating them with resentment. Read...

Do you realize what tradition is Hyung Jin establishing? Does he realize what historic consequences that wrong tradition will perpetuate? Cloaking his self-serving agenda in guise of "obedience" and "service" to God's will and Father, Hyungjin without remorse reverses the meaning of TF's words to advance his selfish ambitions, aiming no where, but to destroy all TF's Ideals, destroy TM and destroy the Church.

Comments about H2
Hair today, gone tomorrow?
He should grow his hair again?
That's true, there is some connection, as apostate he is always bald. When obedient he had hair!
Never thought of that 
Samson comes to mind! 
Like if it takes his divine power

In CSG, TF speaks of, "Saints and Divine Sons and Daughters of Perfect Loyalty and Filial Piety". He says, "Such a person is a devoted child of heaven and earth. Apart from this context, the concepts of a filial child or son have no value." How will history remember Hyung Jin? What will be his value?

TF clearly explains, that any sect that teaches resentment against others will vanish. The cosmos will not tolerate such religious sect as SC. History will remember H2 as the most evil betrayer, if he does not change on time. But what do members of Sanctuary Church care... they simply love gossiping and enjoy his hate talk. This is the thing that most amazes me! Brings only paint to me, but brings joy to them.. HOW CAN TALKING EVIL OF OTHERS BRING THEM JOY? What's wrong with those guys!

Our  Love for True Children

The fact that he could not become heir of TP yet, does not mean that he will not inherit, it's just a period of indemnity.. EVEN IF HE DOES NOT OVERCOME in this life, TP WILL EMBRACE & LOVE HIM IN SP.W.

We love True Children and wish they shine in glory inheriting True Parent's love and heart. This quote of TF is for all of us, SC and UC:
"When you embrace your enemy, the spark of the love of God will melt away evil. Even Satan cannot help but surrender in front of the true love of God. When you are giving the true love of God.. should feel, "My love can melt even the biggest man." That is the kind of confidence you should have. That is the way I live my life. I want to embrace the entire world and every kind of person, even the most disagreeable one. 
Love conquers all and nothing can displace or overthrow it. Once you occupy this highest pinnacle of love no one can topple you.. When people argue about something you have to embrace them with this power of love. You have to face your opponents and forgive them so that your own repentance will be actualized and you can bring these people to God." TF, Spiritual Guidance on Repentance and Forgiveness


April 6 2008 Father made ceremony, that the brothers (H1/KJ) were to UNITE CENTERING ON TM.

In his sermon, Nov 14 2009, Hyung Jin mentioned TF asked him to convey to members that "if any of the TC or Grand Children denies TPs or any in-laws, members should not follow any of them." That serious request from TF was made a year & seven months after Hyung Jin's inauguration. Video..

Nov 24 2009 HgJ sayd in an interview, that there is no confusion about succession as long as TM is here. This is what TF had clarified with him during their 8 hours talk. 

In 2011 Apr 4, TF said that the responsible person for the Unification Movement is NOT HgJ nor KJ. On top of them is TM. TF emphasized that WE SHOULD NOT FORGET THIS. 

On April 14 2012 TF declared TM as perfected Eve and TF offered that day as the day where the Internal God (HP) and External God (TP) have achieved perfected unity because of the unity of TF and TM as the TRUE PARENTS. TF emphasized this point in the speech that TP = TF + TM. TM is the substantial form of God's feminine aspect and through her the unity of GNight & GDay was achieved.

July 16 2012 - at the inauguration of ABEL Women UN, Father asked everyone to choose the path of TM which is the path of a true daughter, a true wife, a true mother and a true woman leader. TM is the model, TM is the leader, she is the next HEAD after TF.

Aug 13 2012 TF prayed that he had accomplished, perfected and concluded the providence and now is the time for HTM to build the CIG through tribal restoration & community breakthroughs. That the most important achievement TF had is finding TM and perfecting the course of the TPs; establishing the True Family & producing millions of Blessed families worldwide. (From the "Summary of My Reflection why SC is wrong!" )

HJN started the Period of DIVIDED KINGDOM
HJN reversing the Principle: Anti-PARALLEL WITH MOSES
Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

  "All True Children must follow True Parents"
   This is True Parents' declaration.. 2011 - Father clearly says 
   that ALL True Children must follow True Parents. 

