"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

The King's Report: Hyung Jin PLAYING KING'S JESTER

The King's Report

How absurd! Hyung Jin was yawning carelessly, exactly as Mrs. Kang was reading: "Filial child thinks of his parent's situation.. Unless a person lives with that kind of heart, he cannot be a filial child." This is in the King's Report video (32:28 min.).

This is their New Level HDH, ridiculing Father's teachings. I followed up how they create false rumors, and gradually distort the view on reality more and more, until finally arriving at some strange, unbelievably negative concepts, obsessing completely their minds and hearts. This is example of what 'Multiplication of Evil' is, at it's most extreme proportions. Read, Hyung Jin calling Father's Organizations 'Fraud' and Sanctuary Church vs. THE WAY TO PEACE

Sad, Mrs. Kang and Hyung Jin are not doing HDH, but evil brainwashing sessions... talking stupid and ridiculous stuff and propagating guns... ANTY-HDH... or EVIL SATANIC HDH. And Mrs. Kang said it stright to SC... if you cannot witness (as SC) you are not from God. So SC is not with God, but with TM and FF. That's more than clear from the fruits 


I always wondered how does his consciousness let him sleep after going against his parents, against his own mom? But here we see how his mind is blocked to even hear what's important. I know these reactions - when evil spirits don't wan't a person hear and agree with something. Here Hyung Jin's disgust against, 'Honor thy father and mother' is more than obvious. He is obviously under some low spiritual influence.

COMMENT: We cannot deny it! Hyungjin have made some serious bad conditions for EVIL SPIRITS to invade him. Especially concerning Filial Piety and teaching against Father's words. READ: Sanctuary Church calling True Parents 'UNGODLY ONES'

COMMENT: "Just in case anyone has missed the current state of lunacy over at the Sanctuary nuthouse-- please peruse the OVER 3 HOUR LONG video below-- complete with a 10 minute musical intro, weather reports, news readings off the internet, reports from InfoWars, Kahr Arms commercials and much "wisdom" from da "2nd King of CIG".

THIS VIDEO CUT: For the spirits each moment is a long time... they can influence every reaction... aiming to change the emotions, the attitude, the feelings of the person and those around him. This is not ACCIDENTAL YAWN - This is the low spirits around Hyungjin, showing their disregard to 'Filial Piety' and 'Respect for Parents', blinding him towards the important parts of HDH.

Who in Sanctuary Church cares about Father's direction? Who in SC cares that all Father's mission and words were about the value of the True Parents. TF clearly warned Moon Hyungjin not to proclaim himself a New Center and deny TPs... Hyungjin joined forces with Satan to destroy TP. SC are on the Evil Side.. used by evil spirits. If he was a true son, he will sacrifice his life to support and protect Mother, even if she does mistakes. But in fact Mother is showing us the True Heart, keeping the tradition of TF.

"Sanctuary Church creates a fake news, and then weaponises it; turn it against Father's organisations, against Father's wife and Father's traditions!" 

Strangely however, they do not see themselves as negative, but as righteous; they don't notice they have become 'evil spirits'; enemies of Father. They think they love him. That's where we begin to notice the incredible Satanic power behind all this process. So it's not Sanctuary Church to accuse, it's the evil power that controls them spiritually. God can forgive them hundreds of times, but what about the wonderful members Hyungjin have turned evil? To be forgiven he has to restore the damage he created.

The Clown King or Court Jester

We cannot but notice how ridiculous Hyungjin is becoming with the time. His clown-like look and behavior reminding of King's Jester (Fool) are also sign of the low spiritual influence on him. It is not something to accuse; It brings us pain and sadness. We pray for God's love and forgiveness.

COMMENTS: "Once more I come to say what I really think. The idea that Sanctuary Church propagate that True Father was just a person who pointed the way towards True Parents and talked only of the concept when he talked in glorious terms about True Parents is a dirty lie. We (faithful brothers and sisters, believers in True Parents) understand the difference between a concept and the reality and so did True Father for certain. True Father was a doer. He fulfilled and said he did everything. That is not a concept, Sanctuary Church mischief makers, it is the truth spoken clearly by Father." 

"Well said. All Sanctuary Church doctrines are founded of having TM failed." "

The Weirder and Weirder Doctrines 

Sanctuary Church' doctrine is getting weirder this day. Some SC members believe TF, same like Mother, came from fallen lineage. From Richard Boyd " True Father came from a fallen lineage too. But he is the anointed one and somehow he had(has) more of the Holy Spirit incarnated into him. Just like Jesus."

Their spiritual world is chaotic and their physical life are confusing. Even thought they are proud of H2, but he himself is also disconnected to God as he has denounced True Mother. Who is Hyunjin without TP? Nobody!


Hyungjin's Use of Derogatory Terms

Hyungjin called his mom, 'Lesbian', 'Whore'.. his Father's tradition, 'Satanic'. Yes, it's true; HYUNG JIN calls FATHER'S organizations 'FRAUD' and Father's tradition of Tithing - Satanic.. and accused the way Father structured our movements as Totalitarian.. calling the Family Pledge, "Enslaving". His use of derogatory terms never ends - sign of his low spiritual state.

