"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

True Parents are God's Substantial Image

True Parents are God's Substantial Image

True Parents spent the last two years of Father's earthy life touring the world to proclaim that they are God's substantial image on earth and in the spirit world. We know from the Principle which Father taught that God's full image is a man and woman who have accomplished mind and body unity, are infused with God's mind and heart, blessed in holy matrimony. People who possess both human and divine characteristics. 

In 2012 alone, Father made several proclamations that he and Mother had fulfilled their mission which is to liberate God by becoming the eternal Cosmic King and Queen of Peace, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who give birth to God's children through the holy blessing offered to all people across three ages, past present and future. There is only one set of True Parents. We are to inherit their foundation and build heavenly families, spreading the blessing and love of True Parents as tribal messiahs, as extensions of True Parents, ourselves becoming like True Parents. There are multiple speeches referring to True Parents as one with and the embodiment of God.

"True Parents are the embodiment of God, and you are the embodiment of True Parents. The family should consist of man and woman, for man and woman together can create a true family. The absolute family has an absolute father, an absolute mother and absolute children. There are eight stages -- individual, family, community, and so on – and we must win the victory over the eight stages. In order to create everlasting peace, we need to create everything centered on true love.
God’s body is True Parents' body. Based on the experience of first love, the mind and body should be united into one. The mind and body of man and the mind and body of woman must become one. That is the place where you can be stable and not move forward or backward.

You must understand that you need to become the embodiment of God, and your body needs to represent God’s body. When you deny yourself, you can find your true self. When you truly empty yourself, you allow space for God, air and everything. You must give yourself space. When you empty yourself, the emptiness can be filled. You have to become completely empty; then God can fill you up. That is where you can discover your true self." 31.7.2005

"The new era is beginning in which the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is substantially spreading out before your very eyes, and when there is no longer the need to distinguish between the True Parents who work as the embodiment of God and the incorporeal God Himself." TF, 1.6.2009

In 2012 Father also made very specific declarations about Mother, namely that she and he are one body, one lineage (God's) and have achieved ultimate perfection and unity, starting a new genesis day on Foundation Day. I would call that absolute and the happiest, most longed for occasion since the human race began. There is nothing to argue. God's providence to bring about the restored first couple and family (which is all of us) has been a success. True Parents are here, they are victorious, we carry on their legacy and family expansion centred on God (our vertical, invisible Parent) and True Parents (our horizontal, visible Parents) through tribal messiahship.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your mission and position have been made clear. I have explained that within the realm of God’s grace through the True Parents the way is laid out for all people to change their lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony, to receive the Holy Blessing and establish true families. The ultimate way to establish a peaceful, ideal world here on earth is to perfect a life that embraces absoluteness in the marriage relationship through the cross-cultural Marriage Blessing. The cross-cultural Blessing is the grace by which you inherit Heaven’s lineage. You have come to know clearly that the mission for which God has called you is to unfailingly teach these things. Furthermore, as an heir and actual representative of the True Parents, you must now move beyond your concepts and level of awareness to fulfill the responsibility for which you have been called.

During the Entrance Ceremony for the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace and the Coronation Ceremony of the True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth, held on June 13 last year, I proclaimed the seven basic obligations and mission, based on the heavenly standard, for becoming a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Please be victorious in fulfilling those basic obligations and mission.
Leaders from around the world, please become true princes and princesses who live in attendance of God as your true parent, for He is the Peace King of the multitudes. Let us build the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world of the sacred reign of peace by attending True Parents, who have been enthroned as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth in the realm of eternal liberation and freedom—where there is no need for the Savior, Messiah nor Lord at his second advent— and fulfill the dutiful way of a true, devoted child, a patriot, a saint, and a member of the family of God’s sons and daughters!" Peace Message 12

Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church
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Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church
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Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church

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