"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

How was Mother born without Original Sin

"True Mother adored by heaven; the Mother revered by earth." True Father's calligraphy

There are few important conditions for Mother to be born separated from Satan. Check Father's explanations and the Principle points clarifying that. Find out what it means to have Original Sin removed? 

In this article I added some statistical facts (received spiritually) about the percentage of sin removed in Jesus, Mother and other key figures. Despite their wrong, focused on accusation heart, we are grateful that Sanctuary Church is pushing us to research carefully Father's words and find the real understanding of the Principle.

Let's not forget one simple Principle truth, that Hyung Jin is eagerly trying to deny:
"Restoration cannot be completed by one person alone. A man cannot be restored alone, nor can a woman go to heaven alone. Nothing can be resolved without the efforts of two individuals." (Father, 1969/02/02) 
Father said, God is the root of both, Father and Mother. They are the first such man and women in history:
"People call us True Father and True Mother. In external appearance there is no difference between us and you; however, our root, our origin, is different from yours. The True Parents emerged with God as the root, the first such human beings in history." (CBG p.12)

How can one be free of sin

To be free of sin means that satan cannot find hooks to manipulate you because of the mistakes of your lineage. Now the question is, was Jesus' lineage 100 % free of Satan's accusations? Was it only conditional separation of him? Was it because his lineage was more than 50% liberated? Only if we knew this we could probably understand a bit of Father's and Mother's position as the first couple separated from Satan.

Let us try to study the conditions needed for their separation from Satan. In fact, DP explains that True Parents are establishing the Model Course for the whole of humanity to follow and subjugate Satan.
"Mother, too, received the lineage of the fallen archangel. Even I, too, received it. Even I. Therefore, absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience are needed for recreation."
2003.10.01: Sermons 419-102. 
"Even the Lord of the Second Advent as the lord of humanity came from the lineage of Satan." 2004.04.04: Sermons 444-197.
The True Parents of Humanity also came from Satan's lineage, but are the first ones who came out of it. Their model it the path for the salvation of all of humanity. They re established God's lineage on earth.

God Predestined Father's Birth

What is the FF's view about Father's and Mother's original sin? The view is that we don't know, but we should carefully study Father's words with open heart. And here are Father's words added by FF in Cambumo Gyong:

"I was born as a farmer's son.. but my origin is different. 
My lineage cannot be accused by Satan. If it could, I would not be able to accomplish anything.. 
I met someone who.. had been serving me even before I was born.. because God predestined my coming. When God sends a central person into the world, He works by giving to people visions.. Thus, even before my birth, He gave people visions of my appearance.
My birth on earth was not as just the son of an ordinary family. From the age of ten, I learned everything about the world.
I knew the fundamental truths from birth, not by studying. I learned them from heaven. I was born for heaven's will, and I knew them from birth. I even came to know the heart of God. 
I, True Father, gained victory over Satan's world by going through eight vertical stages, from servant of servants to servant, adopted child and so on, and eight horizontal stages, from individual to family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God." (CBG p.12,13)

Have in mind that FF is reading these words daily, while SC did everything to accuse and not allow Father's more recent words, or words from the other hundreds of Father's volumes, to be included. I don't accuse them, I just think in their fixation on accusing they are too much one-sided and extreme; blinded for the real facts and truth. We just have to know that Father himself requested these words to be included and Mother did everything to fulfill his will.

Conditions for Mother's Birth: 

In the ODP lecture given in the Sanctuary Church was explained that, "Young and Inn are attributes", yet they fail to admit that TF and TM are inseparable expressions of God's dual characteristics. However this lecture explained in detail, that when TF received God's approval for dealing with women, that's when Mother was born. 

