"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Hyung Jin Teaching Against the Universal Laws

Are we all Unificationists? Not really. We are in MIDWAY-POSITION: TM is Unificationist, H2 is Divisionists.  - we choose which of these 2 ways has more common base with us. So, it's not a matter of name, but of Heart. Same like Inheriting TP, it's not a matter of appointment, but also a matter of Heart. Do we see Hyung Jin loving all religions, nations and cultures? No! Exactly the opposite, he teaches against Muslims; against the poor refugees; against even his Father's organizations. 

In TP Universe Protects us
The Universe is protecting you from deviating out of the perfect balance, harmony and love. The power of the universe pressures you when out of the Principle

Father says, if we forsake True Parents we stand against the entire Universe and we "deserve to go to hell":
"The Savior can be forsaken after one is saved, but parents are a matter of absolute destiny, so how can they be forsaken?” That’s how it is. Try forsaking them, and the entire universe, heaven and earth, and everything else will say, “You wretch, you deserve to go to hell!”" TF - CSG1
And of course, Hyung Jin attacked this what God loves the Most - the TP. This automatically puts him in the position of enemy of God and the whole Universe.
"Through the.. True Parents.. All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God and all the evil spirits centered on Satan will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand." 

Principle of Restoration: The Subject takes the Burden

That's the way of restoration; True Family is a microcosm of the society, taking responsibility for it's salvation. Meaning, the problems of humanity, that need solving, are taken as spiritual burden on the shoulders of this central figure (True Family). If they overcome it, they liberate the whole of humanity. But it's not easy and takes mathematical period of suffering under these resentful feelings (That's why Father anointed Hyung Jin to take resentment of 3 Ages). Members should know these Principles and not get confused.
"By sacrificing my family and relatives, God led me to love my enemies and their families. Drawing compensation from my family was God's idea.. God sacrifices His own sons and daughters and those who are close to Him as He loves and strives to recover nations.." (CSG p. 352)
According to this principle; True Children now stand divided in correspondence with what needs providentially to be restored. From one side are the feminine unifying heart (Mother, Sun Jin and the wives of the first 2 sons). On the other side are the masculine archangel figures (Hyun Jin, Kook Jin and Hyung Jin) representing the aggressive nature of the male central figures in the history. Father talked about that. Now is the providential period for humanity to restore these past failures, so they need to be expressed and solved within the central family and the central religious group - leading the restoration. As a Subject they take the responsibility to indemnify it and thus liberate the World. There is beauty in this! God's love is expressed by that (He sacrifices his beloved, to save the rest). But if you don't know DP well, you'll get confused.
Pressed by the Universe

Let me explain a bit further, why people acted evil when the Universe was pressing them to return in the principle position.

Have you noticed that people who do evil, much so often blame their opponents for the very sin they themselves are committing. For example, H2 blames TM for changing Father's words, when he in fact is the one who completely negates and reverses everything. Notice how SC has no desire to even read Father's instructions for this change

You may think this is a very well designed manipulation, to paralyze their victims, who are shocked and now in position to defend themselves for something they never did. Meanwhile the accusers can continue do this very evil, with no one noticing. Well, it's more then that!

There are reasons why they act this way, not even realizing they are doing it. What stimulates this fallen nature? To understand how it works, please understand the universal principle protects us:
"Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating but because it is all perfectly in balance, you do not feel it. However if you act against your conscience – against God’s will – even a little bit, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, “You numbskull!" CSG
Father explains that the moment we come out of the universal principles, the whole universe is pressing us to go back in the principle position of balance and harmony. This way the universe is not punishing us, it's helping us to restore our state of physical, emotional and social health.

And as Father said, "if they were honoring True Parents, their family will be protected." And the other way around, those who oppose and try to destroy TP "deserve to go to hell!”. The universal laws are same for regular people and Kings. But a King's sin becomes national sin. The higher the position, the bigger the responsibility.

