"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

The Madness of Hyung Jin Moon, Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland

Hyung Jin Moon, who split from his Father's teachings and created the Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, known as “Second King” to his followers, issued a literal call to arms to members of his sect last month.

Unification Church's official position: "Sanctuary Church, is not affiliated with the Unification Church of Rev. Moon. As an organization we strongly oppose the initiation of violence and do not utilize weapons in religious ceremonies."

Rev. Moon gave his life for Peace through Love, not weapons;

"Peace kingdom corps troops will not carry weapons. Their main armament will be education." CBG

That's why, the Unification Church has distanced itself from Wednesday’s event, saying their ceremonies and theology do not involve weapons.

“It saddens us that Reverend Moon’s son has chosen to separate himself and walk in opposition to his parent’s legacy building world peace,” the Rev. Richard Buessing, president of the Unification Church, said in a statement:

"A breakaway organization calling themselves The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary of Newfoundland, PA, known simply as Sanctuary Church, is not affiliated with Family Federation. While we respect and support every individual’s religious freedom, freedom of speech and constitutional rights, as an organization we do not use and strongly oppose the utilization of weapons in religious ceremonies." Unification Church

Local Family Federation pastor, Rev. Iwasaki Shota of the Pennsylvania Family Church said, “Family Federation is all about healing and reconciliation. We host events to promote interreligious dialogue, responsible civic leadership, and marriage blessing ceremonies. Rev. Moon’s teachings are all about bringing people together so that we bring joy and happiness to God, our Heavenly Parent and feel fulfillment ourselves. Bringing weapons into any of that seems completely contradictory to me.”

While the founder of Sanctuary Church is the son of Rev. Moon, it should be noted that he has sadly chosen to separate from and rebel against his mother and his father’s peace endeavors.


(Some parts are removed for inappropriately damaging TPs image. Sanctuary Church has nothing to do with the peace ideology of TP)

Sanctuary Church members “have been asked by the King to participate in the ceremony on 28th February with a crown and a ‘rod of iron’ (AR 15 or AK style weapon),” a press release on the cult’s website reads. “Attending the blessing, either with an AR15 or alike or without, is valid, but to attend with an AR15 would be a substantial ‘perfection stage’ blessing.”

The Sanctuary Church, which also calls itself Rod of Iron Ministries, is...  Church’s ideology is racist, homophobic and antisemitic.

After... 2012, a power struggle erupted between Hyung Jin Moon and his mother, who ordered Hyung Jin to go to Korea. Hyung Jin refused, and instead relocated to Newfoundland, Pennsylvania and founded the Sanctuary Church with the support of his older brother, Kook Jin Moon. Hyung Jin declared the UC invalid since his father’s death, and continued to espouse his father’s teachings while declaring himself the “Second King,” after his father. Kook Jin also relocated his firearms manufacturing company, Kahr Arms, to a nearby county in Pennsylvania.

At the core of the Sanctuary Church’s beliefs is the establishment of “CIG,” a sovereign kingdom of heaven on earth, which is where the assault rifles come in. The missive calling followers to purchase the weapons explains, “To fulfill the ideal of kingship and the nation, we need people, land (property) and sovereignty. Sovereignty means that we are able to defend ourselves against an aggressive satanic world, when we are threatened. We should be able to defend ourselves, not only in an abstract but in a substantial way, as we would do in a sovereign nation. A minimum expression of such sovereignty is a crown and a real gun for defense (the biblical ‘rod of iron’) like a legal AR15.”

The Sanctuary Church has also created what it calls the “Peace Police Peace Militia,” wherein Hyung Jin trains his followers in martial arts, hand-to-hand knife combat and assault weapons. The Sanctuary Church says it attracts about 200 followers to its Sunday services.

Hyung Jin’s sect is explicitly political.. aligned with the far-right... The Sanctuary Church is holding a “President Trump Thank You Dinner” on February 24, featuring Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America.”

Hyung Jin has a regular YouTube program called “The King’s Report,” where he recently hosted Paul Mango, a GOP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. The appearance made waves in Pennsylvania politics after Hyung Jin, wearing a golden crown and camouflage suit with an assault weapon mounted on his desk, told Mango, speaking of public schoolchildren, “They’re not only going to learn the actual required course load, they’re getting indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda, they’re getting indoctrinated in the transgender agenda saying that their emotions, that they can choose how they feel based on how they feel their gender, which is totally against the bible.” ...

Cult expert Hassan believes Hyung Jin’s call for his followers to show up with assault rifles on February 28 is just another attempt by the Sanctuary Church to endear itself to the far right. “I don’t think there’s potential for violence at that event,” Hassan says, “but I think they’re trying to play up to Trump, play up to gun owners. They’re very right-wing extremists with a totalistic idea of how the world should be.”

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