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"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."


Why I don't like Sanctuary Church


For me it is their hearts that push me off! TF's words show best where H2 is leaving Gods way:
"It is only when you stand in front of God for the first time, having fulfilled your duty as filial sons... centering on the absolute love... that you can receive your inheritance from God." (CSG pg 219)  
"Perfection means the perfection of love, with no lack of any kind, a perfectly round love" (1-22-78)
But here is a good explanation I found on FB:


6. Its way is similar to the ancient royal family's feud among the Princes.

In the ancient kingdoms, it was common that the Princes fought among themselves for the heir-ship to the throne. In this aspect, the motive and actions adopted by SC are no differences from those secular ancient royal families' feuds.

Father Himself did not denounce Jesus in order to inherit Jesus' mission. He sincerely served God as a filial Son. He said filial piety is the way to inherit from TP.

(CSG pg 219), "It is only when you stand in front of God for the first time, having fulfilled your duty as filial sons and daughters, as true patriots, as true saints and as true divine sons and daughters centering on the absolute love emanating from the Heavenly nation, that you can receive your inheritance from God."

The Bible doesn't say anything about filial piety because the people's relationship with God wasn't as closed as the Completed Testament age of the present time. Now Father taught us about filial piety because through TP, we are in the directed lineage of God. Completed Testament age is age of attendance, i.e. demonstrating filial piety to TP.

As such, SC's standard of love for God cannot match with TP's. TP's whole life pray and act to console God's suffering Heart as children of filial piety. When the children demand their parents to give this and that to them and do things detrimental to the works of the parents when their demands are not met , it standard of love for their parents are no difference from the secular non-filial people.

7. It serves no purpose in uplifting the moral / ethical standard of the people and bridging the people closer to God. If a religion is found on some kind of selfish reason and employs methods of revolt, rebellion and disobedience, it is not demonstrating good examples of higher moral / ethical standard but simply repeating fallen natures of fallen world.

(World Scripture and the Teaching of SMM, pg.382), "God the Parent of mankind, cannot remain aloof when He sees His son and daughters in their fallen state. They are like broken radios, so God created repair shops to fix them. These repair shops are religions."

While SC argues that they are not self-centred but want to safeguard the "legacy" of TF, what they are doing is actually the opposite, because TF cannot be TF without TM, according to the Principle.

8. Schism is not God's purpose, but unification.

(World Scripture and the Teachings of SMM, pg. 393), "The ideal of True Parents and the ideal of world peace are directly connected. We guide all nations, people, cultures, and religions to harmonize with one another ............. this is the way to establish world peace......We who are in a movement for unity must make efforts to unite with all religions."

And also in page 397 Father said, "The purpose of religion is to lead us to a united world."

Therefore, any from of schism through the establishment of SC runs counter to TP's idea.

9. Only unity with TP can bring about world peace.

If Jesus was accepted 2000 years ago, the political situation in Middle East would have been different. While it may take a long time, perhaps a thousand years (?) to create an everlasting peaceful, a perfected world devoid of sins and fallen natures, unity with TP can curb the outbreaks of wars in today's world.

TP set up all their organizations with the affix "for world peace" not because it is a fancy name but because those organizations have practical ability to promote world peace; however, the key word for that to take effect is "unity with True Parents."

In the year late '80, as the result of unity with TP in all levels such as True Family, Church's levels etc. Heaven had brought down the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Empire. However, unfortunately, we have missed an opportunity of bringing down Kim Jung- Un when disunity occurred in our FFWPU with TM.

Now Heaven has a new headache, that is the "storm" in the South China Sea, and the key to peace is in the hand of TP who can only use it with our unity with them.

10. As a Messianic movement, it is exceedingly previlege that at this time we are still under the direct leadership of True Mother, one half of True Parents. We should value and treasure every second we have with Her now and support Her in anyway.

According to DP, God is dual essentialities of Internal Character / External Form and is Masculinity /Femininity, and this is the fundamental Truth of all Truths, these duality is best manifested by the Perfected Adam and Perfected Eve. According to TF's words, TP is this couple of Perfected Adam and Eve.

By denouncing TM, SC simply acts against this fundamental Truth of Heaven. Since nobody can act outside the Principle, not even TP and God Himself, therefore what SC is doing is seriously off-tracked from TP's teachings and the DP.


  1. The part (1) can be tracked to this link,"https://www.facebook.com/groups/450281605141675/permalink/611081205728380/?comment_id=612552255581275&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1472832780878963"

  2. The part (1) of this article can be found in Facebook, "FFWPU and your comments" as well as in "The Upper Room" both at the date 31/8/16.


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