                                                                     Read the complete text >>>


Hyung Jin's False Claims of Succession Kook Jin false Sanctuary Churche false
Hyung Jin's 
False Claims of Succession
Hyung Jin's False Claims of Succession Kook Jin false Sanctuary Churche false
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this." (TF 2011)
Hyung Jin's False Claims of Succession Kook Jin false Sanctuary Churche false
"God commands.. through TPs, not directly from God to TC. All children and the rest of the world must follow in the way of True Parents. There is no other way." TF

Since 1991, Father said, he is preparing TM as his successor. He made it very clear, "Mother.. alone, represents True Parents" (TF, 3-27-1990).

"This is Mother's age. Father is even preparing to put Mother in Father's place." TF - Hawaii

Hyung Jin himself said, he was educated by Father for 8 hours that after his passing Mother will be 'top decision maker'... so there should be no confusion about succession:
"My father.. as long as he is here, he is the top decision maker, if he is not here, then my mother is the top decision maker. Because of my mother's presence, there is no confusion regarding succession in Unificationism." Hyung Jin 2008
Not only that, in a video recording Hyung Jin admits Father specifically asked him to proclaim that he will never put himself a "new center" and "deny True Parents", no matter if they make mistake or hurt him.
"If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." Watch the Video>>>
The representative and inheritor of True Parents, has to be united and follow Father and Mother. When Hyung Jin was united - he represented! When he turned against TPs, he became heretic and destroyer... or we should say TRAITOR AND DIVISION MAKER - Hyung Jin.


Why it is so good that TC are deviating now? Any future generation of descendants can suddenly decide to change the tradition and deny TP. TM would be not here to stop that. That's why God needs our movement to experience and understand how far off such deviation can lead, so that no one will be able to make it in the future. 

Father was completely aware of that. For this reason he asked Hyung Jin to publicly proclaim, that no future generation of Moon will do that:
"If Hyung Jin.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them. 
If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear.Watch the Video>>>
The Coronation of Hyung Jin as True Parents hair, was to be their representative, not reverse dominion over them. True Father was clear about this, he even asked Hyung Jin to proclaim it:
"The True Children exist because of True Parents.. And even when is tough, even when we can't understand it, even when we feel hurt by them.. " Watch the Video>>>

Successor is the one who is absolutely loyal to TPs

After True Mother the successor will be the one most sacrificial and loyal to TPs:
"My successor among my sons and daughters.. the one who sacrifices himself the most for the sake of God's will, the one who best exemplifies the principles of loyalty and filial piety." TF
The successor after True Mother should be unanimously accepted:
"That successor.. all the UC, all the blessed couples and the TP's family.. must all unanimously accept him."  TF, God's Will
This is absolute principle, what's true, should be accepted by all:
"What Is a True Parent? There is no one that dislikes something true. If something is liked from one side and disliked from the other, it cannot be perfectly true" TF, CSG
You see, Father's words explain the best, why Hyung Jin's gossiping and accusations are not true:
"Those who succeed in earthly life by slandering and plotting against others will be turned upside down in the spirit world."  (Father, CSG, 849)


Father said, this is the vertical axis. When God views straight downward, True Parents appear as one. When the children view straight upward, True Parents appear as one. But Father said, if the children deviate from the straight vertical axis then True Parents appear separate.

Father clearly explained that Mother has "the same value" as him, "a rank equal" to his:
"In a relationship of love, both participants have the same value. Even a woman from the countryside, if she marries the president of a nation, will form that day on be the first lady. Right away the will rise to a rank equal to that of the president. Therefore you of the Unification church must become completely one with True Parents." CSG 919
Even for Hyungjin, to inherit and represent True Parents, he has to first be absolutely united with them. True Parents are the eternal center. Yet, he left his position of representing them and reversed dominion, proclaiming himself 'a new center' over them. We know from DP, where that nature comes from.

The Laws are universal, but Hyungjin thinks he can reverse all laws and go against TF in everything and still be his representative. Really! How is that possible. Hyung jin is even calling in his videos TF's tradition 'satanic'. Look in the Bible; Saul was anointed by God as a King, but he failed. Solomon was anointed as a King. He failed too! Yes, restoration goes by being tempted to repeat the same failures and overcome. Read Parallels between Hyung Jin and Solomon


Now we see why. There are so many evil spirits that can influence our life, all around us. Mother showed with her life that she can stand unshakable. TC are just children that need to grow. They still have time to prove their loyalty, faith and spiritual stability. They never proved, they can stand these tricky spiritual forces. So after the protection of TF, as a subject, is no more here, they are vulnerable.