This is important point; Mother was born not based on Christianity, but based on the conditions of TF and the prepared for his coming churches, she was born without common base with Satan. And Father said, Mother was "born from pure lineage." Mother was to restore Eve's position by becoming the first woman reaching individual perfection.
"In order to find True Mother, you cannot imagine how great a price had to be paid, how many sacrifices were necessary. .... You cannot imagine what an enormous price has been paid, the uncountable sacrifices that have had to be made." CBG 
To protect her from eventual fallen relations, her mother had to raise her alone in a very special way. Remember, Jesus' family was invaded, because Marry had other children with Joseph, after giving birth to sinless child. Father was born on the foundation of Jesus' victory, so he didn't need that condition and had brothers and sisters. But  Dae Mo Nim had to raise Mother in protected environment, having no further relations with husband. Thus, Mother could stand as THE FRUIT OF THE HISTORY OF RESTORATION.
"The Holy Spirit has been working to create the Bride, who will come in the flesh. It is on that foundation that in my time I was able to establish Mother on the world level."
This Heavenly work of Mother's preparation "requires that she knows all aspects of the heavenly way" before she met Father. Yes, Sanctuary Church loves to accuse that, but Father clearly explained:
"The woman whom he takes as the Bride must meet the qualifications, as stipulated by the Principle, to be the Bride. This requires that she knows all aspects of the heavenly way. It requires that she looks forward to the Returning Lord's coming and prepares to welcome him. These are the conditions she needs in order to prepare herself to establish the one Godcentered family, nation and world. This is her responsibility as the Bride." CBG

How was Mother Born without Sin

This is all in a spiritual realm, not much understandable for us, but here is what we understand from Father's own explanations. Father was born on the victorious foundation of Jesus. So he didn't have to be born with his parents making the condition to remove the original sin, just inherited the already made foundation. 
Father's Explanation:
- Father inherited Jesus' Victory
- Mother born of pure lineage 
Yes, Father explained that he was born from fallen parents. But he also said, "My lineage cannot be accused by Satan." I don't claim we understand how and when was the original sin removed, but why argue with Father when he says, "Mother is of pure lineage"... "unrelated to the Fall." TF also said in 2004,
“I am not a person born from the original lineage, but came through the lineage of my mother from Satan’s world.” (Father - Vol. 463, 8.1.2004)
Yet, Father's lineage is not from his parents, his origin is from God. Father came on the foundation of Jesus' victory. But for mother to be born, many conditions of purification of the lineage were made in the Han lineage and by 3 generations of women.
"For True Mother to emerge, there had to be preparation for three generations her maternal grandmother, her mother, Daemonim (Hong Soon-ae), and True Mother. Without it, she would not be able to stand in the position of True Mother. Her grandmother brought her family to the Holy Lord Church. Her mother brought them to the Inside the Womb Church, and then in the South they lived a nomadic life searching for the Returning Lord. Mother was raised while leading such a life." 
Mother inherited the foundation of prepared Churches:
"True Father cannot marry just any woman. The Eve whom he can take as his Bride must be prepared through three generations. True Mother went through such a course. She inherited the foundation of the Holy Lord Church, where she received the blessing of Rev. Kim Seong-do, who was in the position of the First Eve. Following that, she also gained the foundation of the Inside the Womb Church, where she received the blessing of Rev. Heo Ho-bin, who was in the position of the Second Eve. It was Daemonim who made this possible." (541-211, 2006/09/30)

Percentage of Sin Removed

Let me explain in a simplest way, what it means to be born without original sin. Simply said, we have over 6 billion cells, all connected to our ancestors. If all these cells are separated from Satan there is no original sin in you. This means conditions in the lineage, all the way back to Adam and Eve (The Root of Sin). But in a Principle view, only True Parents can remove the sin of the First False Parents (Adam and Eve). Surely not Jesus, nor TF can do that alone.
"Ever since the Fall, the bodies of all human beings have been dominated by sin, all kinds of sins.. because human beings are connected to Satan's lineage.. To resolve this is to follow the course of indemnity. Now we, True Parents, have paid off everything. We paid indemnity on all levels the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.. thereby connected them all to the true lineage of God." Father, CBG
So let us be realistic, even Jesus had probably 75% cleaned, yet we say he is without original sin, because from that level he could restore the perfected Adam's position. By fulfilling his portion of responsibility he grew, fought and liberated the rest of the Satanic foundation within himself. But that was still only 50% of the job. A wife had to be cleansed, only together they could remove the Original Sin completely (Job undone).