COMMENT: "Hanist.. is a derogatory term created by the founder of the Sanctuary Church and propagated by his followers to demean members of the Family Federation, used to deride us. It is not a name I call myself, refer to myself as. The use of it is wrong in any sense of normal, because I do not belong to a church that is solely Mother’s church ... I belong to True Parents’ movement, which is based upon both the parents, not just one or the other. Also, I have never, nor has our current movement excluded Father from the pictures of True Parents. Father taught us not to do harm to others and forgive those who malign me by using derogatory names. I see it as an indication of the users lack of human respect and love... My dear brothers and sisters in the Sanctuary Church, refrain from using the derogatory term to call us, your brothers and sisters in True Parents’ family." Eugene  

Spiritual Invasion is the Reason

Father warned of that,

Now chaos from the spirit world will unfold on the earth. The chaotic spirit world will attack the earth. This is why nowadays many people are suffering from mental illness and have become half-crazed. The number of people who mutter to themselves, for example, will increase gradually. From the spirit world, billions of spirits will invade the earth. Why do they do so? It is because religion has been unable to fulfill its proper role. Religion failed to stand up as God wanted it to. It was supposed to stand vertically, its eyes on Heaven, in relation to the people on the horizontal plane, but it has collapsed completely. This is why the spirit world is invading the earth. Dont we view an insane person as possessed by a ghost? Why do spirits enter people? It is in order to use them. Consciencious people, especially those who are literary or who are engaged in disciplines related to art, are more sensitive than ordinary people. They have taller antennae. Such people are affected by such influences first, and mental illness is a global phenomenon of the Last Days.
Cheon Seong GyeongPage 769

Yes, I was reading that again after having my sp. eyes open for 100 days... It made so much sense. Father warned here, that sp.w. will come and try to take over... how bad will be if there are no good sp. coming on our side to protect us. How many ancestors have we liberated?  In fact this is the only reason Sanctuary Church are getting so crazy! Satan wants nothing else, but destroy TP. But lest's remember, TRUE PARENTS ARE ETERNAL:

"Blessed marriage and eternal life begin from True Parents. They cannot exist without True Parents." CSG p. 758

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  1. All we can do is pray for all those who have lost their way to return to the fold and state our position clearly...Father always advised us not to criticise others..there is a distinct difference between observing the truth and criticising...

    1. How is it possible that a star can fall so low? Imagine the pain of the real parents!!

    2. This is why we must not base our faith on man, but on God. The Divine principles are clear.

  2. I think the problem is not the crown but the empty head inside the crown !!!

    1. This is a sick joke. Hyung jin and his enablers are going to eternally regret what they have done. Major, MAJOR repentance is due for their rebellion and usurpation.

    2. It is indeed unfortunate....Hyungjin is so egotistical, self centered, destructive and now clownish.....I feel sorry for him....The lost boy that he's become

    3. The only thing he was meant to be the king of is, all four realms of familial true love.

      Because he cannot love or honor his mother, he fails.

      Let's hope that he can see the error in his behavior sooner rather than later

    4. Take that idiot crown off your head- you look like a court jester.

  3. Did everyone notice how HJ changed colour when Mrs Kang talked from the bible about honouring your parents. He had a guilty look. Its impossible to hide.

    Can we do video clip when this part is read. About filial Piety then him yawning?

    1. To actually "see" his error and acknowledge it to the audience he's created would most likely be too much for that fragile ego of his. Sad but true. He's unfortunately too well defended

    2. is mother is not the only thing he doesn't honor and love: he doesn't honor the all history of Restoration, the all FFFWPU ( leaders and members ) and thinks we belong to Satan. He also doesn't honor the sacrifice that both his Parents and old church members made for him even to be alive!!! Honestly I think he only honor and love himself!!!

    3. I always wondered how does his consciousness give him freedom to sleep after going against his parents, against his own mom? But here we see, his mind is blocking him to even hear what's important. I know these reactions, when evil spirits don't wan't a person hear and agree with something. Here Hyung Jin's reaction against, 'Honor thy father and mother' is more than obvious. He is under low spiritual influence.

    4. Am I allowed to laugh?
      I almost can't believe that the supposedly "most humble guy" turned into this...

  4. Mother says that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son and that she is the only Begotten Daughter born 2000 years later wihtout original sin. Where is True Father in all of this???

    I think that you have bigger problems than Hyung Jin Nim.

    1. SC think ignorance is bliss. As usual, THEY ACCUSE MOTHER FOR REPEATING FATHER'S WORDS. Fact is, Father said that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son and that she is the only Begotten Daughter born 2000 years later without original sin. Father says, he didn't need to be born without sin, just had to inherit Jesus foundation, but Mother, as the first restored woman, had to be born of pure lineage... THESE ARE FATHER'S EXPLANATIONS.

    2. "In that regard, heaven is vacant.. The loss of Adam and Eve meant the loss of their clan.. He lost the heavenly race and tribe, and the heavenly man and woman – His only begotten son and daughter." CSG p.648

      (1) If there is no only begotten couple (TP) heaven is vacant
      (2) If TM didn't fulfill her mission, no clan, no lineage, no TC will appear

  5. I just watched parts of this King's Report. I don't know if I should laugh or cry But I guess I should give a point for effort and trying something different. Other than that, it's pathetic


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