"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

HJN reversing the Principle: Anti-parallel with Moses

HJN reversing the Principle: 
Anti-parallels with Moses

Hyungjin and Sanctuary Church exhibit deep lack of Principle understanding. Naturally that leads to many false interpretations and wrong actions. 

Their own explanations reveals best their deviation from the Truth. They depict TP's palace as Egipt, Satan's realm, which Hyungjin now has to liberate them from.

Everyone in UC should keep absolute faith in True Parents. Any denial of True Parents' victory is from Satan. Hyungjin and his clique show obvious love for gossiping, hate-talk, negativity and resentment and even dirty manipulative techniques; using power, collect accusations, stir fear, doubts and faithlessness.. to bring members on Satan's side.

Hyungjin presents himself as Moses on Satan's side

In a Video lecture Sanctuary Church compares the life of Hyungjin with True Parents, as Moses' 40 yrs in the Pharaoh's palace. But here is the irony. Moses came out of the Satanic Palace.  The Israelites departed from Egypt under Moses’ leadership. Hyungjin came out of God's Palace and misled members to depart from God's realm, back to the Satanic realm, under his leadership.

Moses (Satan's Palace) ---> Exodus (go God's Land)
Hyungjin (God's Palace) --->  Exodus (go back to Satan's Realm)

Ignorant Propaganda of Hyungjin
DP explains, "the descendants of Jacob were Israel at the time of their departure from Egypt under Moses’ leadership, but they no longer were when they turned against God in the wilderness." The same way, Hyungjin and the people he misled are no longer part of the Chosen People, when they turned against God and True Parents.

There's an even greater irony than that, because 40 years includes all the time that Hyung Jin lived with True Father still alive. Therefore, is he condemning TF as equivalent of Pharaoh, the Satanic leader? Even if he is not aware of doing that, that's what evil spirit world is doing through him. 

The Kingdom of Heaven is to follow TP

KOH is like a human body. The body follows the commands through the nervous system.

Mind        Head                 Nervous system         Body        
God  -->  True Parents  -->  TC and Leaders  -->  People

"The Kingdom of Heaven resembles a person.. the mind’s command is transmitted to the whole body through the central nervous system, causing the body to act with one purpose. Likewise, in the Kingdom of Heaven, God’s direction will be conveyed to all His children through the True Parents of humankind, guiding everyone to live as one." DP 46

HJN denies True Parents --> Equals: The nervous system takes control over the body and leads them constantly against God and True Parent's will. This is exactly the way Satan controlled humanity through the body... through evil plotting... gossiping and accusations.

This is the reason, we find so little of True Parent's tradition in Hyunjin's teachings and actions. At the same time Hyungjin's talk and practices resemble completely the methods how Satan teased and manipulated people in the spiritual and the physical world. We witness his trapped emotions, gossips, spiritual deviations.

True Parents         Hyungjin
Unification               Dividing
True Love               Resentment
Obedience              Rebellion
Original Mind          Evil Mind
Witnessing             Gossiping
Whole Purpose      Selfish Purpose
Build CIG                Destroy UC

Hyungjin's work is dividing. Essence of his teaching is Resentment (recreating his trapped emotions in others) - therefore, Multiplication of Evil, spreading Gossips - the Four Fallen Natures:

1. Rationalizing to replace God's view with Satan's view
2. Bringing doubts, fear and confusion, to make them leave
3. Teach them complain, criticism, negativity to rebel and reverse dominion
4. Vigorously multiplying gossips, lies, fabrications to spread Evil

Observing Sanctuary Church we can see why it is so difficult for evil spirits in Hell to accept True Parents and see hope. They are so obsessed with negativity and don't wont' to let it go. Let's compare that with the standard and heart of True Love, so well expressed in the words of Sun Jin Nim:
“If you are practicing true love, it should not be in a spirit of competition; rather it should be with a heart that hopes and acts so that all can be brought to heavenly completion. True happiness is not when you win and someone else is at a loss. In True Parent’s heart, we all must win and achieve victory as one family under Heavenly Parent. Can you imagine an environment that practiced this level of true love; this is Cheon Il Guk." Sun Jin Nim

Our Responsibility in this Age

"Of the descendants of Abraham (TP) who entered the land of Canaan (CIG)," DP explains, those "who transgressed against God (lost faith in TP), perished because they lost their qualification as God’s chosen people. Only the two tribes of the southern kingdom of Judah, who continued to uphold the Will of God, remained the chosen people".

What is most essential in this providential stage, is to preserve our firm faith in True Parents.

God's Purpose:    Chosen People   -->  Keep faith in True Parents   -->   Build CIG
Satan's Purpose:  Invaded People  -->  Destroy faith in True Parents   -->  Block CIG

Yet, Father subjugated Lucifer and now all of us need to learn to subjugate the evil Angels and their lies and trickery. Providence allows us to be attacked and tempted with any satanic trick to make us loose faith in True Parents, but we have to withstand even Satan's most powerful weapons; gossiping, negativity, evil manipulation. Satan may try everything to make us loose faith. If we withstand he is powerless.

Our Original Mind

The best inspiration today is that Mother keeps the core believes and tradition of True Father's teachings, with an amazing, beautiful heart. Meanwhile, Hyungjin has abandoned Unificationism absolutely, and denied TF's words completely, since True Father's Seong Hwa. In this age we should learn to overcome these Fallen Natures and follow completely our Original Mind and Heart.

