"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."


PART 8: 
Oh, how much TF wanted to be proud of Hyung Jin, expecting him to mature and inherit TPs heart and tradition.
What are TF’s main accomplishments? (1) establishment of True Parents, (2) getting rid of the Original Sin, (3) transmitting the Blessing (restoring humanity into God's lineage) and (4) not only revealing the Truth, but Incarnating it as the first True Couple.

These were the key responsibilities of the returning messiah. True Father claimed victory in each one of them during his lifetime. Establishing the foundation for the New World of Peace. A single man, like Jesus, cannot achieve that. It takes perfection as husband and wife.

While Sanctuary Church would reject any characterization that ties True Father with the word “failure” – after all they see True Father as God Himself, the reality is, that without awareness of it their teachings present True Father as having fallen short in each of these areas.

COMMENT: For his falsehood and manipulation Hyung Jin has to answer before God, TF and humanity!

• Establishment of eternal TPs on the Earth. Throughout his teachings, TF emphasized a key dispensation role of establishing eternal True Parents. This is something that Jesus failed to achieve and which TF believed he and True Mother had fulfilled prior to his ascending into the spiritual world. For example, True Father stated: “At the point where the evidently divided internal God and external God are perfectly reunited, SMM and HJM, …were able to become True Parents in the Garden of Eden with no shadow of the Fall…” (April 14, 2012). According to the Sanctuary Church, True Father was unable to accomplish eternal True Parents due to their assertion that True Mother failed and thus this key role remains to be accomplished.

• Giving of the Blessing and Forgiving of Original Sin. True Father placed emphasis on giving the blessing. During his lifetime, millions had their Original Sin forgiven and were blessed in eternal marriage. However, in 2015, a great many (likely most) of these blessings and forgiveness of Original Sin were declared as nullified by the Sanctuary Church on the basis of followers participating in the Foundation Day ceremony, an event which Hyung Jin Nim himself had promoted at the time.

So serious was the transgression, that members who participated in the Foundation Day Ceremony were considered to have lost “the status of being forgiven of Original Sin.” As stated in an official Sanctuary Church posting, having participated in the ceremony:
“is tantamount to coming back under the Archangel's dominion, loss of the status of being forgiven for Original Sin; becoming fallen again needing to go through 40 days' separation, indemnity stick, 3 days' separation and even second gen becoming 1st gen.” SC
In other words, True Father’s great accomplishment of forgiving Original Sin largely was nullified by Hyung Jin Nim' declaration.

• Revealing of Truth. Even True Father’s role of revealing the truth proved inadequate according to the Sanctuary Church, as he failed to teach his most fundamental truth, the Bride Theology (Part 5 of this treatise), which Sanctuary Church is now claiming to reveal.

Indeed, one would get the impression from listening to Sanctuary Church members that True Father’s main enduring accomplishment was Hyung Jin Nim. For it is Hyung Jin Nim who is: (a) teaching the new truth that True Father failed to reveal; (b) forgiving Original Sin and giving a re-blessing for those multitudes who lost True Parent’s blessing through the Foundation Day blessing or any subsequent holy wine ceremony; and (c) rectifying True Father’s inability to establish eternal True Parents. Regarding the latter, Hyung Jin Nim is claiming to have rectified True Father’s failure by placing his own wife in the position of “leader of the brides” (the new True Mother), and then having created a ceremony where this new leader of the brides bows down to their son and secures her subservient position to her son. Continues
This series was compiled by: Scott C. Rosen.

Don't be fulled by SC evil rationalizations

FATHER SAYS HOW TO KNOW WHEN TC DEVIATE: Father said, this is the vertical axis. When God views straight downward, True Parents appear as one. When the children view straight upward, True Parents appear as one. But Father said, if the children deviate from the straight vertical axis then True Parents appear separate.

Don't be fulled by Sanctuary Church's evil rationalizations. Hyung Jin claims Father failed like Jesus. Hyung Jin even dares to presents himself as Subject over TP. Read..

Before Hyung Jin seemed to me too humanistic, external, not knowing DP, yet united with TP and doing many conditions. Now he looks completely against DP, negative, resentful and self-promoting.. not aware what damage his actions will bring.

In the family we should have only love, trust and support. This atmosphere of absolute security is very important for the internal peace - so our spirit and hearts can grow correctly. Read Evil games in the family and compare to how low Resonance of Heart he has degraded.

Recently I spend a night in the spirit world observing the spiritual realm around Hyung Jin and that around True Mother. The difference was from Hell to Heaven. Read the whole experience; MY DREAM WITH MOTHER AND HYUNG JIN. It is so revealing.

Why Division Precisely at this Historic Time

In 1999 I received the revelation, that TC will split the Church - in accordance with the Parallels of History, and that will happen after 2012. At that time I believed that it's enough clear in the Principle, so even if spiritual influence comes they will easily recognize and overcome it. But as we know, when historic resentments comes on us, we easily forget the logic. Read How Trapped Emotions lead to Resentment and TRUE PARENTS DECLARATION: "All True Children must follow True Parents"

The problem of Sanctuary Church is Trapped Emotions, causing Resentment and now they are multiplying their problem in the heads and the hearts of those with common base. Theological deviations are natural consequence of their unresolved feelings. That happened in the theological conflicts in the early Christianity. Read

Hyung Jin Wrong Behavior is a Fact

It's a fact: Malicious spread of rumors with an evil intend to ruin TM and UC, with no remorse.. That's what Sanctuarly Church is doing. Look at Yeona Nim's video, sharing small, personal things with evil twist and underhanded intend. Doing it to his mother, makes it worse. Doing it towards TP makes it unforgivable. Read and learn HOW GOSSIPING WORKS, learn HOW TO STOP IT.


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