"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

HYUNGJIN'S evil PROPAGANDA: How low a son can get

The Essence of
How low a son can get in his disloyalty and mad resentment

This picture used by SC, best depicts H2 himself - the essence of his propaganda; Placing himself as a King, yet calling his mom 'Lesbian" & "Whore"! HOW MUCH LOWER HE CAN GET? Read Hyunjin's Psychology

Is there any lower a son can get in his disloyalty and mad resentment? Now we come to understand how Lucifer's heart turned evil and how Ham turned to rumors in his self-righteousness.

Let's clarify few points - where Hyung Jin goes wrong:
1. H2 repeats the Communist way of Development through Contradiction - Constantly accusing.. Negative Propaganda. (No positive future there)
2. H2 repeats the Early Christian mistake of preaching negativity - which provoke much resentment and cruel actions. (Endless conflicts and division in history)
3. H2 clearly talks against TF's words - not only concerning Mother, but on most issues. Literally, he takes Father's words and talks exactly the opposite. (Deviation from Father's tradition)
We hope Sanctuary Church will read and learn, but at list we should know and not follow any negative propaganda and not get ourselves negative and resentful. In all these 3 point we should distinguish the way of love - taught by our True Parents.

In True Love we don't have Enemies

The true battle is not outside with some enemy. The real one is between our Spirit Mind & Physical Mind. We have to win this internal battle to become people of True Love. That's where Hyung Jin failed! As Father said: 
"Remain centered on true love. There is no enemy within true love, not even Satan. I have never regarded anyone as my enemy. I grasp hold of my so-called enemy.. and I never let go until that enemy loves me." - Father
How much we would love to see the same heart and attitude in Hyung Jin and the other children. They don't need to boast with Father's proclamations to claim selfishly position. The heart of True Love will be the sign that they inherited True Parents' standard. Instead we see Hyung Jin failing again and again to take the road of love. First towards his older brother, H1, now against his mom and the FFWPU.

Father - Created FFWPU - taught us to love - "love the enemy" (Age of CIG)
Hyungjin - Family Fed is Satanic - teaches to judge - see enemies everywhere (Conspiracy)

There is no THEM it's all WE... Father said we don't have enemy! Hyung Jin has to get that point, if he still has some HEART left. We are all Father's followers. We are all One Family. And family should be filled with love, no gossips, judging, accusations and intrigues. For how can H2 claim to be FFWPU leader, if he resents and labels it so much?

H2 - Repeats St. Paul's Mistake

St. Paul talked against the Jews; the Christians in Jerusalem. Hi stirred resentments within the early Christianity. But at one point he realized that was wrong and went to Jerusalem to make reunion. Instead, he was put in prison and spend the rest of his life there.

Because of St. Paul's words against the Jews, centuries later Christians were moved in resentment towards the Jewish community. After Sunday Sermons such a strong feeling of resentment was raised, that Christians went destroying Jewish temples, beating, even killing women. 

In all of his sermons Hyung Jin constantly accuses Family Fed. He talks about corruption, but when you listen to what exactly he accuses, you realize that he is actually accusing Father's words and tradition.

Thus, Sanctuary Church members, enraged in resentment by his sermons, started doing evil things; jumping to fight. In one country they even caused the death of a mother of 4 children.. When people are enraged in resentment, they are like evil spirits. They don't think like human beings.

Did Hyungjin say, "Wow, what did I do! I was teaching them evil."  No! He enjoys the rising wave of resentful members around the world. He stimulates their fallen nature, pushing them to collect negativity. Then Hyung Jin is using those negativities in his sermons, to stir even more resentment.

What a wonderful Sunday inspiration in the Kingdom of Hell. Please, understand, this is so painful for God to observe. So painful! We cannot hate them, we want to liberate them. We have to liberate history with True Love, just as Father described in the quote, "I grasp hold of my so-called enemy.. and I never let go until that enemy loves me."

H2 - Calling Father's Tradition Satanic

H2 called Father's tradition of Tithing - Satanic.. and accused the way Father structured our movements as Totalitarian. Listening this in his sermons it is so obvious, Hyungjin is in fact against Father. He can't say it openly; he is hiding it behind resentments against Mother and the Leaders, but in fact - H2 is accusing and disregards Father.  
Father - "Tiding is eternal tradition" - Filial heart & Gratitude
Hyungjin - "Tiding is Satanic" - Go rebelious and negative
At the end of another sermon HyungJin said that Father gave us the word “I as a owner of CIG.”, and then he makes a mockery of FFWPU pledge, that according to him is to recite “I as a slave of CIG." Hyung Jin really has no respect for his Father.. and that's becoming more and more obvious.