Evil is Rebellion Against the Universe

The problem comes from ignorance. Feeling that pressure, people in unprinciple position suffer. Yet, instead of realizing that returning to the correct position they will feel well again, in their ignorance they do anything in their power to run away from the principle, thus ending with the feeling that everything principle is evil, dangerous and the cause of their very suffering.

Leave the Principle -- Pressure by the Universe -- Suffering 

Correct Action: Repentance -- Come back to the Principle Position
Wrong Action: Runs even further against -- Accuses others for his Miserable State

For example, Formula Course helps us grow and liberate our spirit faster than anything else. Yet, the evil spirits consider that evil, cruel, dangerous. Pay attention that Tithing and the investment in FR are some of the most powerful tools for accusation SC uses. Whoever has a bit of misunderstanding or pain from these practices, so easily can not turn into alliance for SC vicious plotting and Multiplication of Evil. 

You see now why it is so difficult to save people from hell. In their minds, precisely the things the good spirits do are the cause of their suffering. Precisely the believes and practices, to help them be liberated, they blame for their miserable state. Whatever God wants, whatever is principle, they abject and zealously try to destroy, deny and attack.

If only they could take responsibility for their resentful feelings, and realize that they are the ones who stepped out of the universal law of love and harmony. But not, they take the easy road of blaming, resenting, objecting, rebelling and multiplying their own kind of heart.

Father explained, that when he reached to God, he turned and saw everybody else running in the opposite direction. Why? Facing the challenge on the way, they all turn away and say, "This is a wrong way!" Members who couldn't overcome the challenges in FR, concluded that this is wrong and blamed the leaders.

Why is Hyung Jin uniting with these people, standing on the Humanistic position, to comfort their fallen nature, to accuse Father's tradition of Tithing? Why did Hyung Jin turn against his Father's teachings, against the universal principles of love, excusing judgment, criticism, accusations. You see, everyone in history who failed, ended with the same resentful situation and turned against God, believing this is indeed God's way. How sad was God's heart? Let's cry for our Heavenly Parent and liberate him. Let's liberate the hearts of our True Parents. 

Hyung Jin Against Father's Ideal and Teachings
"The essence of love is such that when you live for the sake of others, your love becomes greater, but when you want people to live for you, your love diminishes little by little." CSG1
GREAT EXAMPLE that Sanctuary Church and Hyung Jin are against Father's teachings, goals and ideals are their very words and actions. Father told us God is a Parent of humanity. He gave all his energy for World Unity and Peace. Sanctuary Church, however, is constantly talking against Muslims, against the poor who search for better life. They call them 'Satans': 
SC: "The Muslims.. UK will not be UK for long. your gonna wish you had an EDC. We can see whats happening in UK, Sweden, Germany, France, literally thousands of satans taking over....But is USA we will be able to fight to defend ourselves." SC member
You see, Hyung Jin and Kook Jin don't care about Father. They are his ENEMY. I had many similar discussions with SC... they are so brainwashed with hatred, negativity about Muslims and Poor 3rd world countries. They may argue forever - but it's all against Father's words.
"On this True Parents’ Day, you should know how great your Parents’ suffering has been and how much pain your Parents have carried in their hearts. Now the time has come when you need to learn about your Parents. Otherwise, you will not know the tradition; you will not have a tradition." Father, CSG


  1. Let us also pray to liberate the hearts, souls andminds of those True Children who have been misled and held in chains by the Evil Spirit World. A worldwide ongoing condition.....

  2. Hyung Jin needs to use the Bible because DP and Father's words are all about the True Parents.

    1. True.
      It seems that the boys version of the Holy Spirit is different from Richard Panzer. Poor Panzer has to express his personal view on the matter, rather than Sanctuary Church teaching..

    2. In fact all their lecturers teach out of the blue, any nonsense... the only connection is praising the 2nd King even if it takes to turn the Bible and DP up-side-down.


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