Perfected Adam  +  Perfected Eve  =  True Parents
          (50%)                              (50%)                (100% Channel for God's Lineage)

In this age we can communicate with spirit world freely, so here are some approximate spiritual measurements to give you some realistic perspective of how lineage is purified. Have in mind that the percentage will be different if the question is asked differently. For example the real lineage of Jesus could be purified less then 50%. One question is how many of his ancestors are on God's side, how many on Satan's side, in the spirit world. It's another question which of these two sides had more conditions to work with him and support him. Which puts him probably around 65% on God's side. Then comes how much he himself had base from birth, adding his Mother's sacrificial condition. So we can say that we come to about 75% pure. 
Spiritual Measurements (Just Approximate)
- Jesus born 75% pure (based on OT) - Father Inherits
- 1st wife born 50-60% pure (based on NT) - never grew to individual perfection
- TM born 85% pure (based on CT) - passed individual (1960) and family level by 1978
Based on that, plus the special environment created by her mother, True Mother could reach individual perfection in nearly normal way, until the age of 21. But then Father pushed her to make indemnity conditions for family level perfection, tribal level, national level.. up to the world level. The Cosmic and God's level starts from 2013, with Father ruling the sp.w. and Mother as the center of the ph.w.

In that sense you can understand that the first wife probably had around 50-60% cleansed, a state vulnerable to Satanic invasion if not protected and if not doing the right conditions. But why TM was so stable all these years with Father? Satan could not attack, despite the enormous difficulties in TP course, because her lineage didn't give him conditions. She was born on different foundation:

(1) She stands on the foundation of TF's victory 
(not on the 2000 yrs Christian foundation, which was taken by Satan)

(2) She stands on the foundation of the Churches prepared for the Second Advent
(these churches knew about the Messiah's birth in Korea, even of his age)

(3) At the time of her conception God already could see the failure of Christianity and the 1st wife


Christianity Failed: The Bride was Invaded

Father said, "The Completed Testament refer to.. the fulfillment of God's covenant to establish the ideal.. Adam and Eve.. to be God's children and complete the ideal of creation.. as the son and daughter of daughter on God's side.. who can finally represent God's kingship on the world level. On this foundation, we will be able to return to a world that has nothing to do with the Fall." (CIG p. 126)

The first wife came on the foundation of 2000 years Christianity. Even though she was from prepared christian lineage, she had original sin, so to fulfill her mission and be purified, she needed the protection of all the good christian spirit world. But once Christianity denied the Second Coming of Christ, Satan took it, thus it became instrument in his hands for destroying the Messiah. 

The wife prepared by Christianity could not separate her womb from Satan. As Father explained,
"Convinced she was right she became the ancestor of opposition to the Unification Church.. In order to ruin Teacher she sold her house that she had bought with hard-earned money and hired detectives.. To oppose the Unification Church she sacrificed her entire possessions." CSG

The Condition of Giving Birth to 12 Children

After the seed was prepared a perfect womb had to be prepared to give birth to children in God's lineage. It is impossible to take elderly wife and fulfill that condition. Surely, for Mrs. Kang is to late:
"Mother needed to give birth to at least 12 children within a span of 20 years in order to completely restore Jacob's family through paying indemnity..  problem was that.. the disciples were from different tribes.. Jacob's family.. had sons and daughters born from four different women. In my time, in order to overcome that problem Mother gave birth to at least 12 children within a 20-year time period. Had she not succeeded in this, she could not have fulfilled her mission as True Mother."
This is only one of the many historic conditions of restoration Mother had to fulfill. We are astonished to see Hyung Jin believing that only a simple prayer and ceremony are enough to make a bride perfect. Such ignorance is not helpful in the strict and difficult course of restoration.

