"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Why Father Sacrificed his Children to Save the World


Working with 2nd and 3rd gen.. I found some 3rd gen that were heavily attacked by evil spirits. But in fact, underneath they had the most beautiful original nature. Just because they are more pure and sensitive, they were absolutely smashed by evil-resentful spirits. That was so painful to observe spiritually. Their behavior resembled that of the evil spirits in them. 

Since I have this ability, once they cooperated with me I could liberate thousands of resentful spirits from them. Thus healing physical problems they had, but most important, liberating their amazing, pure and beautiful inner nature, now free to be expressed. It was amazing to observe.

So you see, such pure children are not created to live in such dirty environment. They are sensitive to it. The evil spirits, attracted by their light attack them vigorously. And where are we to give the environment of protection. Father spoke how important is that foundation of protection for our family made by the spiritual children. But we were to slow to grow up and build protected communities.

As Father explained many times:

"When.. blessed couples could not fulfill their mission then Father took their responsibility upon his own shoulders, and Father's own family came to pay the indemnity." Father, Jan 2, 1992

"Even though Father himself jumped over everything at once, the movement has been slow.. to follow the Providence centering on Father. Therefore Father's own family has been put in a most difficult position." Father, Jan 2, 1992

Jin Sung Pak, shared about his growing with True Children:

"True Children are like a pure drop of water dropped into a bucket of mud, and asked to grow up without the mother-ship, Father and Mother looking over them. Just dropped into a bucket of water, that's us. You're looking.. and say 'Uuuh the water's so muddy...' or inky, dark, polluted, tainted... that' s what we are."

"This pure drop of water goes to school; and, what kind of kids do you meet at school? Ideal school? Ideal children? No, it's the most horrible environment. And the first thing that happens to True Children when they're subjected to school is they are looking around. They're saying 'What is this planet?"  Jin Sung Pak (husband of In Jin Nim)

Here is a quote from a spiritual reading:

"2nd gen are a new species, a new race with DNA from True Parents, God’s direct lineage, and so the TC have more Blessings.. but it is difficult for them to grow on earth in this fallen environment. They cannot easily find their way. Yet in the spirit world they are growing quickly. TC have many challenges, and difficulties that they can’t even explain.. We have been wrong in judging them. Their burdens are greater than our's and we have no right to judge and condemn them."

Ye Jin Nim's testimony:

"Having now grown up myself and had children, I can understand Mother's heart more deeply. Because of the providential requirement, she had to have many children, yet, how much she would have wanted to invest her maternal heart in each child. Oftentimes she could not because of the position she held and because of Father's emphasis on loving the "Cain" position children first. The Cain position children were the priority. But how much Mother, who had carried all those children in her womb, would have wanted to express her love to each child had she been in a regular family situation. As a woman who has borne and nurtured children, I can empathize with Mother's maternal, suffering heart.

At the beginning of the movement, since.. limited, Christian understanding of messiahship centering solely on a male figure. So, they did not have a proper understanding of the Bride and her critical role on behalf of womankind in particular and humankind in general. I wish there had been more support for Mother's position.. there was no precedent with which to compare her providential role."


Read Father's words to understand why children in the True Family are being attacked by satanic invading forces: 
"By sacrificing my family and relatives, God led me to love my enemies and their families. Drawing compensation from my family was God's idea.. God sacrifices His own sons and daughters and those who are close to Him as He loves and strives to recover nations.."  (CSG p. 352)
True Family is a microcosm of the society, taking responsibility for it's salvation. Thus, the problems that need solving, are taken as spiritual burden on their shoulders. They undergo a mathematical period of suffering under these resentful feelings (That's why Father anointed Hyung Jin to take resentment of 3 Ages). Members should know these Principles and not get confused. Read more...

Now is the time to keep absolute faith in the TP. Father warned us about this upcoming spiritual chaos:
"Now chaos from the spirit world will unfold on the earth. The chaotic spirit world will attack the earth. This is why nowadays many people are suffering from mental illness.. From the spirit world, billions of spirits will invade the earth. Why do they do so.. Why do spirits enter people? It is in order to use them.. a global phenomenon of the Last Days." Cheon Seong Gyeong, Page 769
Please understand, when evil spirits attack, they want to destroy Father's lineage. Who was supposed to protect them? In this age, the Satanic world believes that if they take Father's sons, they will be able to destroy True Parent's victorious foundation. So they focus all their efforts on that. They even succeeded to full Hyung Jin to make Satanic ceremony of separation from TP's lineage and engrafting to the fallen lineage of Mrs. Kang.

But as Swedenborg explained: "God never brakes our ideas." Even falsities that we have, He wants to work with those rather then saying, "Wrong, this is the Truth!" That's the amazing difference between Heaven and Hell, where Hell is trying to accuse us of things that even can be true about us, but is not like that. He works with us gradually from our state, without accusing, leading us to gradually to get out free on the path of goodness.

