"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

MUST READ: Reflection "Why Sanctuary Church is Wrong!"

Sanctuary Church Hyungjin Moon Kook Jin SC: Sanctuary Church is wrong Hyungjin invaded
My Revlection:
"Why SC is wrong!"
Sanctuary Church Hyungjin Moon Kook Jin SC: Sanctuary Church is wrong Hyungjin invaded
"We need to know the deeper significance of every ceremony & declaration Father made.. and how he led the providence. Even TC have to absolutely follow and obey the Messiah, TPs=TF+TM"
Sanctuary Church Hyungjin Moon Kook Jin SC: Sanctuary Church is wrong Hyungjin invaded
Hyung Jin was not appointed to replace True Parents, as he now insists, but as president of FFWPU International. Please check our history, all presidents followed the directions of True Parents as their representatives.

Hyung Jin is the first one, who showed disobedience and tried to reverse dominion. Sanctuarians, ignited by H2's resentful sermons, call FFWP "arcangelic bigots" and accuse Father's tradition of tithing as 'satanic', but still insist H2 is to be its president. Is that straight thinking?

As Bishop Winny explained, Hyung Jin was appointed as president on Apr 18 2008, a month after Hyo Jin nim's seonghwa and 12 days after TF asked H1 & KJ to stand on the left & right side of TM representing Cain/Abel.

Let's not forget that Hyungjin failed as Abel to win with love the heart of his older brother H1. Instead, he boasted and spread negativity. Therefore, this providential attempt ended in failure. Father was alive, but in accordance with the Principle, he did not interfere with H2's responsibility. 

In TFs prayer this day, TF mentioned two things; (1) The position of HyoJin nim & HeungJin nim as HgJ’s elder brothers who are true representatives of C/A in the spirit world and (2) HgJ’s mission of resolving resentments of the 3 ages (OT, NT and CT).

We should see that it is not the position or authority that they are inheriting immediately and should not be referring to the “persona” himself... BUT TPs are conveying right there that IT IS THE BEGINNING of a new providential course of claiming victory between C/A and resolving historical resentments. Which obviously has to do with resurrection process for failures from all past ages. Father mentions specifically, Hyungjin's couple have to overcome 'Historic Resentment'. Only than they can be victorious. Read Spiritual Reasons


1. Hyung Jin was given the responsibility to convey the Words of True Parents (Not deny TP, not reverse the words, as he does now) Father said, "become representative of the Word".. "become the owner of the Word".

2. Achieve victory over Resentment.. "you have to overcome the resentment.. surmount the resentment of Old, New and Completed Testament.."

3. "The reality of True Parents is precious".. "become the representatives.. climb the heal of heart".. "establish joy.. centered on God and True Parents".. "Inherit TP's victory". These are all responsibilities. Father even says, H2 "should undergo labor pains.. carry the way of loyalty and filial piety with the intention of inheriting.." Therefore, strive to inherit.. by uniting  completely with TM.

Sanctuary Church Hyungjin Moon Kook Jin SC: Sanctuary Church is wrong Hyungjin invaded
(1) Given responsibility to fulfill (Learn the Truth) - HE DIDN'T
(2) Will pay indemnity (Has to overcome Resentment) - HE DIDN'T
(3) Should obey True Parents (Show loyalty and filial piety) - HE DIDN'T

Now you understand that Hyungjin failed in everything Father asked him. He is not even in a proces of trying to accomplish Father's requests. He is going the opposite direction, claiming authority and position of heir, without even trying to unite and inherit.

Father Blessed H2 to take the Resentment of All Ages
Sanctuary Church Hyungjin Moon Kook Jin SC: Sanctuary Church is wrong Hyungjin invaded
This is an important fact; When TF prayed over HJN's Inauguration, he prayed that their family course would involve gaining victory over resentment. TF literally said, 

"With this blessing prayer.. I am letting you know that.. when you become the owner of the word and.. approach its deeper content, you will discover the words "achieving victory over resentment."
Whose bitter pain are you relieving? It is the bitter pain of the cosmos, of heaven and earth.
You have to overcome the bitter pain in the root, trunk and shoot, the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages.
Later you must go beyond the bitter pain of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam." TF prayer

TF clearly directs him; resentment will come.. "You have to overcome... resentment of three eras - OT, NT, CT":  True Father foretold in his prayer that all the pain and resentment from unresolved past sins will come upon this couple and they have to "achieve victory over resentment" ... "you must go beyond this bitter pain", Father told him, "Later you must go beyond," signifying that it will take some mathematical period of time, while these feelings of resentment are upon him. Read more...

