"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyungjin King over True Parents: Got Father's words Wrong - Sanctuary Church

Sanctuary Church blind believe in Hyungjin nim's claim of authority over True Parents 
Hyungjin wants to be King over True Parents

Sanctuary Church blind believe in Hyungjin Nim's claim of authority over True Parents

Sanctuary Church claims that "Mother as Queen should attend to the King". And that King is Hyungjin, not True Father. That's how the representative of True Parents, became King over the True Parents. Instead of Inheriting True Parents, Hyungjin decided, that they have to bow down to him, obey him and learn from him. Instead of liberating them, he denies True Parents.

SC talks of "One line of succession":
Father's explanation:  God --> True Parents --> Successor --> Members
HJN's explanation: God --> HJN (Replacer instead of successor) --> Members  (No more TP)

To point H2 as the successor, SC uses quote from Father's speech in 1985. Yet, the quote absolutely says, we will recognize which of his children is successor, because he will be unanimously accepted by members and by the True Family: "All the blessed couples and the True Parents' family. They must all unanimously accept him." Obviously that cannot be Hyungjin, because not only he is not unanimously accepted, but he went against True Parent's family. Conclusion - H2 is not and cannot be that successor.

Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

We find no words or Principles that True Child should ever have authority over that of True Parents. Remember, True Parents'  position is eternal and True Parents are the absolute center. The original text SC uses to make such claims is on the bottom. It reveals different picture from what they misinterpret. So I will go pint by point, of what Father said and how Hyungjin failed.

HJN failed his responsibility

First, Father said, "Now I passed my responsibility over to you" The responsibility is, "to form Abel nation." He can complete this responsibility or fail. The moment he denies True Parents he failed to represent them. How can he form Abel nation, centered on True Parents, when Hyungjin is investing all his energy to destroy True Parents and accuse Mother?

Hyungjin denies CSG1: 57 quotes about True Mother

Even now, H2 has around 500 members. If he is able to show example of better results in Witnessing, we could probably see his leadership ability. Instead, SC does not witness at all. And how can they witness? Can they invite new guests to listen negativities against Mother? He is not only failure, but all his efforts are in the opposite direction. At the moment he is totally destroying even the image of Father in front of the world. The world has to observe the evil fights he started. This damages and blocks God's providence.

HJN says Father did not achieve everything

Next, Father says, "understand it clearly. I achieved everything..." Here also, Hyungjin does not understand, instead he claims Father could not restore Mother, so he couldn't achieve the Messianic purpose. This conclusion of Hyungjin is based on his trapped emotions and has no base in Father's words. It makes Hyungjin imposter, unfilial son, historic failure.

Father also said, he is going to the Sp.W. "I have achieved the actual position of victorious supreme authority and am going to the incorporeal realm..." But even here, Hyungjin shows disbelieve. He accuses Mother, saying Father was not supposed to go to the sp.w. Hyungjin wanted Father to suffer on systems until his body deteriorates completely in pain.

King of division - against Father's teachings

Father told him, "The question is how to unify the world". Here again, Hyungjin shows complete misunderstanding. Instead of unifying, H2 decided to divide, starting from UC. Later in his sermons, H2 started talking against Muslims, aiming disunity of all religions. Tell me, how will that liberate Father's heart? H2 neglects all his life and efforts for unity, blinded by his selfish strive for power and authority.

"Father truly asked to be clear about this: If I deny True Parents, and do not follow them, you must not follow me. If we claim that we are the new center, you must not follow us. That has to be very clear."  Read...

Hyungjin will represent the satanic world

Than Father told him, "The satanic world will disappear; it will melt automatically... you simply won't have any other place to go to." So it sounds as if Hyung jin will represent the satanic world, but even he will be restored and have no other place to go, but come back to God, at the end. "There will be no other direction."

Prayer of Father at the Inauguration of H2:

"Let this couple.. undergo labor pains", Father prayed, and "carry on the way of loyal and filial piety with the intention of inheriting the realm of inheritance of True Parents' liberation". Obviously the process of demonstrating loyalty and filial piety, is not easy. Father compares it to "labor pains". But notice, it's loyalty to True Parents, liberation of True Parents, filial piety to True Parents.

At the end Father prayed, "they can inherit the authority as the representatives and heirs". No to usurp authority over True Parents! Not to deny True Parents! The very opposite, Father prayed, "attend to everything.. True Parents" and "liberation.. of True Parents"

Sanctuary Church denies TRUE PARENTS

Denying True Parents, as Hyungjin does  at the moment, is the opposite of what Father asked him. Yet, it corresponds to the "undergoing labor pain" while resurrecting all the evil spirits from hell, who also deny True Parents. 

Read also: Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited

The complete Text, as posted by SC

On January 9, 2008, before the coronation ceremonies of Hyung Jin, Father held a banquet to celebrate the:
"Proclamation of the New Era and Beginning of the Age of Kingship", in which Father said:
"I completed everything by yesterday. Now I passed my responsibility over to you, so now you have to form Abel nation internally and externally...
"You must understand it clearly. I achieved everything...
"I have achieved the actual position of victorious supreme authority and am going to the incorporeal realm...
"You have to receive blessings, live well and prepare humankind and I have to go my way...You have to be concerned about the world's problems. The question is how to unify the world...
"Are you hearing this for the first time? The satanic world will disappear; it will melt automatically. You don't even need to destroy it. Once God becomes the center of everything, and once His objective sphere is formed, you simply won't have any other place to go to. There will be no other direction. So, what will Satan do? Since he won't be able to set the direction anymore he will naturally have to step back. The evil will have to step back..."

And then, only three months later, Father held the inauguration ceremony for Hyung Jin and he said (prayed to Heavenly Father):

"Father, people were unaware of the fact that when midnight comes after the passing of early evening, the shining hope of tomorrow that is the True Parent, the True Teacher, and the True King, the representative of the kingship of hope, and THE AUTHORITY OF THE HEIR TO THAT KINGSHIP, IS HERE...
"Let this couple be the son and daughter who should undergo labor pains while embracing this world again and who can carry on the way of loyal and filial piety with the intention of inheriting the realm of inheritance of True Parents' liberation and inner emancipation...
"Hyung Jin Moon and Yeon Ah Lee, these two, this son and daughter, a couple are standing before the True Parents.
At this time of transition to day, this occasion is one where they can inherit the authority as the representatives and heirs who can attend to everything on behalf of True Parents...."
How can the "liberation and inner emancipation" of True Parents be completed if we all don't unite centering on the King in the "Age of Kingship"?

Everyone in UC should keep absolute faith in True Parents. Any denial of True Parents' victory is from Satan. H2 and his clique show obvious love for gossiping, hate-talk, negativity and resentment and even dirty manipulative techniques; using power, collect accusations, stir fear, doubts and faithlessness.. to bring members on Satan's side.

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  1. Since, SC is trying to say that events after TF inaugurated HJ, and TF declared TM perfected Eve, and totally one with him and his full authority negated that declaration, we have to be clear that Hyung Jin, by his own words, gave us TF's warning not to follow him if he denies TP, and did so after the 'transfer of authority.'


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