That's why Father foresaw that after his ascention we will need to center completely on True Mother, on the loving heart, and not follow his son's strives for power or ideological deviations. That was the essence of his last public speech, just before his passing. Read, Era of Women Vs. Man's Struggle for Power


Why God and True Father allowed that to happen? Historic fallen natures and resentments can only be resolved if they reappear for a period of time and are reversed and resolved. In this case there are different levels of Indemnity to be completed at the same time; Individual, Family, World and Cosmic Indemnity.
"The resentment of zillions of spirit people must be consolidated here.. We must liberate all these ancestors. We must accomplish the work of liberating them from resentment." CSG1 
1. On individual level: To qualify and enter the realm of perfection, everyone has to go through a period of complete rejection, yet 'gladly endure' - meaning overcome these heavy historic feelings without resentment. This is the very reason Father pushed away his own children once they have reached to the top of the growth stage. For the same reason many of our best leaders, lecturers and missionaries also experienced a period of complete rejection. Those who overcame could enter the benefits of the age - to grow to Divine Spirit. Those who failed, developing resentments, were trapped under Satan's dominion, or stayed struggling, confused and nonfunctional. They are easy pray for Sanctuary Church - having the same common base of unresolved feelings. 

2. On Church level: To divide good and evil within the Church, God caries the providence of separation. All those who failed into resentment, humanism or other deviations of the Principle have to separate on the Cain (Physical Mind) side. The rest of the Church has to realize what's wrong with that and center on the Principle, cleansing itself from all humanism, criticism, gossiping etc. Therefore if the Church does not stand centered on the Spirit Mind people, in pure connection to God and the Principle, it will also fail into faithlessness; Goodness will be not established. In no way God can work if the Church is a mixture of good and evil, as it is right now. God is not clear. Confused members gossip and accuse. Principle education is not priority. Members don't even know the Principle. Thus, entering in the Age after the coming of CIG, we have to go through the indemnity period of the Divided Kingdom, to resolve that.

3. On Cosmic level:God wants the True Family to quickly make indemnity for all these evil forces to be liberated so that humanity can be free to enter CIG. Hyungjin has no evil lineage allowing them to invade him. Definitely God and TF had allowed that for the purpose of indemnity.
"The total indemnity offering concerns the ceremony of liberation of resentment." Father, CSG1

Indemnity for all Historic Resentments 

How historic indemnity is made? There has to be someone who takes all those feelings of historic resentment (Cain figure). They will come on him and he will feel them as his own. And there has to be Able figure on God's side, accused with  all these resentments and accusations, yet gladly endure without responding (creating common base on the level of resentment). This way all these resentful spirits, dragged by Satan to Hell by resentment, will be liberated.
"Why do I do such things while being persecuted? I do it to liberate the spirit world from resentment." CSG1
The period of indemnity will last until all trapped emotions of resentment are reversed and liberated through Abel's victorious heart. Thus finally, the Cain figure - object of those feelings, will be able to open his heart and overcome. When that happens humanity will be free of all this evil spiritual influence. Satan will be left with no objects to work through. And as we see this is also a process of resurrection for the Evil Angels too.

Hyung Jin Takes on Himself Historic Resentments

How Hyungjin helps God's providence. All historic resentments come on him with full power. He has to liberate all historical failures - unresolved feelings in heart. That's why TF prayed over Hyungjin's Inauguration, that his family has to "gain victory over resentment". The resentment,

 1. of all saints dragged by Satan to resentment when pushed away.
 2. of all gossiping, negative, spirits and angels
 3. of the failure of UC members
 4. Separate good and evil in our own church (humanistic and negative)

Indemnity is successful by reversing the 4 fallen natures, overcoming the historic resentment and obediently follow God's representative - TM. That's why Father blessed him, "to relieve.. the bitter pain of the cosmos.. have to overcome the bitter pain.. of resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages." 

True Mother Takes all the Indemnity

True Mother is the only woman in human history that showed absolute obedience and overcame all the historic resentments against husbands. Now she is taking the most difficult indemnity, to be accused by her own children. Yet, spiritually, this is the love and grace of God and True Parents, who want to quickly liberate all of humanity and the whole spirit world, including Hell. Everything has to be restored to God's all embracing love.

1. Indemnity for Liberating All Humanity 
2. Indemnity for all Mothers that Triangulated against Fathers 

So many people in history have become trapped in Hell because of Gossiping (sharing displeased feelings - thus multiplying evil). Yet, this problem is mostly due to mothers. Instead of teaching their children to love and respect father, they have heartistically shared displeased feelings against husband with their children. The hearts of their children thus became twisted and satanic. Intimacy for them was to find common base to gossip. They knew no other love, than sharing such negative emotions.

Mothers made their hearts satanic. Now True Mother, the only woman that didn't do that, is taking the Indemnity and the accusations for all these mothers in history. Her son has to accuse her and resent her, on behalf of all these children trapped in Hell.

Divine Principle best describes this process in the story of Ham. Father clearly explains that this was because of Noah's wife, constantly accusing him and transmitting that to her children.
"You will have no resentment if you live in love." Father, CSG
TF made, "Ceremony for Total Liberation from Resentment on March 1, 1975, a ceremony to liberate and forgive everyone. This opens the way to liberate even Satan. Through this ceremony, enemies can no longer treat each other as enemies but must forgive one another." CSG1

WE LIVE IN DIFFERENT REALITIES. In my world I see only love, only CIG. Whatever happens is for the rest to come up to the level of citizens of CIG. Please accept anything that happens with gratitude... whatever you see and experience is just for you and it's fully God's love and salvation grace for you personally. IF YOU SEE NEGATIVE REALITY, THAT'S YOUR LEVEL, take responsibility, deal with it with good heart.

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  1. That is very true. And the sad part is...in many cases they don’t realize this is happening and the get “sucked in to the vortex” and can’t find a way out. Unless their spirits are very strong.

  2. True Love takes responsibility. We must take responsibility for what happened in the true family. We must repent. True Father left a path for us through the Seounwha. Seounwha is a condition that we must fulfill after foundation day to go before the fall.


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