"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Is there POSITIVE in Hyung Jin's words?

Hyung Jin's words rev. hyung jin nim moon, king hyung jin, sanctuary church kook jin nim hyungjin nim
in Hyung Jin's words?
Hyung Jin's words rev. hyung jin nim moon, king hyung jin, sanctuary church kook jin nim hyungjin nim
Our way, as Father was teaching us, is the way of unification; bringing peace and harmony. Hyung Jin's way is the way of division, bringing resentment and antagonism. Read H2 & Trump

This is not the first time Sanctuarly Church member insists I should look at "what is positive and precious in his words." "And there is not little", he said, "much more substance than in anything we hear from Mother." Definitely, read Gossiping Ham nature of Hyungjin

And hearing Hyung Jin is doing something positive, I'm excited. Oh, I wish he finally does something nice. I sincerely want to know if he does. We all love him, awaiting for him to mature and inherit Father's tradition of True Love - Living for the sake of others. Because we are fed up by Hyung Jin's talk against Father.

But I was again disappointed. The SC associate only came out with all the accusations and gossips learned from 'king' Hyungjin. Where is the positive in that? Why negativity is something positive for them? Last time I asked a close to Hyung Jin member, he did the same. He told me all the negative rumors against Mother. 

Why SC replaces Witnessing with Gossiping?

You see, having a negative mind themselves, they feel excited and liberated, finding common base with others who are negative too and support their fallen nature. So gossiping and criticizing becomes important pass time. However, that gives joy to the fallen nature only temporarily. The next day their conscience will again need to be suppressed by more rumors, accusations against somebody else. If not, they will feel miserable (effect of the unresolved resentments in their own hearts).

It's a never ending evil game, explained in psychology as the game of, 'If it wasn't for him'; blaming someone for not doing what's right themselves, while in fact, they simply have phobic fear from doing it. In this case, fear from and inability to witness - which makes them incapable of doing God's will.

But for me SC replies only prove that Hyung Jin is teaching them hate. Of course, talking against someone else so viciously, creating all sort of unbelievable rumors, THAT'S EVIL. Unable to resolve these trapped resentful emotions within themselves, they only gave a green light to that fallen nature. And Hyung jin is nurturing that resentment in their hearts with full force.

I see how every sermon of Hyung Jin, teaches them to resent one more thing from Father's teachings, tradition and organisations. Even when I kindly explain that's wrong and request something really positive, they just continue with negativity. Cannot get it!

Only after patient explanations why this is bad, not positive, they finally came with the following. "We are uplifted by his sermons." Yes, but they are negative, why are you uplifted? This doesn't give me anything good he ever did. "Oh, he is visiting families". Yes, but he visits them to gossip and spread negativity. Nothing positive there too. 

As you will see in the following discussion, things turn out not to be too much against Mother, but simple theological arguing. The misunderstanding, SC creates, reminds me more of some young ignorant member, who argues just because of ignorance. Most of us as young members also tended one side or the other, not yet understanding the Unificationist, unifying, point - where up and down, left and right cross centered on True Love. 

What's positive in SC guys mind? NEGATIVITY

On his accusation that we are copping Hyung Jin's mocking style, I answered: "If we start calling Hyung Jin "Homosexual" we would be copying his mocking style. But observing what's evil in what H2 does, is not making us same like him.. YET LOVE TO HEAR WHAT PRECIOUS YOU SEE IN HIS WORDS???"

After our agreement to tell me something positive, here was his answer:

"homosexual".. the only base to use the word would be childish.

"Are you saying that Hyung Jin's calling his mom "Lesbian" is CHILDISH", I asked. "You are right! That's exactly what I meant - how IMMATURE it is for Hyung Jin to say such nonsense things."

You are addressing obviously Hyung Jin Jim's talking about lesbianism in the direction of FF and Mo
ther. There is a reason he use that term and it is not just "out of mood". It started with Hyung Jin Nim talking about theological lesbianism.

Yes, In H2's video, he as accusing Mother as "Lesbian" because she allowed Muslims to come in Europe. YOU SEE HOW CHILDISH Hyung Jin's logic is... Problem is, he is grown up and his immature attitude turns into Monstrous MULTIPLICATION OF EVIL.

Why? In FF under Mother's guidance.. this teaching (
about man and women - Adam embodying God and True Eve a wife of God) is being questioned. Specially A.W. questioned it in his presentations. God is not recognized anymore as masculine subject, but it has being created second Mother God.