When appointing Hyung Jin, TF said, "Currently, there is no one.. surpassing in faith". That's why Father apointed him, for his FAITH AND OBEDIENCE TO TP. But later Hyung Jin lost this faith, doubted and rebelled, same like Lucifer. He even wants to divorce TP. How low and dark spirits have invaded him?!!

To fulfill his responsibility 'to become hair', Hyung Jin had to show FILIAL PIETY to Mother.. and overcome Lucifer's rebellious nature. WE PRAY, HE WILL

Spiritual study showed, that if one's conscience is strong about what is wrong, evil spirits cannot make him do it. Of course, unless they trick the person in some way. But as we see, Sanctuary Church ARE EASILY TRICKED BY ANYTHING.

Examples are plenty! Hyung Jin says he protects CSG, yet Hyung Jin denies CSG1: Read 57 quotes about True Mother in CSG. Yet, Hyung Jin compares himself to Moses, for staying 40 yrs in TP's palace, comparing it with the Satan's place. (Read details). Than he escaped, so he should now has to lead us out, back to Satan's Realm. No matter how strange, unprinciple, irrational and stupid that comparison is, Sanctuary Church clique does not object. They can't think normally! 

So how do you expect their conscience to be strong to hold against evil spirit manipulations. Impossible! in that state of ignorance they are easy prey. Spirits can play with them freely. And I see that when I talk to them. It's like talking to spirits. 

Each video of Hyung Jin I see, I find so many examples of his ignorance of the Principle. Why was he not educated well? Wasn't that our responsibility, of the members? We can see even with his older brothers, who were much better educated, they were all vulnerable and had problems at some times. When you see how much evil spirit world is around you'll know why. 

That's why H2's talk about succession is so ignorant - sounding like fairy-tale, out of the reality of how spiritual growth works and how restoration goes. For example; if perfecting a wife takes a lifetime, how can H2's wife be perfected in a day? I see Yeona's Gossiping videos, and I'm stumbled, "Is that 'perfection'?" So she must be the perfect QUEEN OF GOSSIPING. Great!


Here is a nice compilation of Father's words about Succession, compiled by Dr. Tyler Owen Hendricks

"Fundamentally I am the first founder of the chruch and Mother is the second founder." TF 3-27-1990

"My successor among my sons and daughters.. the one who sacrifices himself the most for the sake of God's will, the one who best examplifies the principles of loyalty and filial piety."

TF 2011, "The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Let's not forget, we love all TC... how much more TPs love them and expect them to grow. I believe they are sincere, just need time to grow and learn. Read Historic Reasons for Division


HgJN did the most UNBEARABLE thing FOR GOD

H2 - Unbarable for God
Why Hyung Jin lives in fear, seeing conspiracy everywhere.. Not clear conscience! In fact, Hyung Jin misunderstood whom to blame

Once we understand that all evil on earth is controlled by Satan (Fallen angels and all the subordinate evil spirits), we can see why it looks like there is some incredible, very well organized conspiracy in the world affairs.

What TF understood, and Hyung Jin didn't, is that people are not the ones to judge. Evil spiritual power is behind all evil conspiracy, people are just misused victims, Sanctuary Church too.

As TF explained:
"Who will be judged in the great judgment? It is not human beings, but Satan, who dwells like a master in their souls, who will be judged." (1969.5.4)

COMMENT: Sanctuary Church is indeed a very odd, very angry sect. They constantly attack True Mother, teach a strange sex cult theology, set up odd practices (full immersion baptism, Knighting Ceremony where hand out guns) and teach extreme, anti-government conspiracy theories. 

The Evil Spirits Behind Judging

Once entering in the game of judging and searching whom to accuse, Hyung Jin became pray of Satan. I see spiritually. I see that every day. Evil spirit comes and makes someone do or say something wrong. The same spirit enters the other person and makes him judge that mistake. So you see, in this game of Judging, Satan is the one who pools the strings.

