"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

The NEUROLOGICAL HELL of the Sanctuary Church

Father said, "Mother is the Holy Spirit.. Whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven...

There is a simple principle; If you focus on problems, you will see more problems and more problems will appear on your way. If you focus on opportunities, more opportunities appear.

We never expected that Hyung Jin will choose to focus on negatives and turn against Father and Mother. But when people behave badly, it's not really that they are evil, it's just that they are angry, they are hurt, they are wounded. They are acting out of their wounding. Thus, even though they don't recognize that themselves, they are destroying Father's image.

Hyung Jin's Obsession with Guns

Just think of it; Hyung Jin holds a festival to celebrate assault rifles just one week after one was used to gun down more than 30 people, 17 fatally, in a Parkland school. "For us, it is obscene to glorify the AR-15 assault rifle when it’s been used once again in Florida to kill 17 students and teachers," said Gragert. "There is no room for hate/cult groups and such glorification/trafficing in assault rifles in Pike County!"

Now the neighborhood react with demonstration, saying this is 'dangerous cult'. "Just think of the irony, they bringing their own Guns to be 'blessed'.. and then mascaraing as a church." The invitation on the Sanctuary Church's website says, “Attending the blessing, either with an AR15 or alike or without, is valid, but to attend with an AR15 would be a substantial ‘perfection stage’ blessing." "It seems like guns are their God. Telling their faithful they need to buy an AR-15 to get the church's "highest blessing" is, quite frankly, grotesque," the mayor of Milford Borough, said.
Hyung Jin's Obsession with Blame

It's a fact, for Hyung Jin, judging and accusations became obsession. His bigotry and paranoid delusions led him to pin the blame on Mother. His words got resonance among those disillusioned with their own low spiritual state, blaming it on leaders or FF as a whole. Their conspiracy theories were born out of fear, anger and bigotry, not fact. Nonetheless, Hyung Jin found success with some, by joining a small party with his manipulative public speech. He nurtured fear in people's hearts and then exploited it to misleading them against Father's words and warnings:
"Whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." (Matt. 12:31-32) The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. A person is born by coming out of his or her mother's womb." CBG
In case you're wondering why Hyung jin nim's couple worn that dark cloak on the photo above? Is there any providential significance? Just see what Father prayed about this couple while anointing them.

(1) Father said, they will have to "overcome resentment"
(2) In the other coronation Father suggested Hyung Jin will go on Satan's side for some period

Ironically, these are exactly the prayers where Hyung Jin claims Father crowned him. But I see nothing of that in Father's words at the event. I checked several times. No! Nothing! Only about Hyung Jin's responsibility, which obviously he fails for now. So their false claims of succession do not ignore the following facts about the evil nature of their own behavior:


The Real Battle is Within Ourselves, not Outside. Notice that the recent conflicts in the world and within UC reflect the inner conflict in the human mind. The left and the right hemisphere of the brain have different energy; they effect you differently:

- The Left hemisphere of the brain tends to be more critical and it is the judger.. more negative.
- The Right hemisphere of the brain tends to be more positive, believing, trusting.

Thus even the members are being divided:

- those who are positive and active in WT (full with hope & excited to build CIG)
- vs. those who became passive, displeased and complaining (disillusioned & full with criticism)

Sanctuary Church's raise remains a warning of how fragile CIG can be in the face of angry crowds with a leader ready to feed their anger and exploit their fears, in the way Fascist and Communist dictators did in the past.

How Complaining Rewires your Brain for Negativity

SC are Chronic Complainers: Complaint comes when one is dissatisfied but not interested in solution. Remember, Ham spread his displeased feelings in the hearts of his brothers (Multiplication of Evil). They complain (disguised form of accusation) portraying themselves as a victim, thus looking for others to comfort them, not realizing, this is a satanic trap. With the time they become chronic complainers; living in a constant state of complaint and complaining about the same thing over and over. The mind starts following this established network in the everyday life reactions.

It's addiction to these poisonous vitality elements. Whenever we complain and accuse others, thousands of neurons are triggered and form a neural network. Problem is, it becomes very difficult to get out of this wrong habit. We cannot accuse them; Imagine how difficult it is for SC to recognize the evil essence of their doings? But the only escape of this internal, self-created neurological hell, is to repent sincerely. There is so much to be grateful to TM. There is so much to be grateful to the FF and it's leaders. Why focus on the negative? Why going this negative, dark, self-destructive way?
"After death we all follow the path of our love—to heaven if we have loved what is good and to hell if we have loved what is evil. We find no rest until we arrive in the community where our own dominant love is." Swedenborg
Understand the SC problem and you'll not blame
"You should comfort God in His bitter sorrow and say, "Don't judge these people who have become evil!" You should be able to say, "We are Your loyal patriots and filial children, so, in looking at us, please find it within Yourself to forgive those who are with us!" This alone allows you to remain in the new age." Father, CBG
Let's look at their behavior from the view point of the negative emotional energy they generate. The emotional body stores the unresolved emotions and fears. These unresolved feelings will attract situations and experiences that mirror exactly what they are feeling within. So their reality is a manifestation of what is within them, even though they are blaming it on external reasons. 

