"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin "IRATIONAL KING" - Sanctuary Church's display of IGNORANCE

Sanctuary Church's display of IGNORANCE. Hyung Jin got so used to twisting Father's words and lying, that he can't stop doing it 
The Pyisical Mind People can drag you in small.. meaningless rationalizations FOREVER... "The conversion of lineage takes place through True Father who has the seed; and your wife" SC say, "You see, we don't need TM"! Ha..haa !!! HOW WOULD THAT HAPPEN WITHOUT TRUE PARENTS - whose lineage your wife will transmit???

How stupid and ignorant to claim that Father can transmit the lineage alone. Did you loose your minds SC ??? Than why Jesus didn't transmit this lineage? Of course, because there was no True Mother restored !!! SC are IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT


In his hand written DP version, Father says, "human beings have been relating to God only as the Father, not as the Mother. Without the Mother, they cannot even grasp the fundamental meaning of God as our Parent. How indescribable Heavenly Father's pain must be when He looks at such children!" (WWB 278)

So let's follow what TF was educating H2 for 8 hours. Father asked him to proclaim it. "If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." See the Video...

Now we can see who follows and respects Father. Obviously it's not Hyung Jin... REBELLIOUS, IGNORANT, DISLOYAL prodigal son. Wherever we turn, he contradicts TF or changes his words in his ignorance. Can we blame him for that? Not really? Members were responsible to educate TC.


Sanctuary Church comments demonstrate how IGNORANT OF DP are Hyung Jin and his cliqueHOW CAN ONE BECOME PERFECT EVE WITHOUT GROWTH PERIOD ???

Sanctuary Church members wrote many times, "God can change Eve anytime for anybody".  Well, that's not possible. It takes prepared lineage, prepared person, proper conditions and period of growth, according to DP and Father's explanations. But same like Marx, Hyung Jin is just adjusting things on the way, as they fit his purpose. 

They say, "TF alone fulfilled the mission as the True Parent, and he doesn't need Eve." Which is enough to understand not only their ignorance of DP, but their total disregard of Father's words and teachings. Moreover, total disregard of God's actual spiritual principles. 


Father spoke not only of 'Heavenly Father', but also of 'Heavenly Mother',
"When you go to the spirit world, you will see that there is not only the Heavenly Father but also the Heavenly Mother. Can a living being come to exist without both a mother and father? ... The way to heaven comes through the mother as well as the father." (1977) CSG, 719
According to this quote SC are really ignorant in their claim, that "Heavenly Mother" means 2 gods.

CHEONG SEONG GYONG: Male and Female Version

I want to make it clear; I love Cheong Seong Gyeong' 1 and 2; For me they are like Yang and Yin, like Male and Female aspects of the same book. 

I LOVE THAT - it gives us more chance to study (one - original, historic; and one fixed - with no mistakes, for witnessing) 

I DON'T KNOW why SC has problem with that. But narrow minded people have problem with everything. They simply need to read it and grow in their hearts. Negative heart will always see everything negatively, but once their heart developed to feel God's True Love, they will see the positive side. But there is another question that bothers me more:


My question is: What will be Hyung Jin's situation when he goes int he spirit world and faces True Parents united. It's not about them forgiving him. How can he forgive himself, when he sees the historic problems brought by his selfish, ignorant, ham-nature actions? Think about it! Pray about Hyung Jin. He is our brother. Surely he has a lot of good in his original mind, now blinded by this dark force obsessing his heart.

Here is only one of Father's quotes about mother,

"There, I declared that my wife, WFWP President Hak Ja Han, and I are the True Parents of all humankind who are together the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent, and the Messiah... I, as the Messiah, make my declaration..  my wife, who stands in the position of perfected Eve." PHG page 1022.


My Mother "My Mother, would be the word I love the most." 
 "I love my Mother most in the world" - Poem
Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church
Heavenly Parent and True Parents (Dr.Wilson) on PeaceTV Heavenly Mother & Heavenly Parent Dr. Andrew Wilson Christians have...
Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church

There are 57 quotes about True Mather in the original CSG. Saying that Mother change it, Hyungjin is ready to deny all of them. He denies Fa...
Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church
Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church
 "All True Children must follow True Parents"
True Parents' declaration: Hyungjin, Sanctuary Church -against Father's request.....

Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin King Hyugnjin Kook Jin Sanctuary Church Sanctuary church
H2: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"
sanctuary church hyung jin nim video sanctuary church hyung jin nim video Don't follow Hyungjin Nim:   "If I deny True Parents...


  1. YAN is light-years away from True Mother’s foundation.

    And SC think she can just continue from where Mother failed, because she was victorious up to September 2012, according to them. But a prolongation of the providence doesn’t work like that. The new central figure is accountable for the mistakes of the previous central figure that he or she must make up for, plus fulfilling his or her own portion of responsibility.

    So do they think YAN is now a true wife of God just because she made a ceremony of bowing to her husband and her little child?

    It’s a one man HGJN show, he even is the MC!!!!

    Beside, Mother fulfilled oneness with God and with Father, according to True Father and even the former HGJN himself:

    “God …has had no partner. He needs a female object partner. True Mother is such a woman, with the value of the original True Mother.” (2002.12.09)

    From HGJN September 2012, in front of Father’s dead body and the world community:

    “God's desire was to raise one perfected man and woman. Together with True Mother, True Father inherited God's true love, and they became the True Parents of humankind”.

    At that time, he knew clearly that Mother was in charge:

    “True Father went to the heavenly world while entrusting this final task on earth to True Mother and to all blessed family members”

    Yes, somebody rebelled, KJN and HGJN...

  2. Jesus is one with True father , they are a first coming and a second coming of Christ , but they are United as One Christ today, and were in the past .True Father also says the True Father and the True Mother are ONE , The True Parents , never to come again.One .Not apart , not two christs, Not only one parent.One .God and True Parents are ONE.Not apart ,One ,What I hear from S.C. members is apartness language like Father is King , and Jesus is King, and some grandson is a King, and the male line is King , and Mother is failed .It is all apartness, like always making a separation between the entities of Jesus, and Father , and God .Also , what if H2's son , doesn't have any boys in the future ,What if God , gives him all girls as children, then who continues this male centric lineage ? Maybe this happens a couple generations too, all girls after Hyung's son . What happens then?

  3. Your comment is crystal clear. Only man without woman = no lineage. Man with a woman = lineage


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