"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin: REPLACED HDH with HATE TALK for morning inspiration

Hyungjin against Father:
Replaced HDH with Hate-talk for Morning inspiration

Starting as small rumors Hyungjin's fabrications expanded in monster proportions. But now, this is their HDH: Hate speech for morning inspiration; gradually but steadily replacing Father's words and traditions.

King Hyung Jin
proud of using gun

They teach 'Father divorced Mother officially, while he was alive". Research show "if you repeat such fabrication often enough, people start involuntarily to believe it". And that's what SC do, I see it all the time, they love spreading rumors. These are people who love to listen to rumors, love to spread them, and love to leverage and weaponise them for propaganda against Mother and FF.

They even have new type of HDH now. Every morning Hyungjin brainwashes them with the so called 'King's Report'. It's actually replacing HDH with his own words. And repetition brings results. Vulnerable members give in unto negativity and join the Sanctuary Church clique. We cannot deny there may be some providential benefits out of that. It's our own faith and maturity being tested, and mainly the ability to keep loving hearts. But we pray for him, because it is the children's realm of responsibility to restore the original child/parent relationship toward True Parents. We repent, for our failures that brought to that situation.

New Level HDH: Morning Hate Inspiration

Sanctuary Church members are so inspired. They call it "New Level of Hoon Dok Hae." "Hyung Jin Nim wakes up every day at 4 AM to present The King's Report at 5 AM, a new level of Hoon Dok Hae," they wrote me. But in fact, they simply get the morning portion of bombardment with fabricated rumors and false info. In fact, they are changing Father's words with Hyung Jin's hate-talk for morning inspiration. That's awful!

"They create a fake news, and then weaponise it; turn it against Father's organisations, against Father's wife and say, they love Father. Really!" 

What is Hyungjin teaching in these King's Reports? I've tried to listen. He was reading from a small booklet... so silent, couldn't hear anything. Than he said, "Come to Jesus" and started his own stuff. So is that HDH? Reading for few minutes and than talking strange, unprincipled things. Time to time, the so called New HDH was interrupted by Advertisements, "Buy a gun". Amazing! That was all part of the HDH. And Sanctuary Church are so inspired, "That's our new level of HDH". Wow!

There was a reader, joining at some points, but he also read just one chosen quote from Father, than started commenting Hyungjin's words, not what he read. So they are altering Father's words, they don't try to understand them. Also the way they choose Father's words was special. Always something to suggest Hyungjin's authority, even if that's not the context, it's enough to support their illusion. It's all part of one manipulative propaganda. One-sided way! This is not a HDH, this is nothing to do with Father's words. They use Father's words to deny Father's words. Because here is what Father said, and they teach against that:
"Blessed marriage and eternal life begin from True Parents. They cannot exist without True Parents." CSG p. 758
Their newest teaching, "Father himself denied, divorce Han Mother in front of VIPs leaders".  I remember long time ago when they started this rumor. They took some miss-translation of Father's words, where he said that there was no Mother restored in the history, and made up a story out of context, to criticize TM. We see Sanctuary Church constantly use such trickery. Repeating such false rumors numerous times (spreading photos with fake subtitles), they came to believe it as a fact. Their own, sick fabrications, with the time are considered facts by them, because their brain is neurologically rewired now. That's manipulation - using the limitations of the brain.

Bombarding members with such photos they make them doubt even what they know is true. Suddenly their mind is invaded to believe that TF really said such evil things about Mother. Which will mean that Father doubted his own life and words at the end of his life. But he didn't. These are manipulation techniques Sanctuary Church is using. Satanic world used them throughout the history to lead humanity against God. The same methods Hyung Jin now uses.

"You start doubting and feeling fear.. you know this is from Satan (its false). Good spirits never work this way." 

This is now their morning inspiration... slowly changing our perceptions, changing Father's words and manipulating us in strange doubts!  The way they work is similar to the negative media; Create evil imagery around FF, rise emotions of fear in the mind of the listener. Now the audience will feel excused to be filled with rage and resentment against us. Media used that manipulative method against us for years. Now Hyung Jin is using the same dirty methods.  Read, Hyung Jin calling Father's Organizations 'Fraud'

So if Hyung Jin is Father's lineage, he is excused to Gossip against his Mom, Destroy True Parents, Deny Father's words? How possible? Why Hyung Jin calls Father's Tradition 'Satanic' and why Sanctuary Church guys ENJOY THAT? 

