"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

The Position and Authority of True Parents (Tyler Hendricks)

The Position and Authority of True Parents (Tyler Hendricks)

The Position and Authority of True Parents 

by Tyler Hendricks

We need to embody this truth. So, that's a practice. This is my exploratory development of True Father's Words and True Mother's Words and reality as I've experienced it.

Divine Principle makes a prophecy

As captioned: DP Prophecy
* Exposition of Divine Principle foretells God's providence, leading transformation of the man-woman relationship. I'd say that is the most important. Jesus came back to what? to find a Bride, to become man and woman, a transformation of the man-woman relationship on the global level

* It prophesies that "The Completed Testament Age following the Second Advent of Jesus is the age of the heifer, or the age of the wife."
(It doesn't say the age of the parents, it doesn't say the age of the father. It says the age of the wife. Did we ever stop to think about that prophesy? True Parents fulfilled this prophecy.)

As captioned: Fulfillment of Prophecy
* In 2008, on the 40th day after True Parents' helicopter accident, True Father delivered an address entitled, "Proclamation Ceremony of the Day of Complete Rebirth, Complete Resurrection and Complete Eternal Life."
* In that address, He announced, "The oceanic era has begun. It represents the universal era of women ...

* "The culture of the oceanic sphere constitutes the original women's culture, transcending all nations and crossing all oceans."
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 1587)
(You know how much True Father was into the ocean, right? And here He says, 'Do you know what the ocean is everybody? It is the era of women. And we have entered that era. The age of the wife is being fulfilled.
* True Father went on in that Speech to connect this "original women's culture" directly with True Mother.
* "To create this culture, all women need to unite in heart and take concerted action under the guidance of True Mother."
(2008.08.27, Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 1587)
(That was 2008)
* On the basis of the next four years in the providence, in his final public speech, (What was it? The Abel Women's UN.) True Father placed all responsibility and authority with True Mother.
* "I sincerely ask you to choose True Mother's path, the path of a true wife, of a true daughter and of a true woman leader who will build a unified world."
(2012.07.16, Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 976-82)

(So, we could say that's really lifting up True Mother. It does lift up True Mother. And also this is an incredible mission, an incredible responsibility on the shoulders of True Mother; and, Father's asked us to attend True Mother and choose Her path. This is a paradigm shift. Leadership by women is something the world has never see; and, it is a paradigm shift. And it is what Father referred to, I believe, at so many ICUS science conferences as 'the core of a new cultural revolution.' It is a revolutionary shift in the world; and, we are just beginning to grasp what this means. Does it mean, "Oh, all presidents are going to be women? What does it mean? We don't know yet. We have to embody this Word of True Parents through the power of true love. It takes time ... )
as captioned: A paradigm shift

* Authentic, principled leadership by women is a paradigm shift, what Father referred to as a 'new cultural revolution.'
* To grasp it takes time.
* To understand it, let us look at the providence and Principle with special attention to the husband-wife relationship, and how Father explained the mission of the daughter, bride, wife and mother. (That is what I want this presentation to be about)
as captioned : God's object partner: man and woman
(The object partner is what is important)

as captioned: The object partner in creation
*The creation is the story of God's seeking to become one body with a true-love object partner, a true-love object partner.)
(Why create the Creation at all? Because God wants what? An object partner.)

*What has God been seeking all this time? He has not been seeking a subject partner, but rather an ideal object partner."
(So, it is all about the object partner.)
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 651)

* The ideal object partner begins with one man and one woman.
as captioned: One man and one woman in creation
(the red letters mean that it is Father's Words)

* (red) "Does God need a son only?
* (red) "God knew ahead of time that He needed a pair, which would include a daughter...
* (red) "A son living by himself would be like a person with one foot."
(The Sound of the Bell of the Mind," January 28, 1979
* (red) "What would have happened if God's creation ... had stopped with man and had not included woman? ...
* (red) "For only one to exist would be the same as having no existence at all."
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 595)

So, a true-love object partner ... God is love ... so a true-love object partner, that means that God has a love relationship. It's a love relationship. You all know about a love relationship, right? A love relationship is very physical as well as very spiritual. Love relationship. You have a love relationship with your children; you have a love relationship with your brothers and sisters; you have a love relationship with your spouse. Thank about that love relationship. You have a love relationship with your parents. That's what God wants. That's why God created us.

