"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church Manipulative Statements DISCREDITED

"God likes to see His dual characteristics of Masculinity and Femininity perfectly manifested on earth, centering on His Word. the True Parents are the example of this. True Parents are indeed victorious. That's why God is in True Parents and they are in God." Victory of Love p. 261

To destroy True Parents' victory Satan decided to invade their sons, believing they are his chance to abolish Father's victorious foundation. Obsessed by the same resentment and strive for control Hyung Jin and Kook Jin began to twist the logic and manipulate members into the same negative heart.

"Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness, instead expose them." Ephesians 5:11

The Real Battle is Within Ourselves, not Outside

Notice that divicion reflect the inner conflict in the human mind. The left and the right hemisphere of the brain have different energy; they effect you differently.

- The Left hemisphere of the brain tends to be more critical and it is the judger.. more negative.
- The Right hemisphere of the brain tends to be more positive, believing, trusting.

We all have this conflict inside, but those who tend more to the critical are easy prey for the evil spirit world. We know what's the meaning of a 'Common Base'. And of course the whole purpose of restoration is to win this battle within; subjugate ourselves, thus subjugate Satan. You have to know how complaining rewires your brain for negativity?


There is wonderful wisdom, teaching us that if we want to be happy, likewise if you want to be negative and constantly warring you simply need to associate with people who are negative. Laughter is a wonderful healer, but you see how Hyung Jin uses laughter; to ridicule others, to accuse and spread negativity while making people excited about that. Well, that's a four position foundation centered on Satan (Give and Take with a negative-evil purpose).

When one has evil heart he can twist any fact or information in a negative way. But SC complaints, accusations and twists are vary extreme, yet vary shallow; like a house of cards. Each of these cards is false, but their whole negative worldview is based on them. Whatever card we pull out, it proves to be fabrication, fiction and illusion. But they are now trapped; unable to admit that, because if they do, the whole labyrinth of lies they've created in their minds will collapse. You can understand how difficult it is for the evil, negative spirits in the spirit world to give up their reasons for constantly attacking, revenging, causing problems to their own earthly descendants. If SC overcome that in themselves, they will liberate numerous resentful spirits of the OT, NT and CT ages; They will start to life a happier life!

The Main Stones in the SC Neurological Hell

So let's pull their main cards and try to unshackle their neurological hell, despite our awareness of how difficult it is to create a new neural network for pleasant feelings instead of the complaining in their heads:

1. The Successor: Sanctuary Church falsely claim that True Parents transferred their position on Hyung Jin. Their own arguments are misdirection from the real meaning of Father' words:
Praying over Hyung Jin, Father said, "God is the one King of Kings. There is only one set of True Parents... command center of cosmic peace and unity." (June 5, 2010) Father gave him the responsibility to inherit and represent them, not to go against them.  Read, Hyungjin's claim of Position: Discredited
2. Changing CSG: Sanctuary Church claims Mother changed CSG. In fact, Mother followed Father's directions, it was Hyung Jin, who didn't want Father's words corrected. Read Father's instructions, why Hyung Jin does not like them? Why Hyung Jin does'n like many of Father's words to be included?

3. Praying to Heavenly Parents: This was Father's original explanation. It's in the Original Divine Principle written by Father. (Read more) Again Hyung Jin dislikes Father's request, but blames Mother. Strange!

4. Only Begotten Daughter: Father sad in hundreds of quotes, that Mother is the sinless, "Only Begotten Daughter". I counted more then 10 such quotes in the original CSG. But Sanctuary Church jumped to accuse and create negativity. Only recently R.Panzer admitted this is Father's teaching, but did not apologize and Sanctuary Church members still accuse Mother for repeating Father's teachings. (See Father's quotes

5. Few more points from Father's teachings, Sanctuary Church dislikes and blames on Mother:

It's enough to know DP, to understand Mother is correct, but more important Father said all these things. Mother is just repeating his words; DP is very clear that the whole NT was for the Bride to be prepared and no one can deny, Mother was Father's greatest support. Of course Mother's lineage was prepared and how much God was teaching Mother, since she is His feminine expression.