Hyung Jin had that bad experience, but was unable to let go and move forwards, instead he holds unto these feelings, which are creating anxiety and fear in his heart. These emotional issues manifest in the physical; the way he feels, the way he thinks, the way he acts, everything is now negative (in Satan's domain).

"The state of people... who focused on evil, who had no conscience... because their evil impulses force them to break out into wicked deeds - into contempt for others, into jeering and blasphemy, hatred, and vengefulness. They cook up plots, some of them with such ingenuity and malice that you would scarcely believe anything like this existed in any human being. In short, they lose their ability to reason. Still, to themselves they seem to be wiser than anyone else." Swedenborg

Every change in the person's emotions will radiate out through their energy field (the chakras). The negative emotions, such as fear and anger, will create dark clouds in the emotional aura. That's why Dr. Lee wrote that evil spirits are wrapped by it like in a dark cloth.We may present a full analyses in the future, but for now it will be enough to look at the Throat Chakra; the energy center reflecting how one expresses verbally.

If throat chakra is harmonious, one express truth and is vary honest with himself, revealing his own strengths and weaknesses, something that SC is unable to do. Such person has ability not only of self expression, but also of listening; sense and speak the truth. He can calm down to listen even to his inner voice. SC attitude has nothing to do with calming down themselves, hearing the other side and be able to self-reflect. If Throat Chakra is harmonious they will share their knowledge and wisdom with others freely, Witnessing without fear of how they will react. (Thus for them is natural and easy to witness, but difficult to blame and be negative)

The Energy of People with Evil Heart

If you see people with disharmonious chakra, don't accept that as their nature. Their true nature will express only when their chakras become harmonious. And surely, Sanctuary Church has all of the characteristics of people with disharmonious throat chakras. 

People with DISHARMONIOUS  Throat Chakra don't know how to shut up, expressing themselves way too much. But here is where that goes wrong:

Convey false untruths, as cover up: They have difficulty expressing their true and deeper feeling, they often conceal their true emotions, in order to protect themselves from realizing their own insecurities. They don't have real confidence in themselves and sometimes convey a false confidence (For example talk about witnessing, but never do it, or even start rationalizing against it).

Gossiping: Unable to communicate their own feelings they often communicate the feelings of others - of people who gossip. Therefore, they don't gossip because they are bad people, but because their chakra is disharmonious. At the same time, they are generally laud and talk too much. They don't know what it means to be quiet.

Quick to vocalize their anger: They are not good listeners; thus also unable to listen to their own spirit. So what happens is that when they receive an emotion they are quick to express it rather then being silent. For example when they are angry or sad they are quick to vocalize it, rather then going inside themselves and try to understand the root cause. With other words, this type of people are vary explosive.

Quick to attack and blame: When they get emotional it's not pleasant to be around; as they don't listen to you and are constantly talking. Because of this they loose all forms of logic and reason. So they after lash out on you and take their emotions out on you, even though you are trying to help them.

Smooth in deceiving and manipulating: They think they know themselves, but they are actually expressing false characteristics, that don't represent their true personality. Often they are smooth in talking, but using it to deceive and manipulate people.

What's important, prayer can effectively help such people's chakra get harmonious. The disharmony usually is connected with low level ancestors or other spirits, that temporarily influence the person for the purpose of resurrection. So sanding love, good energy and prayers can absolutely help, but may take some time and sincere investment.

Disharmony Resents Harmony and Love

Mother was and is the most united person with Father in the universe. Just look at who is keeping Father's traditions and goals. Mother is! Mother keeps this heart of love and faith, focused on the opportunities. Hyung Jin goes in everything against Father's goals, principles and traditions. Sanctuary Church cannot deny that!