"The original mind is the parent among parents because it represents the God of the universe. It is also the teacher among teachers.. Furthermore, the mind is better able to guide its servants in the right direction than any owner in the world". RSMM page 848 Cheong Seong Gyeong

In the age after the coming of CIG, millions of people discover, that it is so easy to talk to our inner self and get the answer of any question. Our subconscious knows exactly the cause of any sickness, bad relationships and so on. Even if the origin is hundreds of generations back. Having this ability I soon discovered, that in this state we can never accuse others, because we can see the cause of their behavior. We are interconnected, to hold resentments is simply unthinkable and self destructive. In this state of mind we can truly talk about Revolution of Conscience and Revolution of Heart. The actual realization of CIG is only a matter of quickly helping the rest of humanity to reach to that state.

True Parents have already given us the Truth, it is our responsibility to live in True Love, inherit their model and reach perfection. Let's support True Mother and bring joy and liberation for God and our beloved True Parents, by building substantially CIG.

Our youth should be educated about True Parents' life.. and the providential development based on proclamations... Read...

Sanctuary Church: Historical Reasons
Hyungjin: Trapped Emotions
Sanctuary Church use of Gossiping
True Family - Indemnity

We Love True Mother - Video

My Mother

"My Mother, would be the word I love the most."
"I love my Mother most in the world"

- Poem by Ye Jin Nim

Mother's pure and gracious heart

True Mother ..! We never taught of her greatness in heart As she look so cute and young in this picture! Until True Father discover her Purity, sincerity, dedication and strong perseverance to be the future of True father lovely wife!

Even as young girl, in her young image.. a reflection of a genuine woman manifest the greatness of heart ❤ and mission to balance the love of true father.

Yeah!! Victoriously she is God pure daughter! Our source of pride and inspiration too.,! For all humanity ...Aju .,! We truly Love and support True Mother!

Mother as expression of God

"God, as an incorporeal being, cannot love His physical children without becoming a father and mother with a substantial body" p. 55 "God cannot govern the physical world, He must appear with a body as the Father and Mother of all humankind." CSG1 p.56

"Then what kind of being is God? He is both our Father and Mother. The core is the parents.  p. 58 Externally, God resembles men and internally He resembles women." 59

"What is the highest embodiment of all truths? Parents, husband and wife, and children are. There is nothing higher. Then, what is the center of truth? It is love." 58

Restoration is - trough Mother to return to Father

"From the way of the servant of servants, they should go up through the way of a servant, adopted child, child by a concubine, and child of the direct lineage, and then return, through the mother, to the position of Adam, the father. This is restoration."  115

"The parents were sacrificed in the Completed Testament Age.. You should stand in the position representing the mother and father." 129

Father's description of Mother's beauty
As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen

My wife has such a tremendous heart of love and care... Wanting to express my heart of regret toward my wife for all her sacrifices... She had a slightly self-conscious smile that made her look so sweet..

Throughout history, women have been persecuted, but I predict this will change. The coming world will be one of reconciliation and peace based on women’s maternal character, love, and sociability. The time is coming when the power of women will save the world.

It would seem that my wife would be devastated each time she faced such difficult situations, but she always remained unshaken. Even in the most difficult and unbearable circumstances, my wife never lost her serene smile. She always crossed over life’s most difficult peaks successfully. When church members ask my wife’s advice on raising their own children, she tells them: “Be patient and wait. The period when children wander is only temporary.”

I have never raised my voice toward my wife. This is not because of my character, but because my wife has never given me cause to do so. Throughout our life together, she has labored to care for me with complete, loving devotion.

So this great saint of world affairs is also the best barber in the world. Now that I am old I make many new demands on her, and she always responds... The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me.

Hyungjin denies CSG1: 57 quotes about True Mother
Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"
Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment 

Hyung Jin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

sanctuary church hyung jin nim video sanctuary church hyung jin nim video
Father: Don't follow Hyung Jin 

"If I deny True Parents you must not follow me" Hyungjin
This proclamation is done under the strict request of True Father and in power for all future generations. True Father knew Hyung Jin or someone else in the future may go against True Parents, when Father is not around. Father's strict instruction was not to follow Hyung Jin, if he proclaims himself  'A New Center' and denies TP. As Father said:
"It is the greatest sin if you dislike your parents... This attitudde is destructive of the entire universe... it means you are off track from the universal principle and are going the way of the Fall." CSG, p 322


COMMENT: "This (video of Hyung Jin) reminds me of the Werewolf movie, where the scientist warns his friends not to trust him when he becomes a werewolf."

This comment makes a good point! It really looks, like Hyung Jin was warning us of what he and other TC may become, if they lose faith in True Parents. He himself warned us, that we should not trust them, when they do that. Father instructed him for 8 hours and requested he proclaims that publicly. In his instructions, Father was clear that Mother is the top decision-maker after his passing and TC should not decide that he or mother made mistake, and thus proclaim themselves as a center and deny TP's eternal position. TF must have known that it's a part of the Restoration Process.

"If HJN.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them.
If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear."

The Coronation of Hyung Jin as True Parents' hair, was to be their representative, not reverse dominion over them. True Father knew that True Children or some future leaders may deviate and go against True Mother after he is gone, so he asked Hyung Jin to proclaim this publicly:

"The True Children exist because of True Parents.. And even when is tough, even when we can't understand it, even when we feel hurt by them.. 
If we work to live our lives for our own glory.. you must not follow us. This is very important. Father asked me particularly to talk about this with the community.. 
If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. Is that simple. That has to be very clear.
Father truly asked to be clear about this in this time:
If I deny True Parents, and do not follow them, you must not follow me.
If any leader.. calls them senile, say that they cannot make good decisions, Unificationists are not obliged to follow." 

Hyung Jin didn't follow Father's order!

