"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

10 quotes about Only Begotten Daughter in the first Cheon Seong Gyeong

10 quotes about Only Begotten Daughter in the first CSG

In the Original Cheon Seong Gyeong, Father uses "Only Begotten Daughter" 10 times only in the first 1000 pages. Surely there are more. These 10 quotes clearly point that True Mother is the Only Begotten Dauther (See some of them below).

The term "Only Begotten Daughter" appears over 180 times in Father's words. Knowing DP we clearly understand why the only begotten son needs an only begotten daughter. As Father explains, "Adam resembles half of God's character and Eve resembles the other half. Therefore neither can rieach perfection alone" (CBG p. 66)

There has to be an only begotten daughter

Only in this quote TF mentions the Only Begotten Daughter four times:

"When the only begotten son comes, it would be a disaster if he were to live alone. There has to be an only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter must be found and, centering on God, the only begotten son and daughter should marry each other when their mutual attraction matures. This way, God should rejoice as the vertical parent and the only begotten son and daughter must become the bride and bridegroom who can rejoice as the horizontal parents and give birth to children on earth. Only then will the tribe begin to expand" CSG (Chapter 1 • What Is a True Parent? 181)

Father also explains,  "It is an original requirement that True Mother must be an only Daughter. Adam was the original only Son; Jesus was the only Son. The Lord at the Second Advent is also the only Son from the perspective of God's Will. Since the man through whom God accomplishes the Will is His only Son, the woman must be His only Daughter." (223-241, 1991/11/10)

Start of God's Hometown is where Only Begotten Daughter dwells

This is the 5th quote from the Original CSG, talking of the 'Only-Begotten Daughter':

"What kind of place can become the starting point of the original hometown where God’s family can be created? It is none other than a place where a son dwells who understands God as his real father. In other words, it is a place where the son, the only-begotten son who can monopolize God’s love, exists. Also it is a place where such a daughter dwells. It is a place where such a son and a daughter marry and form a complete family." CSG p.448

Only Begotten Daughter is needed because Heaven is entered by families

6th quote about Only-Begotten Daughter in the Original CSG:

"Were it not for the Fall, heaven would have been a place to which God’s only begotten son and daughter would have gone after creating His family and living in His love. Heaven is to be entered by families, not individuals. As Jesus did not form his family, he did not enter heaven and is in the waiting room, namely paradise, a place for preparing to enter heaven." CSG

7th quote about Only-Begotten Daughter in the Original CSG:

"In that regard, heaven is vacant. We thus realize that God’s providence for restoration has been a sorrowful history. .. in losing Adam, God lost His kingdom centered on the kingship of heaven. He lost the heavenly race and tribe, and the heavenly man and woman – His only begotten son and daughter."

Unable to find Only Begotten Daughter, Jesus was unable to enter Heaven

There was 8th quote about Jesus as Only Begotten son in misery without wife. But the 9th quote is a bit repetitious (there are many such quotes in the first CSG, that's why it needed to be revised):

"If it wasn’t for the Fall, heaven would have been the place where God’s only begotten sons and daughters would have gone to after creating a family of God and living in His love. Heaven can only be entered as a family. You cannot enter heaven by yourself. Since Jesus did not form a family, he was unable to enter heaven and is waiting in paradise, which is the waiting room for heaven." CSG p.888

The 10th quote about "Only Begotten Daughter" is again repetition:

"He lost the people of heaven, tribes of heaven, and heavenly man and woman – His only begotten son and daughter." p.889

We are Only Begotten Children, after forming  blood relationship with True Parents

Here is a quote about ONLY-BEGOTTEN CHILDREN. Speaks not about the True Children, but about the people who will follow the True Parents:

 "The historic desire of the ancestors is for tribal messiahs to appear on earth and connect with the will of the True Parents who come in the Last Days. This is the longstanding wish that has been harbored by the ancestors in the spirit world until the present time. Their greatest wish is to form a blood relationship with the True Parents as their begotten children." p.1408

So after having ONLY-BEGOTTEN SON AND DAUGHTER, its time to save OTHER BEGOTTEN CHILDREN (After the 1sth, many more are begotten in God's lineage):

"All already married couples must be saved, as well as all who have gone the wrong way through unfulfilled love relationships. After that, virgin men and women representing begotten children must be saved." p.1408

How was Mother born without Original Sin
Only Begotten Daughter
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Only Begotten Daughter
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Only Begotten Daughter

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    1. Do you by any chance own the white HDH book series published in the 1990s? I grew up reading these with my family every morning. There are several parts over several volumes where True Father addresses this and also the concept of God encompassing both fatherly and motherly attributes. I collected some of these quotations in the following documents but it's by no means a complete research through all of True Father's words.

      True Parents, The Origin of God’s True Love, Life and Lineage

      God, Our Heavenly Father (하나님 아버지) and Mother (하나님 어머니) in One (하늘 부모 님)

      Also, here's a link to a document I created which compiles all the parts of a book written for the True Children which were published over several Today's World Magazine editions. In one of the chapters entitled 'Preparation for the Bride' True Father explains how Satan's lineage could not remain in True Mother's family based on the sincere devotion to God generations of her family made, with the awareness and in anticipation of preparing for a physical return of the new Adam.

      The Life of Sun Myung Moon & Hak Ja Han
      The True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind


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