"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

HgJN did the most UNBEARABLE thing FOR GOD

H2 - Unbarable for God
Why Hyung Jin lives in fear, seeing conspiracy everywhere.. Not clear conscience! In fact, Hyung Jin misunderstood whom to blame

Once we understand that all evil on earth is controlled by Satan (Fallen angels and all the subordinate evil spirits), we can see why it looks like there is some incredible, very well organized conspiracy in the world affairs.

What TF understood, and Hyung Jin didn't, is that people are not the ones to judge. Evil spiritual power is behind all evil conspiracy, people are just misused victims, Sanctuary Church too.

As TF explained:
"Who will be judged in the great judgment? It is not human beings, but Satan, who dwells like a master in their souls, who will be judged." (1969.5.4)

COMMENT: Sanctuary Church is indeed a very odd, very angry sect. They constantly attack True Mother, teach a strange sex cult theology, set up odd practices (full immersion baptism, Knighting Ceremony where hand out guns) and teach extreme, anti-government conspiracy theories. 

The Evil Spirits Behind Judging

Once entering in the game of judging and searching whom to accuse, Hyung Jin became pray of Satan. I see spiritually. I see that every day. Evil spirit comes and makes someone do or say something wrong. The same spirit enters the other person and makes him judge that mistake. So you see, in this game of Judging, Satan is the one who pools the strings.

COMMENT: HJ2 doesn't even understand the DP, which expresses the heart of our Heavenly Parent seeking to redeem all people, and to eliminate hell entirely.... Vengeance and judgment are, at best, Old Testament teachings. Except for that part about, "Honor Thy Father and Mother."

I don't see H2 and SC as evil, but as victims of evil. This evil power is holding their original mind imprisoned. If I write, it is to give power to their original mind over their evil mind, controlled by bad spirits. We all know the beautiful original nature Hyung Jin had.

COMMENT: Must say the "sermons" are disturbing and often full of anger and condemnation, unfortunately toward True Mother. He says, "Those who don't follow him are going to hell". I once thought he was a very kind, humble, caring young man who would likely become a great successor. His spirit changed. The bald head and frequent display of.. automatic weapons really undermine his character. He and Mr. Kahr like to challenge anyone to attack them, because they know martial arts and carry guns! 

H2 Calling Father's Tradition Satanic

"Father is the devil", that's H1's teaching, calling Father's tradition of tithing, "Satanic". That's why his followers call Fam.Fed members, 'Children of the Devil'. How unbearable is this attitude to God!
I asked numerous times SC members to show me at list one of Hyung Jin's videos that is not teaching resentment, that does not contain 'hate talk' and 'labeling'. But they don't consider that as bad. You see, their minds are full with rationalizations that excuse that behavior.

Evil spirits trapped their minds with small, external fixations. Cycling in their heads, that this is evil and should be stopped by any means. So now they feel excused to do all harm and evil, not realizing they are destroying God's will.

Please show me one video where H2 is not talking against Father. I COULDN'T FIND

Not only H2 calls openly Father's tradition and organizations 'Satanic', but I see his followers repeat that with vicious hearts attacking and accusing wherever they turn. How can he call Family Pledge 'enslaving'? How can he call Father's explanations about tithing, 'Satanic'? How could he call the main organization Father created, 'Satanic'? And then go and say he is doing it because he loves Father. That has nothing to do with love. If he inherited, it's not Father's heart! Than who's heart then did H2 inherit?

COMMENT: "The more I watch, and the more I hear their theology the more I realize that they are trying to destroy FFWPU so that they can replace it with their weird CULT".

Yes, I hear H2 label his mother as 'Lesbian' and 'Whore'.. 'Beach' and so on... But than he goes and talks against Father, not against Mother. So Hyung Jin is covering his desire to destroy Father with brainwashing members against his mother. LOVELY! But why is it happening? Satan! Evil power is behind this. He has no clue what he is actually doing. He is just fixated on small external problems, that Satan planted in his mind. This trapped emotions control and motivate all his actions.

Sanctuary Church's minds are now re-wired in the same trapped emotions, so they enjoy when Hyung Jin talks against TF. It's clear they cannot think, feel and see normally. Can we wake them up?


TF educated us, that one of the 4 rules of Heaven is not to hurt another's heart? How does SC excuses a son cursing his mother and even calls him a 'king'? Pleas understand, in the lower spiritual realms uniting to hurt others is the way they experience love and trust.


CSG page 536/15 says, “What is the most unbearable thing, the resentment between the loved ones.” Could H2 love his brother, H1, who was in Cain position to him? No! He spread resentment towards him. Could he repair his brother's disobedience, by becoming himself obedient to Mother? No! He again spread resentment.


Sanctuary Church is a victim of manipulative misuse of TF's words, with a selfish purpose, aiming to destroy the Church and God's providence. Leaving the position of being centered on True Parents, Hyung Jin left his proper position, because of self-centered, humanistic views, rebelled against his center (TP) and started multiplying evil. These are the 4 Fallen Natures. READ...


