"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church repeating the complaints of Hyung Jin

Why does Hyung Jin promote so much hate, spreading resentment, yet claims to be the 'true successor'? That's against all Father's words and teachings: "Is a person who hates another person a true person or false person? Surely, he is a false person... If there are members of the Unification Church who really like the people who like them, yet actively hate those who hate them, are they a good group or a bad group? They are a bad group." (CSG) This is why we cannot hate Hyung Jin, yet we disapprove his promotion of hate, resentment and antagonism.

Sanctuary Church repeating the complaints of Hyung Jin

Shared by Peter D. 

The most definitive answer to the Sanctuary Church claims is that they simply are in denial of basic Divine Principle and Father's explanation about the meaning of God's Day from its inception after True Mother's victory in the 1960's, after which True Parent's entered the Direct Dominion of God, which happens after the 3 stages of growth and then "Return to One Body With God" in the 4th stage. "One Body With God" is return to the Origin Stage and is the meaning of iLshim + iLshin = iLChai, which Father explained on May 1, 1998 at the 44th Anniversary of HSA-UWC that we could forget everything else, even Divine Principle, but to never forget this.

In other words, once we enter the Direct Dominion of the Love of God, we are "One Body With God." It is then impossible to fall from this state because of the absoluteness and perfection of the Principle.


There was circulating on Facebook lists the video of a spiritual basket-case member in England who was saying that after watching Hyung-Jin Nim's sermon on video he was so full of spiritual life... that True Mother should not be calling herself "the only begotten daughter of God"

When we look this up on the internet, we find a speech, "The Sound of the Bell of the Mind," given before Hyung Jin-Nim was even born, in which Father himself introduces this phrase:

"God will be more accepted in this country when we talk about His only begotten daughter as well."

Although Hyung-Jin Nim must have heard by now that he was mistaken on his initial public critique of True Mother's words, he has apparently never publicly admitted it.


Regarding Sanctuary Church: Yes, it seems that Sanctuary Church is still picking up members with the weakest foundation - no matter how old they may be, by repeating the complaints of Hyung Jin Nim and Kook jin Nim.

What I did about the issue is to pray until I got a clear answer that my conscience tells me is from God and or the highest spirit world, which of course includes True Father.

1) The beginning of my considering the issue happened before Hyung Jin Nim "broke his silence." On a Saturday it happened that several times during the day I had strong, vivid flashes (spiritual visions) of True Mother, so I realized something was up and I felt from these that True Mother was asking me to take responsibility for something - although it wasn't at all clear what that something was. Then a few days later I had a really strange dream about True Father and myself.

[Beginning of Strange Dream]

True Father and I were standing in front of each other.. connected at the sexual organ (the lineage). Father's face was frozen in a big smile.. With his two arms, he was repeating the following motion: First he had both his arms.. clenched as fists touching knuckle.. he said "Cain Abel." Then he moved only his left arm, still bent at the elbow, so that his forearm and fist were vertical.. said nothing. Then again he moved his left arm back down to repeat the original position of his fists touching knuckle to knuckle and again said, "Cain Abel." He repeated this several times.

[End of Strange Dream]

Awhile later I heard that Hyung Jin Nim "broke his silence."

2) While relaxing on the couch in my living room with my eyes closed, someone began speaking to me in a dream. He said that I should write a post about "Why the Just have Wisdom," that I should use the verse in Luke in which this theme is introduced [Luke 1:17 "and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.”], and then also the other verse in the Old Testament.

Upon composing that post and researching online, I noticed a really deep commentary that suggested strong Biblical reasons for interpreting "the disobedient" as referring not to the generation of the time of Jesus and John the Baptist, but as referring to the disobedient children of Jacob.

I would like you to know that this kind of direction from some unnamed source in the spirit world is not at all usual for me, and actually has never happened before or since.

The particular theme would only seem to have relevance in the current situation as referring to the "disobedient sons and daughters of True Parents" and the loyal members as "the just."

3) Another "answer" came to me at the end of one week in which I was not on the Internet, but was wondering if there would be anything valid at all of Hyung-Jin Nim's position against True Mother. That Friday I turned on the computer for the first time that week [Sept. 25, 2015] and immediately noticed as the first post at the top of my Home page a post from Mary Jane Dupres on "Here's a wave Hello to you . . .", from exactly 13 years to the day earlier Sept. 25 2002 on notes from HDK with Father after listening to True Mother's speech via the Internet.

The relevant point was my recollection of a message I received in a dream before attending the HDK with Father:

'I went to four of these [HDK's] last week and this week. Before the invitation came by e-mail from the state or regional church director, I had a dream about True Father in which he said, "Maybe it was easy for you to unite with True Father, but you also have to make unity with True Mother."'

COMMENT: Strange how it convinces some and when they come over here they are really surprised we are not as moved. This happens because in their brains Hyung Jin could already recreate his wrong neurological connections and his trapped emotions. No matter how irrational, in their heads they have physical connection between wrong neurons. No matter how false and irrational, for them it's true. It's like prison for the spirit. We don't have such twisted connections. And a person with developed spirit, does not allow brain to dominate him, as SC does. Read, Trapped Emotions

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