"If Adam and Eve had set the straight path, we would not need to educate our children. It would have happened naturally. Everyone would have had God within himself. There would have been no need to educate them. We are where we are now because of the Fall. As a result of the Fall, humanity has been ignorant of all the fundamentals." CSG p. 2262

Why would SC have problems with that. They simply try to create negativity out of anything. It's simply the nature of their hearts - revealing their own evil nature. So painful to observe how much they are invaded by evil spirits. This is the result of Hyung Jin replacing Father's tradition of HDH with Negativity for Morning Inspiration

I was there when our theologians read these quotes from Father. It's several pages, printed in the conference book, so I'm not including them here. But their comment was, "We may not understand everything and other quotes may come out, but we need to try to understand why Father said such things." Question is, why Sanctuary Church goes against Father and against the Principle? Why they ruthlessly blame Mother for things Father explained long ago? See Kook Jin's video to understand.. they simply don't care; they want to change all Father's teachings and traditions, centered on themselves.
"There is no ideology you need other than the ideology of True Parents.. We should not accept anyone’s unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse (Hyung Jin’s) ideology or anyone else’s. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents." CSG1

Key Manipulative Points in SC Education

In the chart below you can see some of the key points in their self-brainwashing education. Notice that all their sermons are circulating around these points in an attempt to glorify Hyung Jin and discredit FF; nothing about restoring the world. They enjoy in the success of making few more people negative, neglecting the fact that meanwhile they are destroying ruthlessly Father's foundation.

1. (1983) When TF is not here, you look for my Abel Type Child for guidance. Father was specific, it should be one that is accepted by everyone, not like Hyung Jin, who is annoying most members with his evil labeling, accusations, rebellious nature, hate for Muslims, hate for refugees, hate of his own mother. Instead, should be one that inherited Father's heart and tradition, that can unify the world.

As for the moment, Sun Jin and Kwon Jin are the most faithful, humble and serving of the True Children. Here is how Father told us to recognize a true filial son or daughter:
"Those who live investing their entire life for their parents and then forget what they have invested are called true filial sons and daughters. A true filial son or daughter means that one is the truest among them all." CSG
Inheriting True Parents' standard takes time and efforts. It includes personal responsibility in which even God cannot interfere. That's why father blessed each of his children to be his heir. Even Hyun Jin was given that responsibility in a ceremony. But he failed and Father told him to step aside. Instead he rebelled and fought for money and property.
"A True Child dedicates his heart and original mind absolutely, unconditionally and willingly to God and True Parents." Heung Jin Nim, from the Spirit World
 Hyung Jin is trying to find excuses for Reversal of Dominion, but the vertical standard is eternal:
"Children must obey their parents.. since parents’ love is in the highest position, the sons and daughters.. will obey them for a thousand and ten thousand years and.. wander about through mountains and valleys in order to inherit that love. You must continue the tradition of loving your parents even if you are showered in smelly manure. Your parents’ words, “Practice filial piety,” are words that lead you to the position where you can inherit the love you can be proud of for eternity. This is how it should be " CSG 
2. In 1992-1999 Mother was to grow to World Level Mother. She was still to be careful. She completed it successfully, so in 1999 Lucifer surrendered (The Blessing Realm spread worldwide). But Lucifer's subordinates became crazy and started all sort of terrorist attacks around the world. 2000 to 2012 was to restore the Period of United Kingdom. Read Unification Parallels of History.

3. Father was hoping such a son would appear among his children. But by 2008 he knew, he cannot trust his children, so he instructed Hyung Jin for 8 hours that Mother is the top decision maker and he should not make problems about succession after his passing, and should never deny True parents. (See Video)

In 2011 Father scolded leaders not to follow his children, "They are not the center", he said, "They ignore me and claim that their decisions are better than mine.. There are so many lies that they are saying, claiming its essence is true, or Father approved this or that etc. It's ridiculous!" (See Video)

The most faithful of the children now rise to be, Sun Jin and Kwon Jin, humbly sacrificing with amazing heart. Meanwhile we see Hyung and Kook changing all father's teachings and saying Father was not telling us the truth. (See Video with Kook Jin openly saying that)

But Father says otherwise:
"What is the way that True Parents and true children can meet each other? It is through true words. Those words are my words. You cannot be children without knowing my words. My words are absolute and true." CSG
4. Sanctuary Church's theology bases mainly on rumors of Father saying something against Mother. In their mind, if I scold my wife, I have to divorce her. If she expresses difference in opinion I have to not only divorce her, but damn her to eternal hell. This only shows their immature level of heart. Some Christians also had this wrong attitude to feel joy even if their relatives go to Hell, but in Unificationism we take responsibility even for the mistakes of others, so everyone can reach perfection. This way subject protects his object.