7 Years Course: Perfection on Family Level

Through the first 7 year course, after their Blessing, Mother "gained the qualification as the original woman" and "stood in a position equal to Father on the family level":
"While she was completing that indemnity by the end of her first seven-year course, we instituted Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. Then, on January 1, 1968, we welcomed God's Day. Thereby, Mother finally gained the qualification as the original woman on earth and stood in a position equal to mine on the family level. (059-284, 1972/07/27)" CBG
Mother also had to gain victory over Satan's world by going through eight vertical stages, from servant of servants to servant, adopted child and so on, and eight horizontal stages, from individual to family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. It took many more numerical periods to complete each of them.

True Parents spent the last two years of Father's earthy life touring the world to proclaim that they are God's substantial image on earth and in the spirit world. "The new era is beginning in which the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is substantially spreading out before your very eyes, and when there is no longer the need to distinguish between the True Parents who work as the embodiment of God and the incorporeal God Himself." TF, 1.6.2009
"Can you face the challenge of Satanic people.. defending the realm of True Parents.. I'm willing to die for Heavenly Father and True Parents more than a billion times over if that enables True Parents' victory to remain here on earth forever." Victory of Love, p. 258
In 2012 Father also made very specific declarations about Mother, namely that she and he are one body, one lineage (God's) and have achieved ultimate perfection and unity, starting a new genesis day on Foundation Day. I would call that absolute and the happiest, most longed for occasion since the human race began. There is nothing to argue. God's providence to bring about the restored first couple and family (which is all of us) has been a success. True Parents are here, they are victorious, we carry on their legacy and family expansion centred on God (our vertical, invisible Parent) and True Parents (our horizontal, visible Parents) through tribal messiahship. Read the full text

No Confusion about Succession

Father clearly told Hyung Jin; 'Mother is the center, after his passing'. Because of that there should be no confusion about succession". Father explained that personally to Hyung Jin for 8 hours. Even asked Hyung Jin to proclaim it in front of everyone. 

"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father 
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction 
"Hyung Jin should not proclaim himself a new center" Father's direction 

As you see, even just before his passing, TF still was very clear. "The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this." (TF 2011). So the Sanctuary Church claim that Hyung Jin was the center after the supposed anointment in 2010, is not true. If you read carefully the so called anointment, you'll find that father said just the opposite, "True Parents are the eternal command center" while Hyung Jin has to "overcome historic resentment".. to mature and become their representative.

The Foolishness of Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church

Their theological spin trying to sell a lie. Here is the actual truth of what Hak Ja Han. SHE IS THE FIRST RESTORED WOMAN - The True Mother of all Mankind.

1. Yes, TF said he was born from sinful lineage while Han HakJa was born from pure lineage. The LSA are both TP. But it's true, we already had man restored - 2,000 year preparation was for Mother to be born. 

2. Since first marriages failed, TF paid big indemnity to purify and prepare for TM. She helped him fulfill his mission. Did she have to overcome knowing that and forgave him? Surely was difficult. 

3. She and FFWP leaders are working sacrificially to support TF as LSA by keeping his words. While Hyung Jin turned against and decided to destroy Father and pervert his words; teaching hate, resentment, antagonism. Totally abandoning the way of Unification. 

The problem is Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah, asked to represent TP, turned against TP, decided to reverse dominion and proclaimed themselves as 'a new center', above TP - which Father strictly instructed him not to do.

So instead of TehShinJa (embodiment and full representative), Hyung Jin embodied Satan's purpose - to destroy TP (Satan's main objective). The evil that Hyung Jin together with Sanctuary Church leaders are doing by desecrating Jesus and TF and making God into two entities in their ignorance that God is unity of the Dual Characteristics. Satan is fully behind this Satanic work.

Members who follow this lie and support SC are going towards complete separation from God our Heavenly Father.. controlled by the false God and enemy of God. I encourage you with great sincerity to flee from this Satanic realm while you are still in the physical world. However we all are given freedom so we are all responsible to choose.

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