COMMENT: HJ2 doesn't even understand the DP, which expresses the heart of our Heavenly Parent seeking to redeem all people, and to eliminate hell entirely.... Vengeance and judgment are, at best, Old Testament teachings. Except for that part about, "Honor Thy Father and Mother."

I don't see H2 and SC as evil, but as victims of evil. This evil power is holding their original mind imprisoned. If I write, it is to give power to their original mind over their evil mind, controlled by bad spirits. We all know the beautiful original nature Hyung Jin had.

COMMENT: Must say the "sermons" are disturbing and often full of anger and condemnation, unfortunately toward True Mother. He says, "Those who don't follow him are going to hell". I once thought he was a very kind, humble, caring young man who would likely become a great successor. His spirit changed. The bald head and frequent display of.. automatic weapons really undermine his character. He and Mr. Kahr like to challenge anyone to attack them, because they know martial arts and carry guns! 

H2 Calling Father's Tradition Satanic

"Father is the devil", that's H1's teaching, calling Father's tradition of tithing, "Satanic". That's why his followers call Fam.Fed members, 'Children of the Devil'. How unbearable is this attitude to God!
I asked numerous times SC members to show me at list one of Hyung Jin's videos that is not teaching resentment, that does not contain 'hate talk' and 'labeling'. But they don't consider that as bad. You see, their minds are full with rationalizations that excuse that behavior.

Evil spirits trapped their minds with small, external fixations. Cycling in their heads, that this is evil and should be stopped by any means. So now they feel excused to do all harm and evil, not realizing they are destroying God's will.

Please show me one video where H2 is not talking against Father. I COULDN'T FIND

Not only H2 calls openly Father's tradition and organizations 'Satanic', but I see his followers repeat that with vicious hearts attacking and accusing wherever they turn. How can he call Family Pledge 'enslaving'? How can he call Father's explanations about tithing, 'Satanic'? How could he call the main organization Father created, 'Satanic'? And then go and say he is doing it because he loves Father. That has nothing to do with love. If he inherited, it's not Father's heart! Than who's heart then did H2 inherit?

COMMENT: "The more I watch, and the more I hear their theology the more I realize that they are trying to destroy FFWPU so that they can replace it with their weird CULT".

Yes, I hear H2 label his mother as 'Lesbian' and 'Whore'.. 'Beach' and so on... But than he goes and talks against Father, not against Mother. So Hyung Jin is covering his desire to destroy Father with brainwashing members against his mother. LOVELY! But why is it happening? Satan! Evil power is behind this. He has no clue what he is actually doing. He is just fixated on small external problems, that Satan planted in his mind. This trapped emotions control and motivate all his actions.

Sanctuary Church's minds are now re-wired in the same trapped emotions, so they enjoy when Hyung Jin talks against TF. It's clear they cannot think, feel and see normally. Can we wake them up?


TF educated us, that one of the 4 rules of Heaven is not to hurt another's heart? How does SC excuses a son cursing his mother and even calls him a 'king'? Pleas understand, in the lower spiritual realms uniting to hurt others is the way they experience love and trust.


CSG page 536/15 says, “What is the most unbearable thing, the resentment between the loved ones.” Could H2 love his brother, H1, who was in Cain position to him? No! He spread resentment towards him. Could he repair his brother's disobedience, by becoming himself obedient to Mother? No! He again spread resentment.


Sanctuary Church is a victim of manipulative misuse of TF's words, with a selfish purpose, aiming to destroy the Church and God's providence. Leaving the position of being centered on True Parents, Hyung Jin left his proper position, because of self-centered, humanistic views, rebelled against his center (TP) and started multiplying evil. These are the 4 Fallen Natures. READ...


Unification Thought explains that to become true person one has to perfect to heart of object and than the heart of a subject. A true person that inherits TF's heart, should be example of Parental love and Peacemaking. The Bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called the Children of God”. But in the darker spiritual realms love is replaced by resentment.

Sanctuary Church says, Hyung Jin is putting things in order. Because they think that Father put them wrong. So H2 openly calls Father's tradition of tithing and Father's organizations, "Satanic". READ.. Try to find at list one of his videos where he is actually not denying and reversing Father's words and tradition. You cannot! WHY SC members don't react against H2 when he accuses Father. No! SC are jumping in joy and agreement. Full with RESENTMENT in their hearts, they enjoy that. Invaded by EVIL SPIRITS they act as such themselves.


