"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Mrs. Kang: The New Clown Queen 'true mother': Sanctuary Church News

Mrs. Kang - the New Clown Queen 'true mother'

This grand event of the sanctuary church was nothing but a satanic ceremony of cutting off from TP's lineage and engrafting into the fallen lineage of Mrs. Kang. Thus, Hyung Jin is loosing completely his credibility and authority as TP's son.

While we work to restore nations, the Sanctuary Church are busy proclaiming Mrs. Kang as their new mother, without even divorcing her from St. Augustine.

The ceremony was a grotesque mixture of court case, divorce and wedding at the same time. Lady Kang was declared true mother and married to Father in the spiritual world, while simultaneously divorcing him - against his will.

However, the biggest part of the event was the court case. A member of Sanctuary Church, had read the long list of rumor 'crimes' of TM, sentencing her to house arrest, payment of financial compensation, and to spend the rest of her days in making video confessions of her past sins. Lovely! How can these insane activities excite them?

Someone rightly commented, "Watching this madness is all I have no strength - bleeding from the eye... sadness and pain in the heart." As a spiritualist I can see spiritually the evil spirits enjoying behind these actions, in their fantasy to destroy TPs and God's providence. It is obvious to me, that God allowed those evil demons to use all their power to subjugate these fine true children, in exchange for the right to liberate humanity. Read, SC Manipulated by Evil Emotions and My Dream with Mother and Hyung Jin and find out what's happening spiritually behind the scene.
"Sadly, I have to agree. They're doing the exact opposite of everything I learned from True Parents." Ewanso
"I want to know if Mrs. Kang divorced St. Augustine before she married True Father. They didn't say anything about that." Brewer 

Unfilial Sons Forsaking Own Parents

Hyung Jin and Kook Jin are now trying to create a new religion, founded on accusations. They create false rumors and then use them as accusation, in their aim to justify changing the DP and Father's core teachings. They redefine everything, creating a philosophy that gives them absolute power, even when they violate all principles and moral laws. They REPLACED HDH with HATE TALK for morning inspiration. In the last weeks they openly Denied CSG & DP, cause TF never told us the Truth. Add to this some guns, some conspiracy fears and a bunch of malleable, easy to manipulate people, and you get the Sanctuary Church.
"Hear my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching."(Proverb 1:8)

Did Mrs. Kang Divorce St. Augustine?

After divorcing Father, without asking and against his words, now they have chosen a new 'bride' for him, Replacing TM with Mrs Kang.

Mrs. Kang was blessed with one of the 4 great saints. We all remember Father was often asking her to give testimonies about their family life.

"Mrs. Kang said she had "hot love" daily with St. Augustine... Now what? Hot love with TF? She's worst than Mary Magdalene..." Artemis

It all looks like some fake theater of clowns. Probably that's the whole purpose. Leading the negative people so far off, that they can finally wake up and repent. I don't know, but we can find numerous quotes from Father, why divorce is not acceptable. Why TC hurry to divorce and change couples as they wish? Father gives several reasons why we should be married only once:
"Since you have become husband and wife to create one nation of God, you can only be married once.. since you are husband and wife for the sake of God’s world, you can only be married once.. and since you as husband and wife exist for God, you can only be married once." CSG
But how can they imagine, that Father could not recreate Perfect Eve in a whole life, yet Hyung Jin could "recreate perfected Eve" with just one short ceremony? This shows their complete ignorance of the Principle and the actual process of Growth and Restoration. Yet, in their minds, "based on the unity of Cain and Abel" H2 and KJN can now divorce their mother and proclaim her, "the mother of harlots and the Whore of Babylon." Which sounds like DP upside-down!

On 23rd Sep. Sanctuary Church conducted a Ceremony accusing TM for more than one hour and declaring she ain't the wife of father based on a fake video they use from 16th July 2012. The Ceremony concluded by placing Mrs. Kang in the position of new wife of TF.

For Sanctuary Church, this is the Judgment Day - they make a court case and accuse, accuse - as they did in this Ceremony. Same like RESENTFUL SPIRITS for them the whole purpose of life is just to REVENGE. That's why Hyung Jin is the beloved leader, who is fulfilling their deepest desire for gossiping, accusing, judging and chasing revenge. That's why they feel so uplifted by his hours of hate speech. It might be true that Hyung Jin took LUCIFER'S NATURE to Restore it.

