"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church's 6 Provocative Questions Reveal their Manipulative Nature

Sanctuary Church associate writes, "Strawberry book, which Hyung Jin now deems part of his "Buddhist mistake." Truly in this book Hyungjin had many humanistic views and some Buddhist misdirections. But I hope soon he will deem this period as the "Christian mistake." In the recent period he exhibits many historic Christian mistakes and misunderstandings.

Sanctuary Church's 6 Provocative Questions

Sanctuary Church asked 6 PROVOCATIVE QUESTIONS questions about Mother, revealing the real problem of Sanctuarians:

1. The questions are totally out of Unificationist view?

Their questions only show that people who asked them don't understand the Principle and deviated too much from it. Why the questions are Manipulative in really Satanic way? Only a person with twisted heart, Heart Resonance connected to Hell, can think in this way - looking for all kind of small, meaningless details to accuse. This only shows, that their hearts resonate with Satan.

Why the questions show total luck of understanding how UC is structured and why TF structured it this way? Why the questions attack everything in TM, which from Unificationist view are exactly the points, showing Mother is the only true victorious Daughter of God? Read TF's words, Mother's Beautiful Heart

Because their view of what's perfect woman is wrong - humanistic! So they are actually accusing TM for not being also in their wrong standing. While TM is actually showing us the model of a true woman.

Questions to provoke speculations, doubts and negative view

It's true! I see only questions, inviting personal opinions and speculation... degrading any vertical standard.. questions that don't expect and allow answer..  REVEALING THE TRUE, EVIL NATURE OF THOSE WHO ASK THEM.

Reminds so much of the manipulative techniques you experience when Dealing With Manipulative People. Manipulators use specific subtle, underhanded and deceptive ways. They hide their true intentions and exploit the fear, anxiety, resentments, desires, secrets of their victims. Why would a son use all his inner information to dicredit, victimise and attack his own mother?

If you don't understand there are evil spiritual forces behind that, you'll get so confused, you start doubting, of what and why is happening. But once we recognize Satan's nature behind, these questions only give us power to reveal how he tricked the minds and hearts of these wonderful brothers and sisters.

Why the questions attack TM's unity with TF?

Isn't that Mother's victory - her union and obedience to Father. Why are they not inspired by that, but are so furious with it. Because Satan is furious about that, they simply resonate with his heart.

The reason for SC phenomenon is ignorance of the Principle in UC. Husband represents the Vertical, wife the Horizontal. Husband is God's body, wife unites with husband, to become one with God. The questions of SC show that they don't understand that.

Even invaded by secular humanistic culture UC members respond, "oh, we are all same value", so there is no vertical center an standard anymore - Relativism! In this way, denying the Principle, members are invaded by Satan. Their reaction only shows that they live humanistic way, not Principle way.

That's surely expressed in the education of their children and they way they influence the Church in humanistic, self-centered direction.. blocking God and the good spirit world. Why they do that? They simply resonate with Satan's heart.. God's Heart and Principle feels unnatural to them.

What's common between such humanistic UC members and SC. Spiritually, they are both resonating with heart connecting them to Middle Spirit World or lower. Very difficult to explain any vertical principle there. Now we understand that it's not a matter of SC or UC, it's a matter of what is the spiritual level of the members.

Why SC don't have spiritualists and hates spiritualists?

This is the "Christian mistake" and HJN is mislead by Christian views. Christian deny spiritualism. They have no idea of the spiritual laws, no idea how spirit world influences, yet they talk and talk... judging everyone from their human-centered perspective. Christianity accused everyone else as Devils.

For me as a spiritualist is so obvious when evil sp.w. works through SC and how. A spiritualist, being himself connected to high realms of sp.w., can immediately recognize the low resonance of their speech, wrong way of thinking and actions - mislead by bad spirits, having nothing to do with Love Resonance.

Yet they want to stay in the resonance of negativity and resentment (Hell) and they feel fine there... That's why Hyo Nam Kim has become the boogeyman of both the GPF and SC groups, mostly based upon rumors and false claims. The evil spirits dominating SC don't want themselves revealed. Dae Mo Nim can see and liberate these evil spirits. But they resent and don't want. So they had to spread rumors, gossip and try everything to destroy the channel Dae Mo Nim's works through.

Why SC so much enjoys Gossiping, Accusations and Resentment?

Of course, because that's their spiritual level. Same like Gossiping people feel happy only if they find common base to gossip and criticize others from strange, twisted, self-centered viewpoint. That's precisely what SC is doing! These questions only reveal their EVIL NATURE and TWISTED HEARTS.

I asked God, "What's the consequence of sin?".. In the very moment I appeared in Hell. It was the Gossiping realm of the spiritual world, the most painful place, safeguarding your heart in the most unimaginable way. I spend few hours talking to people there, trying to understand them.

Whatever you say was twisted in such a vicious way. No matter what you do or not do, you are always attacked. Why? Because that's what these people did in their life. They observed externally, accused and gossiped whatever they see. My heart was in so much pain. Why such, seemingly wonderful members end up here? They looked clever, intelligent, humanistic heartistic, same like many members I know on earth.

Please understand; can I make difference if these members are from SC or UC? No! It's painful in both cases. I cannot escape but feel what resonance surrounds our members. My Spiritual Mind senses that and has no peace, but wants to find the way to liberate them, liberate God of this pain. Only Physical Mind (which does not sense God's Heart) can go negative, accuse and gossip. Our spirit feels agony if we do such evil things.

How these people can be so far from understanding anything TF did and taught us. Where is unity? Where is Love? Where is Principle? Why they do things against Fathers words and than twist even Father's words to accuse if we do it the correct Principle way?

Questions that recreate HJN's Trapped Emotions in others

The questions aim only to recreate the same Trapped Emotion Hyungjin has in our minds. They only show with what logic Satan twisted his mind. And they only prove one thing; Behind all these questioning and cycling are some heavy Trapped Emotions against Mother.

How to react and help: Enter in Theological debate is wrong. It's like arguing with the evil spirits who possessed them. Instead we should help them understand why they have these Trapped Emotions and help them resolve them.. help them be free of these evil spiritual influence.

One more reason why they attacked so much the work of Dae Mo Nim; because she can liberate these evil spirits. But they resent and don't want. So they had to spread rumors, gossip and try everything to destroy Dae Mo Nim's work.

Why SC has so much influence in UC? Because Humanism, self-centrednes and luck of DP knowledge are already strong in the Church. We need fast re-education. We need to learn, feel and see through the spiritual perspective. The problem is, there are very few lecturers on that level. Such lecturers should come out, who can elevate the spiritual and heart level of the whole church, to overcome, assimilate and melt all deviations, centered on True Parents. 

God's warning:
The husband of sister counseling for STF, influenced by HJN, did not permit their ancestors liberated. You see such influence stagnating our Church from so many directions. This same sister reacted few times in humanistic way, blocking God's work. How painful is God's situation, to let humanistic members go to SC, so that He can work freely with UC, or protect members not to go to SC. 

If UC does not quickly overcome humanism, self-centeredness, negativity, gossiping... within itself - by raising strong DP education, many problems will inevitably follow. But of course the real problem is how to make members quickly grow to the Completion Stage of Divine Spirit. TF warned is in 1998, while visiting UTS, "If all our leaders don't come to study at UTS, in the future we will be more divided than Christianity." Even at that time, leaders neglected Father's direction and went against him. Now we should correct ourselves and quickly learn TF's way, so we don't get misled by Sanctuary Church or any other deviations.


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