Yes, I saw the video, how Hyung Jin in so ugly way ridiculed A.W. It was more transmitting evil emotions, rather than rationally explaining anything wrong in A.W's explanations. That's also EVIL MANIPULATIVE NATURE - Luciferian. Doesn't speak anything good of Hyung Jin.

That's very IMMATURE of him. No one in UC believes the stupidities H2 accuses them for. This is only in his head and he is transmitting it in your heads, to make evil spirits out of you - pumping you with hostility and resentment with his fabricated accusations.

If Hyung Jin want's to accuse about "Second Mother God", first they have to hear and understand what the other side means. But H2 preferes creating some fabricated monsters. He is not interested in the Truth. Probably he is ignorant of chapter Dual Characteristics of God. But we are not ignorant about God as a masculine subject. Hyung Jin is missing where is the point of unity.

Stressing who is subject, who object is meaningless, when we talk of God's inner characteristics - because they are united and expressed in everything as separate, but in Him they are in total unity. The perfection of his creation is when these characteristics become perfected and united in man. True Parents did this - fulfilling God's Ideal. Father clearly explained that without mother even he is half perfect.

Why Hyung Jin wants to argue Father's explanation? If he doesn't like Father's words, why is he accusing Mother for things Father said? Because there are ignorant members, like SC, who believe these nonsense. 

Mother directed to abandon praying to God as True Father, but to use dual and gender free expression "Heavenly Parents".
Wrong! Mother didn't made up herself some gender expression (H2's phobic fabrication). She followed Father's words, how God should be called in CIG. Father wrote these explanations at the beginning of his mission. Read Father's explanation before falsely criticizing. This way Hyung Jin is actually accusing Father for calling God, "Heavenly Parent". I understand that's from ignorance. All evil and fallen nature, DP says, are from ignorance. Because we all have the original desire for goodness. But this way Hyung Jin says TF is wrong for explaining that when CIG comes we will no more call God, "Heavenly Father", but "Heavenly Parent". I DON'T AGREE with H2 that Father is wrong !!!

Praying to God is a personal thing, you can call him as you want.. your heart is important. The point is that now God is Complete as a Parent, not just as Father (New Testament level of restoration) You see how ignorance made H2'S HEART IS EVIL - that's the problem! What kind of two gods are in his messed up head? His motivation may be good, but the results of his ignorance and immature actions are evil. This is such an external attitude he displays. Of course God is Parent. How can Hyung Jin try to deny that, even less, manipulate you in hatred against that. If SC love him like us, they should help him understand and correct himself.

It is being explained that Mother was not able to express herself while Father was living and is able to do it better now. It connects clearly to the concept that oppression of women by man is the source of the problems in the world. It is.. the concept behind the feminism, which has tendency to oppose man as the oppressor and in its radical form leads to nothing else as lesbianism.

So, in this case, Hyung Jin is actually calling TF a 'lesbian' because of telling us that when God's Ideal is fulfilled we should call God with 'gender-what' expression. No, Father is Unifiicationist. Hyung Jin is Divisionist. Of course Father is against gender oppression. What kind of gossiping, evil-minded rationalizations Hyung Jin is filling your heads (SC). 

That, about Mother "expressing", is more gossiping matter, showing Hyung Jin's evil heart. Calling that feminism and combining it with the concept of oppression is entirely Hyung Jin's evil rationalization, result of his Trapped Emotions, and contains no healthy logic!

Are you saying that feminism is LESBIANISM and in this case Hyung Jin's patriarchate is HOMOSEXUAL-ISM. That's insane logic! You realize that. Only an evil-mind person, who has no conscience and is willing to twist any truth, just to accuse, spread rumors and multiply negativity, can create such sick rationalizations.  Read, Sanctuary Church - victim of a Psychopath

Hyung Jin's words rev. hyung jin nim moon, king hyung jin, sanctuary church kook jin nim hyungjin nim


  1. True Father coined the term "Heavenly Parent" long ago and he used it many times in his talks and speeches. Mother did not create it. I am sure that God wanted to be called our Heavenly Parent which encompasses both the Father and Mother aspect of God.

    1. Heavenly Parent is the original name of God, it had to be restored (as all other aspects) by TPs, not only by TF - Jesus already was able to restore the father aspect of God - TM's mission/position is so important to liberate God completely.


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