As captioned: King and Queen in Creation

* (red) "If God is the King of Love, this means that God needs a queen to love. This is an absolute principle." (Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 518)

* Thus we can understand Father's words about "God's marriage":
* (red) "The marriage of perfected Adam and Eve, based on absolute sex, would have been God's own marriage."
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 631)

(And through True Parents, God has many queens. Any woman in this room was meant to be a queen of love, a queen for God to love. Thus, we can understand Father's Words about God's marriage. Have you ever heard about God's marriage ; or, is there anyone who has not heard about God's marriage? I did a small pole, including one of my beloved wife, who is not a scholar at all; and, she knows about God's marriage. So, she said, "Tell them that even your wife knows about God's marriage." So, the marriage of perfected Adam and Eve, based on absolute sex, would have been God's own marriage. Is there something wrong with God getting married? It means love relationship, object partner love relationship.

Father called the marriage of true families the second stage of absolute sex in one speech in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong. The first stage is purity, celibacy, abstinence until you get married. The second stage is husband-wife love and family love.

as captioned: Personal and Eternal in Creation
* Father called marriage and true families the second stage of absolute sex, without which (red) "God cannot manifest His stature as a God who is personal and incarnate in us ...
(without that, without the marriage, God cannot manifest His stature as a God who is personal. Father ... That is a very radical statement. Without my family, God is not personal. That is a very, very radical and deep statement. )

* True Father goes on to say, (red) "Please understand that God's eternal life and our eternal life are possible only on this foundation."
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 631)

(God's eternal life is only possible on that foundation? I thought God was eternal anyway. Father makes this kind of statement in public speeches and in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong. This is the new cultural revolution. )

As captioned: One Man and One Woman in Creation
* This is True Father's new cultural revolution, proclaimed in public speeches.
* God needs a queen.
* God will get married.
* God becoming personal depends on this.
* God's eternal life depends on this.
* What does this point to? Here is how True Father explained it to Mikhail and Risa Gorbachev:
* In His address to the Second World Peace Conference of the Federation for World Peace, (here in Seoul) with Mr. and Mrs. Gorbachev in the audience, (This is not to religious leaders but in his address to the political leaders and in His address Father ) True Father said,
* (red) "God too has been growing. (That's like ... Jesus never said that ... Buddha never said that ... Father said new things. It takes time to digest. Okay, but without digesting those new things, we can't understand God's providence and what True Mother's Mission and our mission in this age is. Okay, God has been growing...) He created Adam and Eve as the substantiation of the ideal within His invisible heart, the ideal of son and daughter, brother and sister, husband and wife and father and mother." (The four realms of heart. )
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 94)

as captioned: One Man and One Woman in Creation (cont'd)
* Does this mean God is not God? (Father asked that question and then said:) Not at all:
* (red) "God is forever God, yet at the same time Adam and Eve were to have become embodiments of God. They would have become God's body."
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 631)

(So, again, Christianity wrestled with this, could not completely ... They didn't have the logic of love to fully explain it, but they stood on it because it is in the Scriptures. It's God's Word. But yes, God is God; and, God is also me and you and my wife together and my children is the embodiment of God.)
* God's body is substantiated in the four position foundation: (As we all know,)
(red) "When husband and wife become one, they revolve with God to form a four-position foundation of love." True Families:

(Gateway to Heaven, in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 674
So, you've got God, also known as Love, God in the middle, Father and Mother, husband and wife, son and daughter ... We all know this four-position or, actually, I guess it's a six-position foundation because there is a third dimension. And it is all one; and, this is the foundation for why Cheon Il Guk is all One.
as captioned : Father and Mother
> sister ... Husband < God > Wife
brother < son and daughter
as captioned: One Man and One Woman in Creation

* Then all people in every position are in God's love dominion, (It means God possesses all these people. God owns us; and you know what, we own God as well because love does this. It is mutual ownership because love ... you want to be owned by love) within God's ownership.
* (And in this dominion) God experiences directly the intimate relationships of the four great realms of heart, as a child, sibling,spouse, parent and grandparent.
* (red) "In the place of love, you are happy to go up or down and even to stay in the middle. ...Everything comes together when true love is at the center."

(True Families: Gateway to Heaven, in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p 689, 91
(I can hear Father's Words ringing out. And so, Father concluded this speech to the Federation with this statement:)
as captioned : One Man and One Woman In Creation continued
* Returning to the Federation for World Peace speech, Father concluded this point:
* (red) "With Adam and Eve, God grows as a child, (remember we said God is growing to, He grows as a child, ) as a brother and a sister, a husband and a wife, and finally a parent. God experiences His second self many times over."
(Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 94)
(That is what this object partner of love, that is the purpose of creation, is where love actually comes from, what it is all about. And at the time of Jesus, here is an indication of that:)
as captioned: One Man and One Woman at the Time of Jesus
* That ideal of creation animated the mission of the second Adam, Jesus:
* (red) "Jesus knew that God was looking forward to having His only begotten Daughter, so Jesus looked forward to restoring a woman in that position."
(The Sound of the Bell of The Mind," January 28, 1979)
as captioned: One Man and One Woman at the Second Advent
* And it is at the core of our mission with True Father, who said (many years ago):
* (red) "In the history of searching for one man, if you have reached the point of finding that man, then as the next step you must search for a woman.
* (red) "The movement which proposed to search for a woman was the Unification Church we have today." (Blessing and Ideal Family 1993, p. 157)