But Hyung Jin is still immature to be such responsible subject; stuck in the satanic realm of accusations and judging (read); Complete misunderstanding of Father's teachings and tradition:
"If the Savior is coming to save.. should not judge humanity.. cannot make even one person give in by hitting him.. The sacrificial love of a mother.. can have the power to make the disobedient child repent and come back to the right path.. Even for God.. cosmic unification is impossible without true love. " CSG p. 2098

5. 2012 - Father's last public speech: SC made on purpose WRONG SUBTITLES (How evil heart one has to do such things): Correct TRANSLATION: "I have raised Mother. [If not for me,] there would not have been [True] Mother. There would not have been Rev. Moon's wife." Then Father explained Mother's victory and why women will bring peace, not men. He said is a matter of life and death to follow Mother completely. See complete video with the correct subtitles:
"We need to devote ourselves completely with a life or death commitment.. under the guidance of True Parents, who are.. the substantial selves of God, the King of peace.. Under True Mother as the victorious representative.. the model of a true mother and true wife and form ideal families through a true love movement." Father, 16 July, 2012

D-Day of Hope and Victory

In 1960, True Parents had the first stage of the holy wedding. The second stage took place at their 50th wedding anniversary, and Father announced that on D-Day, which is Jan. 13, 2013, True Parents will have the holy matrimony of the completed stage. At the same time, all humankind must attend and join this holy matrimony. It's the day of the perfection of True Parents.
“By having the holy wedding ceremony of perfected True Parents.. we will enter the era..  for a perfected heaven and earth... when True Parents can proclaim their perfection.. and we will enter the era when (True) Parents have absolute authority over heaven and earth." Father - Aug 29, 2011
Accordingly, this is the wedding of Heaven and Earth - the perfection of the Cosmos; Father in Heaven (S) & Mother on Earth (O) = Heavenly Parents (The whole Cosmos centered on God, for the first time). Since Father stands as the center of the spirit world and Mother as the center of the physical world. That's why, "True Parents have absolute authority over heaven and earth."
"Think about it based on the Principle. Did sons and daughters exist before True Parents? [No.] Whose sons and daughters are you? Are you True Parents’ sons and daughters?.. There is one lineage, not two.. So, will you come to True Parents' wedding, or not?" Father - Sep. 2, 2011
On September 13, 2011 Father gave another hint, that he will be in the spirit world on that ceremony, "I become 93 years old, Mother will become 70 years old, and there is a 23-year difference. On that day, the difference of 23 years old will be eliminated and we will become one."
"The day of True Parents’ wedding ceremony is.. the registration of the birth of their sons and daughters is accomplished after they graduate from the satanic world. I must receive the royal seal proving that you are True Parents’ sons and daughters." Father - Jun 9, 2012
In additions Peter Kim reported, "After the wedding ceremony, we must overcome the 8 stages of our life course, which is an indemnity course, and then we will live in a world of freedom and liberty."  Meaning, after 2013 families will undergo indemnity course to reach perfection and qualify to live in that new age. This may explain the division of resentful members (SC) and faithful members (FF).
"Until now.. God has not been married yet. You have heard 'Heavenly Father,' but have you heard 'Heavenly Mother'? Without heavenly father and mother, there can't be sons and daughters." Jan 11, 2012 " Father - Jun 9, 2012
True Father has been in an intense fight with an illness since August 3, 2012. July 24, 2012 Hoon Dok Hwe Father said, "Mother is like my physical body," implying that soon she will be the one he will work through from the spirit world.