If lower spirits feed on resentment, TF says, “God is the one who has the heart of Peace... God is not boastful”. But for H2, accusations, dividing and boasting seem so natural, he can't stop himself from doing it. In higher spiritual realms such attitude could never exists, but in the hellish dark realms that's the standard. Not only that, this standard is being glorified. "King"? If so, H2 is the 'King of Hell". Fills my heart with pain.

Family, love, peace and harmony are central for TF's teaching and life. “Family harmony makes all go well,” Father says, but “that’s not possible without harmony within the individual.” Obviously no harmony in H2's heart and mind. Some dark wars are being led in his mind. You see, there are plenty of external signs to understand what spirit world is surrounding him.

Why did H2 choose disharmony? When someone has internal problems, he blames it on external causes. Fallen nature always finds scapegoats to blame. That's what H2 did, so he became Division maker, instead of Peace maker. But it's not that simple when you see the spiritual side behind.

Once I saw the spiritual reality around Hyung Jin and Kook Jin, it became obvious why they live in fear, seeing conspiracy everywhere. In these dark spiritual realms that's the only state of life - fear, animosity, constant preparation for fighting. Life there is not love, it is war.

 What’s the Purpose of H2 and SC? That’s the problem!

"Conflict come when there are conflicting purposes", Father explains. “Originally there should be only one purpose.” But H2’s purpose is contrary to that of the organizations Father created:

Family Fed Purpose – Restore the World / Witnessinglive for others, not for self
Sanctuary Purpose – Destroy Family Fed / No witnessing – just self-centered activities

Father says, “the problem lies within the self, not within society,” not because of brother, sister, father or mother is bad. There should a harmony everywhere, “children and parents should be in harmony. We need to become well rounded. Sharp edged people cause problems.”

Why H2 see Conspiracy Everywhere?

As Michael Mickler wrote, "SC, as a movement, has little meaningful contact with the “outside” world, seeing itself in a cosmic struggle against “predatory elites” and pretenders who have captured the wider society and their church."

You have to understand, in the lower sp realms that threat is real. Out of their circle of protection they constantly feel threatened. Influenced by this sp.w. for them it is real even in the physical world.

But you should understand that in this world our own resonance of heart determines which nature we open in the people around. If we are connected to Heaven we open their original nature. If we are connected to Hell, we see constantly the evil nature expressed around.

That gets most obvious in FR. But the man who had the most unbelievable ability to open the original nature of other, is True Father. I was always amazed how he could embrace right and left politicians and believing in their original nature, he could open it and inspire them.

I wish some day HJN understand that and develops the same ability. We were all fallen people, yet Father could work with us and pull the providence forward. Father opened our original minds and made us sacrifice, so that we can grow and liberate God, by sacrificing for the world.

HJN sided with the complaining fallen nature of some resentful members. Observing our faults, he couldn’t keep the same loving heart as Father, but started judging, loosing temper, losing faith, loosing the ability to see member’s original mind. How did Father move the providence. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice and donations of the members, how could this world foundation be achieved.

Why H2 opposes Father in everything?

HJN lightly judges all that. No, Father didn’t make mistake, sacrifice is the way to meet God. But HJN killed all that; no witnessing, no tithing, no pushing for higher goals. Where is he heading? Why is he going opposite of Father’s way? Why is he teaching opposite of Father’s teachings? Why did he change all Father’s traditions?

 You see the spirit world behind him, you’ll know the answer. Read My Dream with Mother and HJN. In these dark realms of the spirit world everyone gathers evidence to judges others. That's their main preoccupation and purpose in life. Even more, that's their only way they build trust, get inspired, feel hope - only when they find common base to judge and accuse someone. Well, in fact, that's the very reason why they ended in these dark realms. In the sp.w. I could see this cause and effect. I see what kind of spirit world is behind this Sanctuary Church maneuvers.

So now, the real question is who is able to resurrect all those billions of people stuck in these dark realms? God and True Father cannot bare to see their children stay there hopeless and so miserable. Do you understand now, why Father decided to sacrifice his own family, his own sons, to find the way out. When I look at HgJN I see what is he suffering with and I see he is trying desperately to find the way out.

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