"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Kerry Williams Ignorant Response to "Only-Begotten Daughter"

Kerry Williams Ignorant Response to:

I repeated many times that the conflict with SC is not theological and should not be fought on that level.

Why? Physical Mind people, like Sanctuary Church, are blocked by many Trapped Emotions... so they cycle in a network of sick rational. Worse of all, Brain has no heart. Once their brain (physical mind) is  subject over their spirit mind, everything is reversed; so it automatically leads Satan's way.

On the other side, for Spirit Mind everything is simple, clear and centered on the heart. Father proclaimed the victory of True Parents numerous times. No cycling, no confusion, no antagonism. Always see the whole perspective.

In a strange way, H2 is doing something good: He is separating our movement from such blocking, manipulative, physical mind people. Problem is that he multiplies their problem. The core of that they do is waging war against True Parents; denying True Parents; destroying True Parents.

The Vast Work to Restore Bride for the Messiah

Yes, as Kerry admits, "The Principle teaches that the Messiah must come again to bring physical salvation as well as spiritual". That means physically establish the Three Great Blessings. Jesus established only the First Blessing. Father had to restore the Second Blessing; True Family. Sanctuary Church denies Father' achieved that. This letter of Kerry Williams only shows some of their false logic, misleading them in that satanic direction. Just compare with Father's words: 


  • I will not discuss the whole letter, but just in short look, it's obvious that SC don't understand the vast work in history, to restore both; Christ lineage and Wife lineage. So many women sacrificed for that. Not to speak, that this was the very purpose of the NT Age. And DP has one page explaining how many factors have to be prepared for the chosen person - in this case Mother. They deny all that! So ignorant - no need of further discussions.

    Yes, CS displays complete ignorance of DP. But that's not because they didn't read it. They simply got stuck into some narrow-minded points, not seeing the complete picture. Father warned about that, in his explanation how to read and teach DP. Stuck in the limitations of the Ph.M. (Brain) they make flat brain level, neurological connections - out of context. You can notice how they are unable to make the connections from higher perspective, even about simple things.
    • Father: "God is Father and Mother"
    • Hyung Jin: "God is only male"
    • DP: "God is the harmonious unity of the Dual Characteristics"
    This example shows the same. SC takes the quote of 'Eve being wife of God' and forgets quotes, such as "God.. is both our Father and Mother. The core is the parents." CSG p. 58 and "Externally, God resembles men and internally He resembles women." p. 59 They neglect even DP explanation about God as harmonious unity of Yang and Ying.

    SC New Theology, denying Father's Teachings

    But here is how extreme such Brain limited logic can go in Satan's direction. SC teaches, 
    "There’s no way Father and Mother could have a marriage of true love because their essences are so different." Kerry Williams' Letter
    Notice how they move out of everything Father ever said; Creating some strange concepts in area that their Brain has no way to know anyways. Hyung Jin contradicts everything he himself was saying while Father was alive:

    Hyung Jin's teaching now sounds like the theological deviations in Christianity (all human brain product) - leading to so much vicious arguing and fighting in the Christian history. Well, history is repeating now!

    Christian concept about 'Only-begotten' is complicated and strange. There were centuries of fighting about this. But the Principle explanation is simple; "The first that reached perfection"... "You are the next", says Jesus. Of course True Mother is the first woman restored. Naturally, since True Parents are the first couple restored. No space to argue any of that. 

    SC portrays Father as Liar with False Love

    SC says, "Father loved Mother with a pure heart." But then they say, he no longer will be with Mother, so his love is not True (eternal, unique, unchanging), but false. Worse is, they don't see how stuck is their brain logic in Unprinciple nonsense.

    SC, by saying, "She cannot be a bride of Christ, because Christ is perfect and Eve (i.e. Mother) is a sinner. They would be too far apart to relate with one another", they actually make TF a liar, who taught false things all his life. So Father was just fooling us all along, that they are The True Parents. Really! How obvious, that Hyung Jin is against Father, SC don't believe Father, they want to destroy Father and his foundation completely. Or to be exact, that's what the evil spirits do through them, without them being aware.

    How Evil Spirits Manipulate their Minds

    Yes, obviously they are controlled by evil spirits. As spiritualist I see even how many spirits work exactly in what parts of their brain to manipulate such twisted logic and feelings that they have. Hundreds of spirits work in the brain are connected to feelings (the chemical part of the brain), and other hundreds work on their rational part of the brain (Analytical, Critical). Once they repeat enough times this process, many of these maneuvers become automatic, so evil spirits can trigger them and manipulate them as they wish. 

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