Sanctuary Church representatives called that "personal opinion".. They said, "they are quotes from a very long time ago. It's your words, that's personal opinion," they said. What? They call Father's request, "personal opinion"? See the VIDEO, notice it's done under Father's request and is valid for all the future generations: 

HYUNGJIN Turning Against Everything Father Ever Said
TRUE PARENTS DECLARATION: "All True Children must follow True Parents
Hyungjin REVERSING the PRINCIPLE: Anti-parallel with Moses 

Complete text:

The True Children exist because of True Parents, not any other thing! As Unificationists, our first and most important calling is to love True Parents with all our heart and soul and mind.

And even when is tough, even when we can understand it, even when we feel hurt by them, we are still called by this greatest commandment.. to love your God, to love his representative, True Parents, with all our heart body and mind.

If we work to live our lives for our own glory, then this is not for True Parents. As Unificationist, you must not follow us. This is very important. Very, very important!

Father asked me particularly to talk about this with the community, with all the brothers and sisters this week. So this is why I'm sharing this heart with you.

If we deny True Parents, if we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. It is that simple.

As Unificationists, our responsibility is to love and glorify True Parents. Not anyone of True Children. Not anyone of the leaders in this Church. That has to be very clear.

Father truly asked to be clear about this in this time; If In Jin Nim denies True Parents, or does not follow True Parents, Unificationists must not follow her... If Kook Jin Nim does not follow True Parents, Unificationists are not obliged to follow...

If I deny True Parents and do not follow them, you must not follow me... If any 3rd gen., any Moon, future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - does not follow them, we are not obliged to follow them as Unificationists.

If any leader denies True Parents, calls them senile, say that they cannot make good decisions, Unificationists are not obliged to follow.

Father proclaimed: 

"True Mother is True Father’s eternal partner and that position of True Parents cannot be compromised." CSG 
"There is no way to enter heaven without receiving the lineage of the True Parents – the True Father and True Mother." CSG1"

SC denies this essence of TF's words. As someone commented, "They, in Sanctuary Church, believe only chosen verses of CSG. The rest they completely ignore and deny. They already have their own "Principle" - all that Hyungjin says they accept as absolute truth, even when it contradicts Father's words and the Principle itself." DON'T FOLLOW Hyung Jin Nim.

Question to Sanctuary Church:
Please give me one reason excusing Hyung Jin's evil, manipulative ways? I have seen only invaded people and psychopaths do such evil, dirty, heartless things. Why do you follow a psychopath? Are you blind, what he does and teaches is Satanic? Why this guy hates Father so much? Why he wants to destroy all Father achieved? Why do you guys enjoy Gossiping? It's painful! It hurts people. It helps no one.

Hyungjin denies CSG1: 57 quotes about True Mother
Sanctuary Church denies TRUE PARENTS
Hyung Jin to eliminate and supplant the True Parents

Hyungjin denies CSG1: 57 quotes about True Mother

There are 57 quotes about True Mather in the original CSG. Saying that Mother change it, Hyungjin is ready to deny all of them. He denies Father's words, yet he claims to be their keeper.

CSG quotes about True Mother:

"You have been born through True Mother. Remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe."

Published by: Unification Family Therapy

(1) God’s only begotten son and daughter are the first couple in His love.
(2) TF, as individual cannot enter Heaven - needs only begotten daughter
(3) If there is no only begotten couple (TP) heaven is vacant
(4) If TM didn't fulfill her mission, no clan, no lineage, no TC will appear
(5) TM is born of pure lineage, Father didn't have to, he inherited Jesus' foundation

Cannot enter heaven without True Mother

"There is no way to enter heaven for those born without receiving the lineage of the True Parents – the True Father and True Mother." CSG1 p.

"True Father and True Mother are True Teachers by virtue of their true love. They have taught something this world does not know" CSG1 p. 227

"You have been born through three providential mothers – Eve, Mary and True Mother." CSG1 p.

True Mother is the first, chosen representative of God's love

"God chooses one representative man from among the two billion men and one representative woman from among the two billion women to be His first loves. These representatives will be seen as the fruit of the love of humanity... Those representatives are the True Father and True Mother." CSG1 p. 680

"You need to remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be expressed in words alone. It cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe." CSG1 p. 1436

God's will unfulfilled without True Mother

"As the bridegroom, Jesus could not perfect God’s family without establishing his bride as the true mother. Without Jesus’ family being established, the will of God would remain unfulfilled. (Blessed Family - 488)  Without a God-centered family first being established, neither the nation nor the world could be restored." CSG1 p. 515

"People in the world who were born before the True Mother came into existence were born in vain." CSG1 p. 1271

Woman is an incarnation of the True Mother

"A man is an incarnation of the True Father and a woman an incarnation of the True Mother. Therefore, when the husband looks down on his wife, he looks down on True Mother; and when the wife deceives her husband, she deceives True Father." (Blessed Family - 869) CSG1 p. 355

"The man becomes an incarnation of the true father’s body by representing God’s plus characteristics, and the woman becomes an incarnation of the true mother’s body by representing the minus characteristics" CSG1 p. 478

Pray in the name of True Parents

"When you pray, you pray in the name of the True Parents. What are the parents? ..think of the level of the True Parents in terms of the mother and father.. I also pray in the name of the True Parents. Now is not the time for “I pray in the name of Jesus.” Now is not the era of name salvation." CSG1 p. 1037

True Mother was chosen, prepared and victorious

"At the end of the forty-year course, we were able to achieve, along with the liberation of women through the appearance of the True Mother.. standing on the global level.. The True Mother has accomplished a victorious foundation, thereby liberating women from the position of fallen Eve who could not fulfill her responsibility. ". CSG p. 1387

"We cannot welcome the day of the victory of True Parents without first establishing an absolute standard of not succumbing to any historical sorrow, pain or resentment." CSG1 p. 215

