"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Reply to Greg Kail's Open letter to all Brothers and Sisters

An Open letter to all my Brothers and Sisters, Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin
Greg Kail joining Hyung Jin's Sect
Reply to Greg Kail's 
Open letter to all Brothers and Sisters
An Open letter to all my Brothers and Sisters, Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin
Thank you for your letter. I cannot but notice few flaws however, that bother me in Hyung Jin and his heretical teachings. For me it's obvious that he is using Mother as excuse of himself deviating completely from Father's teachings.

As Mrs. Kang told Sanctuary Church, "Everything Father was doing was to unite humanity". But everything we see Hyung Jin doing is dividing and accusing the very organizations Father created to achieve that world unity. How huge sin is H2 committing:

FLAWS, that BOTHER ME in Hyung Jin:
(1) Very different from the early church. NO WITNESSING 
(2) H2 has very different teachings from Father. AGAINST FATHER
(3) Hyung Jin's sermons are all about GOSSIPS & ACCUSATIONS


Mother is not to blame for Hyung Jin hate-speech and deviations from Father's teachings. No one in Family Fed is changing anything.. traditions and believes stay the same, but Sanctuary Church sounds and acts in ways that have nearly nothing in common with what Father created and taught us. 

(1) SC is very different from the early church. Early church was so much about Witnessing, everyone was mobilized, but Hyung Jin does no witnessing at all. Impossible! He talks all the time negativity against the Church, so who will come join - only negative members will. That's not witnessing - that's Multiplication of Evil.

Mrs. Kang also told Sanctuary Church, "Pioneering is a very difficult process". Yet, Sanctuary Church not only is not witnessing, but accuses vigorously all Family Fed. members who pioneer and witness so hard. Mrs. Kang even told them, "If you try to do it without God, it won't work", so it's obvious that God is on Mother's side, the side of Family Federation, while Sanctuary Church is out of God's grace. Looking at the fruits we cannot deny that God's Blessing is with the Family Federation.
Looking at the fruits we cannot deny that God's Blessing is with the Family Federation and True Mother.
Family Federation now has incredible Tribal Messiahship results - even beyond the early church spirit. A sister just came back from Philippians, she witnessed and blessed around 600 couples. Another European couple also could reach 900 couples. Not like in the past, these couples get educated and do proper 3 day ceremony.

Thousands of Family Federation members invest their hearts like that. It's CIG now! Everything is possible, but Sanctuary Church are stack in the past, feeding on negativism, fears and accusations. Hyung Jin is calling Father's organization 'Family Fraud', and its hard working witnessing members, "weak and cowards". Are they! REALLY
Sanctuary Church - No Witnessing, No Interreligious work - 1 incidental guest in years
Family Federation - Thousands of guests witnessed a day. Numerous World Projects
Even in Europe, witnessing with Second Generation, we had around 30 guests a day in each of our centers, spreading in several cities. Amazing results! Guests get so inspired; Hundreds of Second Gen. learning DP, lecturing and investing their hearts with such a enthusiasm. Wonderful! That's True Father's spirit and tradition, not SC stagnation on negativism.

(2) Hyung Jin has very different teachings from Father. Despite his pretensions to love Father, he exhibits irreconcilable conflict with everything Father said and created. That's even more a problem. To excuse his resentments, he is changing the theology and tradition, even denying True Parents (Divorcing them after Father's death). That's unthinkable! Read, Hyungjin: "If I deny True Parents you must not follow me"

Yes, Hyung Jin is using Mother as excuse of himself deviating from Father's teachings BUT I DON'T SEE anything in his heretical teachings that is connected to Father. Instead I hear Hyung Jin directly calling Father's traditions and organizations "Satanic". So H2 should be sincere enough, that HE HATES FATHER, which is obvious from his teaching, that Father failed like Jesus.

In his video sermons Hyung Jin says Father's tradition of tithing is 'Satanic' and calls Family Pledge 'enslaving', ridiculing Family Fed., it's members, leaders and lecturers. That's against True Father! That's evil! How can Hyung Jin generalize? So many of these members and leaders sacrifice so much. Hyung Jin actually reverses DP upside down.. even comparing Father's Palace to Satan's Realm, where he suffered for 40 yrs. Ha.. ha! Insane!

