"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin to eliminate and supplant the True Parents

"Starting point for the realization of God's hope.. become people who can obey the True Parents, based on our sacred relationship with them. This will finally liberate the cosmos and open the gate to the heavenly kingdom." Father, CSG

"At the root, Hyung Jin is not challenging True Mother as much as he is attempting to eliminate and supplant the True Parents." Larry

"I hope some of the SC members come to their senses when they read this. Hyung jin is getting scary and obsessive in his hate (no other word) of his own mother." Sydelle

"When I first met H2 6 yrs ago in Korea, I would never have thought it would come to this. If this is breaking my heart, how much more does True Mother feel?" Carmen

"It's so very sad! Hyung Jin Nim is in complete control of Satan, and he doesn't realize it. This is NOT his original nature! Let us pray for him instead of accusing him." Muriel 

Very interesting article, Parallels HJN& Solomon, worth reading right through. One point about spiritual invasion - it is totally true that when a person is influenced by evil spirits, the truth can be manipulated so easily, ie lies turned into 'truth' and vice versa. The mind and heart become sick. We need to be ruthless in our understanding of Principle and honestly yearn for how to apply it in EVERY situation... lack of clarity can lead to spiritual invasion, dramatic as it sounds! 
At the root, Hyung Jin is not challenging True Mother as much as he is attempting to eliminate and supplant the True Parents.

Father said that wherever Mother goes, even alone, she fully represents both of the True Parents. Father said many, many other things to support this, including that Mother would hold the reins until she handed them over to Hyung Jin.

However, it does no good to mention any of this to Sanctuarians because of the boy king's convenient logical ju-jitsu. Everything Father said or thought (except for crowning Hyung Jin) is negated by Hyung Jin's that-was-then-but-this-is-now insistence that True Mother left her position in the final hour. 

Hyung Jin's statement that the value of the messiah is 95% and the value of his wife is 5% (in one of his early 2015 videotaped sermons), shows his utter lack of grounding in Divine Principle. The lad has granted himself the authority to dismiss True Mother from her position. His doing this has two results: (1) he has sown disunity and harmed God's Providence and (2) he has made himself providentially irrelevant. Ironically, it is he who walked away from his position in the final hour. The crown has gone to his head.

H2 needs you more than you need him (or you think you need him). He should be following the saints who overcame years of difficulty, not the other way around. Many of these members, seeing the long vision, were patient, forgiving, loving, paying indemnity for.. the same goals: The 4 Great Realms of Heart. This brief reminder of history is given in love. Any accusation of judgment towards this post is only temporary, because we hope that sc will turn to the path of restoration that Father taught us.

"The Messiah is the perfected True Parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. When the True Parents appear, they become the axis by which God' and human beings can be linked to each other." Father, CSG 809

"I have many shortcomings, believe me. As we all have. It is incredibly hard to come only a tiny close to True Parents' standard of living. I experienced it." Gabrielle


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