"Mrs. Kang did not walk the course of true parents with Father on EARTH. Hence she can never be the true mother. What is bound on earth is bound in heaven. Only True Mother walked the course of true parents with true Father. And she restored Eve position substantially at Father's said. It was not Mrs. Kang." Cheney

"Children do not choose their parents and certainly would not choose our parents for us. I am sure she is a nice lady. But she is daft to think she is Fathers Wife." Mappy

FF Working for Peace Vs. SC Wretched State

This strange ceremony is happening in time when we clearly see that soon Nations will be restored on God's side, centered on TM. While TM is restoring nations and spreading the Culture of Heart, exactly in accordance with Father's words and tradition:
"Our original mother was supposed to attend God, build the kingdom of peace and create a heaven and earth that is full of peace." CSG
Sanctuary Church are involved in Clown like destructive activities, totally off from the recent providential work. They teach a culture of Judging, criticizing and even murdering TM. And again Father's words explain it best:
"Satan invaded and brought human beings to a wretched state." CSG
For me, this is only a prove of how twisted, irrational get's the logic of people influenced by gossips. It's also exemplary of the evil spiritual power behind, making that possible. This is very same evil force, controlling and manipulating humanity throughout the history. Seem's like it doesn't want to let it go, even in it's last moments, presuming if they dominate TC they can destroy God's foundation.

Their Selfish Motivation is Visible

We can clearly see that, the motivation moving Hyung Jin and Kook Jin, is only how to get out of the need to follow the Principle and Father's words, which are based on the concept of True Parents. For that purpose they long struggled to redefine the term or replace positions in it.
1. Kook Jin proclaimed DP and CSG are not important, because Father changed his teachings in the very last years. Read.. 
2. They tried to replace TM with Yeonah unsuccessfully, so now they do second attempts with Mrs. Kang. For the purpose they divorced Mrs. Kang from the St. Augustine and divorce TF, neglecting the fact that Divorce is unacceptable in Father's teachings. 
Remember, Father scolded the leaders, not to be misled by TC; his children are not the leader, he said, "They ignore me and claim that their decisions are better than mine. It's ridiculous!" Father stressed, "There are so many lies that they are saying, claiming its essence is true, or Father approved this or that." (Audio record of Father)

Lying to Divorce their Father: Unforgivable

Sanctuary Church lecturers like to quote Father’s last public speech: “I Have no wife! Mother is doing whatever she likes!” (July16 2012). How easy! Take wrong translation and claim this is a  public declaration where Father divorced True Mother, so there are no True Parents, he is single and in need of a new bride.

Here is the correct translation of Father's remarks: 1:05:22 "I have raised [True] Mother. [If not for me,] there would not have been [Heavenly / True] Mother. There would not have been Rev. Moon's wife.

This is enormous difference! You leave out [If not for me,] and replaces "there would not have been” with “there is no” and the whole meaning changes completely. And we see Sanctuary Church constantly doing such manipulations, reversing the meaning of all core teachings of True Father.

In their desperate intention to discredit, slander and accuse True Mother falsely, Sanctuary Church members dare to mistranslate and manipulate Father's words. They do it on purpose, they do it systematically. How to trust people who without conscience use deceptive, misleading rumors to twist the truth?

If they were sincere, they have to take into account the whole speech, not just few mistranslated words out of context. But in their attempt to mislead people they changed even the title of the speech: The official title being: “Inaugural speech of the Women Abel UN” vs Dr. Panzer translation, “TF Abel UN”, in the Sanctuary Church video.

Fathers Last Public Speech

Amazingly, in this very speech Father declares himself and Mother as the victorious True Parents that all mankind should follow: 
“What path does humankind need to take today? The problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the worldview of one family under God, which is the system of thought based on true love that my wife and I, the True Parents, have learned from Heaven and have championed and taught throughout our lives. These ideals alone represent the path that will lead humanity to a world of everlasting peace and happiness”.
In another part of the same speech True Father says: 
“It is a time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heaven’s decree.. We need to devote ourselves completely with a life or death commitment for the remaining time under the guidance of True Parents, who are carrying out the providence on earth as the substantial selves of God, the King of peace”. 
Father also testified about True Mother’s personal victory: 
“Under True Mother as the victorious representative of the world’s women, women can establish now the model of a true mother and true wife and form ideal families through a true love movement." 
Here, Father declared that he and his wife, HJH, are inaugurating the Abel Women’s United Nations:
“As we usher in such a cosmically historic and revolutionary era of changes, my wife and I solemnly declare the inauguration of the Abel Women’s United Nations".
So as we read the whole speech we can understand that Father's unity with Mother in proclaiming that they are the victorious True Parents and substantial God.


