"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."



We love Mother and disclaim HgJN's wrong attitude. Everyone in FFWPU should keep absolute faith in True Parents. Any denial of True Parents' victory is from Satan.  

Don't be fulled by SC evil rationalizations. If we look under the surface of what H2 teaches.. he claims Father failed like Jesus, his words are false and need to be fixed. 

Hyungjin presents himself not as a hair of TP, but as their subject. He does not see himself as representative of TP, but as the one who needs to absolutely destroy them, by any means; using lies, manipulation and gossiping. In his Narcissism, Hyungjin is Turning Against Everything Father Ever Said.

COMMENT; "True Mother's heart always feels beautiful.. her words always sound lovely. Our hearts get liberated around her. Hyung Jin is just the opposite, his heart always feels resentful, his words are full with accusations. Our hearts get invaded by his fears, phobias of conspiracy and insane resentment. 

Denying Father's words about Mother

"True Parents are the owners of true love. True Parents are the King and Queen of love." Father
It's interesting how Sanctuarians are diverting away from the fact that H2 calls True Mother - first a whore, and now Lesbian. Why they enjoy it and later pretend it's not true. Just say you are for it, we don't need to hear your excuses and lies. 

To see how much Hyungjin disrespects Father, just compare his words with TF's words about Mother
"True Mother represents the Holy Spirit; therefore, she must give birth to all of humankind, but this time not only in terms of the spirit but also of the flesh.. The Era of True Parents
While SC say, "we stand against the Han mother", Father explains that "all blessed wives must inherit the tradition of True Mother", in order to become true parent themselves.
"The amazing thing about True Parents is that, through them God will bequeath this entire universe to us. We gain this amazing inheritance through True Parents when we meet them, make a determination to be eternally one with them, and follow through with this determination." (124-39, 1983.1.16) 
Could Hyungjin understand the value of True Parents and inherit it with the needed for that determination? Obviously he couldn't. In fact, every time we quote Fathers words, SC get furious and start accusing. Who gives them right to argue Father? Read: Sanctuary Church - victims of Spiritual Psychopathic Manipulation

Hyungjin teaches Father failed like Jesus

Sanctuary Church is fulled to believe that Mother has no authority, while Father is the awaited Messiah. That's total lack of Principle understanding. DP explains, that Jesus could not accomplish his Messianic mission, because he could not restore a wife.

Sanctuarians compares Father with Jesus, saying "Father is a man with the same essence of Jesus of Nazareth, who lived 2000 years ago." But DP explains that man cannot become perfect alone. One could never enter God's Direct Dominion without a family four position foundation.

Thus, Hyungjin degrades the value of True Father, to that of failed Messiah; one who cannot open the age of CIG. You see now, that Hyungjin is not against Mother - HgJN is absolutely dedicated to destroy Father.

The Principle becomes Substance in the Family

Sanctuary Church does not understand that Divine Principle has no value, if not made substance in the life of True Parents. They stress that "Sun Myung Moon was the only person in all of human history who discovered the secrets of heaven channeled through the Divine Principle."

They are obsessed with who discovered it, with the purpose to accuse Mother for not discovering it. What? What kind of evil mind and heart these people have. If that can be used as accusation, than HgJN is accusing himself, as one who has no value and no authority. He did not discover DP, who gives him the right to deny TP?
Mother's role in making this precious Truth substance is unprecedented, historical, eternal victory. She is forever the most precious women in the heart of God. Read Father's words. As Messiah's wife she has complete power and authority, representing God's feminine aspect.

SC not only changes, they reverse and deny Father's words

SC asks a good question, "How valuable it is to have an accurate record of the actual words spoken and approved by the returning Christ?" But then, they go and deny all Father's words about True Mother, all Father's words about True Parents, all Father's words about perfection, all Father's words about True love.
Whenever I see Hyungjin or SC using Father's words, it is always with some reversed, strange, unprinciple meaning... With tho purposes, either to accuse, or to elevate HgJN. In both cases they neglect all the rest of Father's words about the matter and twist the meaning in the way that serves one of these two purposes. 

We Unificationist, not like SC, understand the value of all Father's 400 and more volumes.

1. We don't like SC changing Father's words out of and against the context
2. UC disagree with SC using Fathers words to judge, create negativity and division
3. We request HgJN to come back to his position of TP's representative

SC sound like Orphans

Something is really wrong with SC and Hyungjin's family. It's like they never heard a word about True Parents. The joined the Church, ... saw Father.. believe he's the Second Coming. And somehow they believe, they have learned the Divine Principle. But they never heard that True Parents position is central for the Messiahs Mission and for our Salvation. It kind of skips their minds, that True Parents are Father and Mother. They really sound like Orphans!
Three possible explanations:
1. Either they are grown up in a gossiping families, where evil games were played between the parents and children were involved in that evil Triangulation.

