"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church: Thank you Hyung jin - you fixed Father

Thank you Hyung 
- you fixed Father

All Hyung Jin is fixed on, is money and power... Looks like all his puppets too... Lovely! Ye.. because they are all Physical Mind type of people!! Only look externally and judge... that's the only thing they know best!

What were these Physical Mind people doing in the Church? They were bringing negativity, blocking Witnessing and distressing the atmosphere on Church meetings. It looks like Hyung Jin decided to get them out of UC, so we can work better. He even decided we need some 'early church' persecution, so we can mobilize and quickly build CIG.  

Thank you Hyungjin! ;)

It's like in accordance with some grotesque scenario; Hyungjin taught, "Are these negative people so stupid, as to follow me even if I reverse everything Father loved, upside down?" So he started attacking everything that was most precious for TF and the core Unification believes.

He attacked TM, THEY FOLLOWED!  Ha attacked Father's Organizations, THEY ENJOYED! Ha attacked Father's teachings, THEY BELIEVED! Hyung Jin thought them to 'Judge others' and become even more 'negative and resentful' - THEY WERE UPLIFTED!

Hyung Jin said, TF failed to restore Mother, but don't worry, he can marry any other in spirit world and without restoration, without body, she will be perfect - THEY BELIEVED! He said, Father couldn't, but with one simple prayer I can make my wife 'perfect'. THEY BELIEVED! This is simply amazing! Unbelievable!

"The Messiah is the perfected True Parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. When the True Parents appear, they become the axis by which God' and human beings can be linked to each other." Father, CSG 809

Or maybe??? 

Hyung Jin  thought, "Father's words have no meaning, lets reverse them upside down". Oops.. now they look better! Hyung Jin-king, No more TP, Who cares about God's providence, who cares about Love, lets judge people - it's fun, to judge others! And they laughed and laughed rediculing everyone and everything. Perfect four position foundation centered on S. 

The wrong concept of Living for Others.. was finally fixed by this great 'king'; "Judge others" - became the new way of spiritual growth. Sanctuary Church was Uplifted by these wise words! Thank you 'king' Hyung Jin, for bringing  such a lovely satanic system of  judging each other... This will be better than Communism! Or at list similar!

All Father's words speak about True Parents... No..no..no! Hyung JIn fixed that - no more True Parents; Mother failed, no such position was established, so all Father's speeches are false.. Father was just lying to you guys. He said in all his books "there are eternal True Parents", but Hyung Jin knew better. Here is King Hyung to tell you the true gossips.. all the truth, which Satan opened his eyes to see! He is the 'king', he is the 'true parent'.. his parents 'to eat grass'.  

Hearing that - all gossiping people were uplifted in joy. This is the 'kingdom of heaven' they were dreaming for. The more evil the gossiping, the more 'heavenly' joy they felt. Hallelujah! Long live the false king Hyung Jin.

"But, by the way", Hyung Jin thought, "I make Father's words meaningless, let's accuse Mother for changing them, so no one notices I deny them completely." And voila - all negative people were so fixated on that! It gave them purpose, 'to accuse Mother'. Life now had meaning for them. So they proclaimed Hyung Jin the King. King of Hate-speech; King of Division; King of Manipulation, or whatever. But he is truly the best in all that. I guess, the King of Lie.. or something?!! How can I understand what they do in the kingdom of hell. Lot's of crazy stuff there. We, regular members are definitely not grown up for such satanic stuff. Good thing, Hyung Jin is great there, so now Hell has hope! And truly does - because surely TPs will embrace Hyungjin in the spirit world and save him, together with all the other fallen people in hell. 

My heart is too small to bare that. But yes, Unificationists, we need to grow. Thank you Hyungjin Nim. We still love you so much. We still love you! Or if we cannot, at list we know True Parents will forgive and embrace you, once you see them united in the spirit world. 