We cannot resort to negativity. We are all evil in God's eyes. Having the hope that they will be forgiven, gives a bit hope that I can be may be forgiven. For I've been in Hell and I know the reality of our sinful nature.  We only feel pain and sadness in our hearts. Everything we experience and see as a problem outside, only reflects something that we need to change and resolve within ourselves. We are all connected. Jesus said love your enemies. As Father explained in CSG:
"I cannot tolerate such a thing as someone criticizing and deliberately attacking other members. If we wish to love the world, where should we begin to love? We should begin to love by loving each other....therefore we should love each other. It should be unbearable to live if we cannot see or meet each other. .. If we lose this bond, we are nothing at all." CSG
Where Hyung Jin failed as Abel? He rebelled; criticized, deliberately attacking other members:
"What is the secret in becoming an Abel figure? It is safeguarding the tradition. One who does not rebel even when facing death can become Abel. .. Therefore, even if you are pierced, you must not rebel." CSG
Can Hyung Jin forgive? Can we forgive him? To dominate the world, we need to dominate ourselves. We are responsible for what our hearts generate and project, and should be only true love. Only when we vibrate with the resonance of God's true love all problems can be resolved. We know these sayings from Father; but do we have faith they are true?
"The existence of our portion of responsibility was my discovery.. I discovered it through struggle. If this truth were discovered and disseminated the satanic world would totally collapse." CSG
We have responsibility to keep faith in TP and restore the world. TC also have their responsibility to be loyal to TP and inherit their absolute standard. And Father made it clear, his children should not create new ideology, "We should not accept anyone’s unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse (Hyung Jin’s) ideology or anyone else’s. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents" (CSG). Let's be clear, any denial of TP is from Satan.


  1. I feel very sorry for Mrs Kang, she was such a good disciple of True Father but maybe she was part of the women who were jealous of True Mother when she was young and those deep feelings have been coming back after Hyung Jin's false explanations. How pitiful she will be when she goes to spiritual world and meet our True Father face to face. Maybe she is getting old and they are misusing her as a puppet, I feel so sorry about St Augustin, her husband. He must be feeling so bad!

    1. Hyung Jin never got it what the real meaning of True Parents is. Father and Mother have long ago passed the level of the Messiah. They have already brought salvation to humanity through the Blessing. And they didn't stop. They are our parents, loving father and mother for every man on earth.

      Father said the church would disappear, sooner or later. True Parents will stay forever. Hyung Jin and all the heir-leaders will go, but True parents will always be our parents.

    2. All those years, we were studying the theory and had small tests here and there. Now, we are in the actual driving test...For years, we've been a student driver...if we pass all these actual tests, we will be so excited to get our license to drive for the first time...with all the freedom to go anywhere we want, anytime by ourselves.

    3. True! They are the ones who failed the test; For Sanctuary Church, this is the JUDGMENT DAY - they make a COURT CASE and accuse, accuse - as they did in this Ceremony. Same like RESENTFUL SPIRITS for them the whole purpose of life is just to REVENGE.

      That's why Hyung Jin is the beloved leader, who is fulfilling their deepest desire for gossiping, accusing, judging and chasing revenge. That's why they feel so uplifted by his hours of hate speech.

  2. Sad how Hyung Jin is twisting the way of True Patents providence ...its going to have serious consequences because of that....God help us.

    By the way Hyung Jin has no rights to divorce his own Parents.. what an idiotic ideology.

    1. Praying to God to help me with my struggle with Hyung Jin and his schism from our church. I reflected on the good days and how wonderful Hyung Jin was before Father's passing.. his offering of the 6000 bows and my heart for his devotion and his good nature. However, since the year Father passed away Hyung Ji began to go down hill, slowly becoming a resentful, sinister and turned into an unrecognizable monster. I watched how he he removed True Mother's photo off True Father. Later he posted himself pausing with a gang and knife in his hands. Later we witnessed other photos with his congregation all dressed up holding rifles. Finally, only 4 days ago, September 23, they replaced True mother and placing in her place an old church member Mrs. Kang and calling her their true mother. With this I lost the love and respect I had for Hyung Jin.!!! Reflecting on what is going on with Hyung Jin Moon and his brother Kook Jin Moon, especially what they had done.. I have come to my final conclusion that Hyung Jinn and Kook are no longer lovers of God and his will. In fact they are destroying everything True Parents and God labored for 70 some years. They are just immature boys playing a rich boys game. I know I am trying not to hate them

    2. NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can destroy the foundation True Parents have laid. These boys playing rich-boys games - playing dress up.. have made themselves ridiculous. In NO WAY is this going to help build the Kingdom of heaven. Let them have their public tantrums and let's get back to the serious work of heavenly adults and Kingdom building.