True Mother satisfies this criterion.. She had no elder brother or father. There were just the two of them, mother and daughter. Her mother was a representative figure among Koreans when it came to offering devotions for the Second Coming of the Lord.  1181

True Children (as Archangel) connect us to True Mother, she to Father 

"You have to pass through the true sons and daughters, through True Mother, and through True Father. It will take three generations. Whatever you have is returned to God through the archangel, the son of the archangel, True Mother, and True Father." CSG1 p.1436

".. individuals and families representing Cain and Abel must unite centering absolutely on the True Parents, first becoming as one with True Mother." 1575

Eternal tradition - no need of Revolution

Since the Fall was brought about through the misuse of love, restoration should be brought about in connection with the love of the new parents, centering on God. That is why.. I officiate together with True Mother.. The tradition set up in this way will become the eternal tradition. There will be no need for a revolution. 1248

God's victories through True Mother

"True Mother embarked on.. speaking tour... opening the doors wide for the passage of the dignitaries .. On that basis we can enter into the era of family right of kingship within Your victorious domain."

"We are truly grateful for Your great work in collaboration with True Mother in preparing such a foundation for us."  1577

Support True Mother to liberate God

"The path that True Mother walks should absolutely not be as difficult as mine... there should be no women who oppose True Mother in her course. We need women to be the bridge for the sake of liberation, for the course of the mother; for this they must be able to offer support and totally sacrifice themselves... liberate heaven and earth, and liberate God."   2015

"Who will be the first ones to attend True Mother and True Father in this historical era, by making 360 houses in your Home Church area?"  2033

You must become one with True Mother

"You must become one with True Mother"  2255

"Accompany True Mother, return to our hometowns and kindle a fire in the hearts of ten million people."  2102

Conclusion: Our Attitude of Love
We have to be sure. TF allowed that. Father warned HJN these feelings of historic resentment will come on him. In DP Father coded the fact, that HJN will possibly divide the Church, if he repeats the fall of Solomon, deviate from our core teachings. Father even asked him to proclaim, that he, or any other of TC will never go against True Parents, even if they can't understand, even if they see mistakes. But despite all these warnings, it is so difficult to feel and think normally, under the pressure of all this historic resentment. So it is not HJN to blame. We need to correct, explain and help him, overcome that. There are evil spiritual powers behind that. We need to pray and make conditions, but never send hate.

Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Sanctuary Church: Parallels between Hyunjin, Cain & Solomon
Hyunjin & Yeonah: King and Queen of Gossiping

Sanctuary Church denies TRUE PARENTS

HJN aims to destroy everything; TF's victory, TF's tradition, TF's teachings

That's precisely the message of Hyungjin. "Sanctuary Church has declared that Hak Ja Han is no longer ‘True Mother’. This way, H2 says that Father failed to establish the position of True Parents! Everyone believing him, that Mother failed, has to accept the theological consequences - all father's words about TP are wrong, Father's mission as Messiah is failure; Father never entered God's direct dominion - because that's only possible as a couple. You see, Hyungjin is not against Mother, he is trying to destroy Father. 
"If HJN.. any of TC... If any 3rd gen., any Moon future descendant, or relative to True Parents, denies True Parents - do not follow them." Read...
Ignorance does not help. SC clearly states that TM will go to Hell, and even if she repents, she cannot be TM anymore. Which makes TF failure and his words a lie. Do they realize that this way they deny all TF's words and achievements? Do they realize that this is what Satan wants.. and they have united with Satan's view on the base of false gossips

TM can change and do whatever she wants.. that's not our job to discuss. Think about it, Father was ready to forgive his first wife, despite her disobedience, and restore her as true mother. He knew it is spiritual attack, it is not her fault. Why HJN does not know Father's history and heart? Mary failed Jesus, but was she despised or send to hell? No! She was still mother of the Messiah and she was respected and glorified. Compare her standard and even that our our own wives with that of True Mother. She is greater than any woman, that eve lived. 
"There is no way to enter heaven without receiving the lineage of the True Parents – the True Father and True Mother."  CSG1  
Why SC cannot see how beautiful is Mother's heart in everything she does. I see the whole good sp.w. around her wherever she appears. You should know, just being in her presence is enormous resurrection for your lineage. Especially now, that Father completely supports her from the spiritual world.

SC denies TF's victory, tradition and teachings

SC truly denies Father's victory, tradition and teachings. We can have different emotional reactions to it; be uplifted as SC, be sad, feel pity or resent him. Of course, if we feel God's heart, we cannot but feel indignation and incredible pain. With such theology H2 aims to destroy everything; TF's victory, TF's tradition, TF's teachings... Yet SC claims that if we don't believe that, we don't love father.

Angus' comment is painful but true, "Hyung Jin does indeed think he needs to fix the Providence because Father got it all wrong. Wrong disciples and Wrong wife. Father a no gooder. Hyung Jin the hero to save us all." How pity! How painful! 

When the essence of what H2 does is put so bland and obvious - it looks so horrible, our heart does not want to accept. Even though that's the truth. The same was with any evil dictator in history. At first people couldn't accept, so they jumped against those who saw the signs.

Conscientious people are incapable to accept that the manipulator can be so cruel as to use such evil methods on purpose. And he didn't. Here comes the painful picture of how I saw Evil Spirits working behind this process. Recognize the methods and discredit them, don't judge the person. Everyone's Original Mind is beautiful, just have to be liberated from the evil spirits.

Notice HJN's manipulative methods

I am psychologist and spiritualist at the same time. I can explain how HJN is doing it to you, how he overrides the logic to make you trapped in his emotional problems. How he connects image of his victims, with negative emotions.. so you create neurological connections, trapping you to hate those people and things.