QUESTION: How do Sanctuary Church excuse Hyung Jin calling Father's tradition 'satanic'? How he dares calling Father's organizations 'Fraud'? See Sanctuary Church video with Mrs. Kang: After her nice talk about unification, pioneering and hard work, Hyung Jin started his usual hate-speech, feeding the audience with fear, calling Family Fed, "bozos" (meaning: "stupid or insignificant"). He thinks such hate talk is normal in CIG. But truth is fear leads to Hell. This is satanic manipulative method, never used by the good sp.w. 

Read, HYUNGJIN Turning Against Everything Father Ever Said and about the Sanctuary Church's NEW CEREMONIES not RECOGNIZED by TRUE FATHER

(3) Hyung Jin's sermons are all about gossips, negativity, fear, accusations... Yes, gossiping people enjoy that. Yes, they feel uplifted, because the same evil spirit already invaded them. But for us, normal members, this is simply Fallen Nature - that's not their original true self.

Read, My experience with Sanctuary Church and HJN's strange Theology and how Hyung Jin is FOSTERING RESENTMENT and DIVISION, public ridicule and RUMOR MONGERING

(4) I studied the story of all major members following Hyung Jin. They all have unresolved resentments, result of their own spiritual failures, that they choose to blame on 'leaders'.. or 'the family fed'. All a more prove of their own failure. Read, Reflection "Why Sanctuary Church is Wrong!"

(5) One thing that Satan wants the most is to DESTROY TRUE PARENTS. But why Hyung Jin united with that evil cause? Read, Unresolved resentments - Trapped Emotions. Sorry Hyung Jin, as you've said in the past "TPs are eternal"!

Father's love for Mother is eternal and unchanging. It's the core of Father's teaching that, "We live for those we love. We would not exchange them for the whole world. Love is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging." (CSG p.572)

Gossip is toxic to any organization... it shuts down trust... it's a Malicious spread of rumors with an evil intend to ruin persons life, with no remorse. Read...

Of course, Hyung Jin is using Gossiping with intention to destroy Mother's image.... this way he and Sanctuary Church have become like evil spirits. Not their Original Nature - again!

(6) I am a spiritualist. I see how clever these lying spirits are. They fool him, that he should destroy True Parents; that his couple are greater; to proclaim himself a new center and replace them. Oh, they have millions of ways to twist the logic in that direction. Father warned that no future generation Moon should do that. Hyung Jin is just an example of a victim of those evil spirits.

Yes, Hyung Jin is now proclaiming himself the new center, the new 'true parents', despite Father's clear direction not to do so ("If I deny True Parents.. proclaim myself a new center, you must not follow. Father particularly asked to be clear on this." See the Video...) PROBLEM IS, HE IS DRUGGING MANY MEMBERS IN THIS HELL... Read, My Dream with Mother and Hyung Jin

(7) Bringing DIVISION, DISUNITY, ANTAGONISM in the Church - those are the fruits of Hyung Jin's immature behavior. Sorry, but Father was Unificationist... why H2 is divisionist? Hyung Jin is totally off track. Read, Hyung Jin Replacing TF's Teachings with MARXISM

(8) Father was clear, Mother is above Hyung Jin, even after his appointment. "The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this." (TF 2011) Read, Hyung Jin's FALSE CLAIMS of SUCCESSION
An Open letter to all my Brothers and Sisters, Sanctuary Church Hyung Jin
Rev. Kwon Jin: "True Mother's, True Family's and Our Role"
Kwon Jin is excellent example of how TPs representative should be; He reads Father's words directly, not changing and twisting like Hyung Jin does.
There is no concept outside of God (vertical parent) and True Parents (the horizontal parents).. Through them begins a new culture. This is the Age of Mother. All men have to unite with Mother. Final transition period, women have to resolve the problems with love. You have to unite with Mother completely, to separate from Satan's blood lineage, which has been on Earth for thousands of years. TF recognized that he cannot be True Parent without True Mother.


  1. If their members are so loyal, why aren't they selling all their assets and moving to Newfoundland? Shouldn't they be turning all their assets over to their king? Like TC they have resentful spirits. Instead of trying to usurp True Mother, they should be by her side helping her bring unification of Korea. Once in spirit world how will God look at them? Lower than Judas, is my guess. Shame on them.

  2. True Mother is working so hard for God and comforting God's heart. The three absolutely holy books she had published are wonderful inspirations. She has to deal with disunity of her children and sanctuary members. She has done more for God and True Father than any of her children. Let us unite and give our lives to comfort and support True Mother. Enough craziness!!!!!! Witness hard.


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