The myth of Mother changing CSG 

When you read Father's own words, Mother followed exactly his directions. Hyung Jin is the one who wanted not to follow them and stay with the partial text, full of repetitions and wrong quotes. Ironically, Hyung Jin is changing one by one, all key teachings of Father. Read, Father's instructions on revising CSG

“The first and second sorting process have been conducted. It consists of around 2,300 pages. Look at the huge amount of pages. No one among you is capable of conducting the task of reducing it. I will work on reducing it.. complete it before I die and mark it with a seal” (vol. 434-128, Jan 30, 2004).  
“I taught you based on Cheon Seong Gyeong; however, if there is anything that is left out from it, you must supplement it all in order to educate inadequate man. If you do so, there won’t be any problems.” (582-287, Dec 12, 2007)

In the new revised version of CSG: 
(1) misquotes of Father's words corrected to the original source, 
(2) repetitions are removed 
(3) more of Father's words are added 
(4) Father's own comments are added
(5) Father's more recent providential words are included
(5) Father's request to add 2nd and 3rd volume is followed
(6) Some chapters from book 1 are moved in book 2 or 3

True Parents are the Word in Substance

Let's not forget, that True Parents are the word in substance, which is even more important and precious than any book. Without the substantial incarnation of God's word in a True Family, all books are just an empty slogan with no foundation.
"The word, this is the True Parents. The perfection of the Principle is the True Parents, and it is the God of Night and the God of Day who are perfected through them.. Only when the True Parents appeared could the God of Night and the God of Day take their positions." Father, July 26, 2011
Even in his last public speech, just before his passing, Father told us, that Mother is the victorious model we should follow in building God's Ideal. And we see that mother completely followed Father's directions in revising CSG.

TF clearly warned Hyung Jin not to proclaim himself a New Center and deny TPs... As filial son, he was to sacrifice his life to support and protect Mother, thus protect Father's legacy and fulfill his responsibility 'to become hair' by overcoming Lucifer's rebellious nature.
"God lives within the True Parents who have sacrificed themselves for each one of you. So if you fail to understand and follow them, you will be the failure, not True Parents. If you cannot see what they have done for you and me, then you are blind." Victory of Love, p.261


Interesting, how we see the unity of True Mother and the 2 wives of children in the Sp.W. I was surprised when I found that Father predicted that. "The men failed twice, so the women must do it from now on." Father, CSG

Just few weeks before his passing, Rev. Moon proclaimed that Men were "unable to bring peace.. stuck in personal interest" and power struggles, so now providence on Earth centers on women to bring peace (TM & daughters); centered on husbands in the spirit world (TF & husbands).

In terms of the Cosmic providence; Father in Heaven (S) & Mother on Earth (O) = Heavenly Parents (The whole Cosmos centered on God, for the first time). Just as Rev. Moon predicted:

"The women must take charge of the devils of this earth. In that way, the men can defeat the devils in spirit world." CSG
That's why before his passing, Father asked us to center on Mother:
"I sincerely ask you to choose True Mother's path; the path of a true wife, of a true daughter and of a true woman leader who will build a unified world where freedom, peace and happiness overflow in its truest form." Father - July 16, 2012
"Women should play a major role", Father said, "women will be the central axis in building.. loving, peaceful culture" and remind us of "the declaration of the advent of the global era of women": 
"I declared the arrival of the era of women. I made this declaration because the time was ripe to do so. Wait and see if the age of women comes now or not." CSG
We cry and prayer TC grow in heart. We ourselves want to live with the heart that soon True Family will be united.



  1. Father ordered to reduce CSG and add some missing points. SO WHY ARE YOU AGAINST FATHER. The old version had so many misquotes. THEY ARE NOT FATHER'S WORDS. Father asked to correct that. Father many times commented during HDH what has to be added. But SC don't like Father, for some reason.

  2. I want Hyung Jin to succeed, but, he never will unless he can reconcile with FFWP, in some way. FFWP has a world wide foundation and Christianity is ripe for accepting True Parents. But, Hyung Jin needs to normalize his words and behavior, and it's is up to those close to him to encourage him to do so.

  3. Those close to him will not encourage him to reconcile with FFWPU or True Mother. Just the opposite. They further the division. Indeed, several have broken their blessings given by True Parents in order to get re-blessed in his ceremonies with other Sanctuary Church members, since he nullified all of TF's blessings based on members taking holy wine in the Foundation Day Ceremonies. Thus, they don't consider themselves blessed and just take new spouses. King of Division is correct, as even long time blessings are broken should a spouse not agree to joining the Sanctuary Church.


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