On March 2, Chihei Sawada and friends stood outside a building where FFWPU Japan held a national leaders conference. They held banners that said, "Father is the Messiah" and "Mother is anti-Father" and cried out to the leaders through a portable loudspeaker. 

We see external (Property) attack from H1 and Internal (Ideological) attack by H2. BOTH NEEDED - to clear up the future from possible similar deviations by future Moon generations or other Physical Minded leaders; Also to restore past Christian problems.  IT'S ALL GOD'S LOVE

Believe New Principle, based on the Bible

Sanctuary Church believes some new principle. They say, "you must follow the teachings of the Completed Testament, based on the Holy Bible." This is ignorance of what the Completed testament and Divine Principle are. Now we work beyond religion, nationality and race. But Hyungjin teaches the that Muslims are enemy, refuges are enemy.

COMMENT: I wish Hyung Jin started doing the same, like Mother. SHE IS GREAT. See how great things Fam.Fed is doing around the world in the brief report, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD . But Hyung Jin have chosen to destroy that, taking the wrong way of GOSSIPING, HATE-TALK, ACCUSATIONS... Painful! But that's his choice!  SC should scold him! Ask him to SHOW FILIAL PIETY to his mother:

Sanctuary Church members repeat like lanterns, "Hyung Jin Nim is the DaeShinJa and the Inheritor of True Father's Mission. Accept it." But perfection cannot be magically inherited with ceremony, it takes growth and maturation. Why Hyung Jin does not demonstrate some Original Nature, before making such empty claims. Read, Hyung Jin's FALSE CLAIMS of SUCCESSION

Are there some Providential Benefits

To understand the providential reasons, we have to notice the benefits of this division. It's not something random, separation of good and evil within UM is providentially needed. We see that: 
(1) Hyung Jin is cleaning the Federation from such blocking members.
(2) Through Hyung Jin we get training to resist Satan's manipulative power.
(3) Through Hyung Jin we can observe and study the essence of these Satanic methods.
We all have fallen nature inside of us. We don't need Hyung Jin to constantly nurture it with his hate-talks. Read, SANCTUARY CHURCH - VICTIM OF A PSYCHOPATH . But at list HE WILL PULL MEMBERS WHO LOVE GOSSIPING out of our way.

This is important and needed training. The whole history of restoration was to learn how to recognize and subjugate Satan. God's aim is to liberate us - the victims of that manipulation, not punish us. Father gave his beloved son under Satan's control so we can be liberated.
"God will forgive the people of Satan's world a thousands times over, He absolutely will not forgive Satan." CIG p. 413
Thus, it's not about accusing each other, but learn how to stop Satan. That's why Father continues:
"The great Day of Judgment will come. Who will be judged on that day? It's not human beings but Satan, who dwells in their souls as if he were their master." CIG p. 413
"Lucifer turned against God and acted as though he were God and used trickery" (TF). Hyung Jin turned against TP and acted as though he were the New Center by using trickery and manipulation. When we watch Hyung Jin's sermons we see methods of trapping people's minds in resentment .. ability to reverse good and evil with twisted rationalizations; we see reversal of Subject and Object (Son over Parent). These are the very same methods lying angels used to manipulate humanity.

And now we see what percent of the members are easily manipulated by this and even feel excited. These are the people who can easily be manipulated and controlled by evil spirits. They don't distinguish good and evil correctly. They are easily stuck into Trapped Emotions and controlled by them. They are easy prey for the evil spirits. 

Hanging in the church, they are just blocking the way to CIG. Not because they are bad, but because at each moment Satan can use them, to block God's will (without them being aware). You see, everyone of us who is vulnerable to manipulation cannot be a citizen of CIG. We have to quickly mature. 