H2 started many manipulations behind Father's back, even while Father was still alive. Yeona herself shares of H2 entering in conflict with Mother in front of TF - in his last days. H2 only pretended to be faithful, to get to the power, but when Father was gone he showed his socipathic nature. Just compare that to Mother's beautiful heart and attitude - keeping absolutely Fathers tradition and dedication for establishing CIG.

Father - on Mother's Complete Devotion

TF: As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen

"My wife has such a tremendous heart of love and care.. Wanting to express my heart of regret toward my wife for all her sacrifices..

She had a slightly self-conscious smile that made her look so sweet.. Throughout history, women have been persecuted, but I predict this will change. The coming world will be one of reconciliation and peace based on women’s maternal character, love, and sociability. The time is coming when the power of women will save the world.

It would seem that my wife would be devastated each time she faced such difficult situations, but she always remained unshaken. Even in the most difficult and unbearable circumstances, my wife never lost her serene smile. She always crossed over life’s most difficult peaks successfully.

The period when children wander is only temporary. No matter what they do, embrace them, love them, and wait for them. Children will always return to the love of their parents.”

I have never raised my voice toward my wife.. because my wife has never given me cause to do so. Throughout our life together, she has labored to care for me with complete, loving devotion... So this great saint of world affairs is also the best.. in the world. Now that I am old I make many new demands on her, and she always responds... It’s a strange thing. The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me."

CSG - 57 quotes about True Mother
Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"
Hyungjin: Freedom of Resentment  


  1. There are many words of True Father expressing his love to Mother. He is true son of God who was living in our time, and she his wife, first women who expierienced to be loved by original Adam.
    The question is how much was and is this love being requited.Not hearing from Mother so much about Father now , when she stands in the center may let one wonder.
    Hyung Jin Nim says that she disunited with Father in her heart and standing in the center has changed that's why much of tradition father has left.
    Hyung Jin Nim is for the first time in history son of Messiah, who received blessing of True Parents transfered to him.
    He had lost then all positions in the movement with Mother's confirmation and is going since then a desert course.
    If what he says is true, than one may understand that in God's eyes Mother is not the person to call with any good but rather nasty words.
    For me what he says makes sense.
    One should be carefull attacking anointed son of the Messiah, who with his wife is the highest living representative of True Parents, since Father is not with us.
    But you are responsible yourself for what you do, say and write.

  2. Thank you for the 57 CSG quotes about True Mother

    "People in the world who were born before the True Mother came into existence were born in vain." CSG1 p. 1271.

    I wonder if Hyung Jin has the same opinion of his mother that is contained within CSG? If he does not, one has to wonder who got it wrong. CSG or Hyung Jin Nim.

    1. Yes, H2 thinks CSG is full with lies. The only thing SC uses it to accuse and teach negativity.. without shame - that's so painful.

      Why are SC so heartless, so resentful? H2 followers... tell me about "whore of Babylon". Who with what heart calls his mother 'Whore"?

    2. I agree to that😊....i tried to watch H2 sermons in some of their sunday services but it makes my heart cry...i can't imagine how it happened...
      Before i look up to him as an inheritor of TF but now i can't see it anymore...
      And now his aura is very different, it's just like full of resentment.😢😢😢
      He is more worst compare to H1.

  3. SC asked me: "Why don't you consider the good Hyungjin is doing".

    I asked, "Yes tell me, I want to know, if he does something good, I'll be happy"

    SC answered: "He gives sermons and visits families"

    Me: "But exactly the negativity and gossiping he speaks there makes us sick"

    SC: "You already know Rev. King Moon Hyungjin has much to offer"

    Sure, MORE GOSSIPS AND ACCUSATIONS? H2 is endless source of them. SC for some strange reason feel inspired, but we, normal people, feel pain, sadness.. no inspiration there.

    SC: "Would it not be better to support those, whom True Father has chosen?"

    Me: "To support those who ruin TF? No way! No matter chosen or not chosen. We can support those who help God's providence.. H2 does not help - he is destroying it. Worse - he has no conscience to see that and repent!"


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