(So, our mission is still to search for that woman; and, when we have found that woman, to attend that woman. And I don't know if I have it in this series, but Father said in a very early speech in America, in His first speaking tour in America that the mission of the Unification Church is to attend the Bride of the Lord, I read that a few times and thought 'Wait a minute. I thought our mission was to attend the Lord.' But Father said that our mission is to attend the Bride of the Lord. So I asked my wife to check the Korean. Yeah, it says to attend the Bride of the Lord. So our mission is to attend, according to Father, the Bride, True Mother. At least our mission includes that.
as captioned: Fulfillment by our True Parents

True Mother's Mission

* As stated, (This is all the fulfillment by True Parents. This is all theology, the Principled theology. Now the fulfillment, True Mother's Mission) God needed a queen, a wife: (red) "For God, Eve was His future wife, because Adam was meant to become God Himself by becoming united with Him."
(Blessing and Ideal Family 1993, p. 12)
* True Father declared that True Mother fulfilled this responsibility.

* (red) "God ... has had no partner. He needs a female object partner. True Mother is such a woman, with the value of the original True Mother." (The original Eve, true Eve, perfected Eve)
(Chambumo Gyeong, 1: 2-2-5, 2002.12.09)

So, Father is lifting up True Mother. And you know how John-the-Baptist said "Oh, he must increase and I must decrease." Did Mother say, "Oh, Father must increase and I must decrease." No. She said what John-the-Baptist should have said, "He must increase. I will increase too; because, Father and True Mother are One. So, as Father increased, True Mother increased.
as captioned: True Mother's Mission continued

* Referring to True Mother, True Father stated: (red) "She is the Queen of heaven, the Queen of the earth, the Queen of the nation, the Grandmother to Her ancestors, the Mother of humankind, the Wife of God and the Daughter of God."

(Chambumo Gyeong, 1: 2-2-5, 2002.122.09)
(And this is all True Father simply saying, "She is My Wife. She is My children's Mother. And Father continued , as captioned:)

* (red) "God thus far has appeared symbolically. However, now God appears in His embodiment---True Father, and True Mother has appeared as His partner. ...
(Whose partner? As it says right here, God's Partner. The person who translated this for me, for the first time six months ago, that I asked her, "Should that be capital 'H' or little 'h.' Does that mean Father's Wife, or God's Wife? At that time, she said, 'Oh, little 'h.' She said, "Father's wife." Then last week, a week ago when I was checking all these slides, she said, "No, it is capital 'H," God's Wife. Well the thing is, you know in Korean there is no capitalization; so, it is both.)
as captioned: True Mother's Mission

* True Father's next Words are vital:

* "Therefore, (red) the substantial kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be established."
(Chambumo Gyeong, 12: 4-3-7, 2003. 08. 04)

* In other words, the perfect embodiment of God in True Parents is the very foundation for Cheon Il Guk.

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  1. RESENTFUL LETTER BY Sanctuary Church member:
    "When people are negative they see everything negatively and easily accuse, resent and spread rumors", this for sure is the case of Sanctuary Church, "Nest of Resentful People".. disappointed with US, disappointed with TM, disappointed with FFWP. Openly talking their fallen nature, yet not realizing, their faith has nothing to do with Father's words and teachings.

    Clirk Gingrich... said, "FFWP are arc-angelic bigots"
    Promoting Father's teachings, he calls, "stiff neck archangels love propaganda"

    Look at his logic, "Father embrace Hyung Jin Nim, but Mother said NO! He said YES. She said NO." When did Father say yes to gossiping, multiplication of evil, unfilial disobedience and accusations against Tithing. Did Father say yes to calling mother "Lesbian" and other bad words?

    If Father's direction is to support Hyung Jin Nim.. then we should KIK HIS BAT till he corrects himself.

    Surely SC "don't even know what love is nor do they really seek for it"

    He says, "I pray does a one day and hope repent but, they won't" REPENT FOR LOVING TRUE PARENTS. Nice!
    LOOK AT THE WORDS HE USES, "cow manure mixed".. "killing our brothers and sisters".. "we must stand against them".. "stand against the Han mother".. "she is the embodiment of the devil himself getting drunk on the blood of our brothers".. "I will not allow the shadow of Satan to cover your eyes anymore my mouth will speak the truth" WHAT TRUTH - SATAN'S?.. "while I'm praising and worshiping True Father and Jesus."

    HE CALLS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, "the enemies of God"


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