Unification Thought explains that to become true person one has to perfect to heart of object and than the heart of a subject. A true person that inherits TF's heart, should be example of Parental love and Peacemaking. The Bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called the Children of God”. But in the darker spiritual realms love is replaced by resentment.

Sanctuary Church says, Hyung Jin is putting things in order. Because they think that Father put them wrong. So H2 openly calls Father's tradition of tithing and Father's organizations, "Satanic". READ.. Try to find at list one of his videos where he is actually not denying and reversing Father's words and tradition. You cannot! WHY SC members don't react against H2 when he accuses Father. No! SC are jumping in joy and agreement. Full with RESENTMENT in their hearts, they enjoy that. Invaded by EVIL SPIRITS they act as such themselves.


If lower spirits feed on resentment, TF says, “God is the one who has the heart of Peace... God is not boastful”. But for H2, accusations, dividing and boasting seem so natural, he can't stop himself from doing it. In higher spiritual realms such attitude could never exists, but in the hellish dark realms that's the standard. Not only that, this standard is being glorified. "King"? If so, H2 is the 'King of Hell". Fills my heart with pain.

Family, love, peace and harmony are central for TF's teaching and life. “Family harmony makes all go well,” Father says, but “that’s not possible without harmony within the individual.” Obviously no harmony in H2's heart and mind. Some dark wars are being led in his mind. You see, there are plenty of external signs to understand what spirit world is surrounding him.

Why did H2 choose disharmony? When someone has internal problems, he blames it on external causes. Fallen nature always finds scapegoats to blame. That's what H2 did, so he became Division maker, instead of Peace maker. But it's not that simple when you see the spiritual side behind.

Once I saw the spiritual reality around Hyung Jin and Kook Jin, it became obvious why they live in fear, seeing conspiracy everywhere. In these dark spiritual realms that's the only state of life - fear, animosity, constant preparation for fighting. Life there is not love, it is war.

 What’s the Purpose of H2 and SC? That’s the problem!

"Conflict come when there are conflicting purposes", Father explains. “Originally there should be only one purpose.” But H2’s purpose is contrary to that of the organizations Father created:

Family Fed Purpose – Restore the World / Witnessinglive for others, not for self
Sanctuary Purpose – Destroy Family Fed / No witnessing – just self-centered activities

Father says, “the problem lies within the self, not within society,” not because of brother, sister, father or mother is bad. There should a harmony everywhere, “children and parents should be in harmony. We need to become well rounded. Sharp edged people cause problems.”

Why H2 see Conspiracy Everywhere?

As Michael Mickler wrote, "SC, as a movement, has little meaningful contact with the “outside” world, seeing itself in a cosmic struggle against “predatory elites” and pretenders who have captured the wider society and their church."

You have to understand, in the lower sp realms that threat is real. Out of their circle of protection they constantly feel threatened. Influenced by this sp.w. for them it is real even in the physical world.

But you should understand that in this world our own resonance of heart determines which nature we open in the people around. If we are connected to Heaven we open their original nature. If we are connected to Hell, we see constantly the evil nature expressed around.

That gets most obvious in FR. But the man who had the most unbelievable ability to open the original nature of other, is True Father. I was always amazed how he could embrace right and left politicians and believing in their original nature, he could open it and inspire them.

I wish some day HJN understand that and develops the same ability. We were all fallen people, yet Father could work with us and pull the providence forward. Father opened our original minds and made us sacrifice, so that we can grow and liberate God, by sacrificing for the world.

HJN sided with the complaining fallen nature of some resentful members. Observing our faults, he couldn’t keep the same loving heart as Father, but started judging, loosing temper, losing faith, loosing the ability to see member’s original mind. How did Father move the providence. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice and donations of the members, how could this world foundation be achieved.

Why H2 opposes Father in everything?

HJN lightly judges all that. No, Father didn’t make mistake, sacrifice is the way to meet God. But HJN killed all that; no witnessing, no tithing, no pushing for higher goals. Where is he heading? Why is he going opposite of Father’s way? Why is he teaching opposite of Father’s teachings? Why did he change all Father’s traditions?

 You see the spirit world behind him, you’ll know the answer. Read My Dream with Mother and HJN. In these dark realms of the spirit world everyone gathers evidence to judges others. That's their main preoccupation and purpose in life. Even more, that's their only way they build trust, get inspired, feel hope - only when they find common base to judge and accuse someone. Well, in fact, that's the very reason why they ended in these dark realms. In the sp.w. I could see this cause and effect. I see what kind of spirit world is behind this Sanctuary Church maneuvers.

So now, the real question is who is able to resurrect all those billions of people stuck in these dark realms? God and True Father cannot bare to see their children stay there hopeless and so miserable. Do you understand now, why Father decided to sacrifice his own family, his own sons, to find the way out. When I look at HgJN I see what is he suffering with and I see he is trying desperately to find the way out.



  1. Didn't TF say that one of the 4 rules of Heaven is not to hurt another's heart? How does SC think that having a son say such things to his mother doesn't hurt her heart?

    1. In the lower spiritual realms uniting to hurt others is the way they experience love and trust.

    2. Yes, I recognize this. It resembles true love but it is false love. Good point.


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