As psychologist, I cannot avoid this fact. No UC lecturer, that I have ever seen, uses such dirty methods of manipulation. Only professional manipulators or Psychopaths use such methods like H2:

(1) Notice how often he uses quotes with purpose to ACCUSE (prevailing % or his sermons)
(2) Notice - how many times in his speech he labels Mother or leaders (in any context)
(3) Notice - how he uses 'labeling' to create dirty images of them, so it's enough for him to just repeat the 'label' and every one knows what he means - manipulative trick, creating unconscious neurological connections, to resent the victim.

Through repetition he conditions your minds - brainwashing you with hate, resentment.. negative views and logic. Manipulators do that, in such an effective way, yet no one think they are bad or accusing.  HJN does that! That's like perfect Satan - one that looks nice, while he is doing the worse evil; destroying True Parents.

Don't get me wrong! I don't believe HJN is evil. It's more correct to say, that Luciferian spirit world is resurrecting through him. We can see another Luciferian specialty - Gossiping! No wonder, Father mentioned, that True Children from Archangel position have to unite and follow Mother, and only through her they can unite with him.

UC invaded through Gossiping

Gossiping against ‘True Mother’
I don't know if you have experienced that, but a gossiping person can destroy your life. One gossiping person can invade the hearts of few, then multiply, until the whole group, church or business is filled with evil games, distrust, divisions. Look in the world and you find this destructive evil everywhere. Can CIG start with such people around? Can we allow people with such twisted hearts to become those who dominate and lead the Movement? 

All HJN's videos teach negative attitude of accusing without remorse. Whatever you say, they immediately attack.. When you confront them with facts, they use Diversion to they "make you feel the bad guy, for confronting them, put you on defensive." What kind of heart that shows? How can that be God's representatives? Compare their attutude with Father's words:
"Unite centering absolutely on the True Parents, first becoming as one with True Mother." CSG1, p.1575
Can you recognize gossiping? Can you recognize how it puts the poison in your hearts? The video of Yeonah Lee against Mother, turned me completely against HJN and his wife. Absolute example of dirty, sweet, poisonous, gossiping. Something no one in a family should ever do against other family members - it's the most evil Satanic thing to do. You don't hear in her video what H2 did to make her so upset. All you hear is rumors about Mother, aiming to sift the angle to serve HJN's desire to destroy his mother. How much more vicious, evil and heartless can this go?

Why Gossipers cannot be trusted

Sharing heartisticly personal things, with evil heart, to make the other dirty.. it invades the hearts of the immature listeners. EVERY MATURE PERSON knows, you're twisting the angle. Every mature person knows, you'll do the same behind his back - so you're gossiper who loves doing such things - person who can never be trusted; person who will be unforgivable in Hell.

Through this video, of Yeonah Lee Moon, I could see how big is the spiritual problem of HJN, his wife, and all the SC gossip lovers. Such gossips allow evil spirits to invade and dominate any family, or group, were even one person starts such evil practices. THIS TURNED ME ON - TO DO ANYTHING BUT STOP THIS EVIL   

Gossiping allows evil spirits to invade

Working for years with sec.gen. the biggest problem was always teams that were invaded by gossiping. It starts from one person and multiplies through such heartistic sharing like Yeonah Lee Moon. That stagnates spiritually the whole team. Soon the whole team gets invaded. Results drop, disunity comes.. only the gossiping people feel united and happy, when doing it. IT'S EVIL FOUR POSITION FOUNDATION - centering on Satan! 

Gossiping can make character assassination of any individual. All prophets where demonized, resented and persecuted. But the worse betrayal is to have someone in the family to start such evil games against the other members of the family. 

Hyungjin showed such nature before Father went into the sp.w. Remember how he and his brother went after their older brother and demonized him.. fighting his brother Preston and company with lawsuits they lost until their mother said that’s enough. He was just waiting to be Crowned and have Father away from his path, to start his selfish campaign. Violating Father's request:

"Father truly asked to be clear about this: If I deny True Parents, and do not follow them, you must not follow me. If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear."".  Read...

Took me years to learn to liberate such people from the evil powers that make them do such evil things. I was taken few times to Hell to observe and learn the nature of these spirits, and how their hearts got twisted. Finally I learned. It is a spiritual thing. Can be liberated. I did it successfully on team level and national level. Now we have to solve it on World level and 
liberate God's heart. 

Sanctuary Church: Free your Heart from Negativity
SC are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Judging
Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited
Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Parallels between Hyunjin, Cain and Solomon


Sanctuary Church: Gossiping Ham nature of Hyungjin

Sanctuary Church's Gossiping: 
Hyungjin's Ham-nature 

Sanctuary Church uses rumors and gossips to divide the Church and negate TF's words and tradition, under the banner of loving Father

We know that Ham's irresponsibile act made such a big problem in God's providence. But have you noticed that Ham's sin was gossiping? He looked "from self-centered perspective" DP explains, "displeased with it.. stirred up the same emotion among his brothers.. they too were agitated by him in the same emotion. This was such a crime."
"If Ham had successfully inherited his father's heart, he would have given one more chance to Noah's other children who had failed." Victory of Love p. 240
Isn't Hyung Jin's gossiping a repetition of Ham's failure; multiplying his displeased feelings in the hearts of SC members? How did he end up this way? Hyung Jin is same like Ham, he "was gradually influenced by his brothers' (negative members).. hopelessness and criticism against Noah (in this case TM). Instead, he was "supposed to establish environment that would have protected.. True Parents." He should "have the heart of protecting the restoration." (Victory of Love p. 241)
"If you want to be a true Ham, you have to defend the realm of True Parents." (Victory of Love p. 241)
Isaac was the one who restored Ham's failure. "Can you unite with your True Parents the same way Isaac united with his parents.. to protect True Parents?" - Heung Jin asks. Because, "The children would have reached perfection by following their parent's example."
"Isaac knew his father's heart, he also knew his mother's background and what she had demonstrated before God. He inherited his parents understanding of God." (Victory of Love p. 247)
Hyung Jin was supposed to know that his Mother had offered herself as a sacrifice and had followed True Father with unquestioning faith. Therefore, he had to inherit the same attitude of filial piety. Jacob was victorious, because he was able to accept the humiliation of being kicked around for 14 years without complaining or accusing. Like Jacob, Hyung Jin should have been able to accept the situation, not saying, "I will fight Mother until she gives me what I want." As Victory of Love explains, "That's exactly Lucifer's nature and also Cain and Esau's". Father says, "We must deeply experience God's love spiritually and hate what Satan loves."