The Age of Women-Children Responsibility

"This is the era of mother-son cooperation" - Father

All the history of Restoration was to liberate that Liciferian rebellious, self-centered, self-righteous fallen nature. All the history of Restoration was about restoring the parent-child relationship, destroyed by Lucifer. Now is the age of women and at the same time, age of responsibility of the children. Naturally we will see God's efforts in restoring all the blockages and resentments in the mother-son relationship, too.

What is children's responsibility, to curs their mother, or to show filial piety? Which one is Lucifer's way? Disobedience, rebellion, resentment, accuser, gossiper. Why all these words characterize the essence of Hyung Jin and Sanctuary Church? Because they took the satanic nature on themselves, with the purpose of resolving it, finding the way out of these trapped emotions, and taking the reverse way - the way of repentance, obedience, love. 

Why is Hyung Jin's heart not free? Because God is not with him. That's why he lives in fear of conspiracyresentments and hopelessness about the church. "If an individual tries to live for himself then God never comes to him", Father says, "but once he sacrifices himself for the family, God will come". "Perfection means the perfection of love, with no lack of any kind, a perfectly round love" (1-22-78)

Parent-child relationship full with pain 

Observing Hyung Jin we can study and understand the process of how Lucifer, from favorite and good, became rebellious, heartless and evil. We can see how parent-child relationship became full with hatred and curses. Now is the period of restoring the barriers in the mother-son relationship.

Lucifer was God's favorite, while he was obedient, Dr. Lee explains. But look what has become of him afterwords; "The seed of resentment.. began to sprout within his heart and he began to rebel against God." "From that moment, the parent-child relationship became one of difficulty, pain and grief. The parent-child relationship of love deteriorated to a position of hatred, curses and nightmares. That's why this history now needs to be corrected. Lucifer needs to return to his original position.. in sincere apology."..

Now you see, why Father mentioned that TC stand in Archangelic position to Mother. Someone has to take this Luciferian feelings and succeed to reverse them - so that history can be liberated. We see each of the TC take some part in that responsibility. Evil angels in the spirit world cannot do it by themselves. God's children have to take spiritually this fallen nature on themselves and liberate this pain.

We chose LOVE not FEAR. Pray for TC... they are victims of our mistakes. God wants to restore everyone!

Turning From Beloved to Accuser

Lucifer was the one most loved by God, who turned around and subjugated Eve - becoming God's enemy. Sanctuary Church claims that Father loved Hyungjin, so instead of him following Mother, she is obligated to love and support him. 

How come child can use the love of one parent to reverse dominion over the other. In Psychology that's called Triangulation - satanic trick to invade the family. That's the model in the gossiping - invaded families. Read, Evil games played in the family

In fact, Hyungjin's attitude is the same as that of Lucifer, "you are obligated to love me no matter what I do." Lucifer says to God; "You are God of love, you are obligated to love me." He pierced God's Heart again and again, with no mercy. Even though God kept silent, still loving, without responding - Lucifer continued to attack God in every way possible. How similar to Mother's attitude and the pain she has to endure. She is really True Mother. She is really united with God's heart.

COMMENT: True Mother's advice is to not speak this and that about her children, I hold my tongue and turn to love in prayer instead. True love digests and transforms hate. 



  1. TM's advice was to not speak this and that about her children, I hold my tongue and turn to love in prayer instead. True love digests and transforms hate.

    1. True Child will always be embraced and forgiven by True Parents. We also have to keep the same heart of love. I BELIEVE THIS PROBLEM HAS SPIRITUAL REASONS that need our prayer.

  2. This has become a very serious illness. We cannot ever afford to have our own views become subject in our lives. That is what Kim Il Sung and his lineage have done. True Parents -- both Father and Mother -- have always put God's viewpoint above and ahead of their own.

  3. Hyungjin is just another dictator trying to restore others past dictators evil actions , seriously ?? Only FOOLS can believe this guy can liberate or restore anybody or anything !!! He should first apologize to True Mother , reunite with Her and be liberated from his evil influence and restored himself !!! As long as she is on earth True Mother is the only representative of the Messiah and True Parents and when she goes to SW she and TF will be the glorious True Parents of both world forever !!!


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