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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hyungjin denies CSG1: 57 quotes about True Mother

There are 57 quotes about True Mather in the original CSG. Saying that Mother change it, Hyungjin is ready to deny all of them. He denies Father's words, yet he claims to be their keeper.

CSG quotes about True Mother:

"You have been born through True Mother. Remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe."

Published by: Unification Family Therapy

Cannot enter heaven without True Mother

"There is no way to enter heaven for those born without receiving the lineage of the True Parents – the True Father and True Mother." CSG1 p.

"True Father and True Mother are True Teachers by virtue of their true love. They have taught something this world does not know" CSG1 p. 227

"You have been born through three providential mothers – Eve, Mary and True Mother." CSG1 p.

True Mother is the first, chosen representative of God's love

"God chooses one representative man from among the two billion men and one representative woman from among the two billion women to be His first loves. These representatives will be seen as the fruit of the love of humanity... Those representatives are the True Father and True Mother." CSG1 p. 680

"You need to remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be expressed in words alone. It cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe." CSG1 p. 1436

God's will unfulfilled without True Mother

"As the bridegroom, Jesus could not perfect God’s family without establishing his bride as the true mother. Without Jesus’ family being established, the will of God would remain unfulfilled. (Blessed Family - 488)  Without a God-centered family first being established, neither the nation nor the world could be restored." CSG1 p. 515

"People in the world who were born before the True Mother came into existence were born in vain." CSG1 p. 1271

Woman is an incarnation of the True Mother

"A man is an incarnation of the True Father and a woman an incarnation of the True Mother. Therefore, when the husband looks down on his wife, he looks down on True Mother; and when the wife deceives her husband, she deceives True Father." (Blessed Family - 869) CSG1 p. 355

"The man becomes an incarnation of the true father’s body by representing God’s plus characteristics, and the woman becomes an incarnation of the true mother’s body by representing the minus characteristics" CSG1 p. 478

Pray in the name of True Parents

"When you pray, you pray in the name of the True Parents. What are the parents? ..think of the level of the True Parents in terms of the mother and father.. I also pray in the name of the True Parents. Now is not the time for “I pray in the name of Jesus.” Now is not the era of name salvation." CSG1 p. 1037

True Mother was chosen, prepared and victorious

"At the end of the forty-year course, we were able to achieve, along with the liberation of women through the appearance of the True Mother.. standing on the global level.. The True Mother has accomplished a victorious foundation, thereby liberating women from the position of fallen Eve who could not fulfill her responsibility. ". CSG p. 1387

"We cannot welcome the day of the victory of True Parents without first establishing an absolute standard of not succumbing to any historical sorrow, pain or resentment." CSG1 p. 215

True Mother satisfies this criterion.. She had no elder brother or father. There were just the two of them, mother and daughter. Her mother was a representative figure among Koreans when it came to offering devotions for the Second Coming of the Lord.  1181

True Children (as Archangel) connect us to True Mother, she to Father 

"You have to pass through the true sons and daughters, through True Mother, and through True Father. It will take three generations. Whatever you have is returned to God through the archangel, the son of the archangel, True Mother, and True Father." CSG1 p.1436

".. individuals and families representing Cain and Abel must unite centering absolutely on the True Parents, first becoming as one with True Mother." 1575

Eternal tradition - no need of Revolution

Since the Fall was brought about through the misuse of love, restoration should be brought about in connection with the love of the new parents, centering on God. That is why.. I officiate together with True Mother.. The tradition set up in this way will become the eternal tradition. There will be no need for a revolution. 1248

God's victories through True Mother

"True Mother embarked on.. speaking tour... opening the doors wide for the passage of the dignitaries .. On that basis we can enter into the era of family right of kingship within Your victorious domain."

"We are truly grateful for Your great work in collaboration with True Mother in preparing such a foundation for us."  1577

Support True Mother to liberate God

"The path that True Mother walks should absolutely not be as difficult as mine... there should be no women who oppose True Mother in her course. We need women to be the bridge for the sake of liberation, for the course of the mother; for this they must be able to offer support and totally sacrifice themselves... liberate heaven and earth, and liberate God."   2015

"Who will be the first ones to attend True Mother and True Father in this historical era, by making 360 houses in your Home Church area?"  2033

You must become one with True Mother

"You must become one with True Mother"  2255

"Accompany True Mother, return to our hometowns and kindle a fire in the hearts of ten million people."  2102

Conclusion: Our Attitude of Love
We have to be sure. TF allowed that. Father warned HJN these feelings of historic resentment will come on him. In DP Father coded the fact, that HJN will possibly divide the Church, if he repeats the fall of Solomon, deviate from our core teachings. Father even asked him to proclaim, that he, or any other of TC will never go against True Parents, even if they can't understand, even if they see mistakes. But despite all these warnings, it is so difficult to feel and think normally, under the pressure of all this historic resentment. So it is not HJN to blame. We need to correct, explain and help him, overcome that. There are evil spiritual powers behind that. We need to pray and make conditions, but never send hate.

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  1. Great compilation ...
    Thank-you! God bless you more!

  2. Can someone explain to me,
    how for Sanctuary Church:

    TP - TM = TP ???

    It's obvious what HgJN teaches:
    TP - TM = No more TP..... No more True Father
    He denies everything Father achieved and said.

    1. They, in SC, believe only chosen verses of CSG. The rest they completely ignore.
      They already long time have their own "Principle" - all that Hyungjin says they accept as absolute truth, even when it contradicts Father's words and the Principle.

  3. Hyung jin Denied TM for the crown and position

    1. Even if HJN comes back. It will be like with Lucifer. He cannot be forgiven, until he fixes all the damage he has done!

    2. Hyung Jin Nim actually lost his external position sacrificing it for the sake of staying faithful to True Father and responsibility given him by True Parents.

    3. Hyung Jin Nim actually lost his external position sacrificing it for the sake of staying faithful to True Father and responsibility given him by True Parents.


    wake up! See how much evil and damage you're doing and how miserable and incapable of showing any good example you are
    Don't you see that those who like HJN are the most negative, doubtful, evil members, who have no conscience, ready to hurt others without remorse. HJN is teaching them this way!

    These are people with personal failures, projecting them on the Church. Failures are failures! No one is guilty for their miserable, negative state of mind. Their lineage is connected to Hell, and no one but they are responsible to resurrect it
    Blaming is repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. No resurrection there. WAke up!!!

    Don't lie to me, that HJN cares about CSG. He denies every word of it!

  5. The holy bible is not clear many people can describe themselves in their own viewpoint but Divine Principle is Very clear. Nobody can describe themselves as their own viewpoint. the main point we need to know divine principle. I request to study divine principle to everyone.

  6. Hyung Jin Nim loves every word written in the Original Cheon Song Gyeong. True Father said the 8 textbooks are his last words for humanity and we should read it while we are here on earth and read it when we go to spirit world.


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