The Satanic Power of Gossip

Satan's nature is to accuse, yet not be seen as the accuser. He is very manipulative. His accusations are not always direct, but transferred directly in other's hearts through gossiping. Read, Hyung Jin Caught Lying Again. Hyung Jin lied to create the gossip that Father divorced Mother. Is this Isaac's heart of Ham's nature?

Gossiping is a powerful method of infusing negativity in others hearts, yet be considered the good, heartistic guy. Same like Hyung Jin, all his criticism is conveyed through laughter, jokes, irony, ridiculing. He makes people uplifted, while conveying the strongest poison in their hearts, without them noticing. That's why, Father explained, the worse Satan is the one you don't see as evil; he looks so good, sweet, loving - so difficult to spot, because of their subtle, underhanded or deceptive ways.

Let me point just few such manipulations Sanctuary Church uses. They take Father's words and reverse the meaning upside down; For example, Father said, "the successor" should be "recognized by all" and you'll know who he is, because all UC and the TFamily will approve and support him. Look at Richard Panzer's video, Sanctuary Church changed the words, to sound like everyone must "accept" him, no matter what. Which is unprincipled statement. Because even Father was obligated to follow the Principle. He said many times, if he does not follow the Principle, we should not follow.

True Parents are the center of Father's Words and Mission

Sanctuary Church also says, Father anointed Hyung Jin as successor. But the text they wave around does not say such thing. Instead it says that Hyung Jin's family will be taken by the resentment of 3 ages and may move to Satan's side, but we should not worry, because eventually he will be back.

And truly, Hyung Jin's trapped emotions led him to such a resentment, that he denied the very essence of Father's work, teachings and victory. For us it's clear, without True Mother there is no True Parents. Without True Parents, there is no Salvation. Whatever speech you open, from TF, you always read about True Parents; "Salvation is through True Parents", "Sharing our lives with True Parents", "have faith in True Parents", "become people who can obey the True Parents." Unable to unite with Mother, Hyung Jin had unresolved feelings in his heart that led him to rebel against her. Luck of unity automatically gives a base for Satan to invade.

TF clearly warned Hyung Jin not to proclaim himself a New Center and deny TPs... If he was a true filial son, he will sacrifice his life to support and protect Mother, thus protecting Father's legacy, fulfilling his responsibility 'to become hair' and overcoming Lucifer's rebellious nature.

Hyungjin needed ideological excuse to deny True Parents

Same like Marx, who wanted to excuse rebellion and revolution, Hyung Jin needs ideology, to excuse the need to disbelieve the victorious position of True Parents, so that he can deny TM's authority, reverse dominion over that of True Parents, and openly teach others to disobey.

To do that, Hyung Jin had to deny all TF's words. Without Mother, Father could not fulfill his mission as the Messiah. Without TM's victory, True Children cannot be born. To deny TM, Hyung Jin denies his own lineage connection to God. That's why Sanctuary Church totally avoids to consider all the theological and historical consequences of their statements and rumors. They fail to fathom, that this way they don't destroy Mother, they destroy Father.

Hyungjin united with Satan's purpose: destroy True Parents

Satan needed a method to discredit and destroy the position of True Parents. This is his primary purpose. Now, because of his Trapped Emotions, Hyung Jin was invaded and united in his heart with the same purpose. Since, any theological argument for that will be obvious and direct denial of all TF's words, he needed different, more subtle, underhanded way; So deceptive, that people will not notice how all Father's words and life are being denied. When people are invaded by Satan they don' realize what they do, and where that leads. Yet, we can observer Satan's ways expressed in their actions.

1. Hyungjin accused, accused and accused

All Hyung Jin's sermons are full with accusations. Please understand, this is not Hyung Jin, it's Satan's power behind. We see how in history, Satan's side, always accused, accused and accused, until everyone believes he has better solution. These accusations were always hidden under some 'righteous' cause. Instead of saying openly, "I deny True Father's victory, he raised the deceptive banner, "you don't like True Father", "I'm the only one who loves Father", so let's hate Mother.  Father is in the spirit world, can say nothing, so Hyung Jin focused all his attention on destroying Mather's credibility. What best way, than gossiping inner, unknown information. 

2. Gossips instead of logical reasons

Telling secret, inner stories against Mother, DMN and the Church is something easy to believe. Manipulator use small facts and twist them enough to create the most ugly and dark picture. All media negativity against our church was devised in the very same vicious way. This is powerful way, people's hearts and minds get invaded by horrible images and feeling. While normal logic is suppressed, people open their hearts and become possessed by the same Trapped Emotions.

What are Trapped Emotions?
Negative images and feelings, stored in one's memory.. in connection to a person or a situation. They are the underlying cause of sicknesses and bad relationships. But in fact they are destructive energy stored in the physical mind, that imprisons him to act in this evil way.