Ceremony: Brothers to unite centering on Mother

April 6 2008 in Hawaii, (12days before HgJ’s inauguration) Father made ceremony, that the brothers (H1/KJ) were to UNITE CENTERING ON TM. As we know, position is twined with HISTORICAL responsibilities and if the Central Figure failed to fulfill it, or the mission is left undone, God changes the person to continue the FORMULA COURSE.

Then from the sermon HgJ gave in Nov 14 2009.. He mentioned TF asked him to convey the following message and had to make sure that members understood it seriously that "if any of the TC or Grand Children denies TPs or any in-laws, members should not follow any of them." Why? We need to TRUST TF's intuition. He for sure had seen the possibilities and was giving us the warning. That serious request from TF was made a year & 7 months after the inauguration. AGAIN we can say that the appointment is not absolute! It all depends on the fulfillment of POR.

In an interview on Nov 24 2009 HgJ mentioned that there's no confusion about succession as long as TM is here. This is in accordance to what TF had clarified with him during their 8 hrs talk. This is ANOTHER ONE BIG ISSUE! This is TFs message to him during their “8-hr talk.....”

From the June 2010 issue of Todays World Magazine... an article of HgJ testifying that there was nobody who had achieved such unity with TF except TM that even he and other disciples couldn’t cope with. He saw firsthand experience that it was only TM who could cope with TF's schedule and activities. He even said TM is not human being in this case. His original mind was still pure to see the greatest spiritual value of the TPs

From the speech in 2011 Apr 4, TF said that the responsible person for the Unification Movement is NOT HgJ nor KJ. On top of them is TM. TF emphasized that WE SHOULD NOT FORGET THIS. Again, why TF had to keep on repeating this issue about successor and top leadership of the entire UM? SIMPLY BECAUSE TF could see the possibilities and again has given us WARNING.
On April 14 2012 TF declared TM as perfected Eve and TF offered that day as the day where the Internal God (HP)and External God (TP) have achieved perfected unity because of the unity of TF and TM as the TRUE PARENTS. TF emphasized this point in the speech that TP = TF + TM. We have to see this as great revelation. TM is the substantial form of God's feminine aspect and through her the unity of GNight & GDay was achieved

On Jun 5 2012 TF declared the perfected and firm settlement of the TPs who together with God had accomplished 96% of the providence perfectly and that the remaining 4% lies on HTMs in order to build the Kingdom of Heaven. From that day TF said a New History would begin CENTERED on TRUE PARENTS. Just few months before TF's passing, TF declared this very important point.... .

AND on July 16 2012 TF sincerely asked those present during the inauguration of ABEL Women UN to choose the path of TM which is the path of a true daughter, a true wife, a true mother and a true woman leader. TM is the model, TM is the leader, she is the next HEAD after TF.

Then on Aug 13 2012 TF prayed that he had accomplished, perfected and concluded the providence and now is the time for HTM to build the CIG through tribal restoration & community breakthroughs. What was the most important achievement TF had accomplished? Finding TM and perfecting the course of the TPs; establishing the True Family & producing millions of Blessed families worldwide.

Ever sinse 1990 TF declared TP = TF + TM. and in Mar, same year, TF declared TM as 2nd founder of the church with an equal status with him when it comes to leading the entire movement. In 1991 Nov 3 TF answered the question "Who is the Messiah" by saying TF and TM the TPs are the messiah.

On Nov 27 1994 TF said that unless there is a Nation (the Cheon Il Guk) inheritance (and succession) would not be passed down to Children. The same thing Father explained to HgJ, mentioned on Nov 24 2009 by HgJ himself, regarding his 8-hr talk with TF about successor.

The original article was written by Bishop Winny
"Summary of My Reflection why SC is wrong!"
 She did great job condensing the info about SC.

HJN started the Period of DIVIDED KINGDOM
HJN reversing the Principle: Anti-PARALLEL WITH MOSES
Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

"All True Children must follow True Parents"
This is True Parents' declaration. And Father signed it with his own hand in 2011. Father clearly says that ALL True Children must follow True Parents. Read...


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  2. Why no SC member ever came to argue logically even one point of the Facts we show about H2's failure??? They only come and repeat the same stuff, H2 brainwashed them with (so irrational), which make us see H2's incompetence of DP.

    1. To whatever you comment about them, their most common reply is "H2 is the heir anointed by TF".

  3. Very good research done. Thank you so much. It is so important that all those facts can be known to all our members.

    Unfortunately some spelling mistakes; may be they could be edited to avoid misunderstanding?

    ( for example: 'heir' and not hair )


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