    3. I need to clear out my friends cache and say goodbye to unwanted SC group members now. I can't take it anymore. Better breath warm fresh air with a handful fellows and avoid "mind and air pollution"...

    4. The fans of Sanctuary Church are small group, but they create a hidden veil to make it seem that there are a lot of them, and they broadcast from every corner.

      Hyung Jin is pointing something that is very important by twisting it.

      1. Until we research and fathom the real deep meaning of what Father was teaching us.

      2. Until we develop resistance to future misleading lies in that direction.

      3. At the same time pushing the negative members to extreme, where they become ridiculous.


  3. Recently at the 5th anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa I was deeply moved by the love and care which True Mother put into uplifting the memory of her beloved husband. Everything was about honoring our True Father and remembering him with dignity while also working to fulfill the tremendous vision which Father brought to this world. There are wicked people who are trying to tear down True Mother through their lies and vicious misinformation and even fools who think they can replace True Mother with the wife of another (St Augustine) given to her by True Father. And yet Mother endures with grace and dignity and marches forward to accomplish all that True Parents set out to build.

    In the lunch box we received a card with the message below:

    Beloved members!

    It seems Like yesterday that we sent True Father to the spirit world, yet five years have already passed.
    There is no place in this universe that was not touched by the sweat and tears shed by True Father.
    Wherever we go, wherever we stand, we live each day breathing True Father's love and heart like oxygen.

    Even now, it seems like if we shout 'Father! he will answer by saying, ‘Yes! How have you been? I missed you’ and walk towards us with a smile so broad that the pupil of his eyes become invisible.

    Until the day he ascended, True Father dearly and singularly loved Heavenly Parent and Humanity.
    Yearning to realize world peace and the salvation of humanity,
    True Father pushed himself beyond the barrier of human endurance, undertaking punishing providential journeys that left him with swollen legs and a battered body.
    Wishing to honor True Father's legacy and life,
    True Mother bequeathed into us the tradition of the filial heart, Hyojeong, which True Parents established before Heavenly Parent.

    Today, as she makes an inexorable march forward towards the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk, True Mother is calling us to become the light of the world through a filial heart, Hyojeong, for Heaven.

    Today, as we commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of True Father,

    True Mother has blessed us with the Hyojeong Festival and is exhorting each and every member of the Unification Family throughout the world to advance towards the firm establishment of Cheon II Giik.

    The special meal you hold has been prepared as the first step in celebrating the Hyojeong Festival.
    It is the organizing committee's hope that as you enjoy this special meal, you can feel and resonate with True Mother's profound love and heart and reminisce on the prayerful heart with which True Father dealt with food and his earnest heart to realize Heaven's providence.

  4. Standing on the same authority as Hyung Jin, IE: the State of Mind, the Kellog's Cornflake company,Mad Magazine and because I am wearing a party hat from Toy's-R-Us, I hereby declare that Yeon Ah is divorced from Hyung Jin and is blessed to Gollum from Lord of the Rings, who also falsely desired great power. Mrs Kang is divorced from whatever and hereby blessed to Benedict Arnold, who also used to be a great person. Hyung Jin is now divorced (of sound mind)and is now blessed to Kook Jin and Lucifer (aka Satan). While is may sound unprincipled for an all male threesome, they obviously work very well together and since everything else they do is unprincipled, it fits.
    Also, Hyung Jin is no longer to be referred to as H2, but as Hate2.

    I sincerely pray though that all this is only temporary satanic possession of all the above mentioned characters.

    1. I have to say considering how painful & tragic Sanctuary Church is the Anonymous post caused me to burst out laughing. The best way to deal with such silliness is through humor. This is why those that longer than anyone group have borne the burden of God's providence, the Jews have so many comedians.

  5. I want to know if Mrs. Kang divorced St. Augustine before she married True Father. They didn't say anything about that.

  6. I find very little ethics in the Sanctuary Church. At this point, blessed and married SC members are linking up with other blessed and married SC members to get re-blessed because their spouses are not in the church. Once H2 declared TF's blessings to be invalidated by the Foundation Day Ceremony, then members suddenly felt free to seek new partners. This ceremony with Mrs. Kang will just accelerate this process. Total family breakdown, against all TF taught, and SC members who once promoted the family and family values are now becoming like the worst of the fallen world.


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