How Trapped Emotions control us?
Each time you think of that person or situation, the same emotion overwhelms you. The negative resonance of these feelings makes you feel negatively about him, think negatively, act negatively. Each time that happens, you add to the negative resonance. Give and take generates energy. Thus the problem expands; more evil energy is generated and multiplies.

How are Trapped Emotions liberated?
When you recall them, you can rethink the situation in new, positive light and change the emotional resonance, these trapped negative energies in your body can be liberated. Thus, you heart and mind can now be free to act normally. We not only get free from the evil spirits, behind these heavy emotions, but we free them. You see, that's Returning Resurrection. Past unresolved feelings come, we feel them as our own, but we know the Principle and reverse them. Otherwise we are imprisoned by them.


1. What is Gossiping

DP: "See from self-centered perspective.. displeased with it.. stirred up the same emotion among his brothers.. they too were agitated by him in the same emotion. This was such a crime." Gossiping is a give and take action with common base against others, centered on Satan. It's not rational, but emotional sharing of displeased feelings.

2. Why it is so effective

The negative view and thoughts in our head come from evil spirits.. we multiply them in heartistic, intimate sharing.. The hearts of the others are invaded by the same emotions. The evil spirits expand their power and influence.

3. How to recognize Gossiping people

They love heartistic sharing of negative things against others. Cannot live without it. For them this is love. Very effective with their displeased feelings to manipulate others. If they have no one to gossip with, they feel depressed. Evil sp.w. constantly talks in their minds against others. 

Multiplication of Displeased Feelings

1. Ham's Sin: Gossiping

What Ham did was multiplication of his displeased feelings. This was Gossiping, against the God's representative - direct expression of the 4 fallen natures. DP gives the key points of this evil process.

1. Seeing from self-centered perspective
2. Displeased feelings
3. Stirring up the same emotion in others
4. They are now agitated by Ham in the same emotion to resent the person in God's position

What Hyung Jin is doing is exactly that. He multiplies his displeased feelings against TM on world scale. Now gathering representatives in all countries - on the common base of resentment (unresolved pain). And through threats triggers the fallen nature and provokes doubts, insecurity and fear - all low resonance, allowing Satan to invade.

Sanctuary Church will bring only damage in God's providence


Wake up! See how much evil and damage you're doing and how miserable and incapable of showing any good example you are Don't you see that those who like Hyung Jin are the most negative, doubtful, evil members, who have no conscience, ready to hurt others without remorse. Hyung Jin is teaching them this way!

These are people with personal failures, projecting them on the Church. Failures are failures! No one is guilty for their miserable, negative state of mind. Their lineage is connected to Hell, and no one but they are responsible to resurrect it. Blaming is repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. No resurrection there. WAke up!!!

Don't lie to me, that Hyung Jin cares about CSG. He denies every word of it!

DO YOU REALIZE, THAT THE ONLY ANSWER SC CAN GIVE, is to repeat the same gossips, that will make me even more ready to reveal their evil, manipulative, heartless nature. REPENTANCE will not help Hyung Jin, until he repairs all the damage he brought in the Church and to the providence. He will be remembered only as the worse betrayer, worse enemy of True Parents.

Sanctuary Church: Free your Heart from Negativity
SC are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Judging
Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited
Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment
Parallels between Hyunjin, Cain and Solomon

Sanctuary Church: Thank you Hyung jin - you fixed Father

Thank you Hyung 
- you fixed Father

All Hyung Jin is fixed on, is money and power... Looks like all his puppets too... Lovely! Ye.. because they are all Physical Mind type of people!! Only look externally and judge... that's the only thing they know best!

What were these Physical Mind people doing in the Church? They were bringing negativity, blocking Witnessing and distressing the atmosphere on Church meetings. It looks like Hyung Jin decided to get them out of UC, so we can work better. He even decided we need some 'early church' persecution, so we can mobilize and quickly build CIG.  

Thank you Hyungjin! ;)

It's like in accordance with some grotesque scenario; Hyungjin taught, "Are these negative people so stupid, as to follow me even if I reverse everything Father loved, upside down?" So he started attacking everything that was most precious for TF and the core Unification believes.

He attacked TM, THEY FOLLOWED!  Ha attacked Father's Organizations, THEY ENJOYED! Ha attacked Father's teachings, THEY BELIEVED! Hyung Jin thought them to 'Judge others' and become even more 'negative and resentful' - THEY WERE UPLIFTED!

Hyung Jin said, TF failed to restore Mother, but don't worry, he can marry any other in spirit world and without restoration, without body, she will be perfect - THEY BELIEVED! He said, Father couldn't, but with one simple prayer I can make my wife 'perfect'. THEY BELIEVED! This is simply amazing! Unbelievable!

"The Messiah is the perfected True Parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. When the True Parents appear, they become the axis by which God' and human beings can be linked to each other." Father, CSG 809

Or maybe??? 

Hyung Jin  thought, "Father's words have no meaning, lets reverse them upside down". Oops.. now they look better! Hyung Jin-king, No more TP, Who cares about God's providence, who cares about Love, lets judge people - it's fun, to judge others! And they laughed and laughed rediculing everyone and everything. Perfect four position foundation centered on S. 

The wrong concept of Living for Others.. was finally fixed by this great 'king'; "Judge others" - became the new way of spiritual growth. Sanctuary Church was Uplifted by these wise words! Thank you 'king' Hyung Jin, for bringing  such a lovely satanic system of  judging each other... This will be better than Communism! Or at list similar!

All Father's words speak about True Parents... No..no..no! Hyung JIn fixed that - no more True Parents; Mother failed, no such position was established, so all Father's speeches are false.. Father was just lying to you guys. He said in all his books "there are eternal True Parents", but Hyung Jin knew better. Here is King Hyung to tell you the true gossips.. all the truth, which Satan opened his eyes to see! He is the 'king', he is the 'true parent'.. his parents 'to eat grass'.  