And here is Father's explanation why denying Mother is unforgivable:
"You are the sons and daughters of True Mother, the woman who represents the world... Mother is the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that if you betray the Holy Spirit, you cannot be forgiven. There is no way for you to be reborn. Even though she wants to forgive you, you have no basis on which to be forgiven. Mother is the one who resurrects your life. She gives you rebirth and then she blesses you." (Father, 1992/07/30) 

Don't Keep Negative Heart

Here is a quote from a spiritual reading:
"2nd gen are a new species, a new race with DNA from True Parents, God’s direct lineage, and so the TC have more Blessings.. but it is difficult for them to grow on earth in this fallen environment. They cannot easily find their way. Yet in the spirit world they are growing quickly. TC have many challenges, and difficulties that they can’t even explain.. We have been wrong in judging them. Their burdens are greater than our's and we have no right to judge and condemn them."
As God's children we are co-creators, creating a new reality. As Father once told us, since the providence is already fulfilled (no more paying the depth of the past), whatever we invest will actually contribute building the Kingdom of God. You should understand how powerful your thoughts are, how powerful is every word you think, speak and write, every message you send. Even if we don't like someone, we should send positive thoughts and prayers. God will use that in the best way. All this positive stuff; the positive thinking, the positive talking, the positive actions, generate a new reality that should bring prosperity and abundance. The more people think of, speak of and imagine the new world of love, the quicker we are going to create it. Yes, it's pity that Sanctuary Church are using that creative power in a negative direction.
"Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness, instead expose them." Ephesians 5:11
But in fact, they are victims. Satan is the one to expose. To destroy True Parents' victory Satan decided to invade their sons, believing they are his chance to abolish Father's victorious foundation. Obsessed by the same resentment and strive for control Hyung Jin and Kook Jin began to twist the logic and manipulate members into the same negative heart. 

The question is; Can we help him? Can our prayers and conditions resolve that problem? I presume this article gives some answer. If we want to help, we should win the battle within ourselves and focus on the positive; focus on supporting TM in building God's Ideal.

As Father said:
"Never be low in morale. Where there is no confidence, there is no advancement. Raise your own morale when you do things, for Heaven never cooperates with those who have no desire." ~ Father
By now we have seen enough; Sanctuary Church guys don't respect morale, love labeling and enjoy negative sermons. Sanctuary Church members don't have confidence in the advancement of CIG and thus have no desire to witness. And as Father said,  we should not "cooperates with those who have no desire." Instead, Father said:
"All people should inherit True Parents' tradition of true love, true life and true lineage and become second selves of True Parents. Then they should fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs and citizens of Cheon Il Guk." Father 1971/05/06
And here is the worse crime of Sanctuary Church, they disrespected True Parents, made ceremony to disconnect from the True Lineage and connect to fallen lineage of Mrs. Kang. They disrespected Father's blessings, thus Hyung Jin is divorcing many and re-blessing them with a new spouse. They disrespect the core of Father's words:
"You cannot become perfect on your own. You can be perfected simply by the love of your parents. This is why.. The Unification Church teaches that we must meet True Parents and receive their love." Father, CBG


  1. I appreciate your willingness to address this issue of the Sanctuary Church. It seems that everything they are doing for the past two years has been wildly against what True Father taught us. Divisive, rumor-mongering, deception, odd new teachings, proclamations, and ceremonies, etc. And not only did H2 claim to dissolve the blessing of True Father and True Mother, and re-blessed True Father with another woman, but H2 did a rebirthing ceremony to be reborn under their new true mother! And now SC members are divorcing to get re-blessed with one another, as if True Father's blessings meant nothing at all.

  2. We never expected that Hyung Jin will go against Father and Mother. Mother was and is the most united person with Father in the universe. Just see who is keeping Father's traditions and goals? Mother! Hyung Jin is doing everything against Father's goals, principles and traditions. Sanctuary Church cannot deny that !

  3. I was really struck by the comment in this post: "And here is the worse crime of Sanctuary Church, they disrespected True Parents, made ceremony to disconnect from the True Lineage and connect to fallen lineage of Mrs. Kang. They disrespected Father's blessings, thus Hyung Jin is divorcing many and re-blessing them with a new spouse."

    Unfortunately, that is very true. It is not just that he declared the vast majority of TF's work invalid--by declaring all the blessed couples have fallen if they took the Foundation Day Holy Wine (which he, as American president, promoted), but that he is indeed spurring many Sanctuary Church members to divorce if their spouse is not a Sanctuary Church member and to get blessed to a a new partner who is a SC member. It is quite bizarre to be breaking up even long-term blessings and blessed families, which goes so strongly against all TF taught. It is creating so much selfishness, pain, chaos, and broken families. In Cheongpyung they taught that Heung Jin Nim was trying to put together broken families who shared children. In Newfoundland, Hyung Jin Nim is doing the opposite, breaking families and blessings.


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