Trapped Emotions of Hyungjin
Parallels between HJN & SOLOMON
Hyungjin's claim of Position Discredited

Hyung Jin to eliminate True Parents

The Truth
I see Hyung Jin's sermons are full with resentment... Obviously is real in his heart. But he should be mature, to understand, that hate-talk will only send people to hell... He should quickly resolve his feelings with his Mother. Multiplying his resentments in the hearts of the others is EVIL and UNFORGIVABLE SIN 

True Mother is the wife of the Messiah, and still is.. Yet, Sanctuary Church evaluates and criticizes her.. That makes Hyungjin same like Ham and takes his authority. He stepped out of the Principle. Help him... CORRECT HIM

Read the article, Hyungjin: Freedom of Resentment. It calls for love and understanding of Hyung Jin's difficult burden... taking the historic resentments. Wishing Hyung Jin to overcome and do not continue with his resentments. Calling for members to send love... prayers to help liberate his heart from the pain that caused his trapped emotions and hatred towards his mom and UC

What the heart of resentment weighs? Enough to send you to Hell. As Unificationists we don't want anyone go to Hell. Love is eternal! Everybody will be saved!
Satan is to judge, Hyung Jin is to be liberated. We understand, it is his failure to overcome resentment, but we cannot judge him for that. We can only reveal how Satan trapped him. 
H2 says TM will go to Hell.. If that's his feeling, as a filial son he should be ready to die for her and show absolute loyalty, to the point of winning her heart. But he jumped in resentment, same like he did before, towards his older brother. And than, Hyung Jin multiplies and multiplies this evil. No good! 

If you want to stop the hate, write to Hyung Jin... I think is the right thing to do - TELL HYUNGJIN STRAIGHT FORWARD TO STOP WITH GOSSIPING AND THE ACCUSING TALKS

But sincerely, not understanding the manipulative methods SC uses, will allow Satan to continue manipulate us and them. We have to mature, understand how Satan works, and be able to teach members, not to do that. Truth is Truth. Hyung Jin has to stop with the hate talk. It's Evil! Stop it!

Gossiping Ham nature of Hyungjin
Sanctuary HJN: Free your Heart from Negativity
SC - PHYSICAL MIND people: External, Negative, Judging


  1. In the past, when members were divided, TF united them with actions... But when false Ideology was trying to destroy God's work, TF won over it Ideologically - Revealing what's false in the Ideology. He didn't accuse the people, he liberated them with the Truth.

    But definitely there are lots of past historic problems that express themselves through SC, for the purpose of Returning Resurrection. Yet resurrection does not happen, if they don't overcome!

  2. "NO MORE TRUE PARENTS" - How that makes you feel?
    That's precisely the message of HJN. We can have different emotional reactions to it; be uplifted as SC, be sad, feel pity or resent him. What is the correct attitude? Do we think of how it make you feel, or how that hurts God? Does it make you negative or more determined to do God's will? We can have different reactions, some are right, some are wrong.

    Sometimes Jokes are powerful way to reveal the truth, yet associate it with happy feelings. But I want you to see, that even that, for us, as members it seems painful.

    1. This proves, that no matter what HJN did, we still love him so much.
    2. That when the essence of what he does is put so bland and obvious - it looks so horrible, our heart does not want to accept.

    In fact, these two reasons make conscientious people incapable to accept that the manipulator can be so cruel as to use such evil methods on purpose. And he didn't. Here comes the painful picture of how I saw Evil Spirits working behind this process. Recognize the methods, don't judge the person. Everyone's Original Mind is beautiful, just have to be liberated from the evil spirits.

    Anyway, I still hope you have sense of humor
    Have fun reading, :)
    I enjoy your reactions

  3. Hyung Jin does indeed think he needs to fix the Providence because Father got it all wrong. Wrong disciples and Wrong wife. Father a no gooder. Hyung Jin the hero to save us all. Beyond pathetic that bros and sisters are falling for this bloke who is bleeting like a sheep.

  4. your words of explanation help us to find love for Hyung Jin Nim. they are valuable in that.


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