Hearing that - all gossiping people were uplifted in joy. This is the 'kingdom of heaven' they were dreaming for. The more evil the gossiping, the more 'heavenly' joy they felt. Hallelujah! Long live the false king Hyung Jin.

"But, by the way", Hyung Jin thought, "I make Father's words meaningless, let's accuse Mother for changing them, so no one notices I deny them completely." And voila - all negative people were so fixated on that! It gave them purpose, 'to accuse Mother'. Life now had meaning for them. So they proclaimed Hyung Jin the King. King of Hate-speech; King of Division; King of Manipulation, or whatever. But he is truly the best in all that. I guess, the King of Lie.. or something?!! How can I understand what they do in the kingdom of hell. Lot's of crazy stuff there. We, regular members are definitely not grown up for such satanic stuff. Good thing, Hyung Jin is great there, so now Hell has hope! And truly does - because surely TPs will embrace Hyungjin in the spirit world and save him, together with all the other fallen people in hell. 

My heart is too small to bare that. But yes, Unificationists, we need to grow. Thank you Hyungjin Nim. We still love you so much. We still love you! Or if we cannot, at list we know True Parents will forgive and embrace you, once you see them united in the spirit world. 

Trapped Emotions of Hyungjin
Parallels between HJN & SOLOMON
Hyungjin's claim of Position Discredited

Hyung Jin to eliminate True Parents

The Truth
I see Hyung Jin's sermons are full with resentment... Obviously is real in his heart. But he should be mature, to understand, that hate-talk will only send people to hell... He should quickly resolve his feelings with his Mother. Multiplying his resentments in the hearts of the others is EVIL and UNFORGIVABLE SIN 

True Mother is the wife of the Messiah, and still is.. Yet, Sanctuary Church evaluates and criticizes her.. That makes Hyungjin same like Ham and takes his authority. He stepped out of the Principle. Help him... CORRECT HIM

Read the article, Hyungjin: Freedom of Resentment. It calls for love and understanding of Hyung Jin's difficult burden... taking the historic resentments. Wishing Hyung Jin to overcome and do not continue with his resentments. Calling for members to send love... prayers to help liberate his heart from the pain that caused his trapped emotions and hatred towards his mom and UC

What the heart of resentment weighs? Enough to send you to Hell. As Unificationists we don't want anyone go to Hell. Love is eternal! Everybody will be saved!
Satan is to judge, Hyung Jin is to be liberated. We understand, it is his failure to overcome resentment, but we cannot judge him for that. We can only reveal how Satan trapped him. 
H2 says TM will go to Hell.. If that's his feeling, as a filial son he should be ready to die for her and show absolute loyalty, to the point of winning her heart. But he jumped in resentment, same like he did before, towards his older brother. And than, Hyung Jin multiplies and multiplies this evil. No good! 

If you want to stop the hate, write to Hyung Jin... I think is the right thing to do - TELL HYUNGJIN STRAIGHT FORWARD TO STOP WITH GOSSIPING AND THE ACCUSING TALKS

But sincerely, not understanding the manipulative methods SC uses, will allow Satan to continue manipulate us and them. We have to mature, understand how Satan works, and be able to teach members, not to do that. Truth is Truth. Hyung Jin has to stop with the hate talk. It's Evil! Stop it!

Gossiping Ham nature of Hyungjin
Sanctuary HJN: Free your Heart from Negativity
SC - PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Judging

Sanctuary Church are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Criticizing

SC are PHYSICAL MIND people!
Sanctuary Church are PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Criticizing

Always look externally, what to judge and criticism, constantly bring doubt, fear, negativity... They hate so much DMN, because they don't understand the spirit world, same like the physical mind does not.

What were these Ph.M. people doing in the Church? They were bringing negativity, blocking Witnessing and Church meetings. It looks like HJN decided to get them out of UC, so we can work better. He even decided we need some 'early church' persecution, so we can mobilize and quickly build CIG. 

Thank you HJN... that helps to make faster indemnity and faster Returning Resurrection. CIG is fast coming thanks to you! I don't know if HJN realizes he is doing just that, but I'm sure TF is allowing that to happen for a purpose. So we cannot but be grateful - it is a "Blessing in Disguise'.


Throughout the years, when working with sec.gen. it was difficult to tell them what they do wrong, without them objecting (because of feeling accused).

But once I experienced and understood... Our Spirit Mind always loves, never doubts or resents. But our Physical MInd - always analytical, critical, external, fearing, doubting... reacting against Sp.M.
Why? Because Ph.M. (Brain) has no senses for God, but Sp.M. constantly feels God and can get any answer from the sp.w. Ph.M. always leads to the 4 Fallen Natures, but for Sp.M. fallen natures are unthinkable, painful and stupid.

So it became easy to explain. Everyone accepts without feeling accused, instead they feel happy, "Oh, I was thinking like this.. and I realized it's my Ph.M., automatically I started having better results".. This helped everyone so much.

People see how the Principle works in them. The moment their Ph.M. is on top - Satan invades them... their results go down, they feel bad etc. But when their Sp.M. is Subject, automatically they feel love, peace... everything happens easily... big FR results come... they feel God works through them.

And around me is easy to distinguished between these things.. because I can always point them the external signs, showing what's happening spiritually in them. Soon they start noticing themselves and become aware.

Thus, when I teach them deep Principle applications, they don't object, because they experience and see it themselves. It's like spiritual training.

Read, to understand why SC are so critical and obsessed
Each person has spiritual body and 5 spiritual senses from birth. Extrasensory, spiritual experiences are…
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