2. Or they have many such ancestors who did that and need to be resurrected now.

3. Or like HgJN, they had to overcome this, in order to qualify to dominate Satan, but they failed
To understand - read: Hyungjin Sean Moon: Freedom of Resentment

Hyungjin loves to change and twist the Divine Principle

Did you ever hear Mother twist the Divine Principle, or misinterpret Hoon Dok Hae to members, as Hyungjin does. Every time Mother talks, her words are so well measured and always in accordance with Father's words, teachings and tradition. But in his immaturity HgJN twists, changes, misinterprets all the time.
Compare Mother's Love with Hyungjin's Hate 

Another obvious difference is that Mother always shows beautiful, humble, loving heart, while HgJN's heart and methods can only be compared with Satan's way. No, seriously! Read all DP, CAUSA, d-r Lee's messages.. any explanation of how Satan works.. and you will see all those techniques, purpose and heart in everything HgJN does. That's the real thing that bothers us as Unificationist!

Read Father's words about True Mother's Incomparable Inner Beauty and other quotes from CSG, We Love True Mother. How can they deny all that and still claim that they believe Father's words?

Why SC concludes Father is a failure

True Father went to jail many times because of teaching the Divine Principle in North Korea. Father was beaten to death by police and thrown out on the ice to die. Father was sent to the extermination camp but did not fail his mission. Yet, SC now believes that Father failed to restore a wife.

In their emotional state of resentment, they don't realize the theological consequences of such false presumption. The only conclusion is that Father failed his Mission. He could not achieve anything beyond what Jesus did. So in fact, Father's life was just as a perfect follower of Jesus, who never accomplished successfully what Jesus asked him.

Why SC does not honor the sacrifices and the desires of TF?

True Parents appointed Hyung Jin Nim to be True Parents "representative" and "successor". Father said, that at this moment, he is the one with the best faith in True Parents. Father educated him many hours that after he is in the spirit world Mother is the center he should follow.

At the end Father even asked HgJN to promise, proclaiming publicly, that "If he or any future Moon generation denies True Parents, members should not follow them".

Father even gave few warnings, that Hyungjin's family may fail and go into resentment, praying for them to overcome that and reach the victorious heart of the Forth Adam.

H2 forgot whom is he to represent

Successor does not mean replacer! Successor is one who best can represent and keep the faith in True Parents. 

True Father has crowned Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim, three times together with Mother. Why was HJN Inaugurated 3 times? Read HgJN and Solomon - It represents the 3 kings, who failed. Did HJN restore that failure? No! HE REPEATED THE FAILURE he showed disbelieve in TP!

Mother represents the True Parents, so after his ascension, H2 was supposed to show faith in her. But his act of disbelieve, by spreading displeased feelings against her, repeats the failure of Ham, and removes Ji Hyung Nim as her successor.

Hyungjin's behavior is mad, forgetting even whom he is to represent. It is the eternal position of True Parents that he was to honer and prove himself as a worthy hair to.  Instead they started Gossips to destroy True Parents.
Father has given the Big Eight Textbooks and hundreds of other volumes. Whatever page you open of these books, you'll read about True Parents and True Mother's importance. How could H2 become so crazy as to deny all these books, as garbage. How can he has eyes to claim that all Father's words there are lye? How can history forgive this crime he is committing?

Hyung Jin Moon and Yeon Ah Lee Moon had "inauguration" on April 18, 2008. The top of the growth stage of the 12 years of United Kingdom. Hyungjin and Sanctuary Church disregard what Father proclaimed during this ceremony: "Of therefore, the True Parents would send all but the first thing we would like to convey is the Word, the historical Word, the Word that True Parents loved the Word that God desired, which is given through the True Parents. "

Even God and True Parents are in a position to object to the word. The word became flesh incarnated in the True Parents life. Why did H2 go as far as to deny all Father's words? How can they read any of TF's speaches disregarding what Father said about True Parents and True Mother? There is evil force that blinds their eyes and minds. We all hope they will go over this and one day be saved, return again in True Parent's love.

Every day I'm liberating around 2 million spirits from Sanctuary Church. Don't think I'm just righting for fun... It's education... mostly for the spirit world's resurrection. We have to liberate God and his children!

Hyung Jin to eliminate and supplant the True Parents
Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited



    It's about how evil spirit world against One Victorious True Parents can work through a base of unresolved resentment ... as through SC... and when we observe the manifestations of that evil influence, we need not ourselves resent them and make a base like that ourselves, but have repentance and compassion for all historical and present influences of the evil spirit world that hurt us the most by how we humanity fails ad hurts One God and True Parents ...

  2. Father ordained Hyung Jin because of being most faithful in True Parents.

    See H2's demonstration of faith:

    Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

    Father said: "Today, at this time, there must only be one line of authority... I can leave someone in charge of my work on my behalf. Currently, there is no one among our church members who surpasses Hyung Jin in his standard of faith or in any other way."

    BUT SEE HYUNGJIN'S FAITH IN TRUE PARENTS NOW - He denies them!!! He failed.


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