"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyungjin - Sanctuary Church: Getting Stuck in the Negativity

Let's realize what Sancturians do? They unite with the resonance of hatred and resentment, multiplying and gossiping, generating evil energy. Where that energy goes? It's a prayer for Satan? It mobilizes evil spirit world to go and do evil, harm and destroy.

It sounds a bit strong, but it's true! Hyungjin teaches Sanctuary Church to be Satan's objects. Worst of all, we all do it sometimes in our ignorance. Selfish prayer can be a prayer to Satan.. negative thinking and speech are prayer to Satan - it generates and sends negative energy, but also mobilizes evil spirits to attack the ones we are negative to.

Every person on the path of spirituality knows those spiritual laws. Divine Principle clearly explains that give and take generates energy. It is the Principle, that when give and take is started with such negative common base, Satan is the center.

If someone's heart is resentful; he does resonate with Satan's heart. Yet, they are UC members. Meaning, many members were on that level, to be misled and deviate there. We can hope and pray SC take note and stops it. We pray for their growth and that they soon connect to God's Heart, to get out of such evil talking, thinking and acting.  But let's find out how it works?

Getting stuck in the negatives 

Mature people with developed Spiritual Mind will not do that, but Physical Mind's view of the world tends to tilt towards the negative. Negative thoughts tend to stick in our minds. That's because Physical Mind is focused on self-preservation. However, it was not supposed to be our Subject.

Study was made. It's something like that; People who were described that the Church is 70% success, were very inspired. To other group, like SC, the Church was described as 30% failure. People were disappointed. Than they said, to the first group, that actually it is not 70% success, but 30% failure - now they also got negative! Crazy, but it's a real study! That's how easy Physical Mind controlled people are manipulated towards negativity.

Now you can understand the power of heartistic sharing of negativity (gossiping) or negative report. It does exactly what Lucifer did - changed their perspective to negative, against the Principle. Why Satanic philosophies, like Marxism and Humanism, sound so Principle to many. That's because they use the principle, just all priorities are reversed. The perspective is changed to self-centered.